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The 1899 Membership Register
for The Empire State Society, S.A.R.

Roll of Ancestors — G

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Following are the records of the Revolutionary Ancestors of the Members. The names here printed in CAPITALS correspond to the names printed in italics in the Roll of Members; and the names here printed in italics, being the names of Members descended from these ancestors, respectively, correspond to the names printed in CAPITALS in the Roll of Members.

Born in Norwich, Conn. Aug. 3, 1737; moved to Brooklyn, Pa.; at the Wyoming massacre, July 3, 1778, he led a company and perished in the bloody conflict. Hhis name is perpetuated on the monument that marks the spot. After the massacre his wife and children fled to New York State and joined relatives near Albany. — Sumner Ely Wetmore Kittelle.
Born in Exeter, N.H., May 5, 1738; died in Marietta, O., May 14, 1806; Chairman of the Committee of Safety; made large advances of money for the purchase of blankets, etc., for New Hampshire troops, during pressing necessities of the Government, and took in return Continental paper, by which his family estate was entirely ruined. — Theodore Gilman, Theodore Gilman Jr.
Born in Greenwich, R.I., about 1745; died March 20, 1834; appointed by the General Assembly Recruiting Officer for the town of Exeter; appointed to procure blankets for the army; commissioned Captain of the 2d Co. of Exeter, 2d Battalion of Kings Co. Militia, in May, 1781, and reappointed Captain of the same in 1784. — Charles E. Gorton.
Born in Warwick, R. I., in 1751; died in Preston, Conn., April 3, 1834; Sergeant in Capt. Square Millard's Co. of Rhode Island troops in 1777. — Francis Asbury Crandall.

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