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Timaru Herald Tuesday 29 July 1879 page 2, column b
(from the Press, Monday)

But little over ten months has elapsed since the good ship Merope was in these waters, and her arrival on Saturday afternoon, eighty days from London, was occasion of much congratulations among Captain Sutherland's well-wishers. The Merope is now a barque, the alteration of her rig from a ship having been made since her last visit. The chief officer was Mr Thomas. Fifty-nine passengers in all classes embarked at Gravesend, and their number has been increased by one during the voyage, a birth of a daughter to Mrs Pentellow having occurred on July 13th. The medical requirements of the passengers were attended by Dr Rider Tivey. The Merope left Gravesend at 4 p.m., may 2nd, towed to the Downs, and left Deal may 3rd, at 8 a.m.. had light winds down the Channel, and landed the pilot May 5th, at 10 p.m., off the Start. The same light winds continued across the Bay, and merged into the N.E. trades. They were moderate, and carried the ship to 7N and 24 W. A few days' light winds and calms followed, and the equator was crossed in 24 W. on May 26th, having got the -E. trades in about 2 N. They took the ship to 23 S., which was made June 2nd, being then but thirty days out. Light easterly winds, or ranging from N.E. to S.E. followed thence to the Cape, the meridian of which was crossed June 23rd. Light variable winds still continued, and no westerly winds were fallen in with until making the Crozets. The weather was too thick to sight them. From there to the Snares, passed on Wednesday night, strong westerly winds were carried. The Snares was not sighted owning to the thickness of the weather. Had the only thing approaching a gale there, the ship having to be put under the two lower topsails. The wind was about west, and burst in terrific squalls, accompanied by a heavy sea. On Friday afternoon the Peninsula was made. The wind fell away and came ahead, and on Saturday was beating up the Heads. Was taken in tow by the p.s. Lyttelton, and anchored at 5 pm. On June 7th, in 29 S and 27.20 W. spoke the Carlisle Castle, bound from Plymouth to Melbourne, forty days out. The agents  for the Merope are Messrs Edwards, Bennett and Co.

Her passengers for Canterbury are :- Saloon :
Barnett 	F W
Bell 		Reid William
Bradshaw 	John
Bradshaw 	Isabel
Bradshaw 	Frank W
Buckle 		John
Buckle 		Mary
Buckle 		Mary
Buckle 		John
Buckle 		Helen
Buckle 		William
Buckle 		Henry
Buckle 		Charles
Buckle 		Florence
Buckle 		Sarah
Burtt 		Charles E
Houston 	Jos.
Houston 	Julia
Houston 	John
Houston 	Eleanor
Kelso 		S M
Tivy		Dr
Vickers		Charles
Wilson 		Edward
Wilson 		Emma
Singer		Frank

Second cabin:
Frean 		G W
Gorrie 		Miss Elizabeth
Hooper 		O
Hopkinson 	Jas.
Kaeterns 	J B
Reynolds 	R
Reynolds 	Harriet
Robinson 	F.W.

Steerage :- 
Banford 	Emily (with the Knight family)
Clare 		Joseph
Cook 		W J
Crossman 	George
Crossman 	Maria
Gallagher 	Helen
Gessick 	Charles
Grant 		John
Hampton 	D
Knight 		Henry
Knight 		Flora
Knight 		Henry
Knight 		Adeline
Knight 		Clement
Knight 		Elizabeth
Pentelow 	J
Pentelow 	M and child
Robberds 	William T
Robinson 	J
Sinton		William
Smith 		Hiram
Winter 		Henry
Winter 		William

Another passenger list Timaru Herald Friday 27 June 1879 page 2

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