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The 1899 Membership Register
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Membership in the Society of the Sons of the American Revolution is based solely on lineal descent from an ancestor who assisted in securing the Independence of the United States, and wherever the Revolutionary services of collateral members of a family are given in the following pages, they are mentioned only as matter of interest, as are many other facts which in themselves constitute no ground for eligibility. Antecedent generations in the Revolutionary line, back to the immigrant ancestor, are given when they are on record in the Society's archives, as adding value to the book, but the absence of such antecedent lineage in other cases does not necessarily mean that the families can be traced no further, as the Society does not require that the line shall be given further back than the Revolutionary patriot. Every member has been requested to supply for this book his college degrees, military services, public offices and the other organizations to which he belongs, but where such data are lacking, allowance should be made in some instances for the inaccessibility of many members on account of the War with Spain, and in others for the fact that the sending of such information was entirely optional. In order to assist the eye, an index figure has been substituted for a repetition of the world "great" in generations more remote than great-grandson. Thus, "great²-grandson" means "great-great-grandson"; "great5-grandson" means "great-great-great-great-great-grandson," etc. The names of the lineal ancestors who participated in the Revolution are printed in italics, and refer to the corresponding names in the "Roll of Ancestors." The numbers set opposite each member's name are his State and National Numbers respectively.

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RALPH WAIT PARSONS [State: 785; National: 8485] Sing Sing, N.Y.
Physician. Born, New York City, Oct. 1, 1867. Degree of M.D. from Columbia University, 1890. Member of New York Academy of Medicine, New York Neurological Society, Society of Medical Jurisprudence, etc.   Son of Ralph Lyman Parsons and Helen Loretta Wait; grandson of Thomas G. Wait and Loretta Warner; great-grandson of Joseph Wait, Jr., and Catharine, his wife; gt²-grandson of Joseph Wait and Martha Stone; gt³-grandson of John Wait; gt4-grandson of Joseph Wait; gt5-grandson of Thomas Wait; gt6-grandson of Richard Wait, who was born in England in 1608, and received grants ofland in Watertown, Mass., in 1637.
GEORGE WARREN PEASE [State: 630; National: 7130] Geneva, N. Y.
Born, Albany, N. Y., Sept. 16, 1853. Formerly, private in 7th Regiment, N. G. N. Y. Son of Richard Henry Pease and Mary Elliott Dawes; grandson of Earl Percy Pease and Mary Ives; great-grandson of Joseph Ives and Mary Sherman; gt²-grandson of Josiah Sherman and Martha Minot; gt³-grandson of Joseph Sherman and Elizabeth Winship; gt4-grandson of Capt. John Sherman who came from England in 1634.
DENNIS CHURCH PIERCE [State: 1217; National: 10917] Buffalo, N.Y.
Accountant. Born, Harrison, N.Y., March 1, 1870. Attended Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. Sergeant, Co. G, 74th Regt., N.G.N.Y. Member of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. Son of Henry Miller Pierce and Mary Jane Church; grandson of Col. Dennis Church and Mary Huntting Stewart; great-grandson of Col. Henry W. Stewart (War of 1812) and Phoebe Sherrill; gtª-grandson of William Stewart and Catherine Rowe, and of Jeremiah Sherrill and Ruth Huntting; gt³-grandson of Isaac Mulford Huntting.
JOHN HARVEY PIERCE [State: 1299; National: 11224] Rochester, N.Y.
Born, Harrison, N.Y., July 28, 1871. Son of Henry Miller Pierce, etc. See Dennis C. Pierce.
WILLIAM POPHAM PLATT [State: 885; National: 8785] White Plains, N.Y.
Lawyer. Born, White Plains, N.Y., May 16, 1858. Son of Lewis Canfield Platt and Laura Sherbrook Popham; grandson of Benoni Platt and Elizabeth Brush, and of Wm. Sherbrook Popham and Eliza Hill; great-grandson of Wm. Popham and Mary Morris.
HENRY JAMES PRENTISS [State: 486; National: 4586] Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.
Physician and anatomist. born, Flushing, L.I., July 22, 1867. Degrees of M.E. from Stevens' Institute of Technology and M.D. from University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College. Son of Adrew Morgan Prentiss and Henrietta Driggs; grandson of Henry James Prentiss and Sarah Richard Jewett; great-grandson of Henry Prentiss and Mary Calley; gtª-grandson of Joshua Prentiss and Grace Bubier.
GUSTAVUS LINNEMAN PRESCOTT [State: 1104; National: 10504] Rome, N.Y.
Born, Yonkers, N.Y., April 21, 1868. Member of Knights of Pythias, Order of Elks, L.A.W. and Commercial Travelers' National League. Son of Cyrus Dan Prescott and Eliza Fidelia Cady; grandson of Daniel Cady and Fidelia Webster Palmer, etc. see Wm. Gere Cady.
RALPH EARL PRIME, [State: 393; National: 4393] Yonkers, N.Y.
Lawyer. Born, Matteawan, N.Y., March 29, 1840. Degrees of D. C. L. from Bellevue College, now University of Omaha, and LL. D. from Wooster University. In Civil War, Lieutenant-Colonel of New York State Volunters; nominated by President Lincoln in March, 1863, to be Brigadier-General of Volunteers; engaged in battle of Big Bethel, Mechanicsville, Gaines' Mill, White Oak Swamp, Malvern Hill, South Mountain, Antietam and Blackford's Ford; severely wounded at Gaines' Mill. Trustee of Village of Yonkers, 1869-70. City Attorney of City Yonkers, 1875-76; Deputy Attorney-General of State of New York, 1895-96. Member of Loyal Legion, Society of War of 1812, Society of Colonial Wars, Founders and Patriots of America, America's Founders and Defenders, Authors' Guild, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Westchester Historical Society, and Life Fellow of Huguenot Society of London. Son of Alanson Jermain Prime and Ruth Havens Higbie; grandson of Nathaniel Scudder Prime and Julia Ann Jermain, and of Benjamin Higbie and Mary Ann Earl; great-grandson of Benjamin Youngs Prime and Mary Wheelwright Greaton, and of Ralph Earl and Ann, his wife; gt²-grandson of Ebenezer Prime and Experience Youngs, and of Ralph Earl and Phebe Whittemore; gt³-grandson of James Prime,2d, and Sarah, his wife; gt4-grandson of James Prime, 1st, of of Huguenot descent, who came from Yorkshire, Eng., it is believed, and was at New Haven, Conn., 1638, and at Milford, Conn., in 1644. The pioneer Earl ancestor was Ralph Earl, who settled in Rhode Island as early as 1638. Other immigrant ancestors from England were: Rev. John Wheelwright, friend and classmate of Oliver Cromwell, who came to Boston in 1636; Thomas Whittemore, who came to New England in 1621; Joseph Bassett, who came to Plymouth in the "Fortune" in 1621; Edmund Hobart, who came to Charlestown in 1633; Henry Pierson, who settled at Southampton in 1640; Edward Howell, who came to Boston in 1639; John Higbie, who came to Connecticut and died in 1682; Robert Case, who came to Rhode Island in 1635, in ship "Elizabeth and Ann"; William Havens, who came to Rhode Island in 1638; and Edward Thurston who came to Rhode Island prior to 1647.
RALPH EARL PRIME, Jr. [State: 452; National: 4552] Yonkers, N.Y.
Lawyer. Born, Yonkers, N.Y., July 9, 1868. Degrees of A. B. from Princeton University, 1888, and A. M., 1890. Member of Loyal Legion. Son of Ralph Earl Prime, Sr., and Annie Wolcott Richards, etc. See Ralph Earl Prime, Sr.
WILLIAM COWPER PRIME, [State: 451; National: 4551] Yonkers, N.Y.
Lawyer. Born, Yonkers, N. Y. Oct. 21, 1870. Degrees of A. B. and A. M. from Princeton University. Son of Ralph Earl Prime, Sr., and Annie Wolcott Richards, etc. See Ralph Earl Prime, Sr.
CHARLES BEALE PROVOST [State: 665; National: 7165] New York City
Order clerk. Born, Sing Sing, N.Y., Jan. 2, 1870. Son of Daniel E. Provost and Sarah Oakley Haviland; grandson of William Provost and Lydia Jones; great-grandson of Daniel Provost and Elizabeth Bishop. Daniel Provost was a third cousin of Samuel Provost, first Protestant Episcopal Bishop of New York, who is represented on one of the bronze doors of Trinity Church as welcoming Washington.
CORNELIUS AMORY PUGSLEY [State: 603; National: 7103] New York City
Banker. Born, Peekskill, N.Y., July 17, 1850. Loan Commissioner, State of New York, by appointment of Gov. Black. Member of Twilight Club, Harlem Club, Patria Club, and Chamber of Commerce. Son of Gilbert Taylor Pugsley and Julia Budtler Meeker; grandson of Jeremiah Pugsley and Hannah Underhill Taylor, and of Cornelius Meeker and Nancy Redding; great-grandson of Samuel Pugsley and Elizabeth Drake, and of Benjamin Meeker, 3d; gtª-grandson of Jeremiah Drake and Martha, his wife, and of Benjamin Meeker, 2d; Benjamin Meeker, 1st; gt³-grandson of Benjamin Meeker, 1st; gt4-grandson of William Meeker, who came to Massachusetts about 1630, appeared in New Haven in 1644, and was one of the founders of Elizabeth, N.J. in 1660.

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