Macpherson's of South Canterbury, N.Z.

Capt. Aeneas MacIntosh Macpherson (1791-1875) of Clune and Strathnoon in Strathdearn, Scotland and "Strathnoon", Geraldine, N.Z.

Captain was in the Peninsular War. After farming in Scotland he settled with his wife, Anne Helen nee Clark b. 1805, and children in NSW, Australia in 1849. In 1861 he came to South Canterbury where his son-in-law W. K. Macdonald at Orari had built him a cob home in Geraldine which they called Strathnoon after their home in Scotland. Capt. Enias [sic] Macpherson is buried in Geraldine with his wife Anne Helen died 26 Dec. 1892 aged 86. Daughters:

There is great versatility in usage of words with 'Mac' sometimes the full, sometimes the abbreviated form is used, but the full is always correct. Clansman. Evening Post June 1939 pg8

Timaru Herald, 23 March 1866, Page 2
On the 21st instant, at St. Mary's, Geraldine, by the Rev. L. L. Brown, Herbert Belfield, Esq., of Timaru, to Margaret Louisa, second daughter of Captain AEneas Macpherson, of Strathnoon, Orari, and late of H. M. 59th Regiment.

Press, 15 August 1866, Page 2 Married.
Harris—Macpherson — August 9, at St. Mary's, Geraldine, by the Rev. L. L. Brown, William H. Harris, Esq., to Maria Sophia youngest daughter of Captain Macpherson, Strathnoon, Orari, and late of her Majesty's 59th Regiment.

Press, 17 July 1896, Page 6
Supreme Court. Sittings at Nisi Prius. Thursday, July 16,
(Before his Honour Mr Justice Denniston) The sittings of the Court re-opened at 11 a.m. Aynsley and another v Union Bank of Australia. By a marriage settlement dated August 8th, 1866, made between William Harris Harris and Maria Sophia McPherson £5000 was placed on trust, and W. K. Macdonald and H. P. Murray-Aynsley were appointed as trustees. Subsequently Mr Fulbert Archer was appointed in 1887 as a trustee in place of Mr Macdonald, who had died. Miles and Co. acted as agents for the trustees. A part of the funds of the trust, viz., £1600 and £200, was invested.

William Harris Harris was born in Hawkmore Bovey Tracey, Devon, England on 12 Feb 1830 to John Harris and Anna Rendell. William Harris married Maria Sophia Macpherson and had 8 children. He passed away on 11 Apr 1902 in Elms, Rowden Hill, Chippenham, Wiltshire, England. Maria died in 1887 and is buried in the London Road, Chippenham, in Wiltshire 26 March 1887 and her husband was buried there 16 April 1902, aged 72. Issue:

Maria Annie Harris	1868-1869
William Harris Harris	1869-1955
George John Harris	1870-1935 died on 31 May 1935 in Wellington, NZ, age 65
Mabel Harris		1874-1953
Margaret Louise Harris	1875-1957
Charles Harris		1877-Unknown
Evan Harris		1881-1947
Edwin Harris		1884-Unknown

Timaru Herald, 17 July 1869, Page 1
WANTED— A Good General Servant. Apply to Mrs Macpherson, Strathnoon, Geraldine or, to Mrs Belfield, Timaru.

Timaru Herald, 7 February 1873, Page 2
WANTED — A BOY, easy work. Apply to Captain Macpherson, Strathnoon Cottage, Geraldine.

Timaru Herald, 6 September 1875, Page 2
To let STRATHNOON COTTAGE, near Geraldine. Contains two public rooms, four bedrooms, kitchen, store; with 20 acres Land, divided into two paddocks, milking yard, and orchard. Apply to ANGUS MACDONALD, Esq., Waitui; or W. K. MACDONALD, Lynwood Hotel, Timaru.

Timaru Herald, 13 April 1878, Page 3
To be leased — STRATHNOON COTTAGE near Geraldine. The Cottage contains seven rooms, Kitchen, and Servant's Room. There is a capital Orchard adjoining, together with Stable and Fowlhouse. There will also be leased with the above 27 Acres of Land, well watered. Delivery can be given on 1st June. For particulars apply to W. K. MACDONALD, Geraldine. Or to HERBERT BELFIELD, Timaru

Press, 9 November 1878, Page 7
For sale by private treaty. Messers J. T. Ford & Co. have received instructions from Mrs McPherson to SELL BY PRIVATE TREATY, STRATHNOON COTTAGE, AND GROUNDS, Situated at Geraldine. This property is delightfully situated on the Waihi River, it has a northern aspect, and is backed by the Raukapuka bush, which shelters it from every wind. The land is all that can be desired, with a never failing creek running through it. In close proximity to Geraldine; as a residential site it cannot be excelled. The cottage, containing eight rooms, is in good repair. If not sold privately it will be submitted to public action at the same time and place as Mr Postlethwaite's property. For price and terms apply to J. T. FORD A CO., Auctioneers, Christchurch and Timaru.

Timaru Herald, 26 February 1881, Page 1
To Be Let — STRATHNOON COTTAGE, near Geraldine. The Cottage contains seven rooms, kitchen and servant's room. There is a capital Orchard adjoining, together with Stable and Fowl-house. There will also be let with the above, 27 Acres of Land, well watered. For particulars, apply to MRS MACPHERSON, Strathnoon Or to HERBERT BELFIELD

Lyttelton Times, 23 April 1862, Page 3
TIMARU DISTRICT ELECTORAL ROLL. McPherson, Enaeas McIntosh, Orari cottage, household, attested Alfred Cox.

Timaru Herald March 1866 Marriage
On the 21st instant, at St. Mary's, Geraldine, by the Rev. L.L. Brown, Herbert Belfield, Esq., of Timaru, to Margaret Louisa, second daughter of Captain Aeneas Macpherson, of Strathnoon, Orari, and late of H.M. 59th Regiment. 

Capt. Aeneas McIntosh Macpherson
Late 59th Regt. of Foot
Born of Clune, Invernesshire, N.B
Born 18 Dec 1791
Died 22 Jul 1875 in Strathnoon, Geraldine
Age at death 83
Anne Helen Macpherson w/o Capt. Macpherson died 26 Dec. 1872

Press, 24 July 1875, Page 2
Macpherson — Died at Strathnoon, Geraldine, on the 22nd July, Captain Oneas Mackintosh Macpherson, late 59th Regiment, aged 83.

MacPherson, Enias (sic: Aenias) McIntosh
Age at Death 83 Years
Date of Interment Tuesday, 27 July 1875 Geraldine cemetery

Star 27 December 1892 page 2
MACPHERSON - On Dec. 26 at residence of her daughter, Mrs W.K. Macdonald, Ann Helen, widow of Capt. Macpherson, Strathnoon, Geraldine; in her in her eighty sixth year.

Inverness Courier July 18 1822 Capt Beauchamp Mackintosh (d 1822), Madras Army 1804-1822
Died in India, on the 31st January, in the 37th year of his age, Captain Beauchamp Mackintosh, of the Madras Artillery, second son of the late Colonel William Mackintosh of Millbank. He was an active and intelligent officer, and much respected.

Inverness Journal 1814
July 22.—Died, at Nairn, on the 18th inst. Colonel William Mackintosh of Millbank, in the 74th year of his age. Twenty-five years of his life were dedicated to the service of his King and his country. In every relation, public and private, he never failed to conciliate the good-will and retain the esteem of all who knew him.

William Mackintosh inherited Millbank in Nairn in 1822 after his brother Beachamp died in India. At Kew is the will of William Mackintosh, sometime Lieutenant Colonel of the late Ninety Seventh Regiment of Foot of Millbank 11 January 1815. The Colonel retired from the army when he married thereabouts. His eldest son William was born in London then they lived in Forres and later Newton, Aberdeen later retiring at Nairn. William after marriage lived at Poonamallee, Madras. He inherited Millbank and other property and established a distillery at Nairn - bankrupt 1837- emigrated to Australia 1838 and later lived with his sister Margaret-she emigrated 1842- her sons Dr Allan Ranald, William Kenneth and Angus had Glenaulin Station, Victoria and later Orari Station, NZ. Margaret Mary Macdonald nee Macpherson died at Geraldine, NZ in 1876 and her other sister Eliza married James Augustus Grant of Viewfield, Nairn who became the Mackintosh trustee. Brother Lachlan died young while Beauchamp and Guyon were officers in the East India Service. Beauchamp a Major Madras Artillery died 1822 and Guyon a Captain in the Indian Naval Service died at Padang, Sumatra in 1831. Colonel Mackintosh was a younger son of William Mackintosh "of Balnespick". Source RootsChat -Guyon.

The Cornwall Chronicle (Launceston, Tas. 6 April 1853
At Knockando, near Melbourne, the residence of his sister, Mrs. Macdonald, on the 27th instant, Wm. Mackintosh, late of Milbank, Nairnshire, and one of the Deputy Lieutenants of the same.

Timaru Herald, 26 July 1875, Page 4 DEATH OF CAPTAIN MACPHERSON
We sincerely regret to have to chronicle the death on the 22nd inst., at the advanced age of 83 years, of a gentleman long and well known in South Canterbury, we refer to Captain Macpherson of Geraldine. The deceased captain was born at Clune, Invernesshire, N.B., on the 18th of December, 1791. The Macphersons of Strathnoon are a branch of the Cluny family, and are still, we believe, in the entail. The Captain, it would seem, inherited a martial instinct from his progenitors nor was he the, only son of his parents, who, on reaching manhood joined the army. His grandfather, we learn, served as an officer in a dragoon regiment then doing duty in Ireland in the earlier part of last century. His father, also, was a military man, having held the rank of captain. He had three brothers, all of whom on coming of age, adopted the profession of a soldier. Alexander, the eldest brother, first began military life as an officer in the Gordon Fenciblies. From there he passed over to the 59th Infantry Regiment, with which he subsequently served, both at the Cape of Good Hope in Spain. In the latter country, his regiment being included in the corps of Sir John Moore, he took part in the famous retreat upon, and battle of Coruna, he at that time holding the rank of major. On arriving in England he was gazetted lieut-colonel; and subsequently held the post of inspecting field officer for the northern counties of Scotland. Evan, the second brother, likewise entered the 59th Regiment, with which he first served in India, and afterwards, and finally, in Java. At the early age of 30, he fell mortally wounded, while bravely cheering forward his company during the British attack on Fort Cornelius. Of Duncan, the next brother, the Warterloo medal having been issued to his friends after his deceased) now lies before us holding the rank of Lieutenant in the 79th Foot, he was killed in one of the desperate charges of the famous 18th of Jure. In 1810, when he was yet under 19 years of age, the Captain himself entered the army, joining as ensign, the favorite 59th Regiment, then commonly called from the peculiar hue of their facings, the Lily Whites. Having been sent out at once to Cadiz, he took part from that date in the whole of the Peninsular Campaign from South to North. As the clasps of his medal testify, he bore his share in four of the most important contests, waged during that memorable. He was at the fierce conflict of Victoria in June, 1813. Two months later, on August 31st, he was at the dreadful storming of St. Sebastian. While serving in the trenches before this formidable fortress, he was wounded twice, though neither, time very seriously; Here, also, he narrowly escaped obtaining his company. Having been the first officer to enter what was known as the Little Breach; it was at his option to strike and carry off the French flagstaff. Fearing, however, that any halt, no matter how momentary, might prove disastrous at so critical a time, he rushed forward; leaving an officer of another regiment to seize the flag, and so to secure his immediate- promotion. He was at the murderous passage of the Nivelle on November 14th, and precisely a month later we find him taking part in the series of actions which took place in the neighborhood of the Nive. It was at one of these, latter conflicts raging around Bidart, a place about half way between St. Jean de Luz and Bayune and not far from the sea coast he received the wound which caused his ultimate retirement from the army. An interesting relic now lies before us, culling up memories of more than sixty years, when all Europe was ablaze with war.

As the cannon thunders, the smoke envelops the combatants, and marshalled hosts in scarlet, green or blue, either awaiting their opponent's shock, or rushing themselves to bear down on the menacing foe. And arising out of these, ambitious stratagems and wars, what blood, sorrow, tears, ruined homes, countless orphans, and miseries of every kind! The relic we refer to is the scarlet coat, with the Bilvor embroidery, which covered the body of our youthful soldier at the conflict of Bidart. On the left breast, and pretty well towards the side, is a ragged rent, about half-an-inch in diameter, and inside, on the white lining, is a large patch. Deeply discolored through this ragged rent, is a ball from a French musket about one of the last fired entered while the stained lining on the interior still bears traces of the blood that at once gushed out. On being thus seriously wounded - mortally, it was thought by all he was placed, along with others, in the usual ambulance waggon. The General of Division, Robinson, however, coming up at the moment, ordered Macpherson to be taken out, and carried to the rear. One Smith, a surgeon, after the medical men had pronounced his case as hopeless, succeeded in drawing blood from his arm, thus relieving the internal heamorrhage, contributing in a great measure to the preservation of his life. That ball, having passed through his left lung, and made its way to his shoulder, has never been extracted, and it now, after upwards of sixty years lodgment in his body, goes with him to the grave. ...Accordingly, retiring to his native country, he gave himself, for the most part, to agricultural and pastoral pursuits. Occasionally, he took an interest in politics, at one time, fighting for his favorite candidate, at another, supporting his kinsman and chief-clan of MacPherson. During this interval of his career he held the captaincy of the Inverness L.L. Militia discharged the functions of the magistracy, and also acted as Deputy-Lieutenant for the country. In 1849, with all his family, and accompanied by a number of dependants and followers, he came to Australia, where for some dozen of years, he followed sheep farming. In 1861 he arrived in Canterbury, in which province, until his death, just taken place, he constantly resided. Every one, from the highest to the lowest, knew the captain for all he had a kindly greeting, and for many he had a warm and hospitable home. Visitors to the pleasant neighborhood of Geraldine, and passengers by the various coaches, as they caught a glimpse of the venerable old man, often asked who that was, as, folded in his ample Scotch plaid, holding a tall staff in his hand, and with his white hair and board flowing in the wind, he stood, a picturesque figure, on the river's margin, or strolled, loaning on some one's arm, in the adjacent fields. They shall see and ask about him no more, now that, life's battle being over, he is gone the way of all the earth."  

John Spring (-1927) came from Kerry, Ireland, by the "Mermaid" in the early 1860s. After working at Longbeach for Barker of Winchester and Rhodes of Levels he married Margaret Brosnahan, also from Kerry, came to Canterbury in "Crusader" 1872. She had been employed by Captain Aeneas MacPherson and they settled in the Seadown district.
Ref. pdf Captain Clark succeeded his father-in-law as tenant of the farm of Dalnavert, which he occupied down to the date of his death in Feb. 1819. He left a large family of six daughters and three sons. Ann, the fourth daughter was died 26 Dec. 1892, in the 85th year of age, resided at Waitui, Geraldine. Married in 28 Jun 1832 to Captain Eneas Mackintosh Macpherson, a gallant officer, wounded in the Peninsular War, long so well known in the district as tenant of the farm of Nuide, which he occupied until he left for NZ; two son and four daughters. Captain Eneas, as he was popularly called in Badenoch, was a deputy-lieutenant and magistrate for the county, acted for some time as factor for Mr Ballie of Kingussie. James the seventh child and eldest son, succeeded his father as tenant of the farm of Dalnavert. Married Jane, d/o Donald Stewart. The son Alister McIintosh Clark lived a Arowhenua, married Mary Ann Low in 1868; issue- one son and three daughters.
Athole Linton Stewart Clark
Edith Mary Macpherson Clark m. Thomas Shiler Weston in 1897
Alma Jean Clark
James Alister Stewart Macpherson Clark m. Alice Bell in 1903

Wife: Mary Ann Clark of Temuka
Witness: John Macpherson Murray, station manager, of Orari

Margaret Louisa "Maggie" MACPHERSON
Birth: 4 Apr 1839
Christening: 24 Jul 1839 Kingussie and Insch, Inverness, Scotland
Death: 18 Oct 1873 in Timaru
Father: Aeneas MACPHERSON b: 18 Dec 1791
Mother: Ann Helen CLARK b: Abt 1805
Marriage: Herbert BELFIELD b: 1834
Married: 21 Mar 1866 in St. Mary's, Geraldine, NZ
Children 1. Has No Children (stillborn) BELFIELD birth b: 15 Sep 1867 in Waimataitai, near Timaru

The cock o' the north

Star 21 January 1896, Page 1 Mr A.M. Clark
The announcement of the death of Mr Alister McIntosh Clark; which occurred at his residence, Blair Athole, near Temuka, on Sunday morning (19th Jan 1896), will be received with wide-felt regret. Mr Clark was well known through out Canterbury as the superintendent of the estates owned by the Bank of New Zealand Estates Company, a position which he assumed in 1882. Prior to this he was manager of Mount Lenton, in Otago, in which position he was much esteemed. His early training in Australia, where he was thoroughly broken in to pastoral pursuits ; in the fifties, was of great service to him, and his general business capabilities were speedily recognised when he became prominent as the representative of the bank. Residing upon the Arowhenua Estate, linear Temuka, and having his principal office in that town, he was more prominently identified with South Canterbury interests; but the good work he achieved in the Amuri district, upon the St Helen's, Clarence and other stations in eradicating scab, and re-establishing the position of a large district as a remunerative grazing area, will be long remembered. Locally, he did much to improve the breed of stock, and both privately and as manager for the Estates Company earned many awards as an exhibitor. He was an active member of the South Canterbury Agricultural and Pastoral Association, being for a time its president. He took a keen interest in its affairs, as he did in matters generally affecting the welfare of farmers arid pastoralists, for he had the greatest faith in the future of the land of his adoption and of South Canterbury in particular. A native of Perthshire, son of a captain in the renewed Black Watch, and educated at Aberdeen College, Mr Clark was a thorough Highlander, and took keen interest in the Temuka Caledonian and kindred societies. Of the local society he was president from its inauguration until the present, and it owes its success very much to his influence. He was also President of the Geraldine County Acclimatisation; and Angling Societies. To the former he devoted much attention, and to his exertions and advice the district is indebted very largely for the preservation of trout and, introduction of game of various kinds. He was one of the oldest Justices of the Peace in the district, and for many years took a large share of the burdens of that position. He was also a member of the Licensing Committee for many years and for a period one of the committee of the Temuka District High School. The close attention to, duty which his necessitated prevented his taking part in local governing matters, and he had repeatedly to decline nomination to local bodies. The deceased was popular with the employees of the estate, and managed to retain the services of sub-managers and men for many years. He was eminently hospitable, and always ready to share in the entertainment of visitors from Home and the neighbouring colonies. He married a daughter of Mr Low, a well-known pastoralist, and leaves his widow, three daughters and a son to morn the loss of a good husband and kind father. It maybe mentioned that Mr Clark resigned his position with the Estates Company a twelvemonth ago, and retired to private property near Riverslea.

Captain Eneas Macpherson and Colonel Ewen Macpherson, appear to have acknowledged each other as distant cousins, were neighbours and great friends in the Geraldine district.

Ewen Macpherson (1793- 1859) of Corrimony, Inverness-shire, SCT.

Alfred Cox was a well to do farmer, had married at the age of twenty four to Mary Macpherson in Australia, daughter of Lieutenant Colonel Ewan Macpherson, of the 99th Regiment, who had fought in the Maori Wars. His mother-in-law, Catherine Macpherson, lived with them for many years and his father-in-law, until 1859 when he died. Cox's brother-in-law D. Grant Macpherson later managed the Raukapuka Station. In 1867 John Hay sold Tekapo to the Macpherson brothers. Catherine Macpherson was involved in in the purchase of Tekapo and this was probably managed by her son Grant. The Macpherson's never recovered financially from their heavy losses of sheep in the 1870 snowstorm, transferred their property to their brother in law Alfred Cox. The station was transferred to Alfred Cox in 1873 and he sold it in 1876 to Andrew Cowan. 

Timaru Herald, 24 September 1864, Page 5
Daniel G. Macpherson, manager for Mr. Cox.

Sydney Shipping Gazette
Departures May 15 1845 -
British Sovereign, barque, Captain Milne, for Auckland.
Passengers - Macpherson Brevet-Major

The New Zealander Vol. No. 1 Saturday 7th June 1845 pg2
On Sunday evening last, the barque British Sovereign, 500 tons, arrived from Sydney, with the headquarters of the 99th Regiment, and the following officers:
Lieutenant-Colonel Despard
Major Macpherson
and 200 rank and file.

Sydney Shipping Gazette
Volume 2, Number 80 (27 September, 1845) Page 241-244
Arrivals - Sydney. Sept. 27 - Louisa Campbell, barque, 275 tons, Captain Darby, from Auckland, the 13th inst.
Passengers: Macpherson Major, 99th Regiment

Lyttelton Times
, 5 November 1859, Page 4 Death
November 2nd, at Lyttelton, Lieut.-Col. Ewen McPherson, aged 66 years.

Daily Southern Cross, 22 November 1859, Page 3
In this day's obituary occurs the name of Lieut. Col. Ewen McPherson, late of H. M. 99th Regiment, and formerly of the 78th Highlanders. This gallant soldier served some years in Ceylon, and was for some time on service in New South Wales. In 1845 he was engaged with his regiment, the 99th, in the Native War at the Bay of Islands, in this colony, during which time he was severely wounded at the storming of Ohaeowhae Pah, near Waimate. He subsequently retired from the army with a pension on account of his wounds and long service. Col. McPherson reached Lyttelton only a few days ago from Timaru, where he had been seriously ill for some weeks.

Photo taken March 2015 by Bev. E.
Ernest Gray married Margaret Macpherson in 1863 in NZ. Margaret was born at Kandy, Ceylon 1st April 1832. Died at Winchester 12 Nov. 1922. Ernest Gray born at Castle Cary Somerset July 2nd 1832. Died at Hoon Hay July 14th 1895 in his 63rd year. Both buried at St. Mary's Churchyard Cemetery, Halswell, Canterbury, N.Z. "I will lay me down in peace and take my rest. Mason:  A. Lansfield. There is no graffiti on the stone, it is a shadow. 

The birth notice for son born to "Hon. Ernest Gray".  Son's name was "John Sanderson Gray". Would appreciate history of Ernst Gray's parliamentary career.  Terry Johanson  Terry would appreciate history of his parliamentary(?) career. Posted 10 Jan. 2006  Ernest Gray, born 2 Jul 1832 at Castle Cary, Somerset, 2 July 1832, d at Hoon Hay 14 July 1895, buried at Halswell. His wife Margaret, d/o Colonel Ewen MacPherson, born at Kandy, Ceylon 1 April 1832, d. at Winchester N.Z. 12 Nov. 1922 .

Press, 8 November 1898, Page 3 Mrs Catherine MACPHERSON, age 90. [nee Gunn born in Freshwater, Isle of Wight, England on 21 July 1808 to William Gunn and Mary Brown]
On Saturday last the remains of Mrs Macpherson, the widow of Lieutenant-Colonel Ewen Macpherson, 99th Regiment Foot, were interred in the Riccarton Cemetery, thirty-nine years almost to a day from that on which those of her husband, who was one, of the victims of the Maori war, were laid in the same churchyard. Mrs Macpherson lived for some time in Ceylon, and had had many years' experience of life in Australia and Norfolk Island during the old convict days. In 1858 the regiment was ordered to New Zealand to take part in the Maori war, and Mrs Macpherson accompanied her, husband. The Colonel was severely wounded in an attack on one of the native pahs, and died some time afterwards from his injuries. His widow settled down in South Canterbury with the family of a married daughter. She was an excellent nurse and teacher, and as such was soon well known throughout the district. Of her children only two are in New Zealand, viz., Mrs Cox, the wife of Mr Alfred Cox, of Office road, Merivale, and Mrs Gray, the widow of the Hon. Ernest Gray, of Hoon Hay. She leaves about thirty grandchildren and upwards of forty great grand-children.

Catherine Macpherson (1832-1912)

Press, 11 June 1912, Page 8 MRS ANGUS MACDONALD d/o Capt. McPherson - a Waterloo veteran.
Mrs Angus Macdonald, of Waitui, Geraldine died on Saturday night from pneumonia. Deceased was an old resident of South Canterbury, and had a large circle of friends and relatives in the province. The late Mrs Macdonald was born at Kingussie, Scotland, in 1832, and was a daughter of the late Captain Macpherson, of the 59th Regiment, a veteran of the Peninsular war, who was closely related to Clunie Macpherson, the head of the clan. The family came to Victoria in 1837, and the deceased married the late Mr Angus Macdonald in Australia, and came with him to New Zealand in 1860. They settled in South Canterbury, and Mr Macdonald, having acquired a large tract of land in Geraldine county, built his homestead at Waitui near the township, and the family have been closely identified with the district ever since. Mr Macdonald died in 1890. Mrs Macdonald was extremely popular in the district, and was a noted horsewoman and a keen follower of the hounds. She was an extremely active and sprightly old lady, but her health began to fail about two years ago and she was frequently laid up with bronchitis. Mrs Macdonald was a sister, Annie, of the late Mrs W. K. Macdonald, of Orari, and leaves four of a family—Mr B. R. Macdonald, Mrs Hislop, Mrs Wordsworth, and Mr A. G. Macdonald, who all reside in Geraldine.

Temuka Leader 10 December 1892 Page 2
Wedding. The following is an extract from the Inverness Courier :—“ On the 18th Oct., at the church of St Ninian’a, Glen Urquhart, a wedding was solemonised between Miss Margaret Mary Macdonald, eldest daughter of the late Mr Angus Macdonald, of Waitui, Geraldine, New Zealand, and Mr Patrick Wood Hislop, second son of Mr J. Fowler Hislop, of Castlepark, Preston pans. The bride, who was given away by her cousin, Mr T. A. Macpherson, of Corrimony, wore a charming costume of cream crepon and lace, with long tulle veil and wreath of orange blossoms. She carried a beautiful shower bouquet of white orchids, and her veil was secured by a pearl spray, both the gifts of the bridegroom. Miss Elsie Macpherson, who acted as bridesmaid, wore a frock of cream corduroy and velvet, with a hat to match. She carried a white and pink bouquet and wore a pearl brooch the gifts of the bridegroom. The ceremony was performed by the Very Rev. Provost Mather, of the Inverness Cathedral, and Mr Arthur Hislop of the Royal Scots attended his brother as groomsman. At the conclusion of the ceremony the party returned to Corrimony where the wedding breakfast was served, and later in the afternoon the young couple drove to Inverness, en route for the South of Scotland. The bride’s travelling dress was of dark blue cloth, trimmed with beaver fur, with hat and coat to correspond.”

Alexander Macpherson

The second manager of Mount Peel for J.B.A. Acland in 1861. He was a brother of A. Lachlan Macpherson and a nephew of Captain Macpherson. In 1873 he married Elizabeth d/o William Gosling and had a son, Alexander born 1873.  He was a brother-in-law of Macdonald's at Orari. There were two out station on the Waiakahi run, the Waihao Bridge outstation was in charge of Alexander McPherson for many years.  Ref. Acland - The Early Canterbury Runs.

William GOSLING arrived in Lyttelton in "Randolph" in 1850. In 1863 he bought 1578 acres at Ohapi and named the property Tripple Stream. He leased the farm to John Grigg (who called it Trevenna) and bought Coonoor, from Captain Fitzhardinge Jones. He lived subsequently in Sefton Street almost opposite Hewlings Street where he kept two-storeyed boarding house. A daughter Agnes married Thomas S. Dunn of Stumps.

Timaru Herald September 1877
GOSLING - MACDONALD - August 30th, at the Catholic Chapel, Christchurch, by the Rev. Father Ginnity, Charles Gosling, of Timaru, to Maria, third daughter of A. W. MacDonald, Esq., late of Compass, Inverness, Scotland

Alick E.E.D Macpherson b. at Temuka on 2nd Sept. 1873

Timaru Herald 10 March 1873 Married
On Saturday, February 15, at Tripple Stream, Ohapi, by the Rev. Jas. Preston, Mr Alexander McPherson, of Temuka, to Elizabeth, second daughter of W. Gosling, Esq. [their only child was (Alick Ernest) as Alexander had an his untimely death all in 1873]

Timaru Herald, 17 November 1873, Page 3 Death
Macpherson. November 14, at Triple Stream, Ohapi, near Temuka, Mr Alick Macpherson, aged 29, late of Invernessshire, Scotland. [His father was James Macpherson of Scotland born Laggan 1809 and died Nairn 1876. Alexander was one of 7 children to James and his wife Anna Macpherson, his siblings being Lachlan, Jamesina, Marjory, Evan, William and Emily.]

Birth 1873: Macpherson, Alick Ernest Evan Duncan. Parents Elizabeth and Alexander.

Buried Geraldine.
Died 14 Nov. 1873 Alick Macpherson, age 29 years.
Died 22 October 1942 Alexander Macpherson

Mrs Elizabeth Macpherson remarried in Christchurch on the 17 January 1880 to Francis Thomas HASKINS. He died in 1908 and she died in 1909 and both are buried in Christchurch. He was about 20 years older than his wife. After Alick's mother remarried in 1880 she had four more children, Myra, Guy, Gerald and Basil. There is some talk that she had a son the day before she married Francis Thomas Haskins.

Alick Evan Ernest Duncan McPherson married Stella Jane Birdling, in 1912. A.E.E.D. Macpherson's wife, Stella Jane (Birdling) Macpherson, was in 1922. Alick E.E.D Macpherson died 13 August 1922, aged 48, and his death was registered in Christchurch as Alexander Evan Macpherson on the fiche. She was living at Little River, remaining there until about 1946. Mrs Macpherson lived in the 2 storied house right on the Chch Akaroa Road- heading towards Birdlings Flat. There was a Mawson McPherson at the Birdlings Flat school in 1931. In 1949 she was living at Fendalton, Christchurch.

Alick Evan Macpherson is listed in three Electoral Rolls : 1911, 1914, 1919
Alick Evan Macpherson - Hoon Hay, Cashmere, Christchurch, farmer. No other Macpherson is shown as living at this address.

Alexander Macpherson worked for NZ and Australian Land Co., South Canterbury, Longburn Slaughtering and Freezing Co., Manawatu, becomes first inspector appointed to Dept. of Agriculture, Christchurch, retiring 1921.

Otago Witness 4 June 1886, Page 14
Timaru, June 2. On Tuesday night, at St. Andrew's, Mr Alexander Macpherson, late manager of the Pareora Estate, and who is known as a keen lover of coursing, was presented with a gold watch, chain, and locket by the men on the station, and with a purse of sovereigns by his many friends in South Canterbury.

Pareora Estate (never station) is bounded by the river of that name on the north, by the Otaio River on the South, and by the ocean on the east. In 1864 David Innes sold to the New Zealand and Australian Land Co., a Scottish company and the homestead "Charlcombe" was standing by 1867. The company sold portions of the land and the Government took some for closer settlement. Pareora No 1 settlement 1894 - Springbrook. Otaio settlement 1895. Pareora No 2 Settlement 1900 - Lyalldale. James Macdonald, kin to the Macdonalds of Orari succeed Francis Worcester Stubbs in 1863 when there was 20,000 sheep. Alexander MacPherson was the manager of Pareora for six years. He was a very good and diligent manager of the Estate. George Lyall was the last manager. William Harris Harris took up the  a run in South Canterbury in 1855, 25,000 acres south of the Waihao river on the south bank of which he built his Waikakahi homestead and went into partnership with David Innes of Pareora around 1855. Harris freeholded 4000 acres of his run and had James Macdonald, who lived at Pareora as manager of all the partner's runs. Dan Macdonald was the next manager on Waikakahi.  The partnership was dissolved in 1864 with Waikakahi reverting to and Harris who sold it to John and Allan McLean and Harris went to live in England. Harris' run became the Waikakahi and was subdivided 1898/1899.

It is time to rewrite history. In Acland's book The Early Canterbury Runs and Woodhouse's Blue Cliffs and Wilkinson's South Canterbury's Early Settlers and Immigrants, 1990 there is mention of Wm H. Harris. It should read William Harris Harris and not William Hyde Harris [sic]. Maria S. C. Macpherson b: 20 Dec. 1847 in Inverness married William Harris Harris in 9 August 1866. In 1855 W H Harris took up 25,000 acres south of the Waihao river on the south bank of which he built his homestead.

Timaru Herald, 10 March 1891, Page 4
On the evening of Friday last the employees and friends of Mr Alexander Macpherson, late manager of the Pareora estate, assembled at the at Andrew's Library to bid him goodbye. Mr Millar, one of the oldest employees on the station, presented Mr Alexander Macpherson with a purse sovereigns. He had known Mr Macpherson for the fourteen years. Mr Moynahan proposed the health of Mr Lyall, the new manager, and referred to a report in the Timaru Herald, showing the high esteem in which Mr Lyall was held by the residents of the Cave. Mr Tooley head shepherd of the Pareora estate sang a naval song.

Timaru Herald Tuesday 18 January 1887 Marriage Presbyterian - Alexander Macpherson, age 31 to Emma Gray, age 23
MACPHERSON - GRAY - On January 13th, at Timaru, by the Rev. William Gillies, A. Macpherson, Pareora Estate, to Emma, second daughter of the late Richard Gray, Timaru.

Timaru Herald Death 1887
MACPHERSON - July 8th, at the Grosvenor Hotel, Emma, the beloved wife of A. Macpherson, Manager of the Pareora Estate, aged 25 years.

Timaru Herald Saturday 9 July 1887 Funeral Notice
The friends of Alex. MACPHERSON are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his wife, which will leave the Grosvenor Hotel, Timaru, tomorrow (Sunday) the 10th inst., at 2.30 p.m. J.E. Beckingham, undertaker. [buried at the Timaru Cemetery, no headstone]

The Star Monday 11 July 1887 page 3
The funeral of Mrs A. Macpherson, the young wife of the popular manager of the Pareora station, took place yesterday. The deceased had been married less than 12 months, and was a daughter of Mrs BROWN, formerly of St Andrew's and now the Grosvenor Hotel, Timaru. General sympathy is expressed for Mr Macpherson, whose name for kindness is a household word in South Canterbury.

Timaru Herald, 11 July 1887, Page 2
The funeral of the late Mrs Macpherson took place yesterday afternoon, and was attended by a very large number of people. Among the chief mourners were Mr Alex. Macpherson (late husband of the deceased young lady), Messrs Brown, Gray, and John Macpherson, and we noticed amongst the other mourners members from all parts of the country districts in South Canterbury and North Otago. The service at the mortuary chapel and the grave was conducted by the Rev. L. C. Brady, and was listened to with the greatest attention. The bereaved relatives are most deeply sympathised with by a large circle of friends and acquaintances.

Presbyterian marriage - Timaru. Alexander MACPHERSON, 35, married 16 March 1891 to Maria Gray, age 25.
Birth: Allister Ewen Macpherson was born to Maria and Alexander Macpherson in 1892. He married Edith May Smith in 1916. Lieutenant A.E. Macpherson, NZRB, embarked 12 June 1917 and died of wounds near Pas de Calais, France 26 August 1918. Serial No. 41211. NOK:  Mrs E.M. Macpherson (wife), 372 Hereford Street, Linwood, Christchurch.

Timaru Herald, 24 March 1891, Page 2 MARRIAGES.
Macpherson— Gray— On the 16th March, at the residence of the bride, Otipua Road, by the Rev. W. Gillies, Alexander Macpherson, third son of the late William Macpherson, F.E.I.S., Strathtay, Perthshire, Scotland, to Maria, third daughter of the late Richard Gray, Leamington, Warwickshire, England.
Cobbett— Gray— On the 16th March, at the residence of the bride, Otipua Road, by the Rev. W. Gillies, John Corbett, only son of John Corbett, Dunedin, to Mary Elizabeth, fourth daughter of the late Richard Gray, Leamington, Warwickshire, England, Dunedin papers please copy.

Otago Witness 17 December 1891, Page 18
Mr Alexander Macpherson, late manager of the Land Company's Pareora Estate, has obtained the appointment of secretary to the Longburn Freezing Company, out of about 100 applicants.

Feilding Star, 9 October 1895, Page 2
Mr Alexander MacPherson has been appointed Official Liquidator of the Longburn Slaughtering and Freezing Company.

Press, 17 April 1918, Page 7
Lieutenant Allister Ewen Macpherson (wounded) is the only son of Mr Alexander Macpherson, Fields Inspector, Department of Agriculture, Christchurch. Lieutenant Macpherson who is 20 years of age, and is married, was born at Longburn, near Palmerston North, and received his education at the East Christchurch and West Christchurch Schools. After leaving school he was for a time in the employ of Messrs Butterworth Brothers, warehousemen, and afterwards he was a clerk with Messrs J. Montgomery and Co., seed merchants. Later he was in the employ of Messrs A. W. Smith and Son, as a sales agent. Lieutenant Macpherson left the Dominion as officer commanding "G'' Company of the 26th Reinforcements. Mr Macpherson has received a cable message from his son from a hospital in France, stating that his wound is not serious.

Ashburton Guardian, 10 September 1918, Page 4
Lieutenant Allister McEwen Macpherson, killed in action on August 26, was the only son of Mr A. Macpherson, Director of Field Experiments for the South Island. Lieutenant Macpherson was an old Territorial, having earned his commission on April 15, 1912. He left New Zealand in command G Company of the New Zealand Rifle Brigade in the Twenty-sixth Reinforcements, and had seen about 15 months' service in France.

A. Lachlan "Lochie" "Lachie" Macpherson - (1844-1904) Waterloo veteran.  He purchased the Crorrimony estate in Scotland in 1888.  Station manager of Mount Four Peaks and in charge of Clayton Station in 1876

Lachlan Ian [sic] Macpherson, a big powerful good natured man, was the brother of Alexander Macpherson. In his youth he was a footballer and athlete. He was an Acclimitisation Ranger in 1875. His sister kept house for him until she married John H Raine. Lachlan managed Four Peaks for Lancelot Walker and was in charge of Clayton Station and later Hakateramea. Lachlan purchased Melville Downs (formerly part of Ashwick station) in 1885 and his manager there being Robert Scott. He was the brother-in-law to John Hunter Raine owner of Sherwood Downs in 1876. Lachlan's sister married Marjorie Macpherson married J.H. Raine at St. John's Church in Christchurch in June 1876. John Hunter Raine (1845-1918 ) was the 4th s/o William Surtees Raine. In the Durham County Record Office there is folder on info on the family of John Hunter Raine in NZ with photographs of John Hunter Raine's two sons, Lachlan and Jack Raine. John and Marjorie Raine (5 July 1894, aged 48) are both buried in Linwood Cemetery. His daughter Emmie Alexandra Macpherson Raine married Dr Hedley Vickers Drew in 1912.  

Clayton Station, an out-station of “Four Peaks,” was owned by Messrs Walker Brothers, and Captain Clogstone, the property being managed by Lochie Macpherson.

S/o James Macpherson of Nuide, Badenoch, Invernessshire and they belonged to the Cluny Macphersons. After the rising of the 1845 the Macphersons were congregated at Badenoch near Loch laggan and it became the Headquarters of the clan. As it was dangerous for too many of them to be together, they dispersed and Neil Macpherson came to Inverness and became the tactor? to the Earl of Cawdon.

Lachlan was a successful station manager. He managed Four Peaks for some years and stood up to Lancelot Walker difficult temper much longer than anyone else. his sister kept house for him; she married John Raine in 1876. Lachlan played football for a South Canterbury team v. ChCh in May 1875. He always attended South Canterbury sports in Timaru which were held every may. He won the putting the 16lb stone and also the 21 lb stone in may 1876. He bought Melville Downs in 1885, From the Macdonald Dictionary.

Hawera & Normanby Star 15 August 1922 Page 4
The death of Mrs Strachey, which, occurred on Friday, will be mourned by an unusually large circle, who will grieve for the loss of a deeply-loved friend (says the Christchurch. Press). Mrs Strachey, who was born in the Highlands, was a daughter of Ann and James Macpherson, of Inverness, and great-granddaughter of Kenneth, third Earl of Seaforth. She is survived by her husband, two daughters, and one son. Her sister, Mrs Raine, and her brother, Mr Lachlan Macpherson, are well known in New Zealand.

Timaru Herald 19 October 1904 Page 4
The annual meeting of the South Canterbury Amateur Athletic Club was held in the Grosvenor Hotel last night. Mr G. I. Hamilton (president) was in the chair, and their was a fair attendance. The president referred to the recent news of the death of Mr Lachlan Macpherson, an old and valued friend, and a life member of the Club, and a one-time competitor at its meetings. Mr M. J. Knubley also made reference to Mr Macpherson, mentioning him as a strong financial supporter.

John Hunter RAINE (1845-1918) was born at bath, a s/o Richard Surtees Raine of Spreacombe, North Devon, late of Snow Hall, Co. Durham. He went out to Queensland with his brother Henry about 1862. Henry died and John crossed to N.Z. soon afterwards. In about 1867 he went to South America with George Cooke, who later married Raines sister, Mary Elizabeth and in 1868 returned to England. In the spring of 1871 he came back to NZ. He and his brothers took up a run which they called Sherwood Downs. In Dec. 1875 John Hunter Raine and George Cooke bought out the shares of Cozier Raine and William Raine. Their sister Mary Eliz. came out with Miss Strachey in 1975 to keep home at Sherwood. Raine and Cooke sold out to George Gould in 1882. Raine bought Maronan? from Wilkin and Carter and in 1886 Raine and his wife went back to England. When they returned they managed Melville Downs -formerly part of Ashwick Station -for his brother-in-law Lachlan Macpherson. Raine acted many times as judge at the annual sports meetings at Timaru. He won prizes with thoroughbred horses at the Timaru Show. He was Vice president of the NZ Grand National Steeplechase May 1882.

Crozier Raine b. 1842 , died in 1892 in Norfolk. He left for England by Tongariri? in Aug. 1884.
George Cooke, age 34 married 30 year old Mary Elizabeth Raine in St. Patrick's Church at Burkes Pass by Rev. James Preston 7th Dec. 1876.
In the same year June 1876 John Hunter Raine had married Marjorie Macpherson in ChCh

Macpherson Family
Marjorie Elizabeth Macpherson
Marion Macpherson
Lachlan Macpherson
Frances Jane Macpherson
Eunice Alexandra Macpherson married Dr. Drew of Timaru.
Joan Surtees of Botanical Gardens, ChCh
John Henry Macpherson

John Hunter Raine married at St. Johns, Latimer Sq, CHCH, by Bishop Harper 21 June 1876 to Marjorie Clarke Macpherson d/o James Macpherson of Nuide, Inverness and sister of Lachlan Macpherson. Witnesses Francis "Frank" James Raine, Mary Elizabeth Raine, Lachlan Macpherson. He died at Timaru 25 Feb. 1918.

The Strachey, Raines and bakers were all family friends and were more of less related through the Macphersons and Hawdons. Claude was the third s/o Richard Strachey of Ashwick Grove, Someset. He came out to NZ in 1882 and stayed a good deal with the John Holland Bakers  Claude Mainwaring Strachey married at Fendalton, Christchurch, 14 Oct. 1887 to Emily Chisholm Macintosh Macpherson d/o of the late James Macpherson of Ninde, Inverness shire, Scotland. She was a sister of Lachlan Macpherson. She died 4 Aug. 1922 in Victoria St., ChCH.
Sons (6/1991) Ewen Macpherson Strachey and Richard Clive Strachey (KIA 4 Aug. 1917), Claude Otto Strachey (KIA 2 May 1915 at Gallipoli) were in the NZEF.

Ewen Macpherson Strachey was born on 13 September 1892 s/o Claude Mainwaring Strachey and Emily Chisholm Macpherson. He married Doris Isabel Grace Bicknell, daughter of W. W. Bicknell, on 8 August 1923. He died on 2 November 1970 at age 78. At Gallipoli and in France, NZEF.


Ashwick Station named by Alexander Strachey after his home in England (in 1871). The English home was at Ashwick Grove, Somersetshire. Ashwick had previously been owned (1858) by John Thomas Brown and Thomas William Maude, who sold to Strachey and C G Hawden in 1868. They sold property in 1887 to H L Seddon, after whose death his widow took into partnership her brother, W F Hamilton. Ashwick was sold to the government for closer settlement in 1913.

Brothers Alexander and Richard Strachey, s/o Richard Strachey of Ashwick Grove, Somerset, in their land dealings were in partnership with Cyril Howden (s/o Joseph Howden) who married 27 Sept. 1881 Mary Charlotte Georgina, eldest d/o William Strachey of Ashwick Grove, Somerset. Cyril Howden came out in the Blue Jacket 14 Nov. 1865. Alex Strachey and Cyril Howden bought Ashwick run  (Mackenzie County) in 1865 and named it. It was then 37,000 acres. These two had been college friends in England. In 1874 Melville Gray and Henry Brown bought the station (Henry Brown & T.W. Maude were the original purchasers). In 1887 Ashwick was sold to H.L. Seddon, who died in 1895. His widow asked her brother W.F. Hamilton too come into partnership with her in it. He bought his sister's share in the end and in 1913 sold Ashwick - 8000 acres freehold and 3500 acres leasehold to the Government for subdivision. He kept the homestead block, 800 acres and this was sold in 1848 to John Marshal of Dunedin.

It is recorded that the homestead on Ashwick Station was almost certainly built in 1872. There is no mention however of the date that these stables were erected. The dominant feature of these stables was the pigeon loft. In fact this is the only piece left intact to remind us of a colourful past. These stables were constructed from local stone collected from around the district. Limestone block was used on the external corners and around the windows and doors, locking everything into place. Over the years, the elements have played a large part in the destruction of this building. A member of the family, who owns what remains of the old Ashwick Homestead block, said she had to make a choice between some new furnishings to their homestead, or a new roof for the badly deteriorated pigeon loft. Thanks to an unselfish gesture by the family this pigeon loft received a new roof and will now remain as testimony to the hardship many of those early settlers experienced. wrote Noel Guthrie in 1992

Alex Strachey wrote to his sister and asked her to come out and keep house for him. He met her on the wharf and said, "I am tired of this country, I have sold everything and am going home." He promised to take her about and have a good time. John Holland Baker, the surveyor, was on the ship going to England, for a years leave. He became engaged to Miss Strachey and married her in England.

Star 8 December 1885, Page 2 Marriage
Macpherson - Hussey - Oct 15, at the Parish Church, Kensington, by the Rev. and Hon E. Carr Glynn, Vicar, Lachlan A. Macpherson, of Hakateramea, Canterbury, N.Z. (formerly of Nuide Badenoch, Invernesshire), to Elizabeth, daughter of the late P. F. Hussey, of Wyrley Grove, Staffordshire. [Phineas-Fowke Hussey] 

October 14th 1887 Claude Mainwaring Strachey b. 1861 of Clearwell, Hinds, 3rd s/o Richard Strachey, married at Fendalton to Miss Emily Chisholom MacKintosh Macpherson, d/o the late James Macpherson, of  Nuide, co. Inverness, Scotland, the sister of Mrs. John Raine, and the wedding naturally took place from Chilcombe. Mrs John Holland Baker's eldest brother Richard Strachey, was the father of Claude. Claude worked for Mr Charles Harper as a cadet. In 1887 Clive Strachey came from England and joined brother Claude at Clearwell, which belonged to their father and was managed by Mr. Harper. In 1886 Mrs Baker's eldest brother, Richard Strachey, the father of these two young men, had come out to see his interests in the Colony. In 1890, Mrs Baker's twin brother Alex., arrived in NZ with his wife, Fanny Augusta, and stayed six months staying at Barford (of 3760 acres) and more time at Chilcombe. Alex. was a county squire formerly of  Shepton Mallet in the county of Somerset but late of Ashwick. Emily Chisholom MacKintosh Macpherson sister married a SPENCER of Shepton Mallet, Somerset. Their father was James Macpherson of Nuide, one of the Cluny Macphersons. Claude's eldest son came on furlough from India. The Press 3 Sept. 1932 pg13.

Children of  Emily and Claude Mainwaring Strachey:
     In 1920 Aileen Marion Strachey (b. 1889) married Edwyn Grenville TEMPLE.
     In 1923 Ewen Macpherson STRACHEY (b.1892) married Doris. I.G. Bicknell. NZEF 6/1991
     Richard Clive Strachey born 17 Nov. 1895 at Timaru. COE. BNZ staff. WW1 NZEF 39115 Rfm. 1st Btn. 3rd NZRB B Coy.  NZRB KIA Ypres, Belgium 4 August 1917
       Another daughter was Olive Margaret Strachey.

Claude Otto Strachey b. 1888. A.I.F. 2nd Reinforcements,1st Battalion. 1294. Place of enlistment: Liverpool, NSW.  KIA 2 May 1916 aged 27. Lone Pine Cemetery. Religion: Rationalist. Strachey was wounded about an hour after the Anzac landing. A shrapnel shell burst and wounded about twelve men. Strachey was one of these. He was seen to fall and later seen on the beach. He was a big chap and joined the company the day the battalion left Mena for the Peninsula. Believed Strachey was badly wounded. Embarked for Gallipoli per "Minnuwoska.?" Effects [Commonwealth Bank Book No. 92830, letter, 2 Receipts, 1 photo, Devotional Book.] to Mrs C.M. Strachey, 48 Worcester St., CHCH. Body not found.  On the memorial to the missing erected in Lone Pine Cemetery in commemoration of upwards of 4,000 Australians who fell at Gallipoli and have no known grave. The names of the Fallen are inscribed on stone panels set into the screen wall in front of the memorial, and the number following the Register entry indicated the panel on which the particulars of your son appear. His parent received the pamphlet "Where the Australians Rest." 31 Oct. 1921 with the Memorial Plaque.

Timaru Herald Tuesday 22 February 1887 Birth [Elizabeth "Bessie" and Lachlan Andrew Macpherson had Elizabeth Ann Macpherson in 1887]
MACPHERSON - On February 19th at Wai-iti, Timaru, the wife of L.A. Macpherson, of a daughter.

The Morning Post (London, England), Monday, February 28, 1887; pg.
On the 19th inst., at Timaru, the wife of Lachlan A. Macpherson, Esq., of Melville Downs, Canterbury, and Wyrley Grove, Staffordshire, of a daughter.

Lachlan Fowke (Hussey-Macpherson), Capt. Q.O. Cameron Highlanders ; educated at Clare Coll., Cambridge ; b. 1889 — Wyrley Grove, Pelsall, Staffordshire.     


Timaru Herald, 19 December 1877, Page 3
In passing through Opihi Valley, I find that several showers of rain have fallen during the past week, which have greatly freshened vegetation. I have had already the pleasure of seeing green peas and now potatoes, and many other vegetables that comprise a kitchen garden at Captain Ross' farm, Ladyburn. The Silverstream Hotel is now almost finished the owner of which is Lachlan Macpherson, Esq. Several other houses are erected on that township, and a blacksmith's shop, store, and dwelling-house, are in the course of erection, the property of Mr Goodwin, of Three Springs Station. The felhmongery of Messrs McCaskill and Rooney. Shearing has now commenced at that well-known and beautiful station, Sherwood Downs, belonging to Messrs Cook and Raine also, at several other stations in this fertile Opihi Valley.

Timaru Herald June 1876
RAINE - MacPHERSON- June 21, at John's Church, Christchurch, by the Lord Primate of New Zealand, John Hunter Raine, Sherwood Downs, Canterbury, son of William Surtees Raine, Spreacombe, North Devon, late of Snow Hall, County Durham, England, to Marjorie Clarke, daughter of James MacPherson, late of Nuide, Inverness, N.B.

Otago Witness, 1 August 1906, Page 77 Jessie Mackay wrote
Many a son of Badenoch has found a home in New Zealand. Among those, one is directly mentioned in this book — The Poetry of Badenoch —   the late Lachlan Macpherson of Corriemony, formerly of Ashwick Station, and well known throughout South Canterbury. Mr Macpherson was connected with some of the leading houses of his clan in Badenoch ; descending, as it appears, from a near relation of the stout old rebel bard, Strathmashie. 

That will be found in the House of Cluny —
Banqueting, and flagons, and cups,
A huge fire with little ashes,
While they ore quaffing the glorious wine

Timaru Herald, 18 October 1904, Page 2 Death
MACPHERSON.- On 10th October at Innerwick, Glenlyon, N.B., Lachlan Andrew Macpherson, of Corrimony, Inverness, Scotland; aged 64.

Timaru Herald, 18 October 1904, Page 2
A cable message was received in Timaru on Saturday giving news of the death of Lachlan Andrew MacPherson, a brother of Mrs Strachey of Timaru, who was prominent in sporting and social circles in South Canterbury in the Seventies and Eighties. The formal death notice states that Mr Macpherson died, at the age of 64 at Inverwick. Old identities will remember him as a bluff, buirdly, and big hearted man, an embodiment of good humour and fun and a keen sportsman. He came out to New Zealand with a brother. For some years he was manager of Four Peaks station and subsequently the Hakateramea station. He then went Home and married well and settled down in Scotland, but twice revisited the colony, partly in connection with a property he held in the Fairlie district, called Melville Downs. On his last visit he disposed of this to Mr Robert Scott. Mr MacPherson was a strong supporter of the South Canterbury Amateur Athletic Club, and on revisiting the colony some years ago enjoyed attendant at one of their sports meeting, and helped the old identities present to enjoy it too. He also during his visit tested the quality of the deer stalking and angling offered by the colony. The many friends of "Lachy" MacPherson as he was familiarly known, will regret to hear of his death.

Otago Witness 7 December 1904, Page 69
Mr Lachlan Andrew Macpherson, of Corrimony, Inverness-shire, and Wyrley Grove, Staffordshire, died on October 10, after a brief but very acute illness, at the age of 60 years. The deceased gentleman, who was a native of Badenoch, came of a military race, as his father and two granduncles all fought under Sir John Moore at the battle of Corunna. At a comparatively early age Mr Macpherson went out to New Zealand, where for many years he was superintendent of a station of the New Zealand and Australian Land Company, and he also held a good deal of land of his own in New Zealand. Some 20 years ago he returned to his native country, and shortly afterwards he married the heiress of Wyrley Grove, after which he settled down to enjoy the life of a country gentleman, and built up a herd of Aberdeen-Angus cattle there. Ten years ago he purchased the fine Highland estate of Corrimony on the shores of Loch Ness. For several years he had a nice flock of blackfaces there, but latterly the whole estate has been turned into a deer forest and grouse shooting. "Corrimony," as he was affectionately called by his Highland friends, was a man of great force of character, combined with great kindliness of disposition. He was held in the very highest esteem by everyone, and many of the poorer people in Inverness-shire will feel his death as a great personal loss. He is survived by a widow and family of two sons and three daughters. 

Hawera & Normanby Star, 15 August 1922, Page 4
Evening Post, 9 August 1922, Page 7
The death of Mrs C. M. Strachey (Emily), which occurred on Friday, will be mourned by an unusually large circle, who will grieve for the loss of a deeply-loved friend (says the Christchurch Press). Mrs Strachey, who was born in the Highlands, was a daughter of Ann and James Macpherson, of Inverness, and great-granddaughter of Kenneth, third Earl of Seaforth. She was a woman of most lovable disposition, rare intellect, and keen sense of humour. Her advice and sympathy were sought—never in vain—by many, even during the years of her distressing illness. The loss of two sons in the war was a grief borne by her with heroic fortitude, and it was mothers such as she who gave their life-blood for England, who were the Empire's greatest asset during the war. With marvellous courage she bore the grievous illness from which she suffered for four years prior to her death, and the many friends who were privileged to visit her, while grieving for her suffering, learnt from her the lesson of noble resignation, and appreciated her great interest, sustained to the last, in the affairs of those around her. Such a fine influence can ill he spared from our midst. She is survived by her husband, two daughters Mrs. Temple (Geraldine) and Miss Olive Strachey (Christchurch) — and one son, Mr. Ewen Strachey. Her sister, Mrs Raine, and her brother, Mr Lachlan Macpherson, are well known in New Zealand. [Aileen Marion married Edwyn Grenville Temple in 1920]

Evening Post, 4 September 1915, Page 6 Wounded -Canterbury Battalion
Strachey, Ewen Macpherson, 6/1991, Sergt. (father: Claude Mainwaring Strachey, 48 Worcester-street, West Christchurch)  (Ewen married Doris I.G. Bicknell in NZ in 1923)

Timaru Herald Nov. 1895
STRACHEY. On November 17th at Wai-iti Road, the wife of C.M. Strachey, of a son.

New Zealand Herald, 31 August 1915, Page 9
Sergeant E. M. STRACHEY. Private advice was received by his parents yesterday that Sergeant Ewen Macpherson Strachey of the Canterbury Infantry Battalion, is in a hospital in London, wounded in the leg. No official advice has been received by Mr. and Mrs. M. Strachey, and they would still have been in ignorance as to their son's whereabouts had it not been for a remarkable coincidence. A cousin of Sergeant Strachey's. Lieutenant Macpherson, of the Cameron Highlanders was badly wounded in France four months ago and taken to a hospital in London. His sister, who is a nurse joined the hospital staff in order to nurse her brother, who is still in the institution, and it was to this hospital out of the many dozen that there are, that Sergeant Strachey was conveyed. His cousin recognised him and she immediately cabled out the news to his parents in Christchurch. Sergeant Strachey, who will be 23 years of age next month, is the second son of Mr. Claude M. Strachey, of Gloucester Street, Christchurch.  

In 2020 there were 59 McPherson's listed in the Timaru District cemetery database online and 30 MacPherson's.

Cemetery McPherson MacPherson
Timaru 45 19
Geraldine 0 10
Pleasant Point 8 0
Temuka 6 1

Alexander McPherson s/o Alexander McPherson. Late of Morven & Cave. Died 1965.

Alexander McPherson of Cave, sheepfarmer died at Timaru 27th June 1965. His wife Elizabeth McPherson died at Timaru 5th July 1931 and both are buried at Timaru. Elizabeth Lorimer married Alexander McPherson in 1903 in NZ. She was born at Auchterkess, Scotland June 18th 1872. They had three children:
Jessie [Lucie] Cunningham Brown aged 27yrs wife of James Brown of Riverslea near Temuka, farmer.
Margaret Lorimer McPherson aged 24 of Cave, Nurse.
Alexander St. Martin McPherson aged 22 yrs of Cave, sheepfarmer, in Feb. 1932.

Press 19 May 1928 Page 2 BROWN—McPHERSON
At Trinity Church, Timaru, recently, Jessie, older daughter of Mr and Mrs Alex. McPherson, Cave, was married to Mr James Brown, Riverslea, Temuka. The Rev. Mr Alexander, of Albury, officiated. The bride wore a charming gown or cream georgette with tight bodice and full skirt with inset pointed godets. The square neck was finished by rows or pearls, and a garland of shaded apricot flowers and foliage adorned the front of the bodice. Her long, embroidered tulle veil formed a train, and was arranged from a coronet of pearls and orange blossom. She carried a beautiful bouquet of white roses and carnations. The bridesmaids, Miss Margaret McPherson, sister of the bride, and Miss Clara Lewtliwaite, of Little River.. Mr James Macaulay, of Milford, was best man, and Mr Fred Comer, also of Milford, was groomsman. After the ceremony a reception was held in the Bay Hall, where a hundred and fifty guests were entertained. Later, the bride and bridegroom left by express for Auckland and Rotorua, the bride travelling in a smart tailorimade costume and hat to match and a brown fox fur, the gift of the bride groom.

Neil McPherson and wife Mary Ann McIntyre emigrated to N.Z. from Braemore, Dunbeath in 1870. Neil born 7th May and christened on the 31st May 1841 was the son of John McPherson and Isabella Macaulay. Here are the households from the 1841 and 1861 census returns:
District: 10 Folio: 0 Page: 5 Address: Clashbvie
MCPHERSON John M 50 Farmer Caithness
MCPHERSON Isabella F 35 Outside Census County
MCPHERSON William M 8 Caithness
MCPHERSON Peter M 6 Caithness
MCPHERSON Niel M 1m Caithness
MCAULAY Margaret F 80 Independent Caithness

District: 9 House: 6
Macpherson John 63 Berriedale
Macpherson Isabella 54 Loth
Macpherson Neil 18 Berriedale
Macpherson Alexander 16 Berriedale
Macpherson Lucy A. 14 Berriedale

Timaru Herald 9 September 1919 Page 6 IN MEMORIAM.
CLARKE. In loving memory of Frances Elizabeth, beloved wife of R. B. Clarke, Lyttelton D.H. School, and third daughter of Alex and Elizabeth McPherson, Pleasant Point, died at 57 Canterbury Street, Lyttelton, September 9th, 1918. [married Robert Brice Clarke in 1906]

 Alexander and Elizabeth (Betsy, née Cunningham) McPherson

Alexander McPherson was born at sea Oct. 11th 1870 on the James Nicol Fleming. The vessel arrived in Dunedin 26th Oct. 1870. Left Glasgow, Scotland on 3rd August 1870. Alex. died at Timaru 27th June 1965 aged 84. [does not add up]  Passengers:
McPherson, Alexander, Braemore, Dunbeath, Shepherd
McPherson, Mrs Alexander [Elizabeth}
McPherson, William
McPherson, Margaret
McPherson, Joan
McPherson, John
McPherson, Alexander

McPherson, Mrs, Braemore, Dunbeath
McPherson, Neil, Shepherd
McPherson, Lucy, Housekeeper

Timaru Herald 28 July 1927 Page 7 MRS ALEXANDER MacPHERSON [sic].
Elizabeth MacPherson lived through this pioneer age, did her duty, and enjoyed every moment of a long and useful life. Arriving with her husband in New Zealand by the ship “James Nicol Fleming” in 1870, they were engaged on Alan MacLean’s "Waikakahi” station from 1870 to 1890. She found time, also, to successfully rear fourteen of a family (every one of whom, by the way, lived to at least forty) and saved sufficient in twenty years to enable the family to stock and improve the pastoral run on Mount Misery, with which the MacPherson family has been identified for the last thirty-seven years. She kept up the best traditions of Highland hospitality, and although attaining the great age of 85, enjoyed every moment of her life to the very last day.

Alexander McPherson (1848-1923) born at Thurso, Caithness. Educated at Braemore School. In 1870 he came out with his wife in the James Nicol Flemming and went to work for Buckley and MacLean at  "Waikakahi.” He was in charge of the Waihao Bridge out station for 20 years on the southern side of the bridge. He had a family of 14. By 1890s he had saved enough to buy Braeval Run L.I.P. near cave and build a good homestead on it. He could play the pipes well and cite long passages from Robert Burns. He was a member of the local school committee. He retired to Pleasant Point where he died in 1923 at age 80. Married Mrs. Cunnimgham. Ref. Macdonald's Dictionary.

Will of Alexander McPherson filed 28 July 1925, Timaru. Alex died 23 July 1926 at Pleasant Point aged 82. Alexander was born at Thurso, Caithness in Scotland in 1843. He was a retied farmer from Pleasant Point. His wife Elizabeth Cunningham, born Cathness, Scotland of his native town, died at Waimate 17th June 1927 aged 84. From 1870 and for the next twenty years the young couple worked at Waihao homestead, (the Waikakahi Estate). Elizabeth was known as "the little white woman". In 1890 Alex. took up a sheep run on Mount Misery, which later became known as Braeval, Cave. In 1918 they retired to Pleasant Point. He died in late July 1926, nearly 83, and was buried in Timaru, leaving a family of eight sons and three daughters. Sons Alexander McPherson of Cave, sheepfarmer, was born at sea on the British Ship "James Nicol Fleming" of British parents and John McPherson of Timaru Motor Garage Proprietor was born at Caithness. Daughter Emily Low of Pleasant Point. Alex owned land containing 1 rood 24 perches being Lots 1 and 2 on Deposit Plan 17 and being the whole of the land included in certificate of Title Volume 217 Folio 281 and Volume 219 Folio 203 and the dwelling house thereon. [Emily McPherson married Robert Alexander LOW in 1911]  Obituary for Mr A. McPherson Timaru Herald 30 July 1926 Page 8

McPHERSON, Neil, 7/1642 (19 March 1873 - 16 September 1950)
Neil McPherson was the son of Alexander and Elizabeth (Betsy, née Cunningham) McPherson. He attended the Waihao Native School at Waihao near Waimate. Neil was a cousin of Peter and Roger who served in World War One. His brothers Peter and Thomas also enlisted. On the cave War memorial as returned.

Timaru Herald 24 June 1916 Page 8
McPHERSON — HOWARD. On June 7th, 1916, at the residence of Mr J. C. Martin, Wantwood, Wairau Valley, by the Rev. Mr White, vicar of Blenheim, Mabel Caroline Howard, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs Howard, of Geraldine, to Neil McPherson, of Fairfield, Woodbury. [Neil sold his property at Woodbury in July 1919.]

McPHERSON, Peter (Service number 78580)
Peter McPherson, 78580, was the son of Alexander and Elizabeth (Betsy, née Cunningham) McPherson. He attended the Waihao Native School at Waihao near Waimate. Peter married Jane McChesney Crombie on 7 November 1914 at Invercargill. Their daughter, Iris Anne McPherson, was born on 7 March 1918 at Timaru. Thomas was a brother of Neil who served in World War One and a cousin of Peter and Roger who served. His brother Thomas also enlisted.
Alias: Birth registered as MacPHERSON. Occupation: Shepherd, Cave.
Married with one child. NOK: Mrs J. M. McPHERSON (wife), 19 Tainui Road, Andersons Bay, Dunedin

McPHERSON, Thomas (Service number 73512)
Thomas McPherson was the son of Alexander and Elizabeth (Betsy, née Cunningham) McPherson. Thomas married Emily Beatrice Graham on 23 March 1916 at Pleasant Point. NKO: Mrs J. McPHERSON (wife), Cave P.O., via Timaru. Thomas was a brother of Neil who served in World War One and a cousin of Peter and Roger who served. His brother Peter also enlisted.

McPHERSON, Peter (Service number 38202)
Peter McPherson, 38202, was the son of Neil and Mary Ann (née McIntyre) McPherson. Born 2 December 1887. Peter was a brother of Roger who also served in World War One and a cousin of Neil who served. His cousins Peter and Thomas also enlisted. Peter is buried in the Archer Street Cemetery, Masterton, with his father. NOK: Neil McPHERSON (father), York Street, Dannevirke. Presbyterian.

McPHERSON, Roger (Service number 69417)
Roger McPherson was the son of Neil and Mary Ann (née McIntyre) McPherson. Roger was a brother of Peter, 38202, who also served in World War One and a cousin of Neil who served. His cousins Peter and Thomas also enlisted. Alias: Birth registered as Rodger. Born 18 April 1893. Address at enlistment: Michael Street, Masterton.

John McPherson, Timaru Motor Garage manager. Probate field 24 March 1932. Wife was Emma Julia McPherson. Buried at Timaru Cemetery 11 March 1932. No headstone.

Press 11 March 1932 Page 9
A prominent and respected figure in the motor trade in, Timaru for many years, Mr John McPherson, died at his home, 21 North street, on Wednesday, aged 63 years. Mr McPherson was a native of Caithness, Scotland, and was only 12 months old when his parents landed in Dunedin from the James Nicol Fleming. Mr McPherson was educated at the Morven school. After serving his apprenticeship as a blacksmith he became a blacksmith on his own account. Some years later Mr McPherson was appointed head of the machinery department of Messrs Guinness and Le Cren, at Waimate, holding this position for a considerable time until he obtained a similar appointment with the Waimate branch of the Canterbury Farmers' Co-operative Association. In 11911 he was transferred to the Association 's headquarters at Timaru, where he assumed charge of the machinery and motor departments. Later he devoted the whole of his attention to the management of the motor department. He remained with the Canterbury Farmers Co-operative Association until 1923, when, on its inauguration, he joined the staff of Dominion Motors, Ltd., where he remained until 1926. Mr McPherson then commenced business with his son, Mr Alex. McPherson, in the premises of Bockaerts, Ltd., under the name of John McPherson and Son. He was a past president of the South Canterbury Motor Trade Association, having held that office for two years. Mr McPherson leaves a widow and two sons, one of whom is in Christchurch. The funeral is to take place to-day.

McPHERSON, Alexander John (Service number 10507)
Alexander John McPherson was the son of John and Emma Julia (née Vining) McPherson, of Studholme Junction. He married Jean McBain Meikle in 1920. Alexander was a brother of Cyril McPherson who also served in World War One. Alexander was born 4 August 1982 in Canterbury. NOK: John McPHERSON (father), 30 North Street, Timaru. Presbyterian. Died 28 March 1943. Buried Timaru Cemetery.

McPHERSON, Cyril Norman Gilbert (Service number 6/520)
Cyril Norman Gilbert McPherson was the son of John and Emma McPherson. Died 20 Oct. 1958 and buried Timaru Cemetery, aged 63. Brother of McPHERSON, Alexander John (Service number 10507).

Alexander McPherson

Timaru Herald 10 March 1873 Page 2 MARRIED.
On Saturday, February 15, at Tripple Stream, Ohapi, by the Rev. Jas. Preston, Mr Alexander McPherson, of Temuka, to Elizabeth, second daughter of W. Gosling, Esq. 

Allan McPherson [MacPherson]

Of Four Peaks, Geraldine, NZEF, No. 7/1641 Corporal, dated 1915. Enlisted at age 30. Born in Geraldine. Farm labourer. Presbyterian. NOK: Father: Norman McPherson, Woodbury, N.Z. Mother Janet. Died at Cairo in Egypt on 29th Oct. 1918 of sickness. Death entry 15639 RG. Sister Mary Patrick the wife of Alexander Patrick of Woodbury, farmer, £50. Brother John McPherson of Pleasant Valley £50. Brother Neil McPherson of Four Peaks, farmer.

MacPHERSON, Norman (Service number 7/229)
Born 22 July 1882, Kaiapoi. NOK: Norman MacPHERSON (father), Geraldine. Sister Mrs A. Patrick, of Pleasant Valley. Norman MacPherson was the son of Norman and Janet (Jessie, née Robertson) MacPherson, who had come out from Sleat, Inverness, Scotland with a young family in 1874. Janet Macpherson died in 1893 and was buried at Woodbury, to be joined by her husband in 1925.

Norman Macpherson of Fairfield near Geraldine, retired farmer. Norman died 17 July 1925 at Woodbury. Buried at Woodbury. The deceased was born in the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Probate of Norman Macpherson's will was filed 18 August 1925, Timaru. Son Norman served in WW1 with the CMR as a Sgt. major.

Daughter Mary was born 29 Aug 1871 in the Isle of Skye and became Mrs. Mary Patrick the wife of Alexander Maxton Patrick of Fairfield, farmer 1901. Mary died 14 Aug. 1941 in Geraldine aged 68 years and buried on the same day in Geraldine Cemetery; Block 155, Row 333. Her husband died April 27th 1962 aged 89 years.

Canterbury, ship 1242 tons, Capt. Strachan. Sailed Glasgow 4th June 1874 - arrived Lyttelton 1st September 1874
McPherson, Norman 36 Inverness Ploughman
Janet 27
Angus 6
Mary 3
Donald 6 months
Effie 38 Dairywoman

Husband: Norman MacPherson
Birth: Abt. 1835 in Sleat, Inverness, Scotland
Death: 17 July 1925 in Woodbury, Geraldine, Canterbury, NZ
Burial: Abt. 19 July 1925 in Woodbury Cemetery
Marriage: 24 Dec 1867 in Sleat, Inverness, Scotland
Residence: 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871 in Sleat, Inverness, Scotland
Immigration: 1 Sept. 1874 in Lyttelton, Canterbury, NZ on board ship "Canterbury"
Father: Norman Macpherson.  Mother: Mary McDonald

Wife: Janet Robertson
Birth: 1847 in Sleat, Inverness, Scotland
Death: 25 Nov. 1893 in Sunnyside Hospital (mental asylum), Christchurch, NZ
Death Reg: 1893 McPherson Janet 46Y
Burial: Abt. 27 Nov 1893 in Woodbury Cemetery
Residence: 1871 in Sleat, Invernessshire, Scotland

Colonist 22 September 1913 Page 4 Marriage
KITE — MACPHERSON. On 16th September, 1913, at the Cathedral, Nelson, by the Rev. J. P. Kempthorne, Sarah, second daughter of Mr. Norman MacPherson, Geraldine, to Henry Oswald, only son of the late George Kite, of Tadmor.

Press 27 April 1939 Page 1
MACPHERSON — On April 25 at Auckland, Angus, dearly beloved husband of Beck Macpherson, and eldest son of the late Norman Macpherson, of Geraldine. Deeply regretted.

Timaru Herald, 25 January 1919, Page 7
Mr Macpherson, of Pleasant Valley, New Zealand with the 13th Reinforcements, has seen three years active service and gained distinction at the battle of Messines, for which he was awarded the Military Medal. Mr Macpherson, of Pleasant Valley received word that his son Sergt.-Major N. Macpherson, who left with the Main Body, and who has been right through both Gallipoli and Palestine campaigns, has never been wounded. Another son Corporal Allan Macpherson, who left with the 7th Reinforcements and had served three years service in Palestine, died of malaria in October last. [Oct. 20th 1918]

MACPHERSON, Norman - WW1 7/229 - Army
Surveyor. Last employer M. McKee, Tasman
Born 22 July 1883, Kaipoi
S.C. Contingent 3 years.
Father: Norman Macpherson, Geraldine, S. Canterbury
Commenced duty 13 August 1914.
Age at enlistment 31 one month 5ft 8 inches Blue eyes Hair dark. 140lbs.
He made his will 8th July 1918. Witnesses E.C. Gardenier Lieuit C.M.R., sheep farmer, Christchurch. and J.S. Barker? Capt. 10th C.M.R. Farmer, Geraldine, N.Z.
Date finally discharged 17 June 1919 at Wellington. Discharged no longer fit for war service on account of illness contracted on active service. (Debility following pleurisy) Ordered to report to Queen Mary Convalescent Home, Hanmer on 28th Feb. 1919. Signed H.W. Robinson, S.M. Intended address Matarriki.
Total service 4 years and 309 days. Gallipoli. and Egyptian theatres of operation.
Embarked for Dardanelles 9 may 1915.
11 Sept. 1915 admitted Cario from NZ Gen. Hosp. with septic hand.
15 Oct. 11915 from Lady Godley Home to Alexandria with debility
23 Oct. 1915 At Ado Bade attached to strength
6 Nov. 1915 embarked for Dardanelles
21 Nov. 1915 Promoted to Corporal
14 Nov. 1915 CMR disembarked Alexandra
23 Jan. 1916 Left for Canal Zeitoun
23 April 1916 Promoted to Sergt.
Final rank SS/Maj.

Timaru Herald 18 July 1918 Page 5
Mr M. Macpherson, of Fairfield, Woodbury, has received advice that his son Sergeant-Major Norman Macpherson, who left with the Main Body was admitted to Kantara Hospital suffering from trench fever, and was transferred to 70 General Hospital, Abbassia. Cairo, on 3rd March. Prior to this Sergeant-Major Macpherson had escaped injury.

Son of Norman and Janet. Neil MacPherson, farmer, Woodbury.

Andrew Hissen Macpherson

Died 7 Nov. 1880 age 47, died from a fall off a horse near De Renzy's corner, 1 chain from the Geraldine Road, inquest Timaru Herald 12 November 1880, Page 2 
Brothers: Alexander, Evan and Duncan

Donald Macpherson, hotelkeeper, Waihao Forks from 1880 -1900

Donald Gregory MacPherson
Born July 23, 1882, Waimate
Died November 26, 1956, Waimate (aged 74 years 126 days)
Major teams New Zealand, Scotland
Position Wing
b. 23 July 1882 in Waimate to Jeanet (Jessie) and Donald MacPherson d. 26 November 1956 in Waimate. Macpherson played one game for the All Blacks against Australia in 1905.

Donald Gregory MacPherson, Waimate - Medical Practitioner
Died in 1956, aged 73 buried at Waimate. Roman Catholic. Wife Catherine died 29 March 1952. Will.
sister Mary Matheson of Waikakahi
brother Alexander Macpherson  b. 1877 of Waikakahi, farmer
brother Martin Macpherson of Timaru
sister Christina Rendall b. 1887, of Waimate, widow, married Edward Birt Rendall in 1897. She died in 1965, aged 79.
nephew John Donald Macpherson s/o Martin Macpherson
niece Jean Macpherson d/o Martin Macpherson
nephews Alexander Macpherson and Robert Anthony Macpherson sons of Alexander Macpherson b. 1877
Mary Fox, niece of Alexander Macpherson
nephews Donald George Matheson, Hakatarema, farmer and Alexander Matheson and John Matheson sons of sister Mary Matheson [married John Matheson in 1903]
niece Margaret Reilly d/o Mary Matheson

Otago Daily Times
2 July 1906, Page 2
On the 15th inst. there passed away at Waihao Forks, South Canterbury, another colonist in the person of Donald Macpherson. Born at Glenelg, in the Highlands of Scotland, in the year 1829, his early manhood was spent trading between the west coast of the Highlands and the islands adjoining. Subsequently he leased a hotel at Tarbert, and on his marriage some years later he leased a sheep farm from Lord Loval. About 1875 he left Scotland for New Zealand, and spent the first four years in the colony shepherding for Mr Allan M'Lean, then in possession of Waikakahi Station. In 1880 he purchased the Waihao Forks Hotel, in the Waimate district, which in 1900 he sold, and retired to a farm in the neighbourhood that he had bought some years previously. About this time a great desire to see again the friends and scenes of his youth took possession of him, and in 1905 he saw the Highlands once more. The heather was in bloom in the glens and on the mountain sides, but of the friends of auld lang syne, few remained, and a few months found him bank again in New Zealand. A true Highlander by birth and heredity, he possessed in a. marked degree the fine characteristics of that independent race, and from boyhood took a deep and abiding interest in the lore and traditions, the romance and poetry of the Highlands. There are few left in the colony whose intimate knowledge of the Gaelic bards and of the stirring history of the clans is more comprehensive than his was. He has left many contributions to Gaelic poetry. Notably among the latter is a composition to the Kurow Gaelic Society. He leaves a widow, five daughters [Annie] and four sons to mourn their loss. [Braefield]

Allan Macpherson of Waimate, shepherd, died 23rd Nov. 1891, at Waihao Forks near Waimate. Donald Macpherson of Waihao Forks, Hotelkeeper knew Allan Macpherson and was the Executor of his will. Allan wanted a substantial tombstone. His nephew was Alexander Macpherson son of the late Alexander Macpherson of the Parish of Glenelg in Invernesshire, Scotland, carpenter got  £50. Allen's sister was Mary Fraser wife of Alexander Fraser of Beauly, Rossshire, Scotland, carpenter, got  £30. Another sister Christy McPail wife of Neil McPhail of Fort William, Invernesshire, Scotland got £20. Another sister Jessie McKenzie, widow of the late Alexander McKeachine of Invernesshire, Scotland, farmer, got £20 and the rest of this belonging were given to his brother Donald Macpherson of Waihao Forks near Waimate, hotelkeeper. Ref. Probate.

In the Old Waimate Cemetery - RC Section.

George Macpherson (1861 -)

1861 birth in Timaru. George Macpherson

H. D. McPherson, Temuka

Timaru Herald, 7 September 1880, Page 1
Wanted tenders will be received up to the 8th of September for LEASING the FARM lately in the occupation of Mr H. D. McPherson, Temuka, about 200 Acres. Particulars can be obtained from J. T. M. HAYHURST, Green Hayes. GERALDINE ROAD BOARD.

Hector Donald MacPherson

Buried Geraldine. Hector Donald MacPherson died 13 Sept. 1923 aged 15 years son of John & Elsie MacPherson. Birth registered under McPherson in 1908
Buried Geraldine. John MacPherson died Aug. 1947 aged 67.
Buried Geraldine. Elsie McPherson 1884-1971, aged 87. Died 26 May 1971. Address: Downs Rd, Geraldine.

James Grant McPherson

Temuka Leader 17 January 1925 Page 2
On January 6th a very pretty wedding was celebrated at the Presbyterian Church, Geraldine, by the Rev. Mr Madill, when Elsie Transvaal, second daughter of Mr and Mrs W. T. Turner, Macdonald Street, Geraldine, was married to James Grant, eldest son of Mr and Mrs A. McPherson, Waimataitai. Timaru. The bride, who was given away by her father. The bridegroom was attended by his brother, Mr C. McPherson, as best man. Afterwards a large number of guests assembled at the home of the bride’s parents, where the wedding breakfast was partaken of in a large marquee on the lawn.

Elsie was born 2 Oct. 1900 and died in 19th 1977 aged 77. James was born 15 March 1898 and died in 20th March 1982 aged 84. Both buried in Ashburton.

MCPHERSON, James Grant - WWI 80018, WWII 592607 - Army
Carpenter, c/o P.A. Elworthy, Gordon's Valley.
Religion: Presby (Ireland)
Father - Mr Alex. McPherson, Cross St., Waimataitai, Timaru.
Mother Agnes, maiden name: Davidson. Agnes died 17th Dec. 1950, aged 87. Both parents born in Scotland. Father Alexander McPherson died 17th June 1958 aged 91.
42nd Reinforcements B Coy. Rifleman.
1st NZEF 9 months. 165 days abroad. Enlisted aged 20.
Born 15 March 1898, Ireland. Attested 4 Feb. 1943. Wife Mrs Elsie McPherson, Westerfield P.W.D. Camp, Ashburton. Hobbies -cabinet making and toy making. 28years as a carpenter and joiner.

McPHERSON, James Grant (Service number 80018)
James Grant McPherson was the son of Scottish born Alexander McPherson and Irish born Agnes Davidson. Born 13 March 1898 County Sligo or County Mayo, Ireland. He was educated at Crossmolina School in Ireland until the family came to New Zealand and he entered Waimataitai School, Timaru in 1912. Presbyterian. Address at enlistment: Care of P. A. Elworthy, Gordons Valley. NOK: A. McPHERSON (father), Cross Street, Waimataitai, Timaru. In 1925 James married Elsie Transvaal Turner. James died 20 March 1982 and is buried in Ashburton.

John Drummond Macpherson (1829-1894)

John Beswick came from Gristhorpe, near Scarborough, Yorkshire, arrived by the `Hampshire' in 1853 with his wife and two children. Living first at Kaiapoi he moved to Timaru before 1859 and the first Post Office was in his store till 1864. He was a merchant and shipping agent and the first licensed auctioneer in Timaru. He played a prominent part in the early life of the town. Mr J. Drummond Macpherson after working in a London firm of stockbrokers he came to NZ in the "Ashburton" in 1859. He became a merchant in Lyttelton. He bought the business of John Beswick in Beswick Street, Timaru and reopened the store 1st June 1864.  George Gray Russell (born in Perthshire SCT 1828 -16/4/1919) arrived Dunedin in 1864 and established himself in business in partnership with J M RITCHIE and Russell, Ritchie and Co. combined with Russell & Le Cren of London two years later purchased J. Drummond Macpherson business 1st August 1865 when Russell came to Otipua and the business became the National Mortgage & Agency Co. G G Russell was an exhibitor of merinos at the first Timaru A&P Show. Russell gave the land for and contributed to the building of St Mark's Church Otipua. Russell died in England.

Mr J. Drummond Macpherson, died in Sydney in October 1894 at the age of 65. He at arrived in New Zealand towards the end of 1859, coming out to represent Messrs Matheson and Co., in connection with Messrs Cookson, Bowler, and Co. Shortly after arriving he took over the business from Matheson and Co., carrying it on under the style of J. Drummond Macpherson. He also took a keen interest in Provincial politics. In 1866 he was a warm-and most energetic supporter of the late Mr Moorhouse. About the same time— in 1867—he paid a visit to England and on his return reentered mercantile life. He took an active part in the formation of the South British Insurance Company, and in establishing a business for it in Christchurch. He was Christchurch manager of that company from its formation till he left for Sydney in 1888. He was also Lloyd's agent from about 1862 till the same date.

John George McPherson (1857 - 1932) b. in Geelong, Victoria, Australia

John Melton was one time proprietor of 'Timaru Hotel', Stafford Street in 1931 became the 'Carlton Hotel'. He came from Middlesex, England in the "Victory" in 1859 with Elizabeth his wife, Elizabeth Jane 6, Charlotte 3, John 1, Alice infant. He was a clerk to Timaru Road Board in April 1864. In the Great Fire of Timaru in 1868 his house was destroyed together with stable, the horses being saved. He was, in turn, soda water manufacturer with Henry Durand, pound keeper 1865, proprietor Timaru Hotel in 1866. He was a member of the Timaru Municipal Council in 1867. His daughter Elizabeth Jane married in 1878 John George MacPherson, managing clerk. Another daughter Alice married in 1878 William Gunn, ironmonger.

Timber yard 64 Woollcombe Street
John George Macpherson, of Timaru, timber merchant, in bankruptcy, 1891

Timaru Herald, 13 December 1878, Page 2 Marriage
Macpherson — Melton.— On the 11th inst., at St. Mary's Church, Timaru, by the Ven. Archdeacon Harper, John George Macpherson, Timaru to Alice Frances, third daughter of the late John Melton, Timaru.

Children of Alice Frances and John George Macpherson
1879 Elizabeth Margaret
Macpherson b. Oct. 13th at D Street.
1881 Alice Sutherland
1884 William Lawrence

Alice died in 1946, aged 87. John G. Macpherson died in 1932 aged 75.
Alice Sutherland Macpherson m. Henry Burgess Luxford in 1910.

Evening Post, 6 August 1932, Page 15 MR. J. G. MACPHERSON
Mr. John George Macpherson, who died last week, was born in Geelong, Victoria. He came to New Zealand with his parents, and was educated at Christchurch and Rangiora High Schools. On leaving school he joined the Railway Department. When, the Timaru railway was opened, with the late Mr. J. Jones as stationmaster, Mr. Macpherson was put in charge of the goods shed. Leaving the Railway Department, he joined the late Mr. J. Bruce's timber mill in Timaru. After that he managed the late Mr. Alpheous Hayes's timber business in Waimate. From there he returned to Timaru; and with the late Mr. G. Filmer had a timber business. In I887, Mr. Macpherson went to Melbourne, and for thirteen years was with John Sharp and Sons, timber merchants. Owing to ill-health he came back to New Zealand and joined the Marine Department, from which he retired in 1921. Mr. Macpherson was a member of St. James's Presbyterian Church for many years, being treasurer and session clerk. He has left a widow, a daughter (Mrs. H. B. Luxford, of Hamilton), a son (Mr. W. L. Macpherson, of Christchurch), and five grand-children.

Martin McPherson

McPHERSON, Martin Joseph (Service number 11/2178)
NOK: Mrs D. McPHERSON (mother), Waihao Forks, Waimate

John McPherson

Timaru Herald 16 July 1913 Page 6
McPherson — On July 15th, 1913, at his residence, Barnard Street, Timaru; John, the beloved husband of Christina McPherson. Deeply regretted. [Buried at Timaru, Plot 33, Row 198, no headstone]

Robert McPherson

Agnes Mary Graham married Robert McPherson in 1898. Children:
1899 McPherson Annie Maria. Annie died at Raincliff Jan. 12th 1924, aged 25. Buried at Timaru in the same plot as her mother. Listed under M. McPherson
1902 McPherson Robert James
1907 McPherson William Alexander died 6 Sept. 1907 aged 8 months. Buried at Albury.
1908 McPherson Charles Graham died 1931.
1912 McPherson Betsy Evelyn died 21st Nov. 1983 aged 71. Buried at Pleasant Point beside Hector Douglas McPherson died 4th Dec. 1946 and Harvey McPherson died 2nd Sept. 1947 aged 29 years.

Agnes Mary McPherson died at Timaru December 5th 1913 aged 36 years. Listed in the Timaru Cemetery database under Agnes MacPherson, Row 34, plot 462. Headstone reads McPherson. A lovely headstone with ivy leaves along the top. In the same plot is Annie listed under M. McPherson who died in Jan. 1924 and a McPherson still born 17 July 1919.

Did Robert remarry? Agnes died in 1913. Robert marries in 1918.

Emma Pearl Manning married Robert "Bob" McPherson in 1918. They had come from Streamlands in the Mackenzie 1918 to manage Owen Blacker's property "Glenside", Raincliff. Son, junior the only son to survive. Neil & Dougal died in their teens in the 1940s. After Blacker died and the estate settled Bob McPherson moved on and bought Rockwood in 1940. Bob was living in Pleasant Point in Y2K.

Pleasant Point Cemetery
Robert McPherson, aged 79, Dec. 1955 (b.1876).
Mervyn James aged 37 years, 6th Oct. 1951
Emma Pearl  (b. 1891) died July 1976 aged 85, wife of Robert.
Robert (Bob) Neville McPherson 26th Sept 1921 -11 July 2014 in his 93rd year. Galbraith Funeral Services. Husband of Margaret and father of Hector, Susan & Jan.

1919 Robert McPherson, living at Glenside, Raincliff, Fairlie.

Waikato Independent 31 March 1931 Page 6 A DOUBLE TRAGEDY
SLEEPING GIRL SHOT. YOUNG MAN TAKES OWN LIFE. TIMARU, Sunday. A lonely cottage, surrounded by a high macrocarpa hedge, in the sequestered little centre of Arundel, eight miles north of Geraldine, was the scene of a grim tragedy in the early hours of Saturday morning, when Kathleen Mary Rose, a girl of 19 years, was shot dead while she lay sleeping. The act was committed by Charles Graham McPherson, aged 22, who afterwards took his own life. The girl’s father, Mr Hugh Alexander Rose, brought his family to the Arundel district from Raincliff, near Fairlie, about a month ago. The Rose and McPherson families had been neighbours. McPherson's father, Robert McPherson, farm manager at Raincliff.

W.G. McPherson

Timaru Herald, 25 August 1869, Page 1
Tenders are invited for the erection of a Flax Mill and Boiling- down Establishment, for J. Hayhurst, Esq., Temuka. Plans and specifications to be seen at the office of W. G. McPHERSON, Auctioneer, Temuka.

William McPherson

Timaru Herald 7 September 1925 Page 8
McPherson - At Pleasant Point on September 6, Margaret, beloved wife of William McPherson, Levels Valley; aged 75 years. Private interment Pleasant Point Cemetery, Sept. 7. H.C. Dossett, undertaker.

Further afield

Lyttelton Times, 5 May 1864, Page 4 Death
Macpherson — Feb. 9, at the residence of his son-in-law, John Skinner, Esq., Burntisland, John Macpherson, Esq., of Myreside House, Fife Scotland, aged 68 years father of Urquhart Macpherson, of this province.

The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Otago & Southland Provincial Districts]
Macpherson, John, Farmer, Balfour. He was born on the 24th of .May, 1844, in the parish of Insh, in Inverness-shire, Scotland, and was educated at the parish school in the village of Insh. At the age of fifteen, he became outdoor attendant to Lady Willoughby at Invereshie House, for two years. When he was eighteen years old, he became a gamekeeper, and was employed in that capacity for six years at Ballindalloch Castle, and for five years at Beaufort Castle, in the deer forests of Glenstrathfarrer. Mr Macpherson came to New Zealand by the ship “Timaru,” and landed at the Bluff in 1875. He was employed for some time in contracting at Benmore station and also on the New Zealand Agricultural Company's stations, and in 1881 he settled on the site of Balfour township, where he erected a store.

The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Otago & Southland Provincial Districts]
Mr. John Macpherson, Manager of the Totara Estate, was born in Perthshire, Scotland, in 1850. He was educated by his father, the late Mr. W. Macpherson, F.E.I.S., at Daniel Stewart's Free School, Strathtay, and brought up to a country life. In 1876 Mr. Macpherson arrived at Lyttelton by the ship “Desdemona,” under engagement to the company, in whose service he still continues. After a short time on the company's Pareora, Levels and Hakataramea estates, he was, in 1879, appointed to “Totara,” and for a number of years he also managed the Ardgowan property, acquired by the Government in 1895, for close settlement.

Timaru Herald, 27 April 1892, Page 3 Pleasant Valley School, Geraldine
Primer 1             N. Macpherson
Standard 111.     A. Macpherson

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Evening Post, 5 December 1922, Page 4
"The music of the Highland pipes is the grandest in the world, though I don't say it is the most beautiful," said Mr. A. Macpherson in opening a bazaar at the Scottish Society's Rooms at Christchurch. Mr. Macpherson added that General M'Donald of Dalcoshnie had said that the only animals who did not like the music of the pipes were rats and cowards, "and he was not very far wrong," said Mr. Macpherson amidst laughter.

At the Ashburton A&P Show - every November. 2009.
The Irish Jig, Highland Reel, Sword Dance and the Highland Fling are performed at the Mackenzie Highland Show Easter Monday and the Ashburton A&P Show early November.

The red Macpherson tartan certainly has a degree of resemblance to that of the Royal Stewart.

Scottish Highland customs
- all manly sports
- shinty and hooting matches, tossing the caber, putting the stone
- music and Highland dancing - Highland Fling, Argyll Swords
- family service, where one reads the Bible, another takes a prayer and so on
- never sits at table without having his piper. Every great house has a piper and the office is often a hereditary one.
- after dinner, at dessert, the Highland piper enter the dining room and strutting proudly around the table play lively tunes on their pipes
- every morning the inmates are aroused by the piper marching around the Castle from seven to eight playing "Hey, Johnny Cope, are ye wakin' yet?"
- a gentleman of high degree dons a kilt of plainer tartan for morning wear and for shooting, and in the evening, when he dresses for dinner, he puts on his full-dress tartan, with sporran and richly jewelled dirk.
- The singing of Auld Lang Syne with the audience standing and joining hands, good--byes are said and the function terminates
"God grant you many years among your loved ones
May your old age be serene and bright
And lovely as a Lapland night"

Scottish Naming Custom
The oldest son after the paternal grandfather. (father's father)
The second son after the maternal grandfather. (mother's father)
The third son after the father.
The fourth son after father's oldest brother
The fifth son after father's 2nd oldest brother or mother's oldest brother
The eldest daughter after the maternal grandmother. ( mother's mother)
The second daughter after the paternal grandmother.
The third daughter after the mother.
The fourth daughter after mother's oldest sister.
The fifth daughter after mother's 2nd oldest sister or father's oldest sister.
Watching for these patterns can help in your genealogy research but Scottish (and Irish) naming conventions can create problems.
Cousins, aunts, uncles all have the same names. Half generations apart. Is the entire family accounted for?  Also, whether there are children that died. Sometimes families reused a family name if a child died, sometimes not. Pattern for 4th and 5th sons might be interrupted to name a son for a favorite saint
Mac is the Gaelic word for son. It is abbreviated to often "Mc", but originally it was the longer word and normally followed by a space and then the surname. Both Mac and Mc variations are in wide use in both Ireland and Scotland.

Auckland Star, 1 February 1936, Page 6
The war cry may be traced back to the earliest ages amongst the most ancient people. The chief of the Macphersons had "Craigubbe," or the black rock, from a small but well-known black rock in Badenoch, the country of the Macphersons. The chief of the Macdonalds had "Craig-an- Fhithich," the rock of the raven.

The funeral procession was headed by pipers playing "Lochaber No More"

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