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Revolutionary War Pension of Jacob Randall

Jacob Randall

Jacob Randall served as a private during the Revolutionary War and lived out his later life in Luzerne, New York. He enlisted in the Massachusetts Line in June of 1778 in the town of Dorchester. He served for 9 months in the company commanded by Captain White in the fifth regiment commanded by Colonel Putnam. He applied for a pension in April of 1818 and received $8 a month. He is buried in Leavens Cemetery, Luzerne.

Several years ago, I obtained Jacob Randall's pension file from the National Archives. Rather that manually transcribing the file into HTML pages (there are 11), I decided that it would be best to present the documents as I received them. I've scanned them and made them available through the use of Zoomify. In order to view them, all you'll need is the Flash Player.

Pension File

Page Description
Page 1 A pension statement for Jacob Randall. He is to be paid $8 a month starting April 22nd, 1818.
Page 2 A notice to R. P. Rodgers of Corinth, NY.
Page 3 A note page, apparently from someone's research in 1978, that was placed in the file at the archives.
Page 4
Page 5
A statement of Jacob Randall's war service.
Page 6
Page 7
Declarations regarding the pension.
Page 8 Another note regarding Rodgers of Corinth, NY.
Page 9 An inventory of Jacob Randall's property and description of his and his family's health. The itemized value of his property was $4.63.
Page 10 A letter from January 20, 1902 that was included in the file. It is from a Fred Stork of Jamestown, NY
Page 11 Appears to be a document from the National Archives' filing system.
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