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The 1899 Membership Register
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Roll of Members — C

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Membership in the Society of the Sons of the American Revolution is based solely on lineal descent from an ancestor who assisted in securing the Independence of the United States, and wherever the Revolutionary services of collateral members of a family are given in the following pages, they are mentioned only as matter of interest, as are many other facts which in themselves constitute no ground for eligibility. Antecedent generations in the Revolutionary line, back to the immigrant ancestor, are given when they are on record in the Society's archives, as adding value to the book, but the absence of such antecedent lineage in other cases does not necessarily mean that the families can be traced no further, as the Society does not require that the line shall be given further back than the Revolutionary patriot. Every member has been requested to supply for this book his college degrees, military services, public offices and the other organizations to which he belongs, but where such data are lacking, allowance should be made in some instances for the inaccessibility of many members on account of the War with Spain, and in others for the fact that the sending of such information was entirely optional. In order to assist the eye, an index figure has been substituted for a repetition of the world "great" in generations more remote than great-grandson. Thus, "great²-grandson" means "great-great-grandson"; "great5-grandson" means "great-great-great-great-great-grandson," etc. The names of the lineal ancestors who participated in the Revolution are printed in italics, and refer to the corresponding names in the "Roll of Ancestors." The numbers set opposite each member's name are his State and National Numbers respectively.

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WILLIAM GERE CADY [State: 910; National: 8860] Syracuse, N.Y.
Judge of Municipal Court. Born, Rome, N.Y., Oct. 7, 1854. Appointed Judge of Municipal Court of Syracuse, Jan. 1, 1893, by Governor Flower. Member ofthe Citizens, Onondaga and Republican Clubs, Onodaga County Bar Association, F.&A.M. and Knights Templars. Son of Daniel Cady and Fidelia Webster Palmer; grandson of Asa Cady and Anna Stanton, and of Asher Palmer and Philena Webster; great-grandson of Elisha Cady and Ruth Waterman, of Nathan Stanton and Anna Stanton, and of Joseph Palmer and Susannah Kenne; gtª-grandson of Asa Waterman and Ruth Beebe, and of Phineas Stanton (father of the Anna Stanton last mentioned) and Elizabeth Stanton.
WILLIAM HENRY CAMPBELL [State: 1088; National: 9888] Larchmont, N. Y.
Contractor. Born, Monroe, N. Y., Jan. 1, 1845. 1st sergeant, Co. A, 124th Regt. N. Y. State Volunteers, in Civil War; engaged in battles of Fredericksburgh, Chancellorsville, Beverly Ford, Gettysburg, Locust Grove, Mine Run, Wilderness, Po River, Spottsylvania Plains, Boydton Plank Road, Hatcher's Run, Sailors' Creek, and numerous skirmishes, including Lee's surrender. Formerly Captain of Co. H. 19th Regt. N. G. N. Y. Postmaster of Larchmont 8 years; Village Trustee 6 years; now Street Commissioner. Member of G. A. R. and 124th Regiment Veteran Society. Son of Archibald Campbell and Mary Weygant; grandson of James Weygant and Mary Secor; great-grandson of John Weygant and Elizabeth Smith; gt²-grandson of Francis Smith.
WILLIAM N. GIBERT CLARK [State: 350; National: 4350] Mount Vernon, N. Y.
Born, New York, Nov. 13, 1858. Son of Charles Henry Clark and Mary Caroline Gibert; grandson of William Nicholas Gibert and Elizabeth Schermerhorn; great-grandson of John P. Schermerhorn and Rebecca Stevens; gt²-grandson of Ebenezer Stevens and Rebecca Hodgson.
HARRY SEYMOUR CORNISH [State: 986; National: 9186] New York City/dt>
Manager Knickerbocker Athletic Club. Born, Hartford, Conn. Aug. 4, 1863. Son of DeWitt Clinton cornish and Emily Rhoda Hayward; grandson of Grove Cornish and Amy Humphrey; great-grandson of Col. James Cornish and Cynthia Russell; gt²-grandson of Capt. James Cornish and Ruhama Bidwell, and of Jesse Russell and (wife not given); gt³-grandson of Elisha Cornish and Hepzibah Humphrey.
LOUIS HENRY CORNISH [State: 825; National: 8425] New York City
Publisher. Born, Hartford, Conn., May 23, 1855. Member of L.A.W., L.A.P. and Bershire Club. Son of Grove Horton Cornish and Electa Catharine Adams; grandson of Grove Cornish and Amy Humphrey, and of Hiram Adams and Catherine Adams; great-grandson of Col. James Cornish and Cynthia Russell, of William Adams (father of Hiram) and Electa Roberts, and of Ambrose Adams (father of Catherine) and Coty Eno; gt²-grandson of Capt. James Cornish and Ruhama Bidwell, of Jesse Russell and (wife not given), of Capt. Wm. Adams (father of Wm.) and Rosabella Loomis, of Nathaniel Roberts and Rhoda Woodford, and of Abel Adams (father of Ambrose) and Roséné Cossett; gt³-grandson of Elisha Cornish and Hepzibah Humphrey, of Francis Loomis and Elizabeth Pinney, and of Matthew Adams (father of Abel) and Susanna Eno; gt4-grandson of James Cornish and Amy butler, and of Joseph Adams and Mary Case; gt5-grandson of Dea. James Cornish and Elizabeth Thrall, and of Daniel Adams and Mary Pinney; gt6-grandson of of James Cornish, who came from England and settled in Northampton, and of George Adams and Frances, his wife, who settled in Watertown, Mass., in 1645. The Adams line is traced back 17 generations frther. President Adams is of this common ancestry.
MATTHEW KNAPP COUZENS [State: 499; National: 4599] Yonkers, N. Y.
Civil Engineer. Born, New York City, No. 7, 1844. Died at White Plains, N. Y., about Oct. 17, 1897. Son of John Couzens and Mary M. Knapp; grandson of Matthew Couzens and Isabella Coddington; great-grandson of William Couzens; gt²-grandson of Leonard Couzens or Cozzens, who came from England and settled in Rhode Island in 1711.
FRANCIS ASBURY CRANDALL [State: 1285; National: 11210] Yonkers, N.Y.
Merchant. Born, New London, Conn., Oct. 13, 1853. Son of George Washington Crandall and Mary Benjamin; grandson of Ephraim Benjamin and Sally Greene; great-grandson of Asa Benjamin and Mary Roath, and of Peter Greene and Sarah Davis.
GEORGE R. CRAWFORD [State: 1136; National: 10536] Mount Vernon, N. Y.
President, Westchester Fire Ins. Co, Born, White Plains, N. Y., June 21, 1841. Formerly President of Village of Mount Vernon, N. Y., member of Mt. Vernon Board of Education and Chief Engineer of Mt. Vernon Fire Department. Member of all Masonic bodies of York and Scottish rites, Mystic Shrine, O. D. O., and Craftsmen's Club of New York, and President of the Democratic Club of Mt. Vernon and the Eastchester Association of Descendants of Revolutionary Sires. Son of Elisha Crawford and Judith Tompkins; grandson of Samuel Crawford, Jr., and Anna Horton; great-grandson of Samuel Crawford and Jane (his wife).
JOHN CURREY [State: 1126; National: 10926] San Francisco, Cal.
Lawyer. Born, Cortlandtown, N. Y. , Oct. 4, 1814. Degree of LL. D., from Williams College. Formerly Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of California. Member of Society of California Pioneers, California Academy of Sciences, etc. Son of Thomas Currey and Rebecca Ward; grandson of Stephen Currey and Frances Moore; great-grandson of Richard Currey.
JONATHAN B. CURREY [State: 1332; National: 11732] New York City.
Secretary of Metropolitan Savings Bank of New York City. Born, Yorktown, N. Y., May 9, 1845. Son of Thomas Currey and Rebecca Ward; grandson of Stephen Currey and Frances Moore; great-grandson of Richard Currey.
FREDERICK ALLAN CURTIS [State: 909; National: 8859] Mount Vernon, N. Y.
Superintendent in Alumiunum Works. Born, Mount Vernon, N. Y., May 18, 1872. Son of David C. Curtis and Sarah Russell; grandson of Rutherford Russell and Olive Culver; great-grandson of Moses Culver and Esther Hall; gt²-grandson of Titus Hall and Olive Barnes.

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