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Current Postings

Name Date Source
Carey, Lucinda Dowd 1911  
Cowles, Walter Horrice Wessley 1936  
Cowles, Charles Wilbur 19 Jan 1955  
Dowd, Ann Eliza Norton Parker 25 Mar 1915 Warrensburgh News
Dowd, George 23 May 1912 The Warrensburgh News
Dowd, Nancy Malinda Hall 18 Sep 1896 The Poultney Journal
Ebner, Isadore "Sally" DOD 9 Apr 1984  
Fish, Olive West 1954  
Hall, Charles 1931  
Hammond, Freeman 1958  
Howard, William N. 13 Mar 1973 The Post-Star (Glens Falls, NY)
Infield, William C. "Bill", Jr. 14 Mar 2008 The Tampa Tribune
Potter, Fanny 8 Mar 1923 The Glens Falls Times and Messenger
Pray, Edna May 16 Nov 1913  
Taylor, Ida Wells 1956  
Varney, Addison 19 Jun 1978 Glens Falls Post-Star
Varney, Augusta A. 1 Nov 1928 The Glens Falls Times
Varney, Benoni 25 Jul 1966 Glens Falls Post-Star
Varney, Daniel 1 Apr 1899 Glens Falls Morning Star
Varney, Edward R. 28 Dec 1925 Glens Falls Post-Star
Varney, Selleck 16 Mar 1951 Glens Falls Post-Star
Varney, Smith D. 30 Oct 1922 Glens Falls Post-Star
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