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Assembly of God, 22 College Rd
Andrew St. Gospel Chapel
Church St Bible Chapel, 65 Church St.
Elim Church
Gleniti Baptist, 58 Gleniti Rd
Marchwiel Reformed Baptist
Salvation Army, 206 Wai-iti Road
St. Joseph - Catholic
St Peter's, Anglican Church,
St. Stephen's Presbyterian
St. Thomas Catholic
Trinity West
Latter Day Saints
Jehovah's Witnesses
New Life Centre
October 2010 photo study by M. T.

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Assembly of God, 22 College Rd with the spire of Trinity Church in the background.
Assembly of God, 22 College Rd, Timaru. 2010 M.T.
Foundation stone to the left. The Glory of God. This stone was laid by The Right Rev. James Baird. B.A. 2nd May 1953

Otago Witness 11 November 1887, Page 34
Sometimes I wander through the church
Where every Sunday we were kneeling,
And fancy through the empty aisles
Sweet voices once again are stealing.
Those voices all are silent now,
I touch the pews with hand caressing ;
But when I leave the edifice,
Have not the same old sense of blessing.

Faith grows so weak when childhood dies,
And later years interpret heaven,
How differently, how differently !
In two short words— forgive, forgiven.
With knowledge of our fellow men,
With knowledge that experience teaches
Of our own heart, 'tis to forget
The hope which many a brave heart reaches.
by Alice

Andrew St. Gospel Chapel.
93 Andrew St.   M.T. 2010
Reminds of my old school and the Albury School. The houses along Andrew St., Timaru are split level often with a garage underneath due to the steep grade of the suburb.

Church St. Bible Church
Church St. Bible Chapel 

Church St Bible Chapel, 65 Church St. On Oct. 2010 Saturday's Timaru Herald the building was for sale! The Church Street Bible Chapel which has occupied the building since 1935 is moving up the road to Trinity West Church. The Rev. J.H.G. Chapple, an Australian Salvation Army officer, was ordained a Presbyterian minister at St Andrew's township in 1903 but he joined the NZ Socialist Party and his rousing sermons supporting the working class resulted in an attempt by the Timaru presbytery to remove him from St Andrew's in 1907. On 13 September 1910 he resigned as discord had peaked. He became a librarian in Timaru and in 1912 founded the Unitarian Church in Timaru. A benefactor, George Wells, had this building built in 1912. The last Unitarian minister preached there from 1925 to 1928. In the late 1920s it was used on Saturday nights for dancing, until those dances moved to the Caroline Bay hall to take advantage of its sprung floor. Now in 2011 it is to become a dance hall again. TH 12/10/2011

Timaru Herald, 3 April 1907, Page 3
.. Some years ago a religious paper in this colony in reporting some mission meetings in a country charge had the following sentence "The week before last God was with us in the meetings, and last week the Rev. L. Isitt was with us. Hallelujah!" Now, in the present case, we might say:—Until last Saturday week the Timaru community was a fairly moral, sober, and truthful place; since that date Mr Bernard Nicholls has been with us. Glory be! If any one thinks this letter is unkind then let them read the letter complained about and understand that the charge, so far, has been shuffled out of. If it is proved true I will for any writing, of mine that appears to be severe. There is no ill-feeling or personal animus in the matter. Remember Isaac Walton's instructions for the use of the frog when fishing: "Put your hook through his mouth and out of his gills; and in so doing use him as though you loved him." Just that. Now when an occasional frog feels moved to leave the southern water flats to croak and drum in Timaru in an extravagant way about the people's, sins and there is need of impaling him on a literary hook, I do it in an affectionate way. I am, etc.. JAMES CHAPPLE. St. Andrews Manse.

.Pointing the way to the Bible St. Chapel.     Church St. Bible Chapel. Looks like an old foundation stone has a new message. 

Timaru Elim Church.
Timaru Elim Church
Elim is still going strong on Elizabeth Place. Miss church. You miss a lot.

Gleniti Baptist Church

Marchwiel Reformed Baptist

Corner Tyne and Glen St

Salvation Army

206 Wai-iti Rd

One of the recommendations of the Salvation Army was that it made all its members work.

St. Peter's Anglican Church
The Community Church - Try God.  Old photo 11 Otipua Road (south end). Reverend Alex Evenden resigned in September 2012 because only a few parishioners were attending services. The dwindling numbers at St Peter's Church at Kensington led to parishioners joining St John's Anglican Church congregation on Wai-iti Rd in May 2013.  

Goss beautiful carol - See amid the Winter Snow

St Stephen's, Presbyterian, 349 Wai-iti road, Gleniti, Timaru
St. Stephens. Oct. 2010 photo. M.T. Note NZ flag and flagpole have fallen down on roof.
Built in the 1970s opposite the Challenge Service Station between Morgan's and Mountain View roads.  Upper 349 Wai-iti Rd. Offers family worship. Minister in
2005 was Rev. Richard S Gray.

Catholic Church of St. Thomas The Apostle
Oct. 2010 photo. M.T.
St Thomas, Timaru North and St Joseph RC churches, Timaru, and St. Paul's, Pareora, Church histories off site

Trinity West is on corner of Church Street and Avenue Road- up to June 2011 it was a Presbyterian Church. In September 2011 the Church Street Bible Chapel became the new owners. Trinity West had been formed through the amalgamation of the Congregational Church and Trinity Presbyterian Parish on 1st Feb. 1970. Rev. Tom Corkill was the minister at Trinity. In June 2011 the decision had been made to sell the Trinity West property, as services were no longer being held in the Trinity West Church. The final service was 12th June with Rev. Chris Konings officiating and Peter Mckenzie preaching.
Oct. 2010 photo. M.T.

 Each should find out the work in the church for which you are best suited, and should then do it. Each one to have a purpose in life and to seek to fulfill it.

Seventh Day Adventist Cr Rathmore St and Malby Avenue

 Photo taken 6th Oct. 2011 by M.T. with with blossom out and a kowhai flowering.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Old North Rd

At a Church Concert in 1915 the speaker spoke of Common Things.
Nothing in life is common. The need of courtesy in ordinary life as a virtue tended to increase mutual happiness.

The New Life Church in Morgan's Road is now Life Church.
See the cross to the left! Oct. 2010 photo. M.T. 

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Churches that so often preach peace and unity and harmony to others are unable to achieve it between themselves.