South Canterbury Scenes - Gladys M. Goodall
W.T.'s [Whitcome & Tombs] No.s  451  300  657  605
- 4 postcards and counting!

2 June 2003 and 14 September 2002 The Christchurch Press

Gladys M. Goodall postcards were in the black and white during the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's and her postcards were mostly sold by Whitcombe & Tombs dominated the New Zealand market. Thousands of postcards of her images bear testimony to her photographic skills for which she was awarded a QSM. Gladys Goodall travelled New Zealand for 40 years snapping images for postcards. Those images tell a remarkable story of a changing nation. An English tourist approached the middle-aged woman photographing the Sign of the Takahe above Christchurch. "You must be Gladys Goodall," he said. "That's right," Mrs Goodall replied, and carried on focusing. "Then I have to ask, how did you get that picture inside the Homer Tunnel?" But Gladys Goodall had thousands of images published in nearly 40 years snapping scenes for postcards and calendars. The former farm girl and nurse poked her lens into every corner of New Zealand as sole photographer for Whitcombe and Tombs. She became interested in photography while tramping in the Southern Alps during World War 2. She wanted to record the magnificent sights. She had a few pictures published. Then she set up an arrangement with her husband to sell photographs to his busloads of tourists. This led to her first commission - for a set of postcards of the famous Pancake Rocks for the Punakaiki tearooms. Demand grew and soon she had her own business in Christchurch, supplying scenic pictures. Gladys Goodall could not afford to convert to colour, but printing and stationery business Whitcombe and Tombs came to the rescue. She signed a contract to provide images as required, from North Cape to Stewart Island, for the company's annual calendars and its postcard subsidiary, Felicity Cards. For a start, she travelled in rental cars. Then she bought her first car, a new Ford Zephyr Mark III, in which she clocked up 101,000 miles (162,000km), before crashing near Thames. She could not count the ferry crossings of Cook Strait. She says people never appreciated how much travelling she had to do, or what "appalling dumps" she stayed at in small towns, in the days before motels. On all sorts of roads she had only one puncture (near Gisborne) and used snow chains only once. The girl from South Otago was never fazed by motorways or crowded cities. Her job was not just a case of rolling up to a scenic spot and snapping a few shots. She had to plan ahead for all the elements of a picture to be right - light, shade, tide, colour, sky, leaves, people. For one picture, she waited four years. Wanganui's Castle Cliff Beach was notoriously difficult to photograph. Once she headed there, but had her rental car wrecked when the car behind slammed into her at a police road block. When she finally found the elements right, she arranged to shoot from a plane. The people of Wanganui didn't like it because it didn't show the beach as they saw it. Sometimes she had to "arrange" the elements. She talked nicely to railways people so they would shovel extra coal on and make a black plume of smoke above the locomotive stamping up to Arthurs Pass. Her Homer Tunnel shot was obtained by persuading some truck drivers to slide past her car in the tunnel with all lights blazing, with her camera on a 90-second exposure. One of her favourites was a photograph of Lake Wanaka. She decided the scene needed a few seagulls in the foreground. She waited and waited, but no gulls came. Then a drunk staggered along. In his wake, drawn by the smell of alcohol, she thinks, came the gulls. Mrs Goodall spoke to the man, the gulls alighted, and she got her picture. Many pictures had to be updated over the years, as dress styles changed and buildings altered skylines. Each time Mrs Goodall went back to a scene, she captured it from a different perspective. Some images captured historic scenes - building the Beehive, opening the spillway at Benmore Dam. With no training and unable to read the instructions that came with her German camera, Mrs Goodall taught herself by trial and error. She enjoyed experimenting with lenses, filters, and exposure times. Gladys Goodall was a JP from 1949 to 1999. Appointed as one of only two women, she made it clear at her first association meeting she was not there to make the tea. She never did. Postcards and negatives from her 40-year career have been presented to the Alexander Turnbull Library.

Gladys M. Goodall has a special place in New Zealand's postcard history.

W.T.386 Soundshell Caroline Bay, Timaru, New Year Carnival 

W.T.706 Caroline Bay, Timaru

W.T.707 Caroline Bay, Timaru

 In 1960 she contracted with Whitcombe & Tombs to provide almost exclusively the photographs for their postcards which dominated the NZ postcard market. This arrangement continued until her retirement in 1980. 

5 February 2003 The Christchurch Press

Laurence Eagle, has catalogued all 1813 known cards, with reproductions of many. The first book, Photographs by Gladys Goodall, contains the 205 South Island black and white photographs she took up to 1960. Mrs Goodall said she had considered throwing the pictures out about 1958, when colour photography became the rage. The photos were saved when her sister, Edna, decided to visit from Sydney, and Gladys arranged them in an album for her. The second book is Panoramic Photography of Gladys Goodall - panoramic because the images were captured throughout New Zealand. These pictures are in colour. She was contracted by publishers Whitcombe and Tombs 1 May 1960 to produce work for postcards. Mrs Goodall drove 500,000km to take her photographs.  "I worked from the tip of Cape Reinga to Stewart Island, and east to west as well." In 1959, colour film became widely available - no-one wanted black and white - and she was contracted to the then Whitcombe and Tombs retail chain to supply scenic postcards. A long-time member of the Christchurch Photographic Society, she had to teach herself to use her camera, which came with instructions in German. Mrs Goodall retired irrevocably in 1980. "I  didn't want to see another camera," she said.

Landscape photographer Gladys Goodall once roamed the length and breadth of New Zealand to capture its scenic beauty. Mrs Goodall, who retired her trusty 4x5 Linhof camera in 1980 at the age of 72, this week celebrates her 65th wedding anniversary with family and friends in Christchurch. She married husband Stan on February 2, 1938, at the Balclutha Presbyterian Church. The war put paid to plans for the couple to take over her father's sheep run, and they were often separated while Stan Goodall drove bulldozers and trucks in Kaikoura during the war. Mrs Goodall trained as a nurse, but her budding interest in alpine photography soon took precedence, attracting the...

 A reference book by Laurence Eagle detailing the postcards and their various types has seen a growing interest and appreciation of these cards.

New Zealand Panoramic Photography by Gladys M. Goodall, Christchurch : list of coloured postcards taken by Gladys M. Goodall, printed and published in N.Z. by Whitcombe and Tombs Ltd. [compiled ... by Laurence Eagle, 1945- Christchurch, N.Z. : L. Eagle, August 2002. 47 p. : col. ill. ; 30 cm.
Cover title. - Previous ed.: September 2002. - "October 2002"--T.p. verso. (spiral binding) : $25.00
L. Eagle, 114 Lyttelton Street, Christchurch 8002, N.Z.
The Alexander Turnbull Library has no. 18 of a limited ed. of 20 copies. 3rd edition 2003

128. T.S.S. "Earnslaw", Queenstown, N.Z. A rare photograph of the "Earnslaw" at Queenstown wharf. Owned by N.Z. Railways, a decision was made to paint the funnel in Railway Yellow, however this was not well received by locals and the former Red was reverted to. The yellow funnel only seen for a month or two!

Photography by Gladys Goodall: a record prepared by Gladys, for her sister Edna in 1960, of South Island.‎ Gladys M. Goodall, Laurence Eagle - 2002 - 54 pages 


Description at top reverse with text in capitals & lower case.
Colourchrome Series

W.T. 605

W.T. 41 [reverse]

W.T. 41 Church of the Good Shepherd, Lake Tekapo 

W.T. 33  Monument to the collie Dog, Lake Tekapo

South Canterbury Scenes - 62 postcards and on the lookout for more!

Please let me know of any South Canterbury scene W.T. No.s. Thanks. Under Construction
No. Caption is on back of postcard Description Date /Publisher / Misc
W.T. 5 Mt. Cook from the Hermitage autumn  
W.T. 7 Caroline Bay The Loop  
W.T. 9 The Hermitage blue roof  
W.T. 33 Sheep dog statue, Tekapo Snow on the ground  
W.T. 38 Timaru    
W.T. 41 Church of the Good Shepherd Snow on the ground  Colourchrome Series for  Felicity Card Co.
W.T. 46 Timaru Memorial Museum Pioneer Hall  pre 1978 FC # 4060 Colourchrome Series
W.T. 56 Caroline Bay Aerial photo show the Maori Park pool  
W.T. 99 Caroline Bay From Benvenue Cliffs  
W.T. 134 Mt Cook from a cutting from the Pukaki - Mt Cook Rd- - pine trees on either side  1970s  
W.T. 136 Pukaki Inn sign Old blue painted wagon  
W.T. 137 Hermitage    
W.T. 138 Mt. Cook  reflected in the Hermitage window  
W.T. 139 Mt Cook and Mt Wakefield from Lake Sebastopol  
W.T. 140 Lake Tekapo Colourchrome Series for  Felicity Card Co.
W.T. 168 Duncan Durroch's chalet, Mt Cook    
W.T. 191 Mt. Cook National Park Hermitage  
W.T. 197 The Soundshell, Caroline Bay Crowded concert Colourchrome Series Felicity Card Co.
W.T. 216 Mt. Cook with lupins in blooms  
W.T. 222 Mt. Cook National Park 2 A framed chalets with a car  
W.T. 225 South Canterbury pastoral scene around Geraldine  
W.T. Four Peaks, Geraldine white horse with rider  
W.T. 228 The Hermitage
W.T. 229 The Hermitage blue roof  
W.T. 238 Mountain climbers near Mt. Tasman two climbers roped together  
W.T. 253 Talbot St., Geraldine Shows clock tower. image
W.T. 258 Mt Sefton Mt Cook National Park Visitors Centre  
W.T. 261 Benmore Dam Under construction image
W.T. 275 The Hermitage, Mt. Cook NP    
W.T. 283 Benmore Dam Under construction  
W.T. 300 Mt. Cook from Glentanner sheep station Mt Cook in the background  
W.T. 313 Lake Ohau, Glen Mary, Ben Ohau Range Canterbury, N.Z. On the right is the Ohau Lodge. Colourchrome Series
W.T. 386 Caroline Bay   Colourchrome Series
W.T. 432 Mt. Cook from Hooker Valley    
W.T. 444 Mt. Cook, Minarets, Tasman Glacier aerial  
W.T. 451 Mackenzie and his dog Lake Pukaki Lake Pukaki Inn sign image  
W.T. 451 The collie at Tekapo with  4 children  
W.T. 454 Homer Tunnel    
W.T. 460 Mt. Cook & the ridge of Mt Wakefield from in front of the hermitage Colourchrome series
W.T. 463 Fairlie Main street to the right and the railway line to the left.  
W.T. 484 Mackenzie Country    
W.T. 512 Geraldine Talbot St.  
W.T. 531 Mt Cook and the Main Divide from Lake Pukaki 1967
W.T. 553 Port of Timaru aerial  
W.T. 538  Port of Timaru
W.T. 539      
W.T. 584 The Church, at  Lake Tekapo  Mt. Hay station lies on the mountains in the background. Mackenzie Co. 1,461,077 acre. 1970
W.T. 594 Lake Pukaki Mackenzie Country. Mt. Cook in distance. boulder and briar  
W.T. 595 Lake Pukaki Inn sign    
W.T. 601 View of Mount Cook  from the Hermitage lounge between 1960 -1868
W.T. 602 Hermitage, Mt. Cook Binoculars  
W.T. 603 The Hermitage Mt. Cook National Park sign with The Hermitage in the background. Alt. 2500. History on back  
W.T. 605 Mt. Cook from Whale stream Legend has it Whale Stream was named by the Maoris after a woman.  
W.T. 611 Mt. Blackburn, Mt. Cook, NP    
W.T. 618  Mt Cook Airlines  Britten Norman Islander, ZK-MCC, at Auckland International Airport.  
W.T. 655
Mt. Cook & Southern Lakes Tourist Co. bus
At the Hermitage, photographed in the mid-1960s. Mt. Cook is in the background. I went to school in Fairlie and these buses were used on the school bus routes in the 1970s.  
W.T. 656 Mt. Cook    
W.T. 657 Tasman Glacier Chief Guide Bowie shown here with a party of tourists WT for Felicity Card Co
W.T. 658 Mount Cook at Sunset In a glory of colour the mountains salute the sun at the close of day.  
W.T. 659 Mount Cook from the Hermitage, pre 1967  
W.T. 661 Mount Cook Daisy    
W.T. 660 Mount Cook and the Hooker River  
W.T. 662 Mt Cook from Glencoe Walk, The Hermitage  
W.T. 695 Benmore Dam Releasing water.  
W.T. 706 Caroline Bay    
W.T. 707 Caroline Bay View of the Bay towards the Esplanade and City Colourchrome Series
W.T. 708 Timaru Shipping in Port Colourchrome Series
W.T. 731 Benmore  Dam & Lake from ridge way above  
W.T. 750 Fairlie district probably from Mt. Michael, snow on the ground  
W.T. 751 Three Springs Cloudy Range snow on ground  
W.T. 753 Lake Tekapo in Winter    
W.T. 839 Lake Tekapo and the Church of the Good Shepherd
W.T. 841 Stafford St.  Stafford St., north, Timaru with Whitcombe & Tombs on the right, 1963, and the Regent Theatre  
W.T. 842 Timaru  Esplanade, Timaru. Red tulips top of the bay. "Gothic" at Timaru. Colourchrome series
W.T. 843 Benmore Dam   Colourchrome
W.T. 863 Cessna 180C ski plane ZK-BXV
of Mount Cook Air Service, mid-1960s on Tasman Glacier. The pilot is taking a super 8 movie of a passenger and ZK-CHJ
W.T. 864 View from the Church of the Good Shepherd, Lake Tekapo
W.T.973 Benmore hydro dam Waitaki River  
WT 5112 Geraldine no. has an extra digit  
WT5143 Fairlie Main St.  
FC4060 Aerial view Timaru   pre 1974
FC4061 Pioneer Hall The South Canterbury Museum pre 1974
2020   Approaching Fairlie from Geraldine b/w
no no. Lindis Pass   b/w
no no. Church of the Good Shepherd B/w  
2615 Interior St. David's Cave B/w  
image   Memorial to the sheep dogs of the Mackenzie Country, Lake Tekapo, photographed in 1967 or 1968 by Gladys M Goodall. A group of children is standing on the base.  
image   Cessna 180 ski plane ZK-BXV of Mount Cook Air Service on Tasman Glacier, photographed in the mid-1960s by Gladys M. Goodall. Mount Cook is in the background. The pilot is taking a movie film of a passenger.  
Mount Cook & Southern Lakes Tourist Co bus at The Hermitage, photographed in the mid-1960s by Gladys M Goodall. Mount Cook is in the background.

9. The Hermitage. First trail colour series (1960) of 24 cards, wide white borders.

Main series (1960-1980) - borderless cards with title and information on reverse side.
5. Mt. Cook, 12,349ft. being the highest peak it attracts many overseas visitors and alpine climbers.
9. The Hermitage, Mt. Cook, N.Z.

Lindis Pass

Views of the Lindis Pass in colour with the beautiful tussock galore can be found on the www. Hope it doesn't change. The pass is the highest point on the South Island's state highway network, 971 m (3,186 ft). Maybe the community can form a environmental community land trust to share the idea of stewardship of the land rather than ownership with goals of land conservation, protecting the land, access to land for individuals and families and future generations, who might otherwise lack such access and reduce the accumulation of land by wealthy families and corporations. Protect the flora and fauna especially tussock, lizards and the night sky all the while participating in community activities, enjoying beautiful natural surroundings, bring people back to enjoy the benefits of rural life and share the fruits of our common inheritance to benefit of the community, New Zealanders, tourists and even the larger ecosystem.

Purchased from Roy Dockerill the then owner of Lake Tekapo Store. I would say around 1957-1959 it.

Gladys was a freelance photographer taking black and white photos of mainly South Island scenes. From 1952 she managed her own company in Christchurch. In 1960 she was offered a contract with Whitcombe and Toombs to provide photographs for their Post cards and Calendars. A contract was signed 1 May 1960, gave Gladys sole right to provide photographic images for this company, with only exceptional circumstances allowing the work of other photographers too be used.

Booklets & Books:

New Zealand Panorama / Whitcombe and Tombs, 1962, 1972 pb.
North Island Panorama, New Zealand. Whitcombe and Tombs, 1963, 1966. 32p
New Zealand Flowers Panorama Gladys M. Goodall / Whitcombe and Tombs, 1964.- 32 pages
Wonderland Panorama: New Zealand (Colourchrome series)1964 32p booklet
Queenstown-Lakes District (N.Z.) - 1964 - 32p
Fiord and Lake Panorama New Zealand Whitcombe and Tombs, 1964
New Zealand Panorama ...: Photography by Gladys M. Goodall‎ - South Island (N.Z.) - 1965
Queen City Panorama : Auckland, New Zealand
/ Whitcoulls Publishers, [1966] [1970] 66p pb
South Island Panorama - 1966 32p including photos of Timaru, The Hermitage, Mt Cook and the Hooker River , Lake Tekapo, Lake Benmore
Colourful New Zealand by Gladys M. Goodall. Whitcombe and Tombs,1966. 32p
West Coast Panorama, New Zealand / Whitcombe and Tombs, 1966 pb
New Zealand Reflections‎ 1969, revised 1974 - 88 pages, 41p & location map , Hb.
Bay of Plenty Panorama 1971
Capital City Panorama: Wellington, New Zealand‎  Wellington (N.Z.) - 1972 - 32p
South Island Panorama: New Zealand‎ Gladys M. Goodall - 1972
New Zealand Reflections. 2nd Ed. Publish info: Whitcombe and Tombs, 1974
Christchurch Panorama New Zealand. Publish info: 1976.  Hb

1969, Dust Jacket

 1960s - Gladys M. Goodall, PO Box 2643, Christchurch

Perpetual Trust Newsletter December 2007
Snapshots Of History

Having to take a photo of one of New Zealand's most famous photographers is, for this amateur, "up there" in terms of nerve-wracking experiences. Thankfully Gladys Goodall is gracious about the photo taken for this article. However, she did not receive such favourable commentary when she first started out as a photographer. "They were soundly criticised, "the quick-witted 99-year old states in reference to the first photos she placed in competitions. "My husband was quite annoyed. He thought they were very good." In opposition, he took them to the press and they were published. Since then and more than 30 years later until her retirement in 1980, Gladys's photos barely left the public scene. Gladys's introduction to the world of photography was a gradual one. Her family first started taking pictures when the next model up from the box-camera became publicly available. Growing up on a farm in Otago, in a large family of eight, photography became a hobby and a chance to record their happy memories. "When we were young, cameras came into vogue for the general public, " she says. "We were out in the country and we made our own fun."Her mother was an "enterprising woman", setting up the scullery as a dark room to expose their own photos. There is no doubt this enterprising spirit was passed on to Gladys with her sharp mind and cheeky wit still apparent. In 1931 Gladys started training as a nurse and seven years later, after meeting a farmer at the Waimate Hospital, married and moved to Mt. Aitken Station [2,391 hectare on the Waimate-Kurow Road, 35 kilometres from Waimate]. Not long after, the pair moved to Christchurch due to the uneconomic nature of their farm. Her husband Stan toured buses and Gladys began settling down in their new home in Cashmere. Both enjoyed using cameras and it wasn't long before they were introduced to the Institute of Professional Photographers. Gladys soon found her niche by taking photos that told a story, as opposed to just being a pictorial or landscape shot. Whitcomb & Tombs, or Whitcoulls as it is now known, soon identified her talent and contracted her to take pictures for their postcard division, Felicity Cards. Receiving royalties for her published work, Gladys soon made a business out of it, touring the country searching for pictures that would sell."The demand was so high, but I had to discern what the end result of what I took would be." This enterprising approach paid off with Whitcomb and Tombs hiring her for 25 years, the longest contract they had till the time she retired on 30 June 1980. Gladys's story conjures up images of an independent woman touring the country at a time when women either worked as nurses or teachers, or became housewives. Gladys's life was far from that reality. Indeed, after beginning by hiring rental cars to get her on location, she soon purchased her own Ford Mark 3 Zephyr. Asked if her profession was looked upon with disapproval, her answer is divided. "The Registered Nurses Association thought it was dreadful that I was touring around the country," she says. "But other people had other ideas. "During her career, Gladys took pictures of almost every corner of New Zealand. She has chartered planes around the country, and gave back to the profession by gifting to the Alexander Turnbull Library the most comprehensive collection of photographs they ever received. Asked if she ever entered and won any competitions, she shook her head in response. "My rewards were awards." However, just as I was about to leave she does drop one, the Queens Service Medal. Gladys Goodall QSM. - Article by Jillian Talbot.

The South Canterbury Connection

She graduated at Timaru Hospital and went on to complete maternity and Plunket training, working as a Plunket nurse during the war. After training she worked at Timaru and Christchurch until 1952. In 1938 at Balclutha, Gladys Mary Bishop married George Stanley Straughon GOODALL, a Waimate farmer, who she met at the Waimate Hospital. George b. in Oamaru 23 October 1909 and died 28 Nov. 2004 at 95 years and was buried in the Waimairi Cemetery, a retired tour driver. Gladys was the second eldest of eight children and grew up on a north Otago farm. After marrying the couple lived at Mt Aitken Station, near Waimate.  When she retired from nursing Gladys became a free lance photographer with her own business in Kilmore Street then Cashel Street, Christchurch. Originally a freelance photographer taking black and white photographs of South Island scenes, she managed her own business in Christchurch 1952-1960. She also supplied photos for the 35m slides that you used to be able to buy in the 1960s. From 1960 to 1980 she had an exclusive contract with Whitcomb & Tombs to provide colour photographs for their postcards and calendars. On 2 June 2008 Gladys Mary Goodall celebrated her 100th Birthday in Christchurch.  She lives in the suburb of Avonhead.
School Attendence for GOODALL, George Stanley Straughon
School - Makikihi - Admission Date 14 Jul 1916
School - Waitaki Bridge - Admission Date 7 Jun 1915

June/Jane Reynolds married Frank James Bishop in 1906. Children -
1907 - Vera Mabel m. Wm Scott Noble in 1934
1908 - Gladys Mary m. G.S.S. Goodall in 1938
1910 - Dorothy Irene
1911 - Norman Frank m. Hildred Reta Michell in 1941
1913 - Edna Lucy
1914 - Rita May m. William Alfred Illingworth in 1941
1916 - Ivy Dardanella m. Robert Alexander Connell in 1955

Mr Goodall 6 Oct. 1885 A visit to Timaru after twenty years. Thus I pondered as I idly strolled down the street, when suddenly I bethought me that one of the old station hands had found an anchorage in Timaru, and was now reported to be a wealthy burgess and a well-to-do livery stable keeper. Away then I hurried to King's stables. There sure enough, with, I could almost have sworn the same Glengarry cap, though hair and whiskers were now frosted and grizzled. There stood old Jim King, the "orra man " of the station my younger days. Jim was a douce shrewd ploughman from, I think, Don side, and many a day he and I had pushed and pulled the heavy crosscut saw, or wielded axe and maul together in the Otaio Bush in the olden days. How strange it all seemed to recall the past, and for the moment feel as if all the busy years had not been, and that we were shapely, active youngsters once again. And what a contrast — to turn from the thronging streets, the crowded pier, the hum of commerce, and din of busy industries, and lift one's eyes to the calm white crests of the Eternal Hills. There they stood, ever the same, solemn and majestic in their changelessness. They blazed up their burnished pinnacles like pyres of flame in the still air, amid their drapery of mists, and trailing wreaths of cloudlets, and the intense vividness of their immaculate whiteness, is the memory of Timaru that is now must indelibly fixed on my mind.

Death: GOODALL, Gladys Mary (nee Bishop) at ChCh at 106 in March 2015. QSM. JP (retired).

Born June 2, 1908, died March 23, 2015. Beloved wife of the late Stanley Goodall, second daughter of the late Frank Bishop and Jane Bishop (nee Reynolds), loved sister and sister-in-law of the late Vera and William Noble, Edna and William Young, Doris Bishop, Norman and Hildred Bishop, Rita and William Illingworth, Ivy and Robert Connell, Mavis Bishop. Loved Aunty of Alan and Judy Noble, Frank and Betty Noble, Margaret Mouat-Carver and Derek Carver, Shirley and Pierre Van Luyt, Lois and Owen Wagener, Kathleen and Owen Griffiths, Elizabeth Bishop and Max O'Grady, Robert and Rachael Connell, Ivan and Margaret Connell. Gladys always wanted to make a difference and she did, with a courageous and generous heart. A life well lived for 106 years. Farewell dear one, we will remember you. We will celebrate Gladys' life on Saturday, March 28, at St Marks Presbyterian Church, 150 Withells Rd, Avonhead, Christchurch at 2.00pm. Published in The Press from Mar. 25 to Mar. 26, 2015

Published in the Timaru Herald 26 March 2015

She was a very determined and talented lady. To the end full of life.
In memory of Gladys Goodall.

 Acclaimed photographer GLADYS GOODALL says..
7 January 2000 The Christchurch Press

1. What is your favourite vice? ... Nice clothes. My mother made all of her seven daughters beautiful frocks; we loved our pretty dresses.

2. What is your favourite invention? ... The motor car. By car, I had 25 years earning my living photographing the most beautiful country on earth.

4. What is your most treasured possession? ... My home and all the happy times we have had together; times shared with family and friends.

5. What do you consider is your greatest achievement? ... To be acclaimed by fellow photographers and the public for the painstaking research and photography I did of New Zealand. It took imagination and hard work to create each picture.

6. Given a completely free day, what would you do? ... I would love to go to Arthurs Pass during November to breathe the mountain air, to see the native flowers, and to enjoy once again the feeling of freedom that spurred me on to photograph it all.

7. What is your greatest fear? ... None really. I take care on the road while driving, I enjoy life and my fellow men.

8. What is your greatest regret? ... My father told me as a child how he was the first person in New Zealand to win a bicycle race with two wheels the same. Everyone laughed at this funny bike, but it was the death of the penny farthing bikes. I did not ask him where on earth it was held, probably in Timaru.

9. What is your favourite journey/ place? ... One is the Far North, above Kaitaia, where I have spent memorable hours on the beautiful beaches, near the pohutukawa trees, and among the people who settled there.

10. Name three people, dead or alive, you most admire - why? ... Sir Truby King, because he left a heritage of good health - 34 100-year-olds in Christchurch speaks volumes. Kate Sheppard, because she gave women their freedom. Queen Elizabeth, for her grace and fortitude through trials and tribulations, for her interest in the welfare of the man in the street.

11. How would you like to die? ... As God so wills. My husband and I would like to be together to our end.

12. Who do you consider to be the New Zealander of the century? ... Sir Truby King. Against great odds and ridicule, he founded the Plunket Society.

13. What would you like to be doing five years from now? ... Being mobile, and sharing life with new and younger friends, as I would be 96 by then.

14. Who in the world would you most like to meet? ... Queen Elizabeth.

Gladys M. Goodall, the centenarian photographer

April 2001: How older people meet their transport needs. "I was born when no one had a car. We walked just as we can do now". (Gladys M. Goodall, senior citizen Christchurch). At 97 in 2005 she was still driving.
June 2013: 105. She travelled the country alone on rugged roads in her yellow Mark 111 Ford, clocking more than 160,000km until it was written off in an accident which put her in a Bay of Plenty hospital for a month.

Gladys M. Goodall is New Zealand's living postcard legend. She started producing postcards in the black and white era and during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s her postcards sold by Whitcome & Tombs dominated the New Zealand market. 1000's of postcards of her images bear testimony to her photographic skills for which she was awarded a QSM. A special limited edition postcard released 2nd June 2008 to celebrate Gladys's 100th birthday. 100 cards were printed for giving away to family members and others attending her birthday parties (she had 3 parties) plus another 100 cards which differ in that they are individually numbered and postmarked that day at Christchurch and are signed.

Photo of Gladys attending her 94th birthday, June 2002.

Steve Kerr’s reflections on the “Beautiful, Boring Postcard” and more specifically the wonderful work of Gladys Goodall. The paper builds on earlier stuff Steve has written (for Staple Magazine and The National Grid) on boring postcards and Gladys Goodall, "It’s good to know that there are other people who appreciate her photography. Her work has a quality which no one seems to capture these days – a beautiful boringness which celebrates New Zealand’s post-war civic boom and optimism."

She travelled throughout New Zealand updating her photography image files.


Approximately 11,576  colour transparencies and 950 postcards by Goodall are held within the photographic archive of the Alexander Turnbull Library at Wellington.
Goodall, Gladys Mary, 1908- :Scenic photographs of New Zealand 1952-1980 Reference number: PA-Group-00131
1 Album [views of the South Island in the 1950s, and colour transparencies of all regions of New Zealand 1960-1980]
11,576 colour original transparency/ies (approximately), 950 colour photo-mechanical print(s) postcards, 1 colour original photographic print
Photographic Archive:  35 items in this collection are available online.
Postcards donated by Gladys M Goodall, Christchurch, in August 2002.
Colour transparencies donated by Gladys M Goodall in October 2003 and Laurence Eagle in 2005 and 2007. 

Photographs - Macmillan Brown Library, Canterbury University, Christchurch acquired in 1998/7 a Gladys Goodall Collection.
Mainly for women [sound recording] : recollections of photographer, Gladys Goodall, teacher, Sr Juliana Gallagher, architect, Margaret Munro, author Ruth Fry. by Murray, Brigitte., Munro, Margaret S. (Margaret Staples), 1914- , Gallagher, Juliana., Fry, Ruth., Goodall, Gladys M.

Well over 1,000 of her photos appear on postcards.   

Postcard.doc - General information for Exhibitors
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