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Westchester County, NY

Eastchester 1698 Census

"Census of Inhabitants of the Town of Eastchester, 1698"

New York Colonial Mss., vol. XLII, Page 57. As republished in the New York Genealogical & Biographical Record, v. 38, pp. 134-135, in 1907.

"This List was Taken per mee Jssac Taylor Constable of the town of Eastchester."

William haiden
John drack
Sarah drack
Jean drack
Williams whitte
doryty yates
John tomkins
mary tomkins
Edmon tomkins
Joseph tomkins
John tomkins
hanah tomkins
Ruth tomkins
Jean tomkins
margett doxie
samuell ward
hannah ward
abigail Ward
michael Slaghter
denton thorn
Joseph drack
sarah drack
Joseph drack
John drack
samuell drack
beniamen drack
mary drack
nathanell tomkins
eliszabeth tomkins
John odwell
mary odwell
William chaderton
deberah Chaderton
thomas Chaderton
deberah Chaderton
samull Casteen
hannah Casteen
samuell Casteen
hannah Casteen
mary casten
george Copin
mary Copin
alaxander more
Ruth more
alaxander more
margret more
mary more
Ruth ueall
edward hancock
sarah hancok
elias hancok
susana hancok
John godin
mary godin
abigall godin
Jacob lawrans
Lydy lawrans
Jsac lawrans
euea lawrans
isac lawrans
John lawrans
mary lawrans
anna rous
Jeremiah fowller
elizabeth fowller
joseph fowller
samuel barly
mary motte
John Clark
bettey clark
John Clark
Noah barton
Joseph barton
mary barton
Jisac tayler
mary tayler
Jean tayler
sarah tayler
John horne
sarah whittle
Thomas uaill
sarah uaill
John uaill
after uaill
Mary uaill
John gee
mary gee
moses gee
beniame Coller
eliszabeth Coller
Joseph Coller
hannah Colle
edward auery
hannah auery
mary auery
hannah auery
ruth Chaderton
John archer
Robert stiuers
Caterne stiuers
robarte stiuers
richard stiuers
John lawrence
eliszabeth lawrans
Jacob lawrans
hannah lawrans
mathias uallintin
mary uallintin
John uallintin
matthias uallintin
sarah uallintin
mary uallintin
hannah uallintin
Jsac odwell
anna odwell
Jsac odwell
William odwell
Thomkins odwell
deberah thomkins
Nicholas concklin
sarah Concklin
John Concklin
elias Concklin
edmon Concklin
sarah Concklin
Richard sute
sarah sute
thomas sute
John sute
Rebeka sute
sarah drack
Joseph gee
Sarah gee
John lancester
abigall lancester
eliszabath lancester
mary lancester
Thomas pinkne
hannah pinkne
William pinkne
hannah pinke
susana pinke
Jean pinkne
abigall broune
Moses hoitt
eliszabeth hoitt
Rebecka thompkins
moses hoitt
eliszabeth hoitt
moses hoitt
abigall hoitt
moses tayler
ellener hoitt
ester Clark
John pinkne
abigall pinkne
sarah pinkne
abigall pinkne
mary pinkne
Sisillera pinkne
Richard osborn
John whofford
Henri fowller
abigall fowller
henre fowller
moses fowller
william fowller
John fowller
abigall fowller
rebecka fowller
susana fowller
ellener fowller
abigall squier

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