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Fourteen More Cemeteries

Uggg! I still have more cemetery transcriptions from the New York State Library. Instead of transcribing them into HTML form, I've decided to just post the photocopies as they are. This way everyone can use them rather than waiting for me to take forever to copy them over. The only drawback is that this makes the names unsearchable. You'll have to browse for whom you're looking for.

If any of you out there are interested, feel free to transcribe them and email me a text copy. That way a searchable version can be posted. This will also give me more time to work on my crazy idea involving the 1800 census. :-) But more on that later...

Baker Cemetery, Thurman
Bay Road Cemetery, Glens Falls
Cameron Cemetery, Thurman
Harrington Cemetery on Harrington Hill, Warrensburg
Hartman Hill Cemetery, Luzerne
John Harris Memorial Cemetery, Glens Falls
Johnsburg Cemetery, Johnsburg
Scofield Cemetery, Stony Creek
Seelye Cemetery, Glens Falls
Sunnyside Cemetery, Glens Falls
VanDusen Cemetery, Glens Falls
Warren County Home Cemetery, Bolton
West Street Cemetery, Glens Falls
Wing Memorial, Queensbury

~ September 21, 2007

Thurman Baptist Cemetery and Pendall Cemetery Transcriptions

Transcriptions of Thurman Baptist Cemetery and Pendall Cemetery have been added to the site.

~ September 19, 2007

Bolton Cemetery Transcription

A transcription of Bolton Cemtery has been added to the site. It contains a whopping 1485 records.

~ September 4, 2007

Several Small Cemeteries Added

Nine small cemetery transcripts from the New York State Library have been added.

Ellis Dunkley Farm, Johnsburg - 5 records
Herrick Cemetery, Bolton - 5 records
Leffingwell Cemetery, Lake George - 22 records
Morehouse Cemetery, Johnsburg - 10 records
Old Cemetery on Goodman Road, Johnsburg - 5 records
Pelick Hill, Johnsburg - 3 records
Tyrell Cemetery, Chester - 8 records
Wakeley Farm, Johnsburg - 11 records
Willie Hitchcock Farm, Johnsburg - 4 records

~ August 28, 2007

1820 Federal Census, Towns of Bolton and Warrensburg

More good news for researchers with roots in Bolton and Warrensburg. A transcription of the 1820 Federal Census has been added for these two towns. These are documents from the cache I discovered at the New York State Library.

~ August 26, 2007

New Cemetery Transcriptions

Four cemetery transcripts found by Brenda Howe at the Crandall Library Folklore Center have been added.

Adirondack Cemetery, Horicon - 180 records
Hitchcock Cemetery, Johnsburg - 13 records
North Brant Lake Cemetery, Horicon - 90 records
Potter Cemetery, Thurman - 85 records

Six cemetery transcripts from the New York State Library have been added.

Baptist Cemetery aka Glassbrook Cemetery, Stony Creek - 34 records
Evergreen Cemetery, Lake George Village - 536 records
Gage Hill Cemetery, Luzerne - 4 records
Mosher Cemetery, Thurman - 3 records
River Road Cemetery, Luzerne - 285 records
VanDusen Cemetery, Stony Creek - 11 records

~ August 24, 2007

Warrensburg Funeral Books

Warrensburg Funeral Books - Complied by Roscoe Hastings. This is an index of funeral records kept at the Warrensburg Town Historian's office. Records range from the late 1800's to 1970.

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L
M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | Y | Z

~ August 20, 2007

A History of the Town of Queensbury

Transcription has begun on A History of the Town of Queensbury by A. W. Holden, M.D., written in 1874. So far, the Introduction and Vocabulary of Indian Names has been posted online. Future posting will include chapters titled "Civil List of the Town of Queensbury", "Military Rosters", "Queensbury in the War of the Union", among many others.

~ August 19, 2007

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