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Westchester County, NY 

Turner's New York & Harlem Railroad Directory
between New York City and Brewster for the Years 1891-1892

Published by E.F Turner & co. of 217 Elm St., Yonkers, N.Y.


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The following portion of the above-named city directory was transcribed by John LaBarre. Over time, he intends to transcribe more portions of the directory which will be added to this Westchester site as they become available.

This directory does not list every place in Westchester but rather it lists those towns and villages which are adjacent to the the Harlem Railroad which today is called the Harlem Division of MetroNorth Railroad. This rail line travels north from Grand Central Station in New York City, then roughly up the center of Westchester County, and onward into Putnam County.

Surname First name Business address or profession Home address
Acker, Mrs. Catherine Widow Wheeler Ave.
Acker, Miss. Essie   Sing Sing Rd.
Acker John   Sing Sing Rd.
Ackerman, Miss. Nettie   Railroad Ave.
Adams Wm. H. Stone mason Tarrytown Rd.
    American Express co., G.H. Wheeler, agt, Railroad depot  
Austin Edwin F. Telegraph operator Railroad Ave.
    Bailey, W.T., gen'l merchandise, harness maker, and propr. Depot House, Railroad Ave.  
Banks A. Grocer, Tarrytown Rd & Railroad Ave. Tarrytown Rd & Railroad Ave.
Banks, Miss. Carrie   Paulding
Banks Henry R. Clerk Cor Tarrytown Rd & Sing Sing Rd.
Banks, Mrs. Jane   Marble Ave.
Banks Jarvis   Marble Ave.
Banks John A. Groceries & meats, cor Tarrytown & Sing Sing Rds. Cor Tarrytown Rd & Sing Sing Rd.
Banks Leonard Constable Marble Ave.
Banks, Miss. Sadie   Marble Ave.
Barry Thomas Laborer Sing Sing Rd.
Bell Theo. S. Shoe operator Washington Ave.
Bell Wm. H. Shoe mfy. Railroad Ave.
Boice, Mrs. M.E. Dry goods, etc., cor Tarrytown & Sin Sing Rds. Cor Tarrytown Rd & Sing Sing Rd.
Boice, Miss. Susan   Cor Tarrytown Rd & Sing Sing Rd.
Boice Wesley Carpenter Cor Tarrytown Rd & Sing Sing Rd.
Boice William W. Emp shoe factory Cor Tarrytown Rd & Sing Sing Rd.
Boyce Charles Shoe operator Becks Ave.
Boyce Geo. W. Shoemaker Washington Ave.
Boyce Wesley Fancy goods, Sing Sing Rd & Railroad Ave. Sing Sing Rd & Railroad Ave.
Boyce William Farmer Sing Sing Rd.
Boyce William H. Shoemaker Choate Ave.
Brown James Laborer Railroad Ave.
Brown W.C. Weaver & Harness mfr. Sing Sing Rd.
Brown William Gardener Choate Ave.
Brundage, Miss. Ada M.   Washington Ave.
Brundage, Miss. Addie   Washington Ave.
Brundage Charles Carpenter Washington Ave.
Brundage, Miss. D.A.   Tarrytown Rd.
Brundage, Mrs. Emeline Widow Railroad Ave.
Brundage Frank Stableman Railroad Ave.
Brundage George Piano maker, N.Y.C. Sing Sing Rd.
Brundage Jesse Builder Tarrytown Rd.
Brundage John Carpenter Marble Ave.
Brundage Reuben, Jr.   Vanderbilt Ave.
Brundage Reuben, Sr. Carpenter & builder Washington Ave.
Brundage Theo. Carpenter Washington Ave.
Bryant Amity Carpenter Tarrytown Rd.
Buckhout William Expressman Vanderbilt Ave.
Burk Edward Laborer Tarrytown Rd.
Burk John Coachman Tarrytown Rd.
Burk, Mrs. Mary   Tarrytown Rd.
Burk Thomas Coachman Tarrytown Rd.
Bush A.M. House & sign painter, Vanderbilt Ave. Vanderbilt Ave.
Carlson Adolph J. Olson & Co. Sing Sing Rd.
Carpenter Benjamin   Wheeler Ave.
Carpenter, Mrs. Mamie L.   Washington Ave.
Choate, Dr.   Retreat for insane, Tarrytown Rd.  
Clark James F. Shoemaker Rebecca Ave near depot
    Cornell Lime Co., A Romer Pres., S. Wood Cornell, treas. And mgr, Vanderbilt Ave opp depot  
Cornell S.W. Coal, lumber, etc., Vanderbilt Ave. Railroad Ave.
Cox E.F. Shoemaker Romer Place
Crolly C.C. Druggist, dry goods, etc. Railroad Ave. Railroad Ave.
Crum James Shoemaker Vermilyea
Daley Patrick   Sing Sing Rd.
Dayton, Miss. Carrie   Vermilyea
Dayton Willett Farmer Vermilyea
Deering John Laborer Wheeler Ave.
Deering, Miss. Kate   Wheeler Ave.
Deering, Miss. Maggie   Wheeler Ave.
Donnelly Rosie Domestic Leggett Ave.
Duggan Edward J. Brakeman Vanderbilt Ave.
Dunn M.E. Ice dealer & cider mfr. Tarrytown Rd.
Durney John Supt. Ice houses Sing Sing Rd.
Durney Richard Laborer Paulding
Durocher Louis Tinsmith Sing Sing Rd.
Durocher, Sr.   Sing Sing Rd.
Dutcher David Shoemaker Tarrytown Rd.
Earle D.D. Importer, N.Y.C. Railroad Ave.
    Fish Brothers, undertakers, main office, Mt Kisco, branch, Pleasantville  
Foshay George Farmer Choate Ave.
Foshay Henry S. Builder Choate Ave.
Foshay John Farm hand Sing Sing Rd.
Foshay William Painter Tarrytown Rd.
Foster. Mrs. J.C.   Tarrytown Rd.
Foster, Miss. Jennie   Tarrytown Rd.
Gale, Miss Annie (col) Domestic Railroad Ave.
Galloway John Laborer Tarrytown Rd.
Ganun C.H. Contractor & plasterer, Broadway Broadway
Gates Thomas Carpenter Railroad Ave.
Gates, Mrs. William Widow Railroad Ave.
Greaves Fred McIntosh & Greaves Railroad Ave.
Green Joseph Laborer Marble Ave.
Greig George Druggist, dry & fancy goods, Railroad Ave. Railroad Ave.
Grogan Maggie Domestic Railroad Ave.
Guion A.   Railroad Ave.
Guion, Miss. Rachel   Railroad Ave.
    Guion, William T., livery stable, Wheeler Ave., opp depot Railroad Ave.
Hall C.H.   Railroad Ave.
Hall, Miss. Carrie   Railroad Ave.
Hall John J.   Marble Ave.
Hall, Miss. Lillian   Railroad Ave.
Hammond Curtis Shoemaker Sing Sing Rd.
Hammond, Miss. Emma   Railroad Ave.
Hammond George L. Shoe mfy. Marble Ave.
Hammond Howard Shoe operator Vanderbilt Ave.
Hammond John O. Shoe operator Vanderbilt Ave.
Hammond, Miss. Lottie   Marble Ave.
Hammond M.F. Shoe mfr., Rebecca Ave. near depot Rebecca Ave near depot
Hammond, Miss. Sarah   Railroad Ave.
Hammond T.H. Shoe mfy. Paulding
Hammond William Shoemaker, Railroad Ave. Paulding
Hammond William H.   Railroad Ave.
Hart James H. Blacksmith & horseshoer, Leggett Ave. Vanderbilt Ave.
Hart John Blacksmith Vanderbilt Ave.
Henshaw Henry Barber Vanderbilt Ave.
Hill George Barber Railroad Ave.
Hoyt C.D. Clerk Railroad Ave.
    Hotel Mt. Pleasant, John Odell, prop., Wheeler Ave opp depot  
Huff Joseph Prop. Huffs Hotel, cor Rebecca & Washington, opp depot  
Huff M. Laborer Vermilyea
    Huffs Hotel, Joseph Huff, prop., cor Rebecca & Washington  
Hunter, Mrs. Emme Widow Railroad Ave.
Hunter, Miss. Jennie   Railroad Ave.
Hunter, Miss. Kate   Railroad Ave.
Hunter, Miss. Mary A. Forelady Railroad Ave.
Hutchings Wallace Laborer Tarrytown Rd.
Isaacs Reuben Japanese goods, N.Y.C. Railroad Ave.
Israel Frederick Israel & Zarr Railroad Ave.
    Israel & Zarr, shoe mfrs., Railroad Ave.  
Johnson Emile Laborer Marble Ave.
Keefe, Mrs. Eliza Widow Sing Sing Rd.
Kinch H.A.   Marble Ave.
Kinch I. Howard Deputy sherriff Marble Ave.
Knapp Abram   Washington Ave.
Knapp Charles W. Shoe operator Railroad Ave.
Knapp George Shoemaker Vanderbilt Ave.
Knapp, Miss. Grove Shoe operator Vanderbilt Ave.
Knapp Henry S. Shoemaker Vanderbilt Ave.
Knapp James P. Bar clerk, Huffs Hotel opp Railroad depot  
Knapp John W. Laborer Vanderbilt Ave.
Lambert James Farmer Sing Sing Rd.
Lambert Wm. L. Upholsterer, N.Y.C. Paulding
    Lane Bros, groceries, meats, etc., Railroad Ave.  
Lane C.M. Lane Bros also postmaster Railroad Ave.
Lane E.   Railroad Ave.
Lane W. S. Lane Bros. Railroad Ave.
Lillie D.D. Teacher Railroad Ave.
Light Melville Bar clerk Boards, Railroad Ave.
Lowry John Laborer Railroad Ave.
Lynch Michael Laborer Sing Sing Rd.
McGee, Miss. Jennie   Clark
McGee John Laborer Clark
McGee, Miss. Nellie   Clark
McIntosh Charles McIntosh & Greaves Becks Ave.
    McIntosh & Greaves, house & sign painters, Bedford Rd.  
McKeel Michael Pickle mfr. Tarrytown Rd.
Mabee, Mrs. S.L. Widow Prospect Cottage, Railroad Ave.
Mack, Dr. George A. Dentist, Railroad Ave. Chappaqua
Mengs H.T. Marble cutter Vanderbilt Ave.
Merritt, Mrs. Hiram Widow Railroad Ave.
Merritt, Mrs. William   Railroad Ave.
Mills James Painter Sing Sing Rd.
Moffit Samuel Merchant tailor Railroad Ave.
Moore B.C. Business manager, Pleasantville Journal Railroad Ave.
Moore F.B. Clerk Railroad Ave.
Moore James Custom house officer Sing Sing Rd.
Moore, Miss Kate   Railroad Ave.
Moore, Miss S.A.   Railroad Ave.
Moore W.H. Editor & prop., Pleasantville Journal Railroad Ave.
Moore W.S. Bookkeeper Railroad Ave.
Moroney James Blacksmith Wheeler Ave.
Mumerly John Shoemaker Choate Ave.
Murphy Cornelius Farmer Tarrytown Rd.
Murr, Mrs. David   Vanderbilt Ave.
Nodine James Laborer Tarrytown Rd.
Nodine Oscar Section foreman Tarrytown Rd.
Noyes, Mrs. Emily   Becks Ave.
Odell Clinton Laborer N. Washington Ave.
Odell David Laborer Washington Ave.
Odell John Prop., Hotel Mt Pleasant, also stone mason & builder, Wheeler Ave. near depot  
Olson John J. Olson & Co. Sing Sing Rd.
    Olson J. & Co., blacksmith & horse shoers, Wheeler ave, near depot  
Partelow Charles Coachman Railroad Ave.
Partelow George Cutter Railroad Ave.
Partelow Hiram Carpener & builder Choate Ave.
    Partelow's Hotel, Warren Partelow, prop., Railroad Ave.  
Partelow James Farmer Tarrytown Rd.
Partelow Jesse Laborer Vanderbilt Ave.
Partelow Warren Prop., Partelow's Hotel, Railroad Ave. Railroad Ave.
Partelow William Carpenter Tarrytown Rd.
    Pleasantvill Journal, (weekly)every Thursday, W.H. Moore, ed & pro., B.C. Moore, bus mgr., Railroad Ave.  
Ploss Sandford Laborer Railroad Ave.
Powers, Mrs. Ann Widow Sing Sing Rd.
Powers John Laborer Sing Sing Rd.
Provost Walter Laborer Becks Ave.
Quimby C.R. Shirt mfry. Marble Ave.
Quimby G.W. Shirt mfry., Railroad Ave. Chappaqua
Quimby, Mrs. Susan Widow Marble Ave.
Quimby, Mrs. Rueben Widow Railroad Ave.
Redpath, Miss Agnes Domestic Railroad Ave.
Reilly James Wines & Liquors, Railroad Ave.  
Riley James Saloon, Railroad Ave. Tarrytown Rd.
Riley Peter Collector Tarrytown Rd.
Riley Peter Farmer Tarrytown Rd.
Romer Alfred   Railroad Ave.
Rosell Wm. Express, N.Y.C. Tarrytown Rd.
Roselle John W. Shoemaker, Railroad Ave. Rebecca Ave.
Rowell H.C. Bookeeper, N.Y.C. Railroad Ave.
Rowell Wm.   Railroad Ave.
Sarles Ludlow Farmer Sing Sing Rd.
Scurry Michael Laborer Sing Sing Rd.
See Albert Bookeeper Railroad Ave.
See Alexander Mason Clark
See Calvin Farmer Becks Ave.
See, Miss. Carrie   Clark
See Levi F. Real estate & ins. Railroad Ave.
See Sylvester Real estate Railroad Ave.
See William Shoe operator Becks Ave.
Slagle Elmer Shoe operator Railroad Ave.
Slagle, Miss Essie   Church
Slagle J.H. Shoe mfr., Church Church
Smith John A. Laster Vanderbilt Ave.
Smith Kelsey Clerk Marble Ave.
Smith, Mrs. Wm. J. Widow Clark
Springsteel Joshua Shoemaker Tarrytown Rd.
Stephens Edward D. Dock dept., N.Y.C. Railroad Ave.
Stephens, Miss. Susie Teacher Railroad Ave.
Stern Joseph Japanese goods, N.Y.C. Railroad Ave.
Swift, Dr. E.P. Physician Railroad Ave.
Swords L. Painter & paper hanger Sing Sing Rd.
Taylor, Rev. F.E. Pastor Presbyterian Church Railroad Ave.
Taylor S.E. Plumber, tin & sheet iron worker, Railroad Ave. Railroad Ave.
Teller Wm. Shoemaker Romer Place
Thayer Frank   Wheeler Ave.
Thorn John I. Livery Stable & undertaker, Wheeler Ave. Railroad Ave c Wheeler Ave.
Thorn, Miss. Mary Cschool teacher Railroad Ave.
Thorn, Miss Lillie   Railroad Ave.
Thurber James W. Painter Becks Ave.
Tucker William Shoe operator Becks Ave.
Tuttle E.E. Restaurant Railroad Ave. Railroad Ave.
Tuttle Henry B.   Railroad Ave.
Valentine Isaac Shoe operator Becks Ave.
Walls George Driller Tarrytown Rd.
Walls Thomas Laborer Tarrytown Rd.
Walsh, Miss. Ann   Marble Ave.
Walsh Garrett Laborer Marble Ave.
Walsh Garrett, Jr. Shoe operator Marble Ave.
Walsh, Miss. Lizzie   Marble Ave.
Walsh William Shoe operator Marble Ave.
Washburn Benjamin Clerk Romer Place
Washburn George Groceries, meats, shoes, etc. Railroad Ave. Marble Ave.
Wheeler G.H. Station agent, also American Express agent Railroad Ave.
Wilcox Henry Fruits, fish & vegetables, Railroad Ave. Vanderbilt Ave.
Wild Alden Custom house officer Washington Ave.
Wild B.F. Contractor Washington Ave.
Wild, Miss. Nellie   Washington Ave.
Williams, Miss. Rachel Domestic Railroad Ave.
Wood Colonel   Tarrytown Rd.
Yerks I. Shoemaker Railroad Ave.
Yerks Peter B. Dry goods, groceries, Tarrytown Rd. Tarrytown Rd.
Young William Clerk Clark
Zarr Samuel Israel & Zarr Railroad Ave.

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