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The 1899 Membership Register
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Roll of Members — D

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Membership in the Society of the Sons of the American Revolution is based solely on lineal descent from an ancestor who assisted in securing the Independence of the United States, and wherever the Revolutionary services of collateral members of a family are given in the following pages, they are mentioned only as matter of interest, as are many other facts which in themselves constitute no ground for eligibility. Antecedent generations in the Revolutionary line, back to the immigrant ancestor, are given when they are on record in the Society's archives, as adding value to the book, but the absence of such antecedent lineage in other cases does not necessarily mean that the families can be traced no further, as the Society does not require that the line shall be given further back than the Revolutionary patriot. Every member has been requested to supply for this book his college degrees, military services, public offices and the other organizations to which he belongs, but where such data are lacking, allowance should be made in some instances for the inaccessibility of many members on account of the War with Spain, and in others for the fact that the sending of such information was entirely optional. In order to assist the eye, an index figure has been substituted for a repetition of the world "great" in generations more remote than great-grandson. Thus, "great²-grandson" means "great-great-grandson"; "great5-grandson" means "great-great-great-great-great-grandson," etc. The names of the lineal ancestors who participated in the Revolution are printed in italics, and refer to the corresponding names in the "Roll of Ancestors." The numbers set opposite each member's name are his State and National Numbers respectively.

[Web Editor's Note: Besides showing the Ancestor's name in italics, I've linked the name to that on the corresponding page showing the Ancestor's name and information.]

GIDEON WILLIAMS DAVENPORT [State: 1055; National: 9705] New Rochelle, N. Y.
Lawyer. Born, Cazenovia, N. Y., Nov. 10, 1823. Died Nov. 9, 1897. Son of William Davenport and Elisabeth Olin; grandson of Eliphalet Davenport and Elizabeth Williams.
FRANKLIN PIERCE DENISON [State: 1056; National: 9706] Syracuse, N.Y.
Born, Syracuse, N.Y., Oct. 29, 1854. Son of Henry D. Denison and Melissa M. Sutherland; grandson of Daniel Denison and Maria Kipp De La Mater, and of Anson Sutherland and Maria Midler; great-grandson of Isaac De La Mater and Hannah Barlow, and of James Midler and Amanda Stanard; gt²-grandson of John De La Mater and Maria Kipp, and of Christopher Midler and Mary Midler; gt³-grandson of Jacobus James De La Mater and Gertrude Ysselsteyn. The name De La Mater of Delamater was originally spelled De La Maitre. The immigrant ancestor was Claud La Maitre who came to American with his bride, Hester Du Bois, in 1652 and settled at Flatbush, and who descended from an ancient house in Brittany The Denison ancestors were of Norman blood.
HENRY De La MATER DENISON [State: 1379; National: 12279] Syracuse, N.Y.
Connected with Department of Public Works. Born, Syracuse, N.Y., Sept. 25, 1875. Son of Lucius Sutherland Denison and Henrietta Hurst; grandson of Henry De La Mater Denison and Melissa Sutherland, etc. See Franklin Pierce Denison.
CHAUNCEY DEPEW , [State: 811; National: 8711] Buffalo, N. Y.
Railroads. Born, Buffalo, N. Y., May 26, 1867. Son of William B. Depew and Helen S. G. Depew; grandson of Isaac Depew and Martha Mitchell; etc. See Chauncey Mitchell Depew. (See next entry.)
CHAUNCEY MITCHELL DEPEW , [State: 2; National: 4002] New York City.
United States Senator and Chairman of Vanderbilt System of Railroads. Born, Peekskill, N. Y., April 23, 1834. Graduated by Yale College, from which he received the degree of LL. D. Adjutant of 18th Regt. of the New York National Guard during the Civil War and in 30-day service. Colonel and Judge Advocate on Staff of Maj.-Gen. Husted, New York National Guard. Elected to the New York State Assembly in 1861; re-elected in 1862; elected Secretary of State of New York in 1863; made Regent of the University of the State of New York by the Legislature in 1874; appointed by the Legislature one of the Commissioners to build the State Capitol; appointed and confirmed Minister to Japan in 1866; tendered United States Senatorship in 1884 and declined; offered Secretaryship of State of the United States to succeed James G. Blaine in 1892 and decined; tendered nomination for Governor of New York in 1894 and declined; elected United States Senator in 1899. Member of "Skull and Bones" of Yale University, Huguenot Society of America, Chamber of Commerce, Union League Club, Yale Alumni Association, Metropolitan Club, Lotus, University, Lawyers', Republican, Players', Tuxedo, New York Yacht, Quaint, Yale, Press, and Transportation Clubs of New York, Psi Upsilon, St. Nicholas and Holland Societies of New York, Authors' Guild and Century Association of New York, Montauk Club of Brooklyn, and New port Golf Club.
Son of Isaac Depew and Martha Mitchell, grandson of Chauncey Root Mitchell and Ann Johnstone; great-grandson of Rev. Justus Mitchell and Martha Sherman; great²-grandson of Rev. Josiah Sherman and Martha Minot; gt³-grandson of William Sherman and Rebecca Butler; gt4-grandson of Joseph Sherman and Elizabeth Winship; gt5-grandson of Capt. John Sherman, who came from England in 1634. Also great-grandson of Robert Johnstone and Mary Ogden, and great²-grandson of Gabriel Ogden . Also grandson of Abraham Depew and Catherine Kronkhyte; great-grandson of James Kronkhyte and Sarah —-. In the Depew line, Mr. Depew is of French Huguenot descent, the original name being DuPuy.
[Web Editor's Note: There is also a photo in the book of Mr. Chauncey Mitchell Depew which will be posted here at some later time after this editor purchases a scanner.]
GANSON DEPEW, [State: 810; National: 8710] Buffalo, N. Y.
Manufacturer. Born, Buffalo, N. Y., March 6, 1866. Member of the Buffalo, Saturn, Liberal, Independent, and Country Clubs of Buffalo, F. & A. M. and R. A. M. Appointed by Mayor a Trustee of Grosvenor Library, 1898. Son of William B. Depew and Helen S. G. Depew; grandson of Isaac Depew and Martha Mitchell; etc. See Chauncey Mitchell Depew. (See above 2 entries.)
ANDREW DEYO [State: 883; National: 8783] Yonkers, N. Y.
Member of New York Produce Exchange. Born, Yonkers, N. Y., Augus. 27, 1854. Member of Twilight, Packard College, Patria, Palisade Boat, Park Hill Country, Yonkers Lawn Tennis, Good Government, and St. Andrew's Golf Clubs, and Holland Society. Son of Philip A. Deyo and Louisa Bevier Stilwell; grandson of Andrew Deyo and Catherine Eltinge; great-grandson of Philip Deyo and Gertrude Lefevre.
JOHN H. DUNNELL [State: 57; National: 4057] New York City
Born in Croton, N. Y., Dec. 12, 1813. Completed education in New York High School in Crosby Street under elder Dr. Griscom. From 15 to 19 was 1st Sergeant and Drill Master of U. S. M. C. (Lieut.-Col. John M. Gamble), and unanimously recommended by officers to Prest. Jackson for a commission. Volunteered with the 7th New York Regt. on President Lincoln's second call; served in 9th Co. till discharged. Had a son in the same company. Is member and was at one time officer of Society of California Pionners, composed of those who settled in California in '49 or earlier. Son of Elbridge Gerry Dunnell and Sarah Nichols; grandson of Henry Dunnell and Tamar Gale; great-grandson of Henry Dunnell and Hannah DAggett; gt²-grandson of Jonathan Dunnel and Mehitable Kenny; gt³-grandson of Thomas Dunnell and Dianh Brimsdell; gt4-grandson of Michael Dunnell and Mary, his wife.

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