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Looking over the Fairlie Basin toward Timaru from half way up Mount Dobson, near Kimbell.


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Death notices from the Christchurch Press from  6th January 2006 to current.  Includes Funeral Notices, Acknowledgements, In Memoriam Notices. From the same date the page each day that has the Birth Notices and this can also include, Engagements, Wedding Anniversaries, Birthday greetings. Denise & Gary
NZ BDM microfiche up to 1980 now with SC Genealogy at the archive at the SC Museum. NZSG South Canterbury Branch email 
'Birth Notices' 1864-1899 Extracted from 'The Timaru Herald'
Published by South Canterbury Historical Society in March 1990.
Researched and collated by Paul McNicholl
Colleen  The Births and Inquests are listed alphabetically by surname in the indexes, with the year of entry beside the surname. Then the names are under each year.
Indexes to Inquests extracted from 'Timaru Herald' 1864-1899
Published by South Canterbury Historical Society in March 1990.
Researched and collated by Paul McNicholl
Timaru District Library catalogue on line. Resources held at the  libraries located in Timaru, Temuka and Geraldine are available.  Ask a Timaru Librarian a question
South Canterbury Branch of the NZSG Library
- $2 charge for non-members to their research room  at the SC Museum. Open Tuesday - Friday 1.30pm-4.30pm.
NZSG South Canterbury Branch email 
South Canterbury Museum
PO Box 522, Timaru     Holdings
ph (03) 684 2212

South Canterbury Museum Records
e.g. cemeteries, most Presbyterian and some Anglican Church baptisms and marriages including St Mary's Church (marriage, baptism and burial), and some schools, namely South School.
Sandra Worthington


Mackenzie District Council cemeteries database online
i.e. Albury, Burkes Pass, Fairlie and Twizel
Mackenzie District Council  
Timaru District Council has burial databases online for Geraldine, Arundel, Temuka, Pleasant Point, Pareora West and Timaru. 
Waimate Cemeteries database pdf wayback  
South Canterbury NZSG Cemetery fiche Dave Emery  
The NZSG council and the NZSG South Canterbury Branch committee gave approval for this site to provide look-ups from the NZSG Cemetery Transcriptions - South Canterbury microfiche. 
New Zealand Cemetery microfiche now with SC Genealogy at the archive at the SC Museum. NZSG South Canterbury Branch email    


Pinney, Robert. Early South Canterbury Runs
Mention particular station in message.
Judith Harper  
Acland, L.G.D.  The Early Canterbury Runs    
*The New Zealand Post Office Directory for 1892-93. (please read lookup section Wise's) Yvonne Loughnan
South Canterbury's Early Settlers & Immigrants by M. B. Wilkinson  Alison de Caenn  
South Canterbury A Record of Settlement by O. A. Gillespie published 1958 Alison de Caenn  
The Centennial History - Albury-Pleasant Point Parish 1879-1979 Alison de Caenn  
Craighead 1911-1986 (history of school with list of pupils up to 1986) Alison de Caenn  
Hilton - Gapes Valley Schools 1875-1975
Centenary Celebrations, October 24, 25, 26, 1975 
Online- pdf
1893, 1914, 1925 Electoral Districts in South Canterbury NZSG- South Canterbury branch
Kapua - The Years Between 1894 - 1994
Morrisons of Geraldine  1867 - 1967
Schooling in Geraldine   1862 - 1987
Waimate Centennial        1854 - 1954 pdf index  back 2 pages
Waimate Main School     1867 - 1992
Waimate High School     1883 - 1979

Jude Elliot

Waimate Borough Jubilee The Press, Saturday, October 12, 1929 image Formation, mayors, schools, church, population, recreational grounds, hospital, PO.
The St Andrews Way 1881 - 1981 by the St Andrews Centennial Committee for the St Andrews School reunion. 
A Centennial History 1880 -1980, The Parochial District of Otaio and Blue Cliffs. 32pp booklet, published by the Vestry
Dave Emery  
Pleasant Point A History by O.P. (Olwyn) Oliver 1989.  A booklet, divided into section headings, not indexed, but contains interesting historical data, names and old photographs. online  
Pleasant Days - A.J. Pike's history of Pleasant Point schooling. Clive Callow
The Pointer - the PPHS  magazine 1970-2000 Clive Callow
Claremont School Centennial Story 1878-1978
Winchester School Centenary 1870-1970 

(edited by the Organising Committees)       
Daybreak in Geraldine County 1877 - 1952 by A.J. Davey
The Kettle on the Fuchsia by Barbara Harper
The Story of Canterbury by A. H. Reed published in 1949.
Centennial - Canterbury New Zealand 1950
published by The Canterbury Junior Chamber of Commerce
Colleen Hira 
New Zealand Official Year Book  The authoritative source on New Zealand, its people, its government and its industry. Government-sponsored year-book of New Zealand. Compilation of statistics and other information on the society, economy, industry, and resources of New Zealand. Wide range of topics (e.g., lighthouses, depots for shipwrecked mariners, Maori marriage customs 1906).   Each edition of the Yearbook features a theme.
1893 1st edition Fold-out map of the North, Middle and Stewart Islands in a pocket at the front.  Includes sections on: The West Coast Sounds; The Southern Alps; Orphan Asylums; Lunatic Asylums; Lighthouses; Rivers; ...
1894 -special articles, including gold workings and the state of the contemporary Maori
1899 articles on special subjects, including what might appeal to prospective settlers, tourists and entrepreneurs.  online (able to view if you are out of NZ)
1901 Introduced by Richard Seddon the then Premier of NZ. Contains data graphs, land statistics, mortality illegitimacy, drunkeness,  people and so on and historical photographs of many places in
1906 779p Section on NZ's extended boundaries: Notes on the Cook and other islands annexed in
1947 - 49 issued combined
1951 - 52 issued combined
1953 58th ed.
1966  71st ed.
1967 72nd ed.
1970  75th ed.
1971 76th ed.
1985  90th ed.
1986 - 87  issued combined 91st ed.
1992  95th ed. 484 pgs
1999 no issue published
2002 103rd ed  Biennial from 2000. Sidebar stories and photographs illustrate the interface of technologies and people in NZ, highlighting changes in business, government, education, the home, culture, natural environment, sports and leisure, healthcare, and other facets of daily life. Also features many historic time series graphs and tables, offering comparisons with the recent past as well as with previous centuries.
2004 104th ed. 150 photographs $99.99

New Zealand Official Yearbook 1908
District Agencies. Deputy Registrars
Timaru T. W. Tayler
Fairlie D. Hyland
Temuka J. Gillespie
Waimate W. Y. Purchase

New Zealand Official Yearbook  1904
District Agencies. Deputy Registrars
Timaru T. Howley
Fairlie S. Kidd
Temuka J. Gillespie
Waimate W. Y. Purchase

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Its neat to listen to boulders rumble when a river is in flood.

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26 Feb. 2006. Brookfield Rd, Timaru. Photo taken by Margaret Todd.

26 Feb. 2006. Summer time, Brookfield Road, Timaru.  Margaret T. wrote "I went along Landsborough Road from Coonoor Road a kilometre or so and turned right onto Brookfield road (no exit) as there was supposed to be a bluestone bridge there. The bridge is overgrown and dilapidated. Could not recognise the bluestone, a real shame. However it was a shingle road and with a row of toi toi's along the fence and telephone / power poles.. not many of them around now. This photo is looking out towards the sea. Left of the white building, about the centre of photo, is a white line is SH1 going south."