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Warren County Records from Universalist Papers, 1830-1862

All these denominational newspapers were published in New York State. Material in brackets [ ] is supplied by the compiler to assist in research. Abstracted, compiled and contributed by Karen E. Dau, Rochester NY, Archivist of the New York State Convention of Universalists.


HICKS-ROCKWELL. On 19 Dec 1819, Dr. Truman B. Hicks and Charlotte B. Rockwell, daughter of Hon. Jeremy and Betsey Rockwell. The information is from Charlotte's obituary. She was a resident of Luzerne, Warren Co. at the time of her death. (Evangelical Magazine & Gospel Advocate, Utica, 23 Oct 1830)

EMEIGH-JENKINS. In Queensbury on the 3d inst. by Rev. J[oseph] A. Aspinwall, Levi Emeigh of Albany, merchant, and Lovisa Jenkins, daughter of P. B. Jenkins Esq. of Queensbury. (Evangelical Magazine & Gospel Advocate, Utica, 28 Jun 1844)

SEELEY-HOLT. In Auburn on 2 Jan, Darius H. Seeley, MD of Glens Falls, Warren Co. and Eliza J. Holt of Auburn. (Christian Ambassador, Auburn, 7 Jan 1854)

PITKIN-LADD. At Braman's Corners [Schenectady Co.] on 25 Feb by Rev. F. B. Peck, Harvey E. Pitkin of Chester and Mary Ladd of Braman's Corners. (Christian Ambassador, Auburn, 25 Apr 1857)


**Readers need to be aware that a specific date may refer to either a death or a funeral and that it may not be possible to tell which event is indicated.**

ANDERSON. In Caldwell on 25 Jan, Arabella Anderson, age 27. Funeral by Rev. Mellen of Glens Falls. (Christian Ambassador, Auburn, 15 Apr 1854)

BENTLEY. In Queensbury on 1 Jan, George Bentley, age 13 years and 4 months. Eldest son of Cornelius and Polly Bentley. Funeral by Rev. Hollister. (Evangelical Magazine & Gospel Advocate, Utica, 7 Apr 1843)

COOLEY. In Caldwell on 31 May, Martha Cooley, age 86. She was widowed twice. Her first husband, Gideon Squires, was the father of her children. (Evangelical Magazine & Gospel Advocate, Utica, 18 Jun 1831)

COFFIN. At Glens Falls on 10 Apr, John P. Coffin, age 39. A member of the Universalist Society. "A rumor was put in circulation a short time before his decease, that he had found his faith inadequate to the wants of the dying hour, and had renounced it. Hearing of this report, he desired me to state at his funeral that it was without the least foundation in truth." Survived by wife and children. Funeral by Rev. C. W. M., who wrote the obituary. (Christian Ambassador, Auburn, 13 May 1854)

FITCH. At Glens Falls on 20 Jul, Edward Fitch, age 46. Predeceased by his mother and a brother. He had been one of the founders of the local Universalist society some 10 years earlier. (Christian Ambassador, Auburn, 12 Aug 1854)

HARRIS. In Luzerne on Tue the 23rd ult. of heart disease, Daniel G. Harris, age 54, of Glens Falls. Had left his family the day before in his usual health and gone to Luzerne where "he had charge of an extensive work." Took suddenly ill at 3:00 and died at 9:00 the same evening. Had lived in Rhode Island. Known as an honest politician and businessman. Was a principal figure in the establishment and support of the Universalist church. Survived by his wife and children. Funeral Sun the 28th ult. in the church. Obituary from the Glens Falls Republican. (Evangelical Magazine & Gospel Advocate, New York, 10 May 1850)

HICKS. In Luzerne on 8 Sep, Charlotte B. Hicks, age 27. Born 1803 in Milton, Saratoga Co., daughter of Hon. Jeremy and Mrs. Betsey Rockwell. Attended school in Litchfield Connecticut. Married 19 Dec 1819 to Dr. Truman B. Hicks, who survived her. Her parents lived in Hadley at the time of her death. Also survived by a son age 8. (Evangelical Magazine & Gospel Advocate, Utica, 23 Oct 1830)

JENKINS. In Queensbury on 26 Aug of fell disease, Miss Emeline Jenkins, age 16. Daughter of Farmer B. Jenkins. Funeral in the Baptist church by Rev. C. W. M. (Christian Ambassador, Auburn, 16 Sep 1854)

JENKINS. In Queensbury on 9 Jul, Henry T. Jenkins, age "27 years, wanting one day." He was fatally injured while blasting rock. Obit by S. Jenkins of the Clinton Liberal Institute [a Universalist school at Clinton, Oneida Co. NY] who was a childhood friend of his. (Evangelical Magazine & Gospel Advocate, Utica, 23 Jul 1841)

JENKINS. In Queensbury on 1 Feb of croup, Loesa Jenkins, age 2 years, 2 months and 18 days. Daughter of Lyman and Annis Jenkins. (Christian Ambassador, Auburn, 26 Feb 1853)

JENKINS. In Queensbury on 29 Jul of consumption, Palmer Jenkins, age 71. Funeral by Rev. Phineas Hathaway at his previous request. (Evangelical Magazine & Gospel Advocate, Utica, 25 Aug 1837 and Herald of Truth, Rochester, 8 Sep 1837)

JENKINS. At Glens Falls on 20 Dec 1873, Dr. Samuel Jenkins, age 59. A former Universalist minister who later became a physician. (Christian Leader, Utica, 24 Jan 1874)

MELLEN. At Glens Falls at the home of her son Rev. C. W. Mellen on 22 Nov, Mary S. Mellen, age 60. Formerly a Congregationalist. Also survived by other children, one also a Universalist minister, Rev. W. R. G. Mellen of Auburn. Interment in Warren, Massachusetts beside the grave of her husband. (Christian Ambassador, Auburn, 23 Dec 1854)

PENDELL. In Athol on 17 Dec 1830, Elisha Pendell, age 52. Survived by his wife and children. Had been supervisor of Athol for 10-11 years. (Evangelical Magazine & Gospel Advocate, Utica, 8 Jan 1831)

SEAMAN. At Glens Falls on 7 Feb, Maria Seaman, age 32. And on 29 Mar, her husband Allen T. Seaman, age 36. Survived by 3 orphaned children. (Universalist Union, New York, 16 Apr 1836 and Evangelical Magazine & Gospel Advocate, Utica, 30 Apr 1836)

STATTS. In Queensbury on 18 Apr 1843, Anna Statts, age 35. Funeral by Rev. C. Hollister. (Evangelical Magazine & Gospel Advocate, Utica, 17 May 1844)

STATTS. In Queensbury on 2 Apr, Joiakim [sic] Statts, age 66. Funeral by Rev. S. J. [Samuel Jenkins]. (Evangelical Magazine & Gospel Advocate, Utica, 10 May 1844)

THOMAS. In Bolton on 19 Apr "of a complication of diseases," Joshua Thomas, age 67. Survived by his wife and children. Funeral 21st by Rev. Asa Priest. (Evangelical Magazine & Gospel Advocate, Utica, 11 May 1833)

VAUGHN. In Queensbury on 1 Feb, Mrs. Jemima Vaughn, age 46. Funeral 3rd in the Baptist church by Rev. S. J. [Samuel Jenkins]. (Christian Ambassador, Auburn, 15 Feb 1862)

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