Albury Cemetery, Cemetery Hill, South Canterbury, N.Z.

A lovely peaceful cemetery on the hill with a great view of The Brothers and the Two Thumb Range. Well maintained. The Albury Range in the background. A photo study done 25 April 2014 of only a few of the older headstones (29) on a sunny afternoon. Had the sun behind my back so shadows were a problem. About 230 interned there as of 2013 but not that many headstones. The Mackenzie District Council cemeteries database is online: Albury, Burkes Pass, Fairlie and Twizel Cemeteries.  photo The second grave inside the gate is O.P. Fedden.

14 February 2004 The Christchurch Press
The Albury and Fairlie cemeteries are the final resting places for well-travelled servicemen and a surprising range of nationalities from Canada to South Canterbury. This is a path not commonly trod but two men who made the journey lie in the Albury Cemetery, near Fairlie. The few graves are widely scattered in this bowl-shaped cemetery on a hill behind the tiny settlement of Albury. Here lies Tom Burnett, a native of Glengarry, Inverness. He died in 1921, aged 90. He would be one of thousands of native Scots at rest in New Zealand cemeteries. But Burnett lived most his life in Nova Scotia, Canada. His brother Andrew had settled in Cave, just down the road from Albury, so it can be conjectured that Tom died while visiting, or living in retirement with, his Kiwi brother. A short distance from Burnett's grave stands a solid hunk of cemented granite slabs, from which an embedded metal ice pick protrudes. The plaque reads: "Zdenek Danny Holy, born Czechoslovakia, 20th October, 1946, escaped in 1968 to Canada to enjoy life's freedom. He loved this country, especially Mount Cook, which took his life on 1st December, 1977." A photographic portrait shows a man of about 30 with the beard and black tousled hair of a true mountaineer. The Iron Curtain still divided East and West, when Holy died. His family might never have known his fate. Unlike John and Annie Gallen, from this peaceful farming district. The couple lost four children in eight years: sons Joseph and Michael in 1938, and daughters Mary, 1944, and Katherine, 1946. How these parents' hearts must have ached, before they died, John in 1971 and Annie in 1995.

Trees crush headstones Timaru Herald 12 July 2013
Wind damage: Headstones at Albury Cemetery have been damaged in the wild weather.
Albury Cemetery has been extensively damaged after recent high winds toppled large pine trees into it. Eight headstones and about 70 per cent of the old conifers have been damaged. The headstones have been broken and toppled off their foundations. Mackenzie District Council staff are trying to find the families of the deceased. However, some of the headstones are so old that contact is unlikely. The council's insurance will cover the cost of repairs. Remaining trees around the cemetery will be felled and replanting done.
There was no damage to any other cemeteries in the Mackenzie District.

Timaru Herald 10 Sept. 2013
A major repair job at the Albury Cemetery is complete, after 11 headstones were badly damaged in the winter's wild weather. Mackenzie District Council's community facilities manager  said the headstones have been repaired and council staff were cleaning up broken trees and debris at the cemetery. "The next step will be to replant new trees to replace those damaged by the high winds," he said. "The winds in July reached speeds up to 120km per hour. I've never seen anything quite like it in that area. The trees toppled over and badly damaged a whole host of headstones. It was quite the clean-up job." Mr Nixon said one headstone was badly broken and needed to be replaced, and four had to be re- secured to the ground. "Another four tall memorials were knocked over and have been reconstructed and secured with both plaster and epoxy resin," he said. "We've done the cleanup job in stages over the last two weeks. Some of the headstones had been there for decades." Repairs to the headstones cost the council about $7000, but Mr Nixon hoped to recover that from insurance. Tree felling and replanting is likely to cost another $10,000 but he said the council had recouped this from log sales. The names on the headstones damaged by the storm were: Guthrie, Casey, Gallen, Keeman, Connor, Burrough, Winn, Rowland, Scannell, and Sutherland.

Friday, 6 September 2013, 3:41 pm Press Release: Mackenzie District Council photos
Repairs Made at Albury Cemetery. The Mackenzie District Council has organised the repair of 11 headstones and memorials at Albury Cemetery that were damaged during a wind storm earlier this winter. Community Facilities Manager Garth Nixon says all the damaged headstones have been repaired and council staff are carrying out a final clean-up of broken trees and debris at the cemetery. The next step will be to replant new trees to replace those damaged by the high winds. The storm in early July saw winds reach 120kph and was so severe it toppled trees onto the cemetery, breaking some headstones and toppling others. One headstone was badly broken and needed to be replaced, and four have been re-secured to the ground. Another four tall memorials were knocked over and have been reconstructed and secured with both plaster and epoxy resin. One marble headstone has been laid down and attached horizontally to the grave. The damaged headstones were a mix of both old and recent with the southwest corner of the cemetery the worst affected area. Mr Nixon says repairs to the headstones cost the council about $7,000 which he hopes to recover from insurance. Tree felling and replanting is likely to cost another $10,000 but this has mainly been recouped from log sales. The names on the headstones damaged by the storm were: Guthrie, Casey, Gallen, Keeman, Connor x2, Burrough, Winn, Rowland, Scannell, and Sutherland. 

The second oldest grave in the Albury Cemetery, William A. McPherson, September 6th 1907, aged 8 months. Son of Robert and Agnes McPherson of Cricklewood. The headstone is broken. Most of the lead lettering has fallen out, the inscription reads:

"The little boy is empty now
The little clothes laid by
A Mother's hope, A Father's joy
In death's cold arms doth lie
Go little pilgrim to thy home
On yonder blissful shore
We miss thee here but hope to come
Where thou hast gone before"

The Albury Cemetery trees were planted in 1907 and 1908 and the road was formed in 1905. Trees have been cut down all around the cemetery in 2013 and down the Cemetery Road after this photo was taken.  Before the storm.

John M. Middleton who died at "Eskdale," Albury Dec. 4th 1903 aged 58 years
also Annie dearly loved wife of John Anderson who died at "Ettrick," Pleasant Point on July 16th 1832 aged 78 years.
also her husband John Anderson who died at "The Pines," Albury on Aug. 15th 1935 aged 85 years.

Zdenek - Danny Holy born in Czechoslovakia Oct. 20 1946, escaped in 1968 to Canada to enjoy life's freedom. He loved this country, especially Mt. Cook- which took his life on December 1 1977.

William husband of Mary E. Wreford died Jan. 2nd 1937 aged 86 years
also Mary Elizabeth Wreford died Jan. 9th 1958 aged 97 years McBride

William  "Bill" Wreford of 'Clannaborough', Ma Waro.
Born in Devonshire in 1851 and brought up to farming. William aged 24, a farm labourer, single, arrived on the 'Clarence' in 5th Jan. 1875 to Hawkes Bay, and arrived in Albury in 1878, employed by Hon. Edward Richardson at Albury Station. He took up the 80 acres at Coal Creek (Ma Waro) in 1880, and named it 'Bow Vale Grange', and four years later established a butchery business and store near the creek. He was also a dealer of stock. He was first elected as a Mackenzie County Councilor in 1896, and opened another butcher's shop at Albury two years later. He was also chairman of the Cave School Committee. William married Miss Mary Elizabeth Bussell in 1885 a daughter of John Bussell of Makikihi, and had four children, son Samuel drew the Rosewill ballot on neighbouring 'Clannaborough' in 1904, joining the two properties to make up 400 acres. Reference: Cyclo. NZ. 1903.

The farm is still in the Wreford family. Who got the farm? It went down the male line from William, Sam, Owen and now Quinten.

William Wreford b. 1851, died at Fairlie on 2nd January 1937 aged 86 years. He made his will 14th February 1927. His wife Mary Elizabeth Wreford nee Bussell, of Seadown, died 1958. William owned land (23 acres) and buildings in Fairlie, the stable, Aorangi Hall and Martin's shop. Children:
Clara Wreford b. 29 Oct.1889 and d. 1978, dau., m. Henry Norman Anstey in 1912, farmer, of Kingsdown, son in law to Wm. Wreford, of Fairlie, farmer.
Mary Jane (May) Besley b. 22 Oct.1884 and d. 9 July 1985, dau., m. Thomas (Tom) Egbert Besley in 1907 and d. 15 March 1952 aged 77. Both buried at Albury.
Samuel Sylvanus Wreford b. 1888, of Ma Waro, farmer, son, buried Timaru, died 1st January 1969, aged 80. Wife Linda died 12 April 1969.
Susan Agnes Wreford, daughter, b. 1884-1985, m. John Trembath in 1928.

MARRIAGE:  WREFORD - DALE. On April 19th, 1911, at the Presbyterian Church, Albury, by the Rev. P. Wilson, Samuel Sylvanus, only son of William Wreford, Ma-Waro to Linda, second daughter of Joseph Dale, Manahune, Albury. Children:
1912 William Stanley "Stan" Dale Wreford b. 6 March 1912, died 31 July 2000, aged 88. Wife Tui Neville Wreford b. 7 June 1912, died 2011. Ashes Diamond Harbour.
1915 Linda Mildred Wreford d. 2001, m. John Norman Crawford in 1938.
1917 Norman Sylvanus Wreford b.18 June 1917 died 5th April 2002 aged 84. Wife Rosa Helen died 8th January 2019 aged 102,  the service was held at Aoraki Funeral Services Chapel. Son Kenneth Owen died 17 Jan. 1943, aged 7 months.
1919 Samuel Ivan "Owen" Wreford 11 Aug. 1919 - 2 Feb. 2008, aged 88.
1926 Jane Wreford died 1981. 

[Silvanus Wreford of Bow, 4th s/o Wm Wreford of Clannaborough, Devon b. 1856, buried 20 May 1818, m. Elizabeth Dart 1785. They had ten children] Reference- Table B3. The Tables are copied from George Wreford's family tree.
[Samuel Wreford of Bow b.1793 & baptisted 1797- d. 18 Feb.1867 buried at Clannaborough, married Lydia Heard (1795-1886) of Saint David in Exter 10th April 1821. They had eight children]
[Samuel Heard Wreford of Wistheridge 1820-1900 m. (1) Mary Jane French 27 March 1850, source FamilySearch.
Children: William Wreford b. 1851 and Samuel b. 1853 emigrated to N.Z. and settled in Albuy/Cave area. Samuel returned to UK after 1908.
Bow Parish Registers (also known as Nymet Tracey) St. Bartholomew's

Devon Heritage Centre
1. Sam. Wreford sen. of Harcombe Bottom, Uplyme, retired dealer.
2. Wm. Wreford of Coal Creek, Timaru, South Canterbury, New Zealand and Sam. Wreford jun. of same place, both sons of 1

Timaru Herald MAY, 1900
WREFORD. On 22nd March, 1900, at Toy Cottage, Harcombe, Dorsetshire, England, Samuel H. Wreford, the beloved father of Wm. Wreford and Samuel Wreford, of Coal Creek, in this colony, aged 85 years.

Samuel William WREFORD of Underhill Farm, Romansleigh, County Devon, England died there on 13th day of April 1928.
William Matthews Manley, son of my late wife, now living with me. Mary Jane May Wreford, daughter. Source NZ Probates.
Samuel returned to UK in later life and and married after 1908 a lady named Manley who already had a son called William Matthews Manley and together had a daughter, Mary Jane May Wreford. Samuel probably obtained/inherited the tenancy of Underhill Farm, Romansleigh. Samuel was obviously well established with the solicitor Charles Tripp in Timaru NZ so didn't change his will to the UK. Presumably because he had £1,300 worth of assets still in NZ. Mary Jane would have been under 20 when Samuel died in 1928, hence William Mathews was assigned to be her guardian, and why she was to have the piano, presumably to continue her development as a lady.

Sarah Pargeter wife of William James Trembath died July 27 1919 aged 29 years
Ellen Martha (Nell) Trembath 13.7.1913 - 4.2. 1998
A special lady at peace with her mother.

Timaru Herald, 4 August 1919, Page 7
On Monday last a gloom was cast over the Albury district when it became known, that Mrs William Trembath had passed away, at the early age of 32. She was a woman who possessed great kindness of heart, who did good deeds by stealth; never letting her right hand know what her left hand did. She will be greatly missed by a very large circle of friends and neighbours. Great, sympathy is felt for her husband and three little children. On Wednesday last her remains were interred in the Albury cemetery, occupants of some fifty vehicles paying their last respects to the deceased lady.

Jessie Jane wife of John Sutherland who died at "Glendonald," Albury March 21st  1907, aged 29 years.
"In the midst of life we are in death."

Martha daughter of John  & Mary Smillie wife of Arthur Ivan Baxter died Aug. 12th 1951 aged 41
and Mary Smillie died May 22nd 1962 aged 70
also her husband John Hamilton Smillie 25th Feb. 1975 aged 86

Julia second daughter of M & H Scannell died September 12 1913 aged 26 years RIP
Hannah, third daughter of M & H Scannell died at Westport February 1st 1911 aged 21 years and 9 months RIP

Michael husband of Hannah Scannell died November 7 1914 Aged 60 years RIP
Hannah died Aug.14th 1945 aged 87 years RIP  McBride

M.E. Rutherford 1851  -1910
John Scott Rutherford 1845 -1924

Timaru Herald, 24 December 1910, Page 5 [Mary Elizth Brown married John Scott Rutherford in 1873]
Mrs J. S. RUTHERFORD. News of the death of Mrs Rutherford, wife of Mr J. S. Rutherford, of Opawa station, Albury, will be received with general regret. The deceased lady had been an invalid for some considerable time past, suffering from partial paralysis, and she passed away early yesterday morning. Of a quiet and retiring disposition, her name seldom came prominent before the pubic, but she was nevertheless the author of many kindly as those who came within her circle can testify; and the open handed generosity for which her home was noted is a thing known and spoken of by people in all parts of the Dominion. She was a model wife and mother, and her husband and family of three grown up sons will receive the sympathy of all in their loss. The funeral will take place to-morrow, leaving the Opawa homestead at 1 o'clock for the Albury cemetery.

Press, 14 April 1924, Page 4
A large and representative number of people attended the funeral of the late Mr J. S. Rutherford on Friday. About fifty cars followed the hearse from the beautiful homestead at Opawa, Albury, in perfect autumn weather. Chamberlain settlers and residents of Albury district and distant parts of the Mackenzie were present together with a fair sprinkling of prominent public men, and friends from the whole of Canterbury, among whom were: Messrs E. Rutherford, F. J. Rolleston, M.P., Hugh Lowry (Dalgety and Co.), E. F. Duncan. (Public Trust Office), D. C. Turnbull (chairman, Timaru Harbour Board), T. B. Garrick (Levels County Council), E. A. Grant (Mackenzie A. and P. Association), C. J. Talbot, and J. McCort (Mackenzie County Council), W. H. Orbell and C. L. Orbell (S.C. Hunt Club), D. O'Connor (Milford Lagoon Association), W. Evans, Sealey, and C. E. Hassell. The pallbearers were Messrs J. and E. Rutherford (sons of deceased), and G. L. George, Leslie, and F. Rutherford (nephews). Wreaths were very numerous, among them being tributes from the Timaru A. and P. Association, Mackenzie A. and P Association. S.C. Hunt Club, Dalgety and Co., Milford Lagoon Association, Albury Saleyards Co., Albury Football Club, Albury Tennis Club, Opawa Tennis Club, S.C. Acclimatisation Society, and also from relatives and friends. The Rev. J. B. Hall conducted the service at the homestead and at the graveside.

Robert Riddle died Feb. 22 1918 aged 61 years
also his wife Isabella died June 15 1911 aged 46 years

Timaru Herald, 7 February 1910, Page 4
RIDDLE.— On February 5th, at Albury, Charles Edward, eldest son of Robert and Isabella Riddle; aged 27 years. (From suffocation.)

Timaru Herald, 8 February 1910, Page 4
The funeral of the late Mr Riddle, who met his death by accident at the Albury coal mine on Saturday last, took place on Sunday afternoon, deceased being interred in the Albury cemetery. Although there was no time for any length of notice of the funeral, there was a very large attendance of friends from far and near, testifying to the esteem in which the deceased young man was held.

In loving memory of Olcher Player FEDDEN eldest son of the late Olcher Fedden of Cliffton, Bristol, England died 6th May 1930 in his 73rd year McBride 

Press 15 May 1930 Page 11 MR O. P. FEDDEN. [Olcher Player Fedden]
Mr O. P. ("Fred") Fedden, of Albury, recently passed away after a brief illness. Mr Fedden, who arrived by the ship Columbus, in 1875 [sic: 1873], was a very old and respected resident of Albury, and his death has removed one who had been, associated with the township and district for the past fifty years. In the early days, Mr Fedden was employed at the local stables, and later owned a number of race horses. After the railway went on to Fairlie, Mr Fedden took a position as shepherd at the Albury homestead, which was then owned by the late Mr E. Richardson. Later, he became a competent woolsorter and drover, this being his occupation up to his retirement some years ago.

Olcher P. Fedden came out to Lyttelton arriving on the ship "Columbus" 12 Sept. 1873 NZ at age 16 as a farm assistant from Middlesex. His passage was eight pounds, paid in cash. A remittance man. Fred Fedden (Mayor of Albury 1880 - 1930). He played rugby for the Albury team.

Olcher P. Fedden came out to Lyttelton arriving on the ship "Columbus" 12 Sept. 1873, at age 16, as a farm assistant from Middlesex. His passage was eight pounds, paid in cash. His father had died in 1864 when he was seven.

In his probate everything went to his brother and sister's children.

Robert PRICE died July 25th 1913 aged 45 years
also Robert Price Died 14 May 1935 aged 70 years
Birth 1864 Tipperary, Ireland

Clara Ellen Price died Feb 7th 1948 aged 71 years
[ Clara Ellen Cook b. 27 Sep 1876, Waihi Bush
Married 1 Sep 1915 the house of Michael Cook, Cricklewood
Children 1. William Alfred Price, b. 1917
Family 2 Frances Martha HENRY, b. 1867 ?
Married 1900 Glenavy, South Canterbury
1. Robert Percival Price, b. 1900
2. Frances Price, b. Jan 1902

Michael husband of Mary Ann O'Reilly died Aug. 16th 1938, aged 82 years
also his wife Mary Ann died June 11th 1949 aged 83 years RIP S. McBride

Isabella Annie wife of Alexander Morrison died Jan. 25th 1918 aged 50 years also Alexander Morrison died Feb. 19th 1918 aged 56 years. [Willow Brae Farm]

Thomas McCort born Co. Tyrone, Ireland 1860 died April 19th 1920  RIP

William Major died Jan. 12th 1928
also his son George died Aug. 29th 1929
Aged 52 years.

Agnes, third daughter, of R. & C. Irving died June 29th 1907 aged 32 years
Marion Annan, second daughter died March 12 1910 aged 38 years
Christina wife of R. Irving died March 16th 1918 aged 70 years
[Residence: Brown Hill. Buried Monday 18th March,1918  undertaker W.J. Lister]
Richard Irving died March 13 1923 aged 87 years.

Of your charity pray for repose of the soul of
Agnes wife of Thomas Hone died 1st April 1926 aged 67 years. RIP

Mary Jane wife of Thomas Hogg died March 6th 1933 aged 64 years
and her husband Thomas Hogg died Oct. 1st 1942 aged 76 years. McBride

Thomas Alexander Guthrie died Mount Nessing December 20th 1913 Aged 32 years

Infant children of John & Annie Gallen
twin sons Joseph Hugh 1938 and Michael Leslie 1938
daughter Mary Therese 1944
daughter Katherine Anne 1946

Edward William Hugh "Teddie" 2nd son of Edward & Annie Gallen died April 5th 1924 aged 24 years result of an accident
also his mother Annie, wife of Edward Gallen died Dec. 30th 1932 aged 62 years
and of Edward died March 9th 1943 aged 78 years. RIP

Hugh husband of Catherine Gallen died Sept. 27th 1923 aged 65 years
also his wife Catherine died March 24th 1938 aged 68 years RIP

GALLEN. Nine of the original 13 children of Jamie (James) and Eleanor (McDaid) Gallen emigrated to Canterbury, N.Z. All settled in the Albury/Fairlie district and married into Robinson, Keenan, Wade, Harnett and Dick families. These nine were: William, Hugh, Hannah, Joseph, Catherine, Eleanor, Winifred, Edward and Michael. Of the remaining four, two (John and Mary-Ann) emigrated to the United States and two (James and Bridget) remained in Ireland.


Jane Elizabeth wife of Isaac Curtis died Nov 12th 1918 aged 78 years and
also her husband Isaac died June 2nd 1925 aged 92 years.
Jane was buried on Friday 15th Nov. J.E. Miles, undertaker.

John Bawn Connor died Oct. 10th 1918 aged 79 years
also Mary wife of above died May 1st 1925. Aged 71 years. RIP

Margaret wife of William Casey. Died Sep. 30th 1921. Aged 47 years. RIP
also William husband of the above died Feb. 6th 1926. Aged 65 years.

To the memory of Tom Burnett, native of Glengarry, Inverness, late of Fountain Lake, Nova Scotia and brother of Andrew Burnett, Cave. Died May 6th 1921, aged 90 years. The Lord's my shepherd.

Patrick husband of Mary Brosnan died 10 Nov. 1946 also their infant son Edward and Mary Brosnan RIP

Thomas Egbert husband of Mary Jane Besley died 15 March 1952 aged 71 years
Kelbert Guy Stanley son of John and Ann Guy died 1st Aug. 1979 aged 88 years
Florence Joyce Smith

25th April 2014. No exit. What some see as a dead end others see as a turning point. Up High St. Albury

Timaru Herald, 15 March 1917, Page 6
The Friends of the late JOHN FINN, of Ma Waro (also members of the I.O.O.F., M.U. Lodge), are respectfully informed that his Funeral will leave his late residence, Ma Waro, on FRIDAY, March 16th, at 1 p.m., for the Albury Cemetery. W. J. LISTER

Timaru Herald, 8 May 1918, Page 6
The Friends of the late WILLIAM HAY are respectfully informed that the Funeral will leave the residence of his son-in-law, Mr T. Gudsell, Glendonald, Albury, TO-MORROW (Thursday), May 9th, at 2 p.m., for the Albury Cemetery. W.J. Lister.