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Please note the details below are subject to change.  Click on any calendar's coloured weekdays to link to more details.

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14 November 2019


Wellington City Archives entrance

'What is available at Wellington City Archives' - Adrian Humphris, Wellington City Archivist

In February 2020 there will be a visit to Wellington City Archives for those members who are interested.  More details closer to the date.

21 November 2019


'The First Christmas, AD313' - Patrick Fenlon

The Christian Church was created in AD313 in Rome, at the height of the Roman Empire.  Celebrated on December 25th, what would those first Roman Christians have eaten?

Morning tea to follow, as this is the last morning meeting for the year.

12 December 2019


'Old Recipe Books and Recipes from Christmas Past' - Helene Philpott & Susie Fraser

Please bring your old recipes books and memories of food at Christmas time.

As this is the last meeting for the year, a Supper will follow, and will include a celebration cake made by Susie from an old recipe.

13 February 2020



20 February 2020


Wellington City Archives entrance

'Visit to Wellington City Archives'

More details closer to the date.

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