Temuka Cemetery - one of the larger cemeteries in South Canterbury, N.Z.

Timaru District Council online database contains burial records and headstone photographs for Temuka and the districts other cemeteries. The Temuka Cemetery portion of the Timaru District database has some records not recorded because one of the burial registers was badly damaged in one of the floods a few years ago, many of the early Catholic burials are missing. I compared 60 headstones against data in the database and against the photographs below. Twelve names not listed in the TDC online database. That is 20% of names missing. One photo did not match database details. Also found the odd spelling error in the database e.g. Norah instead of Nora occurred twice. Sometimes it took a couple of searches to find the name. The big advantage of the database you can do an advanced search by cemetery and first name or surname. Temuka Cemetery was started in 1868.

Cemetery plan Sept. 2011.   Plot map Oct. 2017.  Map GE.  Location maps.

Location: Corner of Murray St. and Domain Ave. 2 Murray Street, Temuka. Drive along Domain Avenue and just pass the golf course this large cemetery and the old six-sided kauri sexton's office comes into view and now in 2017 it needs a coat of paint. Buildings in the cemetery landscape are now very rare. The RSA service section runs parallel to Domain Ave.  The roses bloom in December and January. The Albert Smith grave has blue and white bluebells which bloom every spring. The cemetery is well maintain and has a good variety of angels, draped urns and crosses and most are in good shape.  There were 7334  names in the TDC online database as of 31st Oct. 2017. As of 31st Oct. 2017 the phase Temuka Cemetery appeared in Papers Past 1,486 times. 1031 for advertising funeral notices usually on page 2 of the Temuka Leader.

A dead end job - a cemetery tour.

Temuka Cemetery gates - Photo taken by Dave MacKinven in January 2006 when the roses were in full bloom.
Photo taken in Jan. 2006. Headstones photos taken 11 years later.

Cemeteries are a place of peace, a place to wander, a place to read a few epitaphs.

A few headstones at the Temuka Cemetery photographed 3rd October 2017 by O.W. Photographs Timaru database comparison
Sacred to the memory of William ACKROYD Died 27th June 1883, Aged 9 years.

Also William ACKROYD, Died 12th April 1903, aged 71 years,
Also Elizabeth Leith ANDERSON Died 14th April 1906, Aged 39 years.
and Jane ACKROYD Died 25th  October 1916, Aged 80 years.
  Only William and Jane Ackroyd listed in plot 208, row 103 at the Temuka Cemetery. No sign of William aged 9.
May the Lord have Mercy on the Soul of John BARRY who died Dec. 13th in the year of our Lord 1882. Aged 49.
Native of Macroom, County Cork, Ireland
Mary BARRY his beloved wife, Died Aug. 30th 1913. Aged 68 years.

J. Jones, S.C., Timaru 
Mary's age is listed as 67.
1st N.Z.E.F.
55504 PTE.
Auckland Regt.
Died 1.11.1964
aged 78 years.
8/131 L/Cpl.
J. Bristow
Otago Regt.
Died 4-10-1945
  James Bristow
Section: Services.
Row 160 . Plot 679.
Erected by Hugh Brosnahan in memory of his beloved wife Julia,
who departed this life Sept. 20th 1898, aged 45 years.

Also Hugh BROSNAHAN, husband of the above who departed this life Feb. 19th 1924, Aged 71 years. 
And their son Timothy John, Killed in France, July 16th 1916. aged 26 years. R.I.P.
  Photo does not match for Julia.
Under Hugh, d. 1924, right photo.
In loving memory of Martha beloved wife of Elijah BROWN who departed this life
April 18th 1903
Aged 60 years 
"She is not dead but sleeping."

Also Elijah BROWN Died Sept. 30th 1927 aged 87 years.
Also Gertrude Alice beloved daughter of the above. Died Feb. 14th 1946
Of your charity pray for the soul of
beloved wife of Matthew M.
Born Mar. 16th 1893
Died Oct. 30th 1929
  Nora in database
Norah on headstone.
Of your charity pray for the repose of the soul of Patrick COLL
Died at Waitohi. 27th Sept. 1932. Aged 88 years

also his wife Bridget COLL Died at Waitohi  May 25th 1938 aged 75 years

Also their son Patrick Stephen. Died 12th June 1959 Aged 60 years.

In memory of
husband of Mary COUGHLAN
Died 24th June 1906
Aged 69 years
Also beloved wife
Died 2nd April 1921 
  Simon Coughlan not appearing in a search.
Sacred to the memory of
the beloved wife of
who died March 3.1881
Aged 30 years.
He that does the will of God Abide for ever. John 2.17.
Great War Veteran
19/54 Pte.
Samoan Relief
Died 9-9-1944
  Darby, Herbert Henry Miller
24146 Pte
J. Donovan
Canterbury Regt.
Died 6-5-1919
John Donovan, Clandeboye.
Peter McGregor
Also his wife
Elizabeth Mary
  Very little written on headstone. Date of Interment for Mary 26 March 1968 and for Peter 27 Aug 1951, aged 71
In memory of Mary Ann Farrell the beloved wife of Thomas Farrell who died
aged 21 years.

Also the beloved husband Thomas FARRELL who died 27th September 1888 aged 36 years.

Norah Magdalene Farrell 1892 -1931
Mary Ann Farrell and Thomas Farrell not listed in online database. Norah was 31.
Edward FITZGERALD,  s/o J. and A. Fitzgerald died Aug. 11th 1879
also their daughter NORA, Died Sept. 28th 1914
and their nephew John J. FITZGERALD Died Nov. 3rd 1883 aged 9 months

Also Thomas Bernard FITZGERALD
Killed in Action France
Sept. 12th 1918. Aged 24 years.
John J. not found in database. Extra H added to end of Nora's name in database.

A memorial inscription not expected to be found in database and did not find it.
In loving memory Mary Minnie FLYNN
Died June 19th 1915
Aged 31 years.

Name listed as Mary Theresa Flynn
Eleanor beloved wife of Peter Friel
Died August 11th 1916 Aged 70 years.
Also her beloved husband Peter FRIEL died Nov. 12th 1917 aged 75 years.
Also their beloved daughter Mary CONNOLLY. Died June 17th 1922 aged 42 years
Also Caterine FRIEL Died 1923 aged 45
Silvester & Co. ChCh.
Yes. Row 235 Plot 410. Headstone mentions Mary Connolly.

Mary Connolly
Row 235 Plot 411
not headstone.
In memory of Maurice McSheehy GENTLEMUN
who departed this life on July 26th 1929
In his 91st year.
In memory of Edith Jane GRANT
Died Nov. 20th 1883
aged 3 months

Cordelia Helen GRANT
Died Feb. 1th 1960

Lachlan John GRANT
Died Oct. 21st. 1963.
Database says Lachlan was interned 12 March 1964, five months after he died.
In memory of
Andrew GRANT
who died at
Willowbank, Temuka
Sept. 9th 1889
Aged 48 years

also his beloved wife
Died June 23rd 1888 Aged 38 years
"In Heaven Rest."
Ellen Grant not listed in database.
Andrew was buried on the 10th Sept. 1889.
Great War Veteran
82064 PTE.
Auckland Regt.
Died 29-5-1943
Aged 61
John William Jackson Griffin
2nd N.Z.E.F.
8121 GNR
N.Z. Artillery
Died 27.3.1970
Aged 54 years
Thomas William Harvey
Sacred to the memory of John HAY
Born May 26th 1822
Landed in New Zealand 1841
Died Oct. 20th 1891

Also of his wife Barbara Hay
Born 4th April 1828
Died 21st February 1894

Also their son James, husband of Helen May HAY,
Died November 29th 1911

and also of Helen Mabel HAY
Died June 23rd 1943.
"My time is in thy hands"
Photo does not match up in database.
Gladys E Washington died Aug. 21st 1879 aged 13 months pops up under Barbara Hay row 102, plot 149.

John Hay died 1891 no headstone.

Helen Mabel HAY and James Hay in row 93 plot 273 and this photo of headstone.
John Francis
Aged 80 years
In cherished memory of John Francis Hayhurst eldest son of John Hayhurst. Died Nov. 7th 1963 in his 81st year.
Erected by Mary Hoare in memory of her beloved husband Denis HOARE who departed this life
August 23rd 1904. Aged 65 years.

Also Mary Hoare wife of the above
Died April 10th 1912. Aged 69 years

and their daughter Mary V. HOARE
DIED Nov. 1st 1925. Aged 47 years
In loving memory of Mary HOARE
the beloved wife of Richard HOARE
Died 31st Dec. 1897. Aged 54 years

Also her beloved husband Richard HOARE
died 28th Jan. 1905
Aged 70 years.
Erected by Richard Hoare in memory of his beloved father
Patrick HOARE
who died Nov. 28th 1894
Aged 87 years.
Patrick Hoare not in database.
In loving remembrance of  Betsy Gamble wife of Joseph HOLWELL
who departed this life March 4th 1902
Aged 63 years.
Asleep in Jesus

Also Her beloved husband Joseph HOWELL
died Feb. 16th 1911
Aged 75 years.
In loving memory of Alice Maud the wife of Late LEONARD KEELEY
Aged 20th Aug. 1967. Aged 84 years.

In loving memory of Boston Leonard KEELEY died April 28th 1916. Aged 4½ years.
For ever with the Lord.

Great War Veteran
62068 PTE J.L. KEELEY. N.Z. Military Forces. Died 15-7-1949. NZEF Aged 63
Yes but database has added an e to Maud.

B.L. Keeley.

J.L. Keeley not listed.
Of your charity pray for the repose of the soul of
Michael beloved husband of Ellen KENNEDY
Died 2nd Feb. 1930, aged 79 years
Native of Tipperary, Ireland

Also his beloved wife ELLEN
Born Tralee Co. Kerry Ireland
Died June 25th 1932 in her 74th years.
Also their son
Trooper T.R. KENNEDY, who died of wounds Nov. 6th 1917
Aged 25 years. Buried at Beersheba, Palestine.
In loving memory of Margaret beloved wife of Joseph Lewis 
Born 6th Sept 1836
South Wales, England
Died 23rd April 1908, Blannant, Winchester, N.Z

also Joseph LEWIS beloved husband of above
Born 2nd Dec. 1830 Catisford, Swansea, South Wales, England
Died 25th May 1911 Blannant, Winchester, N.Z.
Margaret age 77


Row 42
Plot 122
Great War Veteran
25/1005 Rifleman John Cuthbert Leat McBratney
9th Reinf.
34rd Rifle Brigade
Died 5/2/1935
Aged 39.
Row 150
Plot 700
In loving memory of George
the beloved husband of
Beatrice McMillan
Oct. 26th 1899
Aged 35 years.

In the midst of life we are in death.
Row 93
Plot 224
Buried 29th Oct.
age at death 34
11899 Pte. P.A.S. MURPHY Wellington Regt. Died 25.11.1918 N.Z.E.F. aged 30.

MURPHY, Patrick Alphonsus Sansfield - WW1 11899 - Army
Occupation: Shepherd, Siberia Station for Mr Wilson. School Mangamahu. NOK: Mr P.J. Murphy, Taihape. Born 2 June 1888 Temuka. R.C. Enlisted Wanganui. Attested 11 Jan. 1916, aged 27 and 7 months. 5ft 7
½. 122lbs. Eyes grey. Hair brown. Slight lateral curvature of spine. Wellington 2nd Infantry Regt. 2nd Bn. Wounded in Somme, France 14 Sept. 1916. Shell passed through upper arm fracturing (compound fracture) humerus and injuring muscle-spiral nerve and injury to medium nerve. Was taken to Casiers where he was cleaned up. After 1 2 days taken to 2nd London G.H. Embarked on the Maheno for N.Z. 18 March 1917 from Liverpool. Discharged 24 Sept. 1917 on account of wounds received in action. No longer fit for war service and sent on home. Total service 1 year and 196 days. Died from Broncho-pneumonia, Timaru 25.11.18. Eligible plaque & scroll 31-12-23.

Temuka Leader 26 November 1918 Page 2
Among the victims of the influenza epidemic is ex-Private Patrick A. Murphy, second son of Mr P. J. Murphy, a and nephew of the Misses Murphy, of Milford. The late Private Murphy went away with the 11th Reinforcements, fought in Gallipoli and France, and was badly wounded in the arm at the Somme, which led to his being invalided home. On reaching New Zealand he was treated in several hospitals, without receiving very much benefit, but at Timaru success, was achieved. However, he had not time to recover his strength before, he was seized with influenza, and not having the strength, to battle against it he succumbed to its effects, yesterday morning. He was a fine young fellow, and a great favourite with his friends.
Murphy, Patrick Alphonsus Sarsfield
In loving memory of Johanna Murphy
Died Aug. 22nd 1918 aged 84 years.
In Memory of John OPIE
Died Jan. 10th 1920 Aged 76 years.
[a Mason emblem]

Edwin Henry Opie
Died Sept. 10th  1868 Aged 3 months.

Emmeline May OPIE
Died Feb. 25 1883 Aged 2 years

James Martin OPIE
Died July 1 1887 aged 3 days
Only John Opie listed. The other three names not in database.
In loving memory of Digory Sargent PEARSE
who died at "Landew" Temuka,
March 17th 1932 aged 87.
Rest in the Lord.

Sarah Ann PEARSE
Died August 11th 1937.
At rest.
In Memory of
Richard SHARP,
Died Feb. 12th 1919
Aged ___years.

Also Elizabeth SHARP
Died July 21st 1927
aged 52 years. 
  Yes but an e has been added to the SHARP surname.
In loving memory of Richard SHARP
Died Nov. 29th 1901
Aged 65 years.

Also his wife Margaret. Died Sep. 18th 1907.
Aged 65 years. Rest in Peace.

Erected by their loving children,Richard, Margaret and Elizabeth.

  Margaret Sharp is listed under Margaret Sharpe.
Richard is not listed.
In loving memory of Albert son of George and Mary Smith, who died 30th June 1900, Aged 2 years.

Also their son George, who died at Colombo 4th June 1916, aged 22 years.
Also their father George, who died July 12th 1934. Aged 76 years.
Also their mother Mary, who died Nov. 22nd 1938, aged 82 years.
Also Florence Elizabeth SMITH who died March 2nd 1949, aged 52.
Also Charles Hay Smith who died June 15th 1968, aged 78 years.
S. McBride
George Burnside Smith
Four buried in Row 223
Plot 172
Daniel Foley 12 March 1894
George B. Smith
Mary Smith

Charles Hay Smith is in Plot 171 with Albert Smith buried 3 July 1900.
In loving memory of William Charles the beloved son of Charles & Margaret STORY
Died 17th Feb. 1886. Aged 6 years.
Suffer little children to come unto me.

In loving memory of Margaret Story
beloved wife of Charles Story
Born  Oct. 28th 1849
Died Aug. 9th 1929
  William Charles Story not listed.
Erected by
in memory of her beloved husband
who departed this life
17 October 1890 aged 52 years
May his  soul rest in peace.

Also Timothy Joseph beloved son of the above accidently killed on May 9th 1911
aged 22 years old. R.I.P.

Also Ellen Sullivan Wife of the above Died Dec. 1st 1914. Aged 70 years.
Denis listed as aged 50 years in database.
Pray for the souls of Margaret the beloved wife of Jeremiah TANGNEY 
Died March 28th 1908 aged 44 years.
Also Cissie
Daughter of the above Died May 7th 1897. Aged 11 years
and Lucy Anastasia, Died Aug 8th 1910. Aged 20 years
Also her husband Jeremiah Died Sept. 8th 1942 Aged 98 years
Also their son Edward 21st May 1985
Jeremiah Matthew Tangney died 1942

Cissie is Catherine Tangney
In loving memory of Mary Helen the beloved wife of  James TAYLOR Died  23rd June 1914
"Thy will be done"

S. McBride

In loving memory of Jane WATSON,
Dumfrieshire, Died at Arowhenua Station July 1879 Aged 64 years

Also Gordon WILSON, son of Robert & Mary Wilson who died Feby _ 1881 aged ___ months
  under May Helen Taylor
Gordon Wilson not listed
In loving memory of AGNES
beloved wife of David TAYLOR Died 19th Oct. 1938

Also her husband
Died 9th April 1947
  David Taylor, Milford Rd, Temuka was 93 years.
Erected in loving memory of their children by
Henry & Edith VOYCE

EDITH, Died Nov. 15th 1874 aged 1 year
JESSY Died Jan. 1st 1875 Aged 3 years
BERTHA KATE, Died March 3rd 1880 aged 7 months
GEORGE, Died Feb 3rd 1883 Aged 5 weeks
EMILY WINNEFRED, Died Feb. 19th 1884 Aged 5 weeks 
MABEL ELLENDER, DIED July 6th 1885 Aged 7 years
Listed on  another headstone is
Henry died in 1926 aged 85 years.
Rosina Rebecca Voyce 17 Years 12 Apr 1885
Elizabeth Voyce 79 Years 9 Aug 1922
In loving memory of Phillip beloved husband of Clara WAREING Died. Sept. 20th 1918. Aged 67 years.

Also his wife Clara Wareing died May 17th 1927. Aged 70 years. R.I.P.
Clara Sarah Wareing
1st N.Z.E.F.
39375 PTE.
Otago Regt.
Died 25.8.1981 
Service section
Erected by sisters and brothers
To the memory of Robert Wood
Died 21st November 1919

sister of the above
Died 20th May 1922.
H.A.L. [lower right hand corner] 
aged 66 years
No for Caroline
Great War Veteran
Medical Corps
Died 27-9-1937
William Marcus Wyber, Seddon St., Temuka

Timaru Herald, 29 February 1868, Page 5
Temuka Cemetery. This cemetery reserve was laid out last week, and the first interments took place on February 8, being those of the late Mr Duff and his two grand children. The cemetery is situated at the east side of the township, near Mr Hayhurst's house, and is a most suitable position for the purpose. It is to be hoped that not long time will be allowed to elapse before the ground is fenced, as the road at present passes through it, and now that interments have taken place there is no doubt that such should not be suffered to be the case.

Timaru Herald, 7 August 1872, Page 2
Temuka Cemetery Board. A meeting of this Board was held at the Royal Hotel yesterday. Present Mr Hayhurst (chairman) Dr Rayner, Messrs Wood, Brown, Mendelson and Gray. A letter was read from Mr Parr applying for a plot of ground in the cemetery. Mr Wood applied for a plot also one for Mrs M'Kay.

Timaru Herald 7 October 1872 Page 3
Temuka Cemetery Board. This Board held its usual monthly meeting on Tuesday evening last at the Royal Hotel, Temuka. Mr Hayhurst in the chair, Messrs Mendelson, Fergusson, Wood, Stubbs, and Dr Rayner being also present. The chairman reported as to work done at the cemetery ; the fences having been repaired and sown with gorse seed at a cost of £3 4s. The following accounts were ordered to be paid : — J. Thompson for survey of cemetery, £22 10s ; Timaru Herald, books, £4 3s 9d ; D. Fergusson, £1 1s ; repairing fences, £3 4s ; labor 15s. Resolved — That a small entrance gate be made for the use of the public. Resolved — That the chairman and secretary procure a notice board for the cemetery. The secretary was instructed to procure a cash book at a cost not exceeding 5s. Resolved That lenders bo invited for stripping the surface to a depth of one inch and burning. Resolved — That a vote of thanks be given to Mr Hayhurst for his kindness in providing and planting trees and shrubs in the cemetery, and the interest he takes in the improvements.

Timaru Herald 8 January 1875 Page 3
Temuka Cemetery Board. The monthly meeting of the Board was held on Tuesday evening last. Present — Messrs Wood (chairman), Fergusson, Stubbs, and Dr Raynor. Resolved "To have the Cemetery ploughed and harrowed , Mr Stubbs to see after the same."

Temuka Leader 1 March 1883 Page 3
At a special meeting of the Temuka Cemetery Board held yesterday, it was resolved to nominate Messrs J.T. M. Hayhurst, J. Birth, and J. Meyer to the vacant seats on the Board, caused by the death of the late Mr Mendelson and the resignation of Messrs J. Hayhurst and F. Hooper. The secretary was requested to forward the above names to the Colonial Secretary, with a request to appoint them members of the Board.

Lyttelton Times 16 December 1886 Page 4
A meeting of the Temuka Cemetery Board was held on Tuesday afternoon; present Messrs Brown (Chairman), Blyth, and Mayer. Four tenders were received for the erection of a caretaker’s cottage. That of Mr J. M’Innes at £173 was accepted. The tender of Mr A. Surridge was accepted for painting a notice board. Messrs Brown, Gray, and Hayhurst were appointed a sub-Committee to select a site for the cottage. It was resolved to call up the sum of £250 now at interest by Jan. 1, as the funds were at present in arrears. Messrs Gray and Blyth were requested to audit the books of the Board by next meeting.

Temuka Leader 18 October 1887 Page 2
A meeting of the Temuka Cemetery Board was held on Friday. Present— Messrs Gray (chairman), Hayhurst, Aspinall, Meyer and Quinn. It was decided to hold future meeting of, 7.30 p.m. on the second Friday in each month. The chairman was authorised to obtain tenders and plans for the erection in the cemetery of a small building containing one room for the accommodation of the clergy.

Timaru Herald, 5 September 1892, Page 2
Most visitors to Temuka know how beautifully kept the cemetery is and now in the first flush of Spring it looks particularly well. The borders are ablaze with primroses, violets, hyacinths and other early flowers, and the sward with its first green tint looks cool and fresh. Recently, although the cause has been sad, some handsome monuments have been erected, and the caretaker. Mr Phillips, has taken every precaution that these and the graves about them are kept neatly. The entrance gates have been coated with black varnish and some of the rather unsightly pine trees have been cut down. Visitors should take an opportunity of crossing the creek to the caretaker's private garden, and take note there of a magnificent bed of hyacinths, most of which have been raised from seed. Although many blooms have been cut away the bed is still a perfect blaze of flowers and the effect is very pretty. Mr Phillips is frequently asked to sell bulbs of these pretty flowers and early in the year had to send some 6lb weight to Dunedin to a gentleman who had previously seen the bed referred to.  

New Zealand Tablet, 2 September 1898, Page 15 MR. W. CUNNINGHAM
An old resident of Otago in the person of Mr. William Cunningham has passed away. Mr. Cunningham arrived in the Colony over 30 years ago, and for the greater part of the time resided in Otago. Formerly he was the travelling representative for this paper. He died at Dunedin, and in compliance with his known wishes he was buried in Temuka. Deceased was a practical Catholic. In his will he bequeathed various sums to charitable purposes, references to which will be found elsewhere in our columns.

RSA section Temuka Cemetery gates - Photo taken by Dave MacKinven in January 2006.

Timaru Herald May 2000
Restrictions on the size, colour and lettering on plaques in the ashes area of the Temuka Cemetery are to be removed. The ashes area in the Temuka Cemetery was established in 1979 with strict controls on plaques as to size (130x250mm), lettering (gold or silver), and colour (black or charcoal). The Temuka community board at its last meeting agreed that the restrictions should remain, but that there be some discretion on a case-by-case basis.  

Timaru Herald 11 August 2013
The Timaru District Council owns the Temuka public cemetery and surrounding land which totals seven hectares. Currently half the land is in use with the other half undeveloped and used for grazing. In August 2013 resource consents were gained by the Timaru District Council to extend Temuka Cemetery on the corner of Domain Ave and Murray St. The consents were sought early so land could be used gradually as it was needed, and planting established. The consents are applicable for 35 years but the extra land is unlikely to be required for six to eight years. Established in the 1870s the cemetery has developed to the eastern boundary with land to the north still available. It is not laid out by denominations and caters for about 40 burials and 15 to 20 cremations annually. Figures fluctuate, but Temuka tends to have a higher number of burials compared with the rest of the country with about 70 per cent and 30 per cent cremations. Elsewhere, the mix was closer to 40 per cent of burials.

2013. Part of the land at the cemetery is already leased out and if it is used then it is forecast another 80 to 100 years of space is left.

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