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G. A. R. Post 316, Luzerne, NY

Contributed by Bob Green.

It appears from records held in the Town of Lake Luzerne's Historians files that the B. C. Butler G A R Post 316 was formed in 1883. The meetings were held at the G A R Hall which was located on River Road just past the intersection of Summit Street. Mrs. Beatrice Evens, Lake Luzerne Historian was kind enough to let me extract in formation for this chapter from her files. The minutes show this group was very active for a number of years had a Ladies Relief Auxiliary, helped with burial costs and gaining aid for widows of veterans.


The following is a list of members names that were found in the Post 316 accounts book, date range 1883-1900, and the minutes book, date range 1883-1903.

  • Adamson, A.A.
  • Aldrich, A.J.
  • Barber, William
  • Beach, Harvey
  • Bedell, John
  • Billings, A.
  • Black, Harvey
  • Blackwood, George
  • Brooks, Henry A.
  • Buck, Henry C.
  • Bullard, Arnold
  • Calen, Frederick
  • Carpenter, Truman
  • Chadwick, Milo P.
  • Champagne, William
  • Chilson, William J.
  • Clemons, Hugh
  • Clunnis, Henry
  • Colts, Joseph
  • Coon, V? B.
  • Corlew, Fred
  • Costello, Dennis
  • Coward, Edward
  • Dearborn, A.C.
  • Dingman, Bradford
  • Dunkley, George E.
  • Dunlap, David M.
  • Edmons, Gilbert
  • Frasier, George W.
  • Fuller, Joseph
  • Gray, Briggs
  • Guiles, Wesley
  • Guyette, Adolph
  • Gwinup, H.P.
  • Hall, Thomas
  • Hart, John
  • Hartman, William
  • Howe, Melvin
  • Ives, Elias
  • Jeffers, Charles
  • Jenkins, William
  • King, Ervin
  • Kingsley, Orange
  • Lafayette, Henry
  • Lawrence, James H.
  • Logans, Dr. C.M.
  • McDonald, Jerry
  • McDonald, W.M.
  • McGowen, Peter
  • Mead, William
  • Miles, Wallace
  • Miller, G.Y.
  • Murray, George
  • Olds, James W.
  • Parkman, Fred
  • Peabody, Dudley
  • Peart, John
  • Pease, Ambrose
  • Pixley, William H.
  • Putney, George
  • Ralph, Benjamin
  • Reed, Joseph
  • Rhodes, Edwin
  • Rice, Dyer P.
  • Rice, Wade
  • Richardson, Daniel
  • Ridell, John
  • Ryther, Daniel?
  • Scott, William
  • Slocum, J.A.
  • Smead, Wilson
  • Snyder, W.H.
  • Stevenson, Samuel
  • Stewart, Charles
  • Stone, B.W.
  • Stone, Walter
  • Taylor, Elias
  • Taylor,W.S.
  • Thompson, Moses
  • Tinney, Hiram
  • Vandeburg, Garvey
  • VanDusen, Zina
  • Wager, Charles H.
  • Washburn, Fred
  • Weller, John B.
  • Wilcox, Job
  • Willard, Marcus

"Record of Butler Post" - Grand Army Organization at Luzerne Named for Col. B. C. Butler.

From a newspaper article found in the Lake Luzerne Historian's files, name of paper unknown.

Luzerne Feb. 1 - B. C. Butler Post No. 316 G. A. R. of this village was organized October 20, 1888, with 96 members of which 61 have died,15 discharged or transferred, and there are at present 20 members left in good standing. Col. B. C. Butler, after whom the post is named was born in Delaware County in 1820 and came to this village in 1845, where he opened a law and surveying office. He surveyed the Luzerne-Warrensburgh stage road and the same year planted the first shade trees in this village. The Warren County Agricultural Society held its first meeting on his property, where the Wayside Inn now stands, and for five years was the president of the association.

In 1855 he represented the town of Luzerne in the board of supervisors and served one term as member of the assembly. The session was unusually long and he rose to urge upon them an adjournment giving as a reason that the whip-poor-wills were singing and it was time to plant the corn. He was then named the whip-poor-will poet, which clung to him through life.

When the war opened he started in to raise a regiment, and enlisted more than half the of men in the 93rd New York Volunteers. He was mustered in as the Lieutenant Colonel and served during the entire war. He was noted for his record as public speaker, and the proceeds of his lectures was given to the Episcopal church, which cost $30,000. In 1869 he built the Wayside Inn and managed it until his death in 1882, at which time the present G. A. R. post was organized. The Butler post was detailed to guard the funeral train, when it came down Mount McGregor and during its stay in Saratoga. They carried Enfield rifles and were fully equipped, John Duell, Hugh Clemons, and O. D. Kingsley without arms. Wilson Smead, (postmaster now) Vice Commander, and acting orderly sergeant, with side arms. George Y. Miller was the first commander of the post, when it was organized, and E. George Dunklee is the present commander. The post holds its meetings now in the afternoon instead of the evening, as the members are getting too old to go out at night.

The above appeared in a newspaper Feb. 2, 1913. Another source indicates that Col. Benjamin C. Butler was born April 4, 1821 in Oxford, N. Y. Benjamin Butler Clapp was the son of James Clapp and Julia Hyde Butler.

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