Crosses on Cemetery Hill, Pleasant Point Cemetery, South Canterbury, N.Z.

Become a tombstone tourist and enjoy the view and view the old headstones and look at the array of crosses. This well maintained cemetery on a hill is surrounded by trees above the Pleasant Point township with some bold crosses, draped urns and marble angels. Just as you are heading out of Pleasant Point on SH8 towards Cave, look for the Cemetery Hill sign on the left and turn up a lovely tree lined driveway with an incline. A few of the larger trees have been cut down recently. There is a seat half way up and another on top with a view of the Sherwood Range, part of the Two Thumb Range. This active public cemetery is maintained by the Timaru District Council and the online database contains 1921 burial records for Pleasant Point with headstone photographs and should be up to date. There are a moderate number of graves without headstones. Pleasant Point Cemetery does not have an RSA section but it does have a Ashes Beam. The TDC is responsible for eight cemeteries within the District including Pleasant Point which is considered an urban location. Email enquiries: Map.

1921 names TDC database for Pleasant Point as of 12 July 2016. J is the most common first initial, followed by M then A. Only one Q. John 107, James 78, Joseph 7, Jacob 4, Jane 27, Jessie 10, Janet 7. Margaret 73, Mary 99, Michael 11. Ann 51, Andrew 19.
A 199
B 43
C 96
D 82
E 165
F 62
G 88
H 83
I 39
J 286
L 52
M 267
N 38
O 10
P 47
Q 1 for Queenie
R 98
S 49
T 50
U 1 for Unice
W 114
X, Y, Z. No first initials with X or Y or Z

Pleasant Point cemetery area replanted  Timaru Courier 28 July 2011 
Cemetery Hill in Pleasant Point has had a face lift. The 21 year old pine plantation covering the hillside was felled recently because many trees damaged by wind posed a safety risk. Replanting is almost complete. Timaru district councillor said about 25% of the trees had fallen after recent earthquakes loosened their roots, making them more vulnerable to high wind. Several were left hanging on other trees. Although the trees had not reached full maturity, the decision was made to mill the entire plantation. If we had left the trees on the ground they would have been worth nothing and it was more efficient to cut the lot down. Funds from the sale of the trees were now being used for replanting and development of the area. It was always the [Pleasant Point Community] board's intention that when the trees came down, that it was not replanted in a plantation again, he said. Nature had hastened the process. It was decided to replant the area with deciduous European species, in keeping with the other plantings around the cemetery. It was also important that we kept the view at the top of the hill for the visitors, so we have not planted any trees at the top. However, the council would plant low growing native varieties at the top of the hill to provide shelter around proposed seating. Part of the redevelopment of the area included establishing a walking track which connected with the track around the cemetery.  

Pleasant Point cemetery is so changed and much improved with the trees gone.

30 July 2016 view from the cemetery. The Sherwood Range with Mt. Ribbonwood to Fox Peak and the High Claytons.

Ornamental metal work on the cemetery chapel. The arms of these cross with stylized petals can represent things that are significant to you. 

Pleasant Point - 1866

A look at the Lambert headstone will show that there is no headstones marking these early burials.
Plot 1. The first burial in Pleasant Point from the Register was Elizabeth A. Hassell on 1 March 1877 aged three months. In Plot 1, Block A. Plot purchased by W. Hassell transfered to Frederick Dossett. Joannah Dossett, aged 58, buried 20 July 1896, also Joanne Read age 5 months buried 29 Oct. 1886 are also buried in the same plot. Reference: Register of Plots held by the Timaru District Council.
Plot 2. Purchased by Collett. Interred Catherine E. Collett aged 2 years 5 December 1878 and a child aged six weeks (Bird)
Plot 3. Purchased by G. Botherway. Interred Annie Botherway aged 30 14 May 1877 and George Botherway 20 Dec. 1922. Reopen.
Plot 4. Purchased by F. Cameron 19 April 1920, interred 27 Dec. 1919 Nellie Cameron aged 19.
Plot 5. Purchased by R Hunt. Interred Mary Hunt aged 19 years July 17 1878 and Harry Hunt 22 months, Feb. 6 1884.
Plot 6. Purchased by T. Power. Empty.
Plot. 7 Purchased by A. Prentice. Interred Emma May Prentice age 7 months 7 July 1893
Plot. 8 Purchased by Graham. Interred Edith M. Graham aged 7 years 2 Dec. 2882 and William McGills child 10 weeks Oct. 4 1877.
Plot. 9 Purchased by R Hunt. Interred James Hunt aged 86 8 Dec. 1886 [he died at Timaru Hospital]
Plot. Purchased by J.G. Blacker. Interred
Tom S. Blacker 2 yrs 28 March 1882
Louisa Blacker 4 months 2 Aug. 1882
Leonard Blacker 5 months 28 Aug.1883 

This photo, below, was taken going up the hill to the cemetery. The new part of the cemetery has a lovely vista of the surrounding hills and the Two Thumb Range. I believe that the very large trees leading up to the cemetery have been felled due to the danger they pose following the recent earthquakes destabilising the ground and also the high winds we had recently. Replanting has already begun and I am sure it will continue to be a beautifully restful place. P.H. June, 2011.

Pleasant Point Cemetery, on Cemetery Hill, June 2011 "It looks so different now"

The newer section Pleasant Point Cemetery, on Cemetery Hill, June 2011. Note the permanent concrete berm, typical of NZ lawn cemeteries. Helps to keep the rows straight, makes mowing easier.  

The older section, Pleasant Point Cemetery, with many unmarked graves but the council database and cemetery maps and plot maps are online.

Cross - if you are looking for the Cross family surname I didn't take any photos of their graves. Date = Date of interment. Photos in the online TDC database.

Cross, Arnold Franklin 58 Years 6 Feb 1967 - Pleasant Point Cemetery
Cross, Kenneth Logan 70 Years 14 Mar 2002 - Pleasant Point Cemetery
Cross, Marjorie Evelyn 88 Years 21 Apr 2012 - Pleasant Point Cemetery
Crossan, George Duncan 82 Years 16 Apr 1998 - Pleasant Point Cemetery
Crossan, Rose 71 Years 19 Dec 1996 - Pleasant Point Cemetery
Crossman, Dudley Watson 26 Nov 1947 - Pleasant Point Cemetery
Crossman, Jane Burns 94 Years 20 Jun 2012 - Pleasant Point Cemetery

37 photographs taken of the older and larger headstones by Olwyn, March 3rd 2016, late in the afternoon, covering 73 names. Headstone masons were S. McBride and Hall.

James Balfour
born July 12th 1841
died April 2nd 1887

Agnes Balfour
Died June 30th 1921 aged 69
Mary Brien
wife of William Brien
Died Feb. 11th 1923 aged 42 years
May Cochran Burns
who died Feb. 25th 1908 aged 25 years.
Listed as Marion Cochrane May Burns in the TDC database online.
Edith Mary wife of George Butler died Feb. 23rd 1930 aged 58 years.
Also her beloved husband George
died Sept. 3rd 1948. Aged 78 years.
Eliza wife of George Butler died Oct. 19th 1905 aged 66 years.
George husband of Eliza died July 9th 1926 aged 89 years.
Catherine wife of John Morrison who died Sept. 12th 1940 aged 37 years

John husband of Catherine Morrison died Nov. 6th 1915 aged 77 years.

S. McBride.
Florence Capps wife of Jacob Robert Capps
died 18th Feb. 1883.
William Robert Capps infant of the above.

Greek Cross with the arms are all the same length on this cross.
Olive Cleland died April 7th 1926
Michael Joseph son of John and Honora Connell died 18th January 1906 aged 21 years.
John Connell died April 3rd 1934 aged 90 years.
also his wife Honora died 18th August 1948 aged 99 years.
also James Connell died 11 Sept. 1966 aged 83 years.
also Mary Connell died 29th Dec. 1967 aged 90s. R.I.P.
On the small flat headstone
In loving memory of Maurice John beloved son of B & N Lawlor died Nov. 8th 1921 aged 9 years. R.I.P.
Margaret Cosgrove died Oct. 17th 1906 aged 19 also Katherine "Dotty" aged 6 years also their little brother "Johnny" died June 1890 aged 1 year 7 months.
Erected by their loving brother and sister.
William Crampton died 30th May 1924 aged 49 years.
Here rests a Woodman of the World.
Pray for the repose of the soul of
Harry Joseph Byrne D'arcy
of Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S.A.
who died at Pleasant Point, N.Z. May 30, 1908
My Jesus Mercy! Mary help.

Margaret Mary Byrne D'Arcy died 28th Sept. 1943 aged 81 years.

The Latin cross has the cross bar ⅓ of the way down from the top. Represents resurrection.
Elder, John. Date of Interment 10 Sep 1900
Row 7  Plot 28

Elder, Elspeth. Date of Interment 31 Aug 1904
Row 7  Plot 28

Donald Elder. Address Unknown 5 Ft Row 7 Plot 30
Date of Interment 12 Sep 1886
The Latin cross has the cross bar ⅓ of the way down from the top. Represents resurrection. This is the most common type of cross in cemeteries, but is very susceptible to being broken.
O your charity pray for time souls of 
Daniel Friel, died 26 Dec. 1906
also his wife Catherine died 3 Aug. 1939 also their children
Annie died 5 Jan. 1893
James died 9 Sept. 1902
Daniel, jnr., died 7 April 1914
Edward, died of wounds in France 2 June 1917
and their Uncle Humphrey Snr., died 1 Sept. 1918. R.I.P.

19 Friel listed at 
P. Point Cem.
 in 2016.
Thomas Goldstone died May 10th 1910
Mary, his wife,
who died Nov. 7th 1887 aged 56 years.
Another Latin Cross. This is the most common type of cross in cemeteries, but is very susceptible to being broken.
Gorham Lambert who died Sept. 4th 1914 aged 70 years also Arthur Edward, husband of Gertrude Lambert died 5th Jan 1938,
aged 63 years.

S. McBride.
Richard Huntington Lawrell born June 9th 1881.Died 2nd Dec. 1887.   
James Major died 29th Aug. 1885 aged 94 years.
[The James Major headstone is beside the Mary Ann Smith w/o Albert Smith headstone. This is her father]
David McBeath, Draper, Reefton husband of Leonie McBeath died at Totara Valley April 22nd 1894 aged 63 years.   
Catherine wife of James McCort died April 1st aged 22 years
Eliza Anne, twin daughter of the above died on her birthday Feb. 19th 1889 aged 1 year
Eliza Anne infant daughter of the above died April 6th 1890 aged 11 months. 
Mary wife of William McLeod who died August 26th  1905 aged 69 years.   
Sacred to the memory of Andrew Miller who passed away Feb. 2nd 1926 aged 56 years.
Also his wife Charlotte, who passed away Aug. 19th 1940.

A beautiful ornate Celtic cross with a circle intersecting the cross bar.
Kathleen wife of Archie Henry Muir died Jan. 27th 1923 aged 25 years
A.H. Muir died Oct. 6th 1930 aged 43 years. 
Eleanor wife of James Oliver died June 28th 1914
also James Oliver died Jan. 13th 1926 aged 83 years. 
And Eleanor Amy Elizabeth
died Dec. 6th 1965
and Albert Victor Oliver 1st N.Z.E.F. No. 52713
Died March 12th 1967
Ellen wife of William O'Neill died Aug. 21st 1904 aged 44 years.
and their daughter
Mary Elizabeth
died March 5th 1903
aged 12½
William O'Neill
died Feb. 4th 1932 aged 73 years. R.I.P.
Patrick O'Neill born Castle Maine, County Kerry Ireland, late of Cave
died at Timaru
Nov. 1st. 1929
Aged 80 years.
S. McBride.
No name. From database
O'Rourke, Bartholomew
Date of Interment
8 Nov 1909
Section General
Row 14
Plot 9
Fleur-de-lis Cross. The arms of this cross are stylized with 3 points or petals at the ends to represent the Holy Trinity.
William Rayner husband of Harriette. Died 6th Oct. 1900 aged 58 years.
Frederick Sams who died July 17th 1881 aged 45 years
Ann Sams who died June 26th 1923 aged 88 years
their daughter
Annie Sams who died at Dunsandel
March 9th 1950
aged 83 years.
Phoebe wife of Mark Saunders died Jan. 9th 1927 aged 78 years.
Robert Albert Searles born Dec. 5th 1904
died Oct. 20th 1914. At. Rest.
James Shepherd died Jan. 26th 1928 aged 86 years
native of Forfar, Scotland
wife of the above
died Oct. 16th 1951
aged 98 years.
Mary Ann wife of Albert Smith
died 18th Dec. 1916 aged 82 years
also her husband
Albert Smith
died Oct. 3rd1917
aged 82 years.
[The Mary Ann Smith w/o Albert Smith headstone is beside the headstone for James Major, her father]
James Stevenson departed this life on 19th February 1894 aged 55 years.
James Gilbert Stevenson, grandson of the above, died August 2nd 1894, aged 18 months.
S. McBride.
Timothy Sullivan died June 8th 1903
Norah Sullivan
Died Nov.8th 1899.
Aged 21 years.
Francis Marion WOOD
daughter of W.W. & J.W. Wood
died July 16th 1925 aged 21 years
Peace Perfect Peace.
The old Pleasant Point cemetery chapel. The dark the brick the stronger the brick. That is why red brick is so popular.
Buildings in the cemetery landscape are now very rare. There was originally a chapel in the Timaru cemetery but it was demolished before 1960.  The small brick building in the Pleasant Point Cemetery grounds is a chapel that is used for storage.
Another seat. No view on this day as it was late in the day and drizzly.
Information sign. Plot map from 2015. Located at the cemetery beside the brick building. Note there is no row 13.
The location plot map is online and appears when a surname search is done on the TDC cemetery online database.
ATL. 1974 Map. Sourced from LINZ. Crown Copyright reserved.
Published : Christchurch, N.Z. : Dept of Lands and Survey, 1979.
The cemetery reserve is 9.0421ha. (22.34 acres).
Aerial map. Whites Aviation, ATL. 19 April 1964. The cemetery is to the right, surrounded by trees. St. Mary's Catholic Church is to the left.

North Otago Times, 6 April 1897, Page 1 OBITUARY. (Timaru Herald). James BALFOUR
We announce with regret the death, at the comparatively early age of 56, of Mr James Balfour, of Mansefield, Totara, near Pleasant Point, which took place at his late residence at midnight on Friday. Mr Balfour became seriously ill about eight weeks ago, and was attended by Dr Thomas, of Pleasant Point. Two weeks ago an operation was deemed necessary, and Dr Bowe and Dr Hayes were called in to assist Dr Thomas. It was found that an internal growth existed, which was impossible of removal, and this was the cause of death. The late Mr James Balfour came from Stirlingshire, Scotland to this colony about 1862, and acted for some time as a carrier to the Goldfields. He afterwards went in for farming at Totara in the Oamaru district and met with a good measure of success. About twenty years ago he took up land at Totara, near Pleasant Point, and proved one of the most enterprising and successful settlers in the district. He leaves a large estate, which he had gained by persevering toil, and died just when he was beginning to think of enjoying the fruits of his labors. He was one of the most popular men in the district, and was noted for his cheerfulness and good humor. He did not undertake any work of a public nature, but was liberal supporter of the Presbyterian church materially assisting, financially, when the pretty church was erected in Totara Valley. His death has caused another blank in the district, and great sorrow is felt to all who knew him, whilst much sympathy is expressed with the bereaved family. He leaves a widow, three sons and six daughters (the youngest being about six months old), and a large circle of friends to mourn his loss.

Press, 5 January 1935, Page 4
The death occurred recently at Hazelburn of Mr Owen Blackler, a well-known farmer, who was born in Devonshire, England, in 1865 and came, to New Zealand with his parents in the ship Stonehouse in 1874. He followed farming as a young man at Ashburton, Longbeach, and Orari. and in 1888 purchased Hazelburn. increasing his holding until the property became one of the largest in Canterbury. Mr Blackler is survived by a widow and four sons and one daughter—Mrs William Allan (Ceylon), Messrs Harold Blackler (Hazelburn), Randall Blackler (Ashburton). Garland Blackler (Totara Valley), and John Blackler, who is at the Waitaki Boys' High School. The funeral took place at the Pleasant Point Cemetery, and was largely attended. At the graveside the service was conducted by the Rev. Mr Oldham, who paid a tribute to Mr Blackler's qualities. A service was also conducted by the W.M. of Lodie St. Martin. The pall bearers were Messrs Richard, Harold, Randall, and Garland Blackler. J. D. Stewart and C. Lucas.

George Henry Wyndham Bayley is buried at Pleasant Point. Photo.
George Henry Wyndham Bayley, (b. 1875), married Ada Caulfeild at Christ Church, Lancaster Gate, Paddington, Middlesex on 14 Jul 1904. Their daughter Mary Beatrice (or Beatrix) Bayley was born in 1906 and they are recorded in the 1911 census as living in Keylong, Mortlestown, Co Tipperary, Ireland. George Henry Wyndham Bayley was commissioned from the Royal Military Academy Woolwich into the Royal Artillery on 15 June 1895 (London Gazette 4024 of 16 Jul 1895).  His name is also mentioned in the London Gazette of 10 Nov 1922, as an executor of the will of a George Caulfeild of Tunbridge Wells. During his army career he served in Sierra Leone, India and in the Boer War. He was wounded in the Battle of the Marne in August 1914 and this effectively ended his army career. He lived in Headcorn, Kent from 1922 to 1930 when he, his wife, one daughter and two sons immigrated to New Zealand. He is buried in the Pleasant Point, South Canterbury cemetery. One son, Michael was the 26th Battalion, NZ Infantry and was killed in North Africa in 1941. Another son, Peter served in World War 11 in the Royal Navy and died in 2009. His daughter died in Dublin in 1990.

Timaru Herald, 7 August 1919, Page 7 MR ANDREW CLELAND
To the great grief of his numerous friends throughout South Canterbury Mr Andrew Cleland, of Selywn Street, Timaru (formerly of Totara Valley) passed to his rest on last Monday night. Deceased had been ailing for some little time past, never having recovered from the shock of losing his wife about two years ago. Mr Cleland was born in the parish of Loudoun, Ayrshire, in 1845, and was thus 74 years of age. He was brought up to farming pursuits and came to New Zealand in 1864 in the ship Robert Henderson. He settled in the Pleasant Point district and acquired a block of land at Totara Valley which he made into a very fine farm, and this he farmed successfully for many years until he left it a few years ago to live retired in Timaru. A hard-working, industrious man, Mr Cleland was also an excellent farmer; it has been said that there was no better farmer in Canterbury; A staunch supporter of the Farmers' Union, he did good service for it ever since its inception, especially to the Branch at Pleasant Point. He took a leading part in the establishment of the Sutherlands School, and also of the Totara Valley School, on the respective committees of which, he served. For five years he was also a member of the Levels Road Board (now the Levels County Council), and at the time of his death was an elder of Chalmers Church, Timaru.

Timaru Herald, 8 August 1919, Page 2 LATE MR A. CLELLAND
THE FUNERAL. Yesterday afternoon the many friends of the late Mr Andrew Cleland met to pay their last token of respect to one who has during the last forty years, taken a prominent part in the development of South Canterbury. At his residence a number of intimate friends and relatives met and the Rev. Evan-Harries conducted a simple and affecting service. At 1.45 a start was made for Pleasant Point cemetery, where the late Mrs Cleland was buried a few years ago. As the cortege moved towards Pleasant Point it was continually reinforced by friends in traps and motors, and on arriving at the township almost the entire population joined the funeral train. Arrived at the pretty little cemetery the coffin was reverently borne to its last resting place, the pall bearers being James, Robert, Andrew and George Cleland, the sons of the departed, and his two grandsons, Powell and Earle White. Rev. E. Harries again read selected portions of scripture, and led the large company in prayer. The service was a solemn and impressive one, without any of the sadness of a young life cut off prematurely, but with the sure and certain hope of a future reunion.

Press, 10 April 1934, Page 10 MR JOHN CONNELL
The death of an old identity, Mr John Connell, look place at his home, Craigie avenue, Timaru, last week, at the age of 91 years. He was born at Waterford, Ireland, and arrived in New Zealand in the s.s. Tudor in 1865, after a voyage of 17 weeks. He spent some years in Christchurch before taking up land on the Upper Waitohi, where he lived for more than 50 years, retiring to Timaru 13 years ago. Mr Connell took little part in public life, being a man of a quiet and retiring disposition. He was buried in the Pleasant Point cemetery beside a son who predeceased him many years ago. He leaves a widow and 10 sons and daughters, and a sister, Mrs Liston. Four of his sons were pall-bearers. Father Murphy, assisted by Fathers Shirley and Vibeau, officiated at the graveside.

Timaru Herald, 20 September 1910, Page 3
The Government has erected a tombstone over the grave of the late John Lund, in the Pleasant Point cemetery. The late Mr Lund was a private in the Tenth Contingent, and acted as orderly to Captain Maling of Geraldine. He was 23 years of age, and died from the effects of fever incurred in South Africa.

 Vigo John LUND
Age at Death 22
Date of Interment 30 Oct 1904
Pleasant Point Cemetery Row 1 Plot 22
(headstone photo in TDC database)

This stone is erected by the New Zealand Soldiers Graves Guild to the memory of Private Vigo John Lund late 10th New Zealand Contingent Died 26th 10 1904.

Timaru Herald, 14 July 1917, Page 8 Mr MICHAEL MAZE [no headstone Plot 3 Row 7]
Another of the stalwarts of the early days, and one who did his full share in the, task of breaking in the wilderness, died at Pleasant Point on Thursday night in the person of Mr Michael Maze, a well known and very much respected farmer. He had attained the age of 76, though he did not look his years, and had been unwell for some little time past. A man who loved the soil, he took a keen interest in agriculture and had been farming in South Canterbury for more than 40 years, his farm, a good one, being close to the Pleasant Point township. He was a life member of the Timaru A. and P. Association in which lie took a, great interest; and he added probably more than any other man to the membership of this institution. Whatever he undertook he did with all the energy and enthusiasm at his command, and some few years ago he personally conducted a most successful campaign for, new members of the Association. In all matters relating to horses he took a specials interest and was a very good judge of draught stock—so good in fact that he used to be called upon to judge not only in New Zealand, but also in Australia. He was also a breeder of thoroughbreds and always liked to have a blood horse on his farm. He was a member of the South Canterbury Hunt and always kept a hunter or two. Though he did not himself ride to hounds he liked to see his sons doing so. In ploughing he took a great, pride, and it was largely owing to him that so many good ploughing matches have from time to time been held in South Canterbury. Of a quiet disposition, he found all his recreation in his his stock, and was content to live a useful and unostentatious life. He leaves a widow and several sons and daughters, the eldest son being Mr John Maze, a member of the Canterbury Education Board. The funeral will take place to-morrow at the Point.

Timaru Herald, 24 March 1910, Page 5 [no headstone]
The remains of Trooper McKay of the Point troop of the S.C.M.R., were interred on Tuesday in the Pleasant Point cemetery with military honours. The body was carried by four bearers (eight in two turns), who were comrades of the same rank as the deceased, a firing party of twelve men, under Sergt. Hurdley being in front. An impressive service was read at the grave, and three volleys were fired by the firing party, and the "Last Post" was sounded by the trumpeter. Staff-Sergt. Major Clements superintended the military movements, and Sergt. Major Edgar and Q.M. Sergt. Williams were present as representatives of the Timaru squadron. Much sympathy was extended to the family in their sad bereavement. The funeral was the largest that has been seen at Pleasant Point, the shocking nature of the young man's death having deeply touched the sentiments of the public. Young McKay was very popular, and as a Volunteer the Pleasant Point troop of the S.C.M.R. have lost a very promising member through his death.

William Francis McKAY
Age at Death 22
Date of Interment 22 Mar 1910
Pleasant Point Cemetery Row 11 Plot 248
(no headstone)

James HAMILTON, b. 1831, Lanarkshire, Scotland, d. 23 Feb 1876, Bluff, (Age 45 years)
Mother Margaret LITSTER, b. 1834, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland, d. 8 Oct 1917, Fairlie, NZ (Age 83 years)
Margaret May Paton HAMILTON, b. 27 Jul 1860, At Sea to New Zealand, d. 14 Feb 1934, Auckland (Age 73 years) Buried Purewa, Orakei.
Mary Litster HAMILTON, b. 3 Sep 1863, Port Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, d. 18 Sep 1943, Fairlie, NZ (Age 80 years)
Jeannie Gray HAMILTON, b. 11 Feb 1869, Timaru, d. 25 Oct 1952, Oamaru, (Age 83 years)
James Litster HAMILTON, b. 4 Aug 1871, Fairlie Creek, South Canterbury, d. 17 Aug 1945, Sydney, NSW, Australia (Age 74 years). Married Margaret Jane. Margaret Jane Hamilton was living at 29 Dunmore Rd, Epping, NSW in 1945.

New Zealand Herald 15 February 1934 Page 1
MACKAY On February 14, at her residence 41 The Drive, Epsom, Margaret Paton, relict of the late James Gunn Mackay. Private interment to-day (Thursday).
James Gunn MACKAY, b. 20 Mar 1878, Pleasant Point d. 17 Aug 1957, Malvern, Victoria, Australia (Age 79 years) of late of Penhurst, NSW
Margaret MACKAY, b. 7 Jul 1879, d. 9 Apr 1926, Marton, NZ (Age 46 3. John David MACKAY, b. 24 May 1881, Canterbury, NZ d. 2 Mar 1953, Hamilton, NZ (Age 71 years)
Alice Maud MACKAY, b. 20 Feb 1883, Canterbury, NZ d. 1945, Porirua, Wellington, NZ (Age 61 years)
Isabella MACKAY, b. 20 Nov 1884, Canterbury, NZ d. 3 Dec 1965 (Age 81 years)
Florence Annie MACKAY, b. 31 Jan 1889, Canterbury, NZ

James Gunn MACKAY Born 9 May 1839 Badnabay, Scotland
Died. 11 Aug 1891 Buried Pleasant Point. Listed under McKay, James Gunn in the cemetery database. 52 Years 10 Aug 1891 - Pleasant Point Cemetery

James Gunn Mackay
1839 to 1891
loved husband of Margaret Paton Hamilton.
brother of George and Donald Mackay.
This plaque erected by his descendants 1999.

Timaru Herald, 14 July 1917, Page 8 Mr J. F. MEDLICOTT
Yesterday another Pleasant Point farmer, Mr J. F. Medlicott, died at the early ago of 56 years He had been unwell for some considerable time and his death did not therefore come as a surprise. He was born in Shropshire, England, in 1860, and at the of three years, accompanied his parents to Lyttelton by the ship William Miles. The family settled in South Canterbury, and Mr. Medlicott was educated at Milford, and brought up to country life in the Hook district. He went to Pleasant Point to manage his father's farm, and fourteen years later, in conjunction with his brother James, took ever the property of 560 acres. In 1899 the brothers dissolved partnership, and the deceased has since carried on his part of the holding. He was married in 1893 to the daughter of Mr John Elliott, of Sutherlands. His wife died in 1897. In 1902 Mr Medlicott married a daughter of Mr Anthony Watkins, of the South of Ireland. The deceased will be buried at Pleasant Point cemetery to-morrow afternoon.

The Cyclopedia of New Zealand
Oliver, James, Farmer, Surrey Downs, near Pleasant Point. Mr. Oliver was born in Surrey, England, in 1844. He was brought up as a farmer, and came to Australia by the ship “Giant's Causeway” in August, 1865. A few months later, he came to Lyttelton, and for three years was employed on stations in the Oxford district, North Canterbury. He moved to Pleasant Point in 1869. Two years later Mr. Oliver took up a portion of the land where he resides, its area having been increased since to about 400 acres. The homestead consists of very substantial and comfortable buildings. Mr. Oliver was a member of the Pleasant Point School Committee for some years and has been a member of the domain board for the last nineteen years, but has otherwise taken no active part in public affairs. He was married in 1876 to Miss Josling, daughter of an old Rangiora colonist, who came out in the “Travancore,” and has seven children.


In 1880 Margaret Jessie Edwards married Edwin Pearce. Margaret Jessie Pearce was buried 24 May 1902 aged 52. Edwin buried with his wife at Pleasant Point 31 October 1935 aged 87.

Margaret Jessie and Edwin Pearce children:
1881 Pearce Margaret Jessie buried at Pleasant Point 4 March 1881. She was only 52. No headstone.
1883 Pearce Edward James of Hunterville, labourer
1885 Pearce Rosiana Vita
1886 Pearce Walter Hillary (Henry)  -WW1 40045. Buried Albury.
1888 Pearce Alfred Ernest
1889 Pearce Louisa Frances (Frances Louisa Macartney of Patea, widow)
1892 Pearce Andrew
1893 Pearce William Amos
1895 Pearce Olive Margaret  (Olive Thomason w/o nelson Thomason of Waverley, carrier)
1898 Pearce Gertrude Emily  (Emily Quayle w/o Robert Quayle of Waverley, blacksmith)
         Pearce Robert of Rotorua, baker.

March 2016. The cemetery enjoys some autumn colour.

11 August 2016 from the Pleasant Point Cemetery Hill. More snow. There was a haze and different light but it lets you see fresh snow on the foothills. It was a beautiful sight. We have had daily frosts but very refreshing. 

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