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The 1899 Membership Register
for The Empire State Society, S.A.R.

Roll of Ancestors — K

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Following are the records of the Revolutionary Ancestors of the Members. The names here printed in CAPITALS correspond to the names printed in italics in the Roll of Members; and the names here printed in italics, being the names of Members descended from these ancestors, respectively, correspond to the names printed in CAPITALS in the Roll of Members.

Born in Norwalk or Ridgefield, Conn., Feb. 9, 1716; died in Ridgebury, Conn., June 17, 1781; Lieutenant in Capt. Nehemiah Beardsley's Co., 5th Continental Line, from May 1 to Nov. 2, 1775; also Captain Bradley's Battalion, Wadsworth's Brigade, raised in May, 1776, and was taken prisoner, with his company, at Fort Washington, Nov. 16, 1776. — Frederick M. Keeler, John H. Keeler, John H., Keeler, Jr.
Baptized in Schaghticoke, N. Y., June 14, 1740; died there Aug. 28, 1829; private in the 14th Regt. of Albany Co., N.Y., Militia, commanded, successively, by Cols. John Knickerbocker and Peter Yates, in the company of Capts. C. Vandenburgh and G. T. Bradt; in active service at Burgoyne's surrender, and from July 23 to Oct. 13, 1779, May 17 to June 7, 1780, Oct. 11 to Nov. 12, 1780, and Oct. 10 to Nov. 24, 1781. — Sumner Ely Wetmore Kittelle.
Born in County Antrim, Ire., 1727-28; died in Montgomery Co., Pa., Oct. 17, 1807; commissioned Justice of Court of Common Please of Pennsylvania, June 6, 1777, and was Chairman of Committee of Correspondence of Whitpain, Montgomery Co. A price having been put on his head, five Tories besieged his house in January, 1778, when he was shot in the thigh and lamed for life. Two of the Tories were caught and hanged. Two brothers of Andrew Knox, Matthew and William, were commissioned officers. — David McNeely Knox Stauffer.
Captain in the 3d, or Manor of Van Cortlandt, Regt., of New York State, of which Pierre Van Cortlandt was Colonel. — Chauncey Depew, Chauncey M. Depew, Ganson Depew.

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