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Deaths from Various Sources in Luzerne, NY

Contributed by Robert D. Green of the Northeastern New York Genealogical Society

NameMonthAge DateBirthplaceSourceStatusNote
Aldrich, MyraSept521849NY1850 CensusMarried
Buck, Helen M.Sept41849NY1850 CensusSingle
Buttles, AlbertAug.5 months1849NY1850 CensusSingle
Cross, Halsey R.Oct.371849NY1850 CensusMarried
Cross, MarySept.221849NY1850 CensusSingle
Cross, StephenNov.711849Vt.1850 CensusMarried
Gifford, MarionDec.2 months1849NY1850 CensusSingle
Gleason, ElizabethApril11850NY1850 CensusSingle
Hartman, JosephFeb.221850NY1850 CensusSingle
Lindsey, LouisaSept.371849NY1850 CensusSingle
Ostrum, MarySept.561849NY1850 CensusMarried
Wager, John C.Oct.21849NY1850 CensusSingle
Wager, RachaelFeb.321850NY1850 CensusMarried
Wells, George H.Aug.71849NY1850 CensusSingle
Lindsey, Emmet J.2y 3m10-24-1865Warren Co. NY1865 CensusSingle
Orton, Betsey7806-15-1864Washington Co. NY1865 CensusMarried
Orton, James7702-14-1865Warren Co. NY1865 CensusWidower
Buttles, Fannie E.5 months10-24-1864Warren Co. NY1865 CensusSingle
Chadwick, Sary309-09-1864Warren Co. NY1865 CensusSingle
Gifford, Joseph8302-11-1865Warren Co. NY1865 CensusWidower
Eddy, Caroline J.5508-23-1864Warren Co. NY1865 CensusMarried
Barnes, Jane Ann6209-10-1864Warren Co. NY1865 CensusMarried
Wilcox, Henry2 months03-04-1865Warren Co. NY1865 CensusSingle
Brady, Margaret7004-19-1865Warren Co. NY1865 CensusMarried
Whittemore, MoriahNov.39Warren Co. NY1865 CensusMarried
Ralph, Wellington1511-15-1864Warren Co. NY1865 CensusSingle
Salmon, Mary A.2y 1m10-02-1864Warren Co. NY1865 CensusSingle
Howe, Mary E2705-29-1865Warren Co. NY1865 CensusMarried
Hutchen, Polly62 '05-31-1865Warren Co. NY1865 CensusMarried
Morse, Sarah309-30-1864Warren Co. NY1865 CensusSingle
Coman, Louisa2705-30-1865Warren Co. NY1865 Census
Miller, Lois7202-21-1865Warren Co. NY1865 CensusWidow
Hovey, Daniel S.6 months09-04-1864Warren Co. NY1865 CensusSingle
Butler, Eliza5904-26-1865Ct.1865 CensusMarried
Gustine, Edward J.2106-27-18621865 CensusCivil War
Taylor, Thomas05-29-18621865 CensusCivil War
Spencer, Ambrose1865 CensusCivil War
Town, Edgar1865 CensusCivil War
Jones, Lucius1865 CensusCivil War
Jones, Ephraim1865 CensusCivil War
Aldrich, Lewis1865 CensusCivil War
Hemstreet, Abram6205-20-2875NY1875 CensusWidower
Shaw, Betsey7802-20-1875NY1875 CensusWidow
Hartman, Conrad7703-12-1875Warren Co. NY1875 CensusMarried
Scofield, Harry8501-10-1875NY1875 CensusMarried
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