South Canterbury Births 1859 -1865

Partial Listing of Births 1859 -1865 in the Timaru and Geraldine Districts 

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Timaru Herald, 14 January 1909, Page 2 Born in Fifty-Nine.
The year the Strathallan arrived. The local register was not opened until October 15th, 1859, and some South Canterbury infants, born before that date were registered at Christchurch - example, Mr A.E.G. Rhodes, born at Levels. The first child registered was three months old at the time. Mr B. Woollcombe was the registrar. The first page of the register contains the following twelve names. The mother's maiden name is given in parenthesis in each case
No. I John Ingram James King, born at Otipua, July 14th, 1859, son of James King, sheep farmer, and Frances Jane King (Shrimpton).
No. 2. Charles Howard Tripp, born at Mount Peel on 1st October, son of Charles George Tripp, sheepfarmer, and Ellen Shephard Tripp (Harper daughter of Bishop Harper).
No. 3. George Clarence Dunnage, born at Timaru, 2nd November, son of George Dunnage, gentleman, and Louisa Dunnage (Bowron).
No. 4. William Beswick, born at Timaru 1st November, son of John Beswick, merchant, and Emily Beswick (Hopps).
No. 5. Elizabeth Scarf, born at Timaru, 24th October, daughter of Robert Scarf, labourer, and Jane Scarf (Double.)
No. 6. Frederick William Sevecke Jones, born at Pareora 25th November, son of William Benjamin Jones, carpenter, and Sarah Sevecke Jones (Hughes).
No. 7. Anna Fredericka Kohn, born at Timaru, 2nd November, daughter of Harm Friedrick and Cathrine Fridrick Kohn.
No. 8 and 9. Kate and Maria Cox, born at Raukapuka, 27th December; daughters of Alfred Cox, sheep owner and Mary Cox (Macpherson).
No. 10. Female child not named, born at Timaru, 29th December, daughter, of William Wyatt, carpenter, and Charlotte Wyatt (Campion).
No. 11. Louisa Evangeline, born at Pareora, 23rd December, daughter of William Butterworth, farmer, and Emma Butterworth (Barron).
No. 12. Henry Walden, born at Timaru, 31st December, son of Henry Walden, butcher, and Eliza Walden (Lovett).
The last two were not registered till March 3rd, 1860.

It is well remembered by those who survive that Captain Cain had no building in which to house his stock when he first arrived in Timaru to open a store, and could only cover it with a tarpaulin, which he stripped off by day and put on again at night, and slept under it as substitute, for bar and bolt.

The selectors of the hill runs may have pitied themselves for being too late to get a share of the more convenient level country; but time has brought consolation in the fact that to them or their successors the hill runs remain, while the lower levels have been annexed by a superior industrial force. Cain the keeper of sheep has withstood Abel the tiller of the ground only where he had his feet on the everlasting hills.

Press, 4 December 1918, Page 4
Word was received in Timaru on Monday of the death of Mr William Reid, oldest son of the late Mr J. Reid, of Church street, and brother of Messrs J. E. Reid and James Reid, of Timaru. The deceased was one of the first babies born in Timaru forty-eight years ago. He commenced work at Reid and Gray's, and left Timaru in 1882. He died at Whangarei, after a short illness.

BDMs 1864 -1865 from the Timaru Herald

The NZ birth index is available on microfiche at public libraries, through LDS and local genealogical libraries.  The District Registrar forwarded birth entries quarterly or annually to the RGO.  The numbers listed are page numbers also known as folio numbers and there can be up to nine entries per page.  NZSG published District Keys to the New Zealand Registration Index, births 1848-1900, will identify the district were the event was registered.  An invaluable aid. These District Keys de-code the reference number on the index.  Bookmark 1 & 2. The District Keys are on the fiche (?the first fiche), this was the source that the books (full set, 8 books) were taken from. The books are easier to follow though. Photocopies of the birth entry may contain the name and signature of the informant from the The Registrar-General's Office now situated on Floor 3, 47 Boulcott Street, Wellington (the same building as the Passport Office). 
 ( ) = The Lyttelton Times  

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Registered December Quarter 1859 
District Key Timaru 297
Beswick	 William 		(1 Nov 1859 at Timaru to Emily & John Beswick)
Cox	 Kate			(to Mary & Alfred)
Cox	 Marian			(to Mary & Alfred)
Dunnage	 unnamed male 		(2 Nov 1859 to Louisa & George Dunnage)
Jones	 Frederick William Sevecke (to Sarah Sevecke & William Benjamin)
King	 John Ingram James 	(14 Jul 1859 to Frances Jane & James King)
Kohn	 Anna Frederica	 	(Catherine Fridricka & Haren Friedrick)
(Rhodes	 male 20 Mar Plains House Levels to George Rhodes)
late reg. 1888/5676 Rhodes Arthur Edgar Graverlor (Elizabeth Perry to George)
Tripp	 Charles Howard	 	(b. 1 Oct 1859 Mt Peel Station to (Ellen Shephard & Charles George) 
1859 Timaru District Key #'s 297 & 298 
Births 1860 
Quarters Mar - Dec
District Key Timaru 361-368		Parents
367 Allan	unnamed male 		(10 Dec 1860 to (Ellinor & William Glover) Allen, Royal Hotel, Timaru)
361 Browning	unnamed female  	(25 Mar 1860 to (Mary Jane & John Samuel)
367 Burgess	John 			(George Jane to John) 
361 Butterworth	Louisa Evangeline 	(Emma & William)
367 Clayson	Mary Ellen		(Elizabeth & Henry)
365 Hewlings	Sara			(Nga & Samuel)
367 Knight	Cecilia Margaret 	(Caroline Mary & Henry Alphonse)
365 MacDonald	unnamed male 		(Annie & William Kenneth)
363 Maslin	Henry Frederick		(Charlotte Arabella & Caleb)
365 McIntosh	Mary			(Mary & Charles)
367 Peters	Mary Anne		(Margaret & William)
367 Riddle	Hellen Louisa
365 Scarf	Eliza			(Lettishea & William)
365 Shepherd	Lettia			(Frances & James) 
361 Walden	Henry			(Eliza & Henry)
363 Ward 	Charles Edmund (?Edward)(Ellen & John)
363 Webster	John Thomas		(Hannah & Thomas)
361 Wyatt	unnamed female		(Charlotte & William)
367 Young	Alberta			(Emma & John Albert)

Births 1861
District Key Timaru 347-354
353 Beswick	Caroline		(Emily & John)
353 Bowles	John William		(Elizabeth & John Jones)
351 Fitch	Frederick William	(Jane & James Sawyer)
361 Dash	Eugine Mary		(Mary & Jacob) born 28 June 1861
347 Fleury	Ellen			(Ellen & Edward)
351 Khon	Hermine Johanna
    King	male (19 May Olissa Station to (Frances Jane & James Alexander) 
    Le Cren     Catherine Mary  (Margaret Fisher & Henry John)
347 Lough	Elizabeth Alice		(Hariet & Henry)
351 Macpherson	George
349 Marshall	George Fraser		(Jane & George)
347 McKingy	unnamed female
351 Melton	William Henry		(Elizabeth & John)
353 Merry	Mary Angelina		(Ellen & John)
347 O'Brien	Michael
353 Osborne	Walter Harbour		(Emma & George)
352 Paterson	William Alexander	
352 Mastin	Elizabeth Edith		(Charlotte & Caleb)
352 Reilly	Henry George		(Sarah Ellen Trane & John)
353 Scarf	Walter			(Jane & Robert)
351 Studholme	Fanny (30 Jun Waimate to Effiegenia Maria Louisa to Michael Studholme)
351 Walden	John			(Eliza & Henry)
349 Ward	William			(Elizabeth & Robert)
352 Waugh	Robert			(Ann & Thomas)
347 Webster	Faith Angeline		(Hannah & Thomas)
347 Worne	William John		(Isabella & William)
Births 1862
District Key Timaru 385-392
389 Allen	Annie Gertrude (28 Jun 1862 to W. Allen at Royal Hotel, Timaru) 	[d. age 21]
389 Bambridge	Rosetta Reeve 		   	(Charlotte & Augustus)
392 Bennett	Catherine 		   	(Mary & William) 
385 Buchanan	George				(Frances & George)
387 Burnett	Catherine McKay			(Catherine & Andrew)					
386 Carrington	Isabella Margaret 	 	(Charlotte & Frederick James) [d. age 15 months]
385 Cook	Ann				(Maria & Charles)
389 De Saunais	Fanny Jessy	[?DES CHESNAIS] (Elizabeth & Eugene)	
387 Double	Alfred Martin			(Sarah & William)
    Duff	William George (son to Letitia & John Edward Duff 14 Sep. 1862 at Timaru)
389 Foster	David William			(Sarah & Philip Jarvis)
389 Freeman	Amelia				(Mary Ann & John William)
385 Gibbs	Selina Mary
385 Giles	John Edward George		(Sarah & John)
390 Greaves	Henry Isaac			(Susan & Isaac)
385 Heney	Bridget				(Ellen & John)
385 Hepworth	George				(Hannah & John)
389 Knight	Francis John			(Agnes & John Cuthbert)
389 Lawrance	Henry George			(Susan & Frederick John)
387 Jones	Alfred John Sevecke 		(Sarah Sevecke & William Benjamin)
387 Lough	Edwin Henry			(Mary Ann & Edwin Henry)
385 Macdonald	unnamed male			(Annie & William Kenneth)
    Poingdestre (female 20 Sep Bluecliffs to Wm. Poingdestre)
390 Popplewell	Ellen Amelia
386 Rhodes	George Hampton 			(Elizabeth & George)
391 Shaw	Anne Jeffery			(Louisa Elizabeth & Charles Reginald)
386 Wade	unnamed female
387 Weavers	Rose Hannah			(Susannah & John)
391 Williams	Emma (b. 7 Oct 1862 to S. Williams, Timaru)
391 Wilson	Eleanor				(Jane & John William)
389 Woollcombe	Laura Russell (16 Jun 1862 to B. Woolcoombe, Ashbury, Timaru)
387 Yana	Richard William

Births 1863
District Key Timaru 425-436
425 Ackroyd	Edmond Jonanthan
434 Andrews	unnamed male
433 Blackmore	George John
426 Boothroyd	unnamed female
428 Brown	Margaret Faber
434 Budd	Emily
432 Burnett	Donald
427 Downs	Sarah Ann
428 Ede		Stephen
431 Fitch	Harry
433 Forrest	Selina Agnes
434 Goodman	unnamed female
427 Harrison 	Charles
426 Hayhurst	Harry
434 Hewlings	Catherine
434 Holgate	Robert
434 Kee		Jessie
    King	(daughter 9 April Otipua Station, Timaru to James King)
    Knight	(daughter 26 May 1863 Timaru)
437 Laurence	_____
434 Marshall	Ellen Ethed
425 McLennan	Kenneth
425 Melton	Mary Elleanor
431 Meredith	Athole Richard
435 Murray	Ellen Louisa
429 Ogilvie	David Armstrong (26 Apr to John Ogilvie)
431 Pilbrow	Sarah Ann
425 Poingdestre	Mary Vidal  	(Selina Jane Helen & William Wilson)
425 Quaid	James
425 Reilly 	Gerald Frodsham
426 Scott	Evie
427 Shaw	John William
428 Simms	Henry George (11 Apr to W.N. Simms)
427 Stevenson   Jean
    Studholme	(daughter 3 Jan 1863 at The Waimate to Michael)
425 Taylor	Robert
433 Taylor	 Thomas
433 Thomas	William Richard
431 Williams	Christina F.
425 Wills	Sarah Maria
431 Woollcombe	Jaqueth Mary (29 Jul 1863 to Belfield Woolcoombe, Ashbury, near Timaru
427 Young	John
Births 1864 1864 (opens in another window)
District Key
Timaru		500-513	 Mar-Dec  
Geraldine	514-519	 June-Dec  
516 Ackroyd	Mary Hannah
514 Acland	Emily Dyke
514 Acton	Edward Ottery (20 Mar 1864 Flordlands Point near Timaru to Edward Acton)
500 Aitken	David
501 Allen	Alfred Tombs
505 Anderson	Agnes Mary
502 Anderson	Annie
510 Bartlett	James
506 Beckingham	Ann Maria
515 Benbow	Wiliam Charles
515 Bennett	William Francis
    Blyth	(a son to James Blyth, Timaru L.T. 14 Jun 1864)
510 Bowers	Joseph
516 Brakewell	Emily Adah
505 Burgess	Walter
511 Butcher	John Samuel
518 Clogstoun	Lizzie Helen
518 Copestake	Katherine Elizabeth (9 Nov. 1864 to T. Copestake, Postmaster, Temuka)
500 Demuth	John
512 Double	Harry
    Duff	(daughter, to J.E. Duff 125 Mar. 1864 at Timaru)
502 Dunnage	Ida Annie
500 Dyson	Mary Elizabeth
506 Gibson	David Hampton
508 Gilbert	Mary
500 Hammond	Joseph
512 Hick	Helen T.
512 Hick	William James Thos.
514 Horsfall	Enoch
511 Irvine	William Stephen
511 Jones	Henry
512 Levin	Rachel Sarah
506 Lister	Elizabeth Ann
502 Lister	Elizabeth Ann
514 Lorigelly	Eugene
504 Lough	Mary Eliza
512 Martin	Frederick James
512 Melton	Charles Frederick
513 Osborne	Sarah Ann
500 Peters	Charles
506 Peters	Charles
506 Philip	Elizabeth
500 Philip	Elizabeth
504 Poingdestre	John Henry (28 Apr 1864 Bluecliffs to Wm.W. Poingdestre)
507 Rawston	Maude Mary
507 Reid	John
501 Scarf	Caroline
512 Scarf	Henry George
514 Sejourne	Frank
507 Shaw	James
507 Smyth	unnamed male
504 Sutherland	Hugh Duncan
502 Thouminie	Peter
507 Tully	Agnes
507 Warne	Hepzabah
502 Warley	George William
510 Whittaker	William
501 Whittaker	Susanna
506 Wilson	Annie Elizabeth
504 Wilson	Eva
506 Wilson	William John
512 Young	David

Timaru Herald Birth 9 June 1864, the wife of Mr John Inglis of a daughter, stillborn

Births 1865 1865 (opens in another window)
District Key
Timaru		465-478	 Mar-Dec  
Geraldine	479-486	 Mar-Dec

    Acland	(daughter  to J.Barton Acland 31 May 1865 at Mt. Peel)
    Allen	(daughter to W.G. Allen 10 May 1865 Timaru)
477 Bartlett	Sarah Jane
485 Best	Joseph
481 Bill	John Walter
485 Bird	Barbara Ann
467 Black	Henry Irwin
465 Black	Jane Elizabeth
483 Blyth	Jessie Elizabeth
473 Bourke	John
473 Brasell	Janet
483 Brown	James Faber
485 Brown	Sarah Ellen Bertha
485 Bryant	Elizabeth Harris
    Budden	(daughter6 Sep. 1865 to Stephen Budden at Timaru)
475 Bullock	Joseph
475 Butcher	William Henry
467 Champion	George Edward
479 Chivers	Elizabeth Ann
469 Clough	Levi
485 Clough	Robinson
471 Collert	Charlotte Ann
481 Copping	George Alfred
468 Cullmaan	John Christian
471 Dawe	Sarah Annie
485 Double	Elizabeth Ann
485 Dyson	Lucy Finetta
477 Felton	Henry Ernest
475 Fisher	Beatrice Mary
477 Foster	Edward William
475 Fussell	Emilie Losuisa
467 Fye		Margaaret Craigie
472 Garity	Michael
479 Giles	Sophia
482 Goodwin	Mary Anne
465 Grey	James
481 Hancock	Catherine
482 Hardcastle	Anne
467 Harrison
479 Hawke	George Martin
482 Hawke	Sarah Elizabeth
481 Hay		Marion
481 Hay		William Ebenezer
465 Higgs	John Liddinton
469 Hudson	Ellen
472 Inglis	Herbert McClelland
453 Innes	Ellen
472 Irvine	Catherine
483 Irvine	John Frederick
471 Irwin	William George
476 Kelly	Louisa Jane
469 Knight	Frederick Nolan
469 Knight	Herbert Henry
471 Kohn	Alfred
476 Le Cren	Emily Rose
471 Le Cren	Helen Mabel
476 Le Cren	Helen Mabel
482 Lewis	Thomas
476 Louder	Mary Jane
472 Marland	George
465 Mills	George Alexander
472 Mills	Sarah
468 Mitchell	Agnes
466 McCulloch	Robert
483 McLean	John
476 Page	Josephine Moss
481 Pearce	Willaim
468 Powell	Jessie [Oamaru]
481 Ramsay	William
468 Reilly	Walter Granville
483 Scott	Alfred
473 Scott	Jessie Mary Waimate
467 Sherburd	charlotte Annie
468 Shepherd	Martin John
473 Smith	Mary Elizabeth
467 Smyth	male [unnamed]
475 Sutherland	John
483 Tayler	Walter Benjamin
466 Tregoning	Emma Jane
    Tucker	son b. 7 Mar 1865, Timaru to John  Tucker
473 Walker	George Henry
472 Wingers	Meta Margrette
472 White	Mary
468 Whittaker	Sussanna
473 Whittet
475 Wilson	Francis John
466 Woolcombe	Catherine Mary Luxmore (18 Jan 1865 to Belfield Woolcoombe, Ashbury, near Timaru
471 Woolcombe	Catherine Mary Luxmore
Birth registrations 
1883 John David Thickins F# 2976, 3rd Q, Timaru
1886 Nellie Ann Thickens F# 812, 1st Q, Timaru

Birth Registration Districts
Open and Closures (all now Timaru)

Fairlie Post Office	 1874 to 03 June 1989 (alternate name: Mt Cook)
Geraldine P.O.		 1864 to 30 June 1990
Pleasant Point P.O.	 1897 to 02 June 1989
Temuka  P.O.		 1873 to 30 June 1990
Twizel  P.O.		 1970 to 26 May  1989
Waimate P.O.		 1868 to 30 June 1990

N.Z.S.G. have published Lyttelton Times 1851 -1865 extracts of Births and Deaths
Miscellaneous births from the Lyttelton Times

Cox			 daughter 		C. Percy on board the 'Zealandia' 
Rhodes			 a son, 		Robert Heaton, 1861 Lyttelton 359
Studholme		 a son 			Michael of Canterbury 3 Aug 1864 at Sutton, near Dublin. L.T. 15 Nov. 1864
Tripp			 Daughter 24 Aug. 1864 Worester St, to Charles G. Tripp
Tripp			 Daughter 24 Mar. 1861 Bishopscourt, Christchurch to Charles  Tripp
Tripp			 	  17 Nov. 1862 St Kilda, Melbourne to Charles J. Tripp

Miscellaneous deaths from the Lyttelton Times

Acland		 Barton Dyke	  eldest son of J. Barton Acland	d.  7 Mar 1863	 Mt Peel
Acland		 Emily Dyke	  2nd dau. of J.B.A.			d. 27 Oct 1864	 Mt. Peel	aged 7� months, 
Carrington	 Isabella Margaret only dau. of F.J.	   		d. 24 May 1863	 Arowhenua	aged 15 months
Collier		 Jeannie						d. 16 Sep 1861	 Otaio Station	in her 70th year
Duff		 William George	  only son of Edward			d. 25 Jul 1864	 Timaru		age 1 year 10 months
Fyfe		 Margaret Craige  wife of Thomas			d.  1 Oct 1963	 Timaru
James		 Elizabeth	  eldest daughter of M. James		d. 12 Jan 1864	 Timaru		Sergant of Police
Percerval	 Carolin Frances  inf. dau. of Spencer A.		d. 12 May 1860	 Albury Station age 7 weeks
Popplewell	 Mrs 		  wife of Thomas			d. 26 Sep 1863	 Arowhenua
Rhodes		 George William Wood son of George			d.  4 Aug 1859	 Timaru
Rhodes		 George		  age 48				d. 18 Jun 1864	 Parau		buried Lyttelton
Treweek		 Thomas		  4th son of John of CHCH		d. 25 Jun 1862	 Timaru  

Birth from Canterbury Public Library, Church register index cards.
Avis Jane Giles bap. 7 December 1856, to John & Sarah, Peel Forest, Canterbury

New Zealanders who were married in Victoria

On 25 January 2009, the NZ Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Amendment Act came into force. One of the results of this is that it is no longer possible to purchase NZ BDM indexes.  While the indexes are being removed from sale, individuals and organisations who currently hold index information will be able to continue using that information - subject, of course, to the Crown copyright and New Zealand Privacy Act restrictions that currently apply. As of 25 January 2009 it will be an offence for any person to publish index information unless the information relates to the person publishing it, or if the person to whom it relates has given permission for it to be published, or the information is "historical information" or could not reasonably be expected to identify any particular person, due to its form. These restrictions apply to any information published on "member-only" websites or internal "Intranet" sites. Any breach of these new legislative requirements is punishable, upon summary conviction, by a fine of up to $50,000.

Historical Births, Deaths and Marriages Information - as defined by  Section 78G of the Births, Deaths, Marriages and Relationships Act 1995. Historical Information is:
 - Births that occurred at least 100 years ago
 - Still-births that occurred at least 50 years ago
 - Marriages and Civil Unions that occurred at least 80 years ago
 - Changes of name for overseas born people - if they were born at least 100 years ago
 - Deaths of people who died at least 50 years ago or who were born at least 80 years ago.

"The child was born in one place and baptised elsewhere." It was quite common with a first child, mother goes home to her mother's home for the birth of the child, but is subsequently baptised in her own home county.

Some queer names were fastened on innocent children during the Boer War and again during the Great War.

Stafford St., Timaru. Christmas Eve, 2008 by Margaret Todd. May's Bakery to the right.
Stafford St, north, Dec. 2008. Photo taken by M.T.

Timaru Herald, 19 June 1916, Page 3 Mr ALEXANDER MONTGOMERY
Another old resident of Timaru in the person of Mr Alexander Montgomery, Deputy-Official Assignee, passed away in the early hours of Saturday morning. He had been unwell for some considerable time, but had been able to attend at his office until a few weeks ago. As Registrar of births, deaths, and marriages for more than 20 years, he had become known, to a great many people in South Canterbury, and his association with the Timaru Mutual Provident Building Society and the auditing of accounts, had made his circle of acquaintances still larger. In the early days he was a member of an auctioneering firm at Temuka Gray and Montgomery. He was a man of sterling character, and he leaves behind him a record of work well and consistently done. Mr Montgomery came out to New Zealand from Ireland. He was a well read man, one who could talk upon any subject, and one with whom it was a pleasure to converse. His wife predeceased him by nearly 20 years, and his daughters will have the sympathy of the whole community in their less.

Press, 5 May 1930, Page 7
Vital statistics for the Waimate district for last month are supplied by the registrar (Mr d'A. S. Grut) as follows, the figures for the corresponding period of last year being given in parentheses: Births 2 (13), deaths 3 (6), marriages 7 (4).

Hutt News, 11 October 1944, Page 8
TWENTY-ONE TO-DAY 1923 19-11.
Geraldine, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs Fox, of Birdwood Avenue, Lower Hutt, attained her majority. The celebration took place on Saturday, 10th September and a large gathering of friends and relatives came to assist, and under the baton of that inimitable master of ceremonies, Mr. Clarrie Pegler, things went with a swing right from the start. He must have had that beautiful verse of poetry in his mind
"And the night shall be filled with music
And the cares that infest the day.
Shall fold their tents like the Arabs
And as silently steal away."

for throughout the whole evening there was no hitch in the merry festival. Among the guests was Miss Betty Hendry, whose outstanding ability in the rendering of character sketch items is so well known. Her renderings were excellent and very much enjoyed by all present. But we must not forget the guest of honour, Miss Fox. In due course her father presented her with that symbol of freedom "The Key" and with it a framed poem bearing on the event. To enlighten the reader Miss Geraldine was born in the town of Geraldine so now
To Geraldine of Geraldine 1923 -1944.
Now Geraldine please listen dear,
And do not blush nor frown,
It is not you I talk of first,
'Tis Geraldine the town.

'Twas there in Nineteen twenty-three
A fair young damsel came
And the town bowed down before, her
Saying, Please accept my name.
So Geraldine of Geraldine
Now you have got the Key
May every happy door in life
Be opened unto thee.

And so in the early hours of the first day of October the tired but happy guests wended their way home ward and the general trend of thought was Twenty-one! How would like to travel back to that age. Twenty-one! I wish I was that age. There is a mystic glory and grandeur unknown at any other time.  

Girlhood, wifehood, motherhood, and widowhood.