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Albert Park Air Raid Tunnels

The Albert Park tunnels were built in 1942 to shelter 22,000 people from anticipated air raids and were sealed in 1946. There are more than 3.5 kilometres of tunnels. The Albert Park tunnels could open to the public within 12 months.

Construction workers have entered one tunnel on the corner of Kitchener Street and Bacon Lane and have discovered the clay blocks, used to seal the tunnels, are still in good condition. The old air-raid tunnels were sealed with over eight million blocks in 1946.

Saving the clay blocks is important for maintaining the history of the tunnels, and they will be used to pave the tunnels of the proposed development.

Also found by the construction company were wooden sleepers and metal dog spikes used to keep the rail tracks in place on the sleepers. The track was needed to transport the heavy blocks into the tunnel.

The next stage of the project will be to enter the void above the blocks and determine the condition of the tunnel before further excavation.

If you have any tunnels information or memorabilia please contact Bill Reid on 025 844 783, or fax 818 4235.

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