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The 1899 Membership Register
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Roll of Members — S

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Membership in the Society of the Sons of the American Revolution is based solely on lineal descent from an ancestor who assisted in securing the Independence of the United States, and wherever the Revolutionary services of collateral members of a family are given in the following pages, they are mentioned only as matter of interest, as are many other facts which in themselves constitute no ground for eligibility. Antecedent generations in the Revolutionary line, back to the immigrant ancestor, are given when they are on record in the Society's archives, as adding value to the book, but the absence of such antecedent lineage in other cases does not necessarily mean that the families can be traced no further, as the Society does not require that the line shall be given further back than the Revolutionary patriot. Every member has been requested to supply for this book his college degrees, military services, public offices and the other organizations to which he belongs, but where such data are lacking, allowance should be made in some instances for the inaccessibility of many members on account of the War with Spain, and in others for the fact that the sending of such information was entirely optional. In order to assist the eye, an index figure has been substituted for a repetition of the world "great" in generations more remote than great-grandson. Thus, "great²-grandson" means "great-great-grandson"; "great5-grandson" means "great-great-great-great-great-grandson," etc. The names of the lineal ancestors who participated in the Revolution are printed in italics, and refer to the corresponding names in the "Roll of Ancestors." The numbers set opposite each member's name are his State and National Numbers respectively.

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HOWARD SCRIBNER [State: 711; National: 8411] Pelham, N.Y.
General manager. Born, Yonkers, N. Y., Feb. 23, 1863. Son of G. Hilton Scribner and Sarah Woodbury Pettengill; grandson of James Osgood Pettengill and Emeline Woodbury; great-grandson of James Pettengill, Jr., and Hannah True; gr²-grandson of Benjamin Pettengill and Mehitable Kimball.
WILLIAM WARBURTON SCRUGHAM [State: 571; National: 5371] Yonkers, N.Y.
Lawyer. Born, Yonkers, N.Y., Feb. 18, 1860. Degrees of A.B. from columbia College, 1880, and LL.B., 1882. Member of Board of Education and Acting City Judge. Member of Columbia College Alumni, Westchester County Bar Association, and New York City Bar Association. Son of Wm. Warburton Scrugham and Mary Kellinger; grandson of DeWitt C. Kellinger and Mary Seely; great-grandson of Isaac Seely and Anna Mead; gtª-grandson of Gideon Seely and Deborah Lockwood.
GEORGE HAROLD SELLECK [State: 1080; National: 9880] New York City
Electrical Engineer. Born, New York City, May 7, 1874. Degree of E.E.   Son of Geo. Washington Selleck and Emily Brown; grandson of Stephen Miller Selleck and Charlotte Strang, and of John Brown and Rebecca Smith; great-grandson Gilbert Strang and Hester Haviland, and of Isaac Brown and Sarah Schute; gt²-grandson of Joseph Strang and Jemima Budd, and of Abraham Brown and Annie Vermilyea; gt³-grandson of Daniel Strang and Phoebe Purdy, and of John Brown and Catherine, his wife; gt4-grandson of Daniel Strang and Charlotte Hubert, and of John Brown and Marytie Hendrick.
BENJAMIN BARTON SENIA [State: 139; National: 1439] , New York City.
Engraving. Born, Westchester, N.Y., May 31, 1862. Son of John N. Senia and Adelaide B. Barton; grandson of Benjamin Asa Barton (a private in the War of 1812, guarding New York harbor), and Pamela Brewer; great-grandson of James Barton and Abigail Drake; gt²-grandson of Joseph Drake.
CHARLES PURDY SHERWOOD [State: 1159; National: 10634] White Plains, NY.
Merchant.  Born, Mt. Pleasant, Westchester Co., NY, June 6, 1851.  Elected Trustee of Village of White Plains, 1896.  Member of Hardware Club of New York City and Westchester Historical Society.  Son of John R. Sherwood and Martha Halsted; grandson of Andrew L. Halstead and Fanny Miller; great-grandson of Abraham Miller and Sarah Mabez; gt²-grandson of Elijah Miller and Ann, his wife.
PETER VALENTINE SHERWOOD [State: 1319; National: 11594] New York City
Dry goods commission merchant. Born, New York City, Aug. 16, 1873. Son of Rhodes Warner Sherwood and Augusta Eliza Ruck; grandson of Valentine Sherwood and Anastasia Virginia Lafayette Warner, and of Peter Ruck and Alice Matilda Clason; great-grandson of Austin Sherwood and Joan Rawlinson, of Peter Schemenhorn Ruck and Rachel Margaret La Tour, and of William Warner and Sarah Dusenberry; gt²-grandson of Moses Sherwood and Appolonia Rosecrans, of Anthony Wm. La Tour and Elizabeth Hughes, and of Benj. Dusenberry and Ann, his wife; gt³-grandson of Gershom Sherwood and Margaret, his wife, and of William Dusenberry and Sarah Lane.
WM. EDWARD FREDERIC SMITH [State: 1304; National: 11579] New York City
Cashier's office, U.S. Leather Co.  Born, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Sept. 14,1867. For twelve years a member of 7th Regt. N.G.N.Y., five years as Corporal; on duty during Brooklyn strike in 1895. Member of F.&A.M.  Son of Samuel Lee Smith and Mary D. Shafer; grandson of Edward Smith and Sarah Ann Lee; great-grandson of Samuel Lee and Beulah Harrison; gt²-grandson of Jonathan Lee and Mabel Little.
DAVID McNEELY KNOX STAUFFER [State: 582; National: 5382] Yonkers, N.Y.
Civil engineer and proprietor of "Engineering News." Born, Mount Ivy, Pa., March 24, 1845. Degree of A.M. from Franklin and Marshal College. Private in Second Pennsylvania Militia in Antietam campaign, 1862; Corporal, Pennsylvania Light Artillery, in West Virginia, 1863; Acting Ensign, U.S.N., 1865; for a time commanded U.S.S. "Alexandria" on lower Mississippi. Member of American Society of Civil Engineers Institution of Civil Engineers (London), Pennsylvania German Society, Loyal Legion and G.A.R.   Son of Jacob Stauffer and Mary Knox McNeely; grandson of David McNeely and Mary Knox, great-grandson of Andrew Knox and Isabella White; gt²-grandson of David Knox and Martha Jenkin. The Stauffer ancestors were Swiss Mennonites and English Quakers, and non-combatants.
CLARENCE GEORGE STONE [State: 1306; National: 11581] Mount Vernon, N.Y.
Representative of Mellen's Food in New York. Born, Detroit, Mich., July 3, 1859. Degree of Pharmaceutical Chemist from University of Michigan. Member of F.&A.M., Temple and Consistory, the Drug Trade Club of New York, etc.  Son of Horatio R. Stone and Mary Atchison; grandson of Samuel Stone and Polly Kinney; great-grandson of Thomas Stone, Sr., and Rachel Marsh.
SEYMOUR HENRY STONE [State: 1163; National: 10638] Syracuse, N.Y.
Retired. Born, Homer, N.Y., July 27, 1831. Lieutenant in Co. A, 51st Regt. N.G.N.Y., over 30 years ago. Member of all Masonic bodies, York and Scottish rites; Society of Mayflower Descendants and the Onodaga County Historical Society. Son of Jacob Thompson Stone and Mary Bennett; grandson of Thomas Stone, Jr., and Mary Webb, and of Asa Bennett, Jr., and Chloe Grow; great-grandson of Thomas Stone, Sr.., and Rachel Marsh , and of Darius Webb and Deborash Palmer; gt²-grandson of Ebenezer Webb and Ruth Crane.
FRANK SUTTON [State: 1267; National: 11117] New York City
Consulting electrical engineer. Born, New York City, Dec. 28, 1874. Degree of E.E. from Columbia University. Member of Alpha Delta Phi Club. Son of Woodruff Sutton and Fannie Steele; grandson of Wm. Steele and Annie Ostrom; Great-grandson of Jacob Ostrom and Fannie Falconer; gt²-grandson of Jonathan Falconer and Nancy Stephens; gt³-grandson of John Falconer and Elizabeth Purdy; gt4-grandson of Pierre Fauconnier and Magdalena Pasqueay.

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