Warren County, New York
Genealogy and History

History of Warren County, H. P. Smith

History of Warren County, with illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of its Prominent Man and Pioneers. Edited by H. P. Smith. D. Mason & Co., Syracuse, NY. 1885.

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Chapter I - The Subject

Chapter II - Natural Characteristics

General Topography - The Geological Survey - Description of the Five Mountain Ranges - Recommendations to Lovers of Nature - Valleys of the County .- Lakes and Ponds - Falls and Cascades - Geology - Granite - Serpentine - Potsdam Sandstone - Sand Rock - Black Marble - Trenton Limestone - Utica Slate.

Chapter III - Indian Occupation

Original Possessors of the Soil - Relative Positions of the Algonquins and Iroquois - A Great Battle-Field - Evidences of Prolonged and Bloody Conflict - The Eastern Indians - Traditionary Origin of the Iroquois Confederacy - Peculiarities of the League - Personal Characteristics - Jesuit Labors among the Indians - Names of the Missionaries - Their Unselfish but Fruitless Work - The St. Francis Indians - Indian Nomenclature.

Chapter IV - European Discovery and Occupation

First European Colonists - Discoveries by Columbus and His Successors - Competitors for the New World - Colonization of New France - Difficulties of the Scheme - Final Success - Champlain's Advent - His Enterprising Explorations - His Colony of 1608 - Expedition against the Iroquois - The First Battle - Henry Hudson and Dutch Colonization - English Colonies at Plymouth Rock and Jamestown - Claims of Three European Powers - Subsequent Career of Champlain.

Chapter V - French and Indian War

Antagonism between the Northern Indians and the Iroquois - Lakes George and Champlain the Highways of Hostile Elements - End of the Dutch Regime - Expedition against the Mohawks under De Courcelles - The Peace of Breda - Continued Hostilities of the French and Iroquois - Invasion of the Country of the Senecas - Revenge of the Indians - Montreal Sacked- Return of Frontenac - Three English Expeditions - Schuyler's Expedition against La Prairie - Extracts from His Journal - Deplorable Condition of the French - Frontenac Marches against the Mohawks - Peace Treaty of Ryswick - Neutrality between the French and Iroquois - The English at last Rendered Desperate - Failure of their Plans - Treaty of Utrecht - Its Provisions Broken by the French - Fort St. Frederic Built.

Chapter VI - French and English Rivalry

Declaration of War between France and England - Destruction of Saratoga - Indian and French Atrocities - English Apathy - Events of 1747 - Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle - Operations by the English in 1754 - Hendrick's Speech - The Massachusetts Expedition - Braddock's Campaign - The Movement Against Crown Point - Ticonderoga - Arrival of Dieskau and Vaudreuil - Engagement between Johnson and Dieskau - English Victory - Ephraim Williams's Death - Building of Fort William Henry.

Chapter VII - French and English War

Plans of the Campaign - Apathy and Indecision of the English - Brilliant Deeds of the Rangers - Arrival of Montcalm - Capture of Oswego - Campaign of 1757- Marin's Operations - Montcalm's Preparations for the Capture of Fort William Henry - Council with the Indians - March of De Levis - Condition of the Fort - Webb's Pusillanimous Conduct - Details of the Massacre.

Chapter VIII - Continuation of French and English War

Prospects for Campaign of 1758 - Discouragement in New France - England's Preponderance - Rogers's Rangers and their Deeds - Putnam - Three Expeditions by the English - Fall of Louisburg and Du Quesne - March against Ticonderoga - Howe's Death - The French Position - Assault by the English on the French Lines - A Bloody Battle - Abercrombie's Headquarters - Victory of the French - Engagement at Half-Way Brook - Three Military Posts within the present limits of Warren County.

Chapter IX - Extinction of French Power in America

Continuation of the Famine - Exigencies of the French - Montcalm's Prophecies - Pitt's Zeal and its Effect - The Proposed Campaign - Abercrombie's Recall and Amherst's Appointment - His Extensive Military Preparations - Assembling His Army - Montcalm Asks to be Recalled - Capture of Ticonderoga and Crown Point by Amherst - Fort Gage - Destruction of the Indian Village of St. Francis - Rogers's Wonderful Expedition - Amherst's Fleet and its Operations - Gen. Wolfe before Quebec - Fall of the City - Montcalm and Wolfe Killed - Strengthening of Crown Point and Ticonderoga - Campaign of 1760 - Extinction of French Power in the New World.

Chapter X - Early Settlements

Pioneers of Northern New York - Governor De Lancey's Proclamation - Its Effect on Settlements - Jeffrey Cowper - Queensbury Surveyed - Abraham Wing's Advent - His Family - The Queensbury Patent - Names of the Original Proprietors - Their Early Meetings and Action - Division of Lots - Steps toward Permanent Settlement.

Chapter XI - From 1763 to the Revolution

The New Hampshire Grants Controversy - English Oppression of Colonists - The Sons of Liberty - The Stamp Act - Its Repeal - Obnoxious Parliamentary Action - The Liberty Pole Assault - Signals of the Revolution.

Chapter XII - From 1770 to 1775

Governor Colden's Successor - Old Troubles Renewed - A large Cup of Tea - Congress and its Declaration of Rights - Impending War - The British March to Lexington - Paul Revere's Ride - The Battle on the Green - Retreat of the British - Preparations for the Capture of Crown Point and Ticonderoga - Ethan Allen's Command - Arnolds Arrival and its Consequences - Plan of the Expedition - Capture of Ticonderoga - Surrender of Crown Point - Reassembling of Congress - Congressional Vacillation - Allen and Arnold's Naval Exploit - Indian Action in the Revolution - The Canadian Invasion - Montgomery's Initial Movements - Allen's Capture - Carleton's Plan for Relief of St. Johns - It's Failure - Capture of St. Johns and Montreal by Montgomery - Arnold's Wonderful Expedition - Montgomery before Quebec - Demand for its Surrender and the Reply - Montgomery's death and Failure of the Attack - A Disastrous Retreat - Charlotte County Created - Militia Affairs.

Chapter XIII - Close of 1776

The Canadian Mission - Its Failure - Hostilities near New York - Battle of Long Island - Small-pox at Crown Point - Carleton's Pursuit of the Americans - Dr. Thacher's Journal - Building a British Fleet for Lake Champlain - Counter-Action by Arnold - Sailing of the British Fleet - Respective Positions of the American and British Vessels - The Engagement - Retirement of the Americans - Rapid Pursuit - Arnold's Bravery - Burning of a Portion of the Fleet - Escape of the Remainder to Crown Point - The British Retire to Canada for the Winter - Campaign of 1777 - Burgoyne's Operations - Assault upon and Evacuation of Ticonderoga - The Jane McCrea Incident - Burgoyne's Surrender.

Chapter XIV - To the Close of the Revolution

Effects of Burgoyne's Defeat - The Gates-Conway Cabal - Appointment of Lafayette to Command of the Northern Department - Closing Events of the Revolution - An Insult to General Schuyler - Garrisons at Fort Edward and Vicinity - Events of 1778-'79 - Sir John Johnson's Invasion -The Sammons Incident - Capture of Fort Anne - Attack upon Fort George - A Bloody Engagement - Evacuation of Fort Edward - The Vermont Mystery - Close of the Revolution.

Chapter XV - From the Revolution to 1815

Advancement of Civil Government - Political Divisions - Renewed Difficulties with England - The Non-Intercourse Act - Its Repeal - Troubles Relative to Improvements - Declaration of War - Offensive Measures - Canada to be Invaded - Three Movements and the Results Thereof - The Northern New York Measures - Naval Operations on Lake Ontario - Attack on Sackett's Harbor by the British - Battle of Plattsburg - American Victory - Close of the War.

Chapter XVI - To the Present Time

The Early Settlement - Subdivision of Albany County - Formation of Charlotte County - Change of Name - Formation of Towns within Present Limits of Warren County - Pioneer Experiences - Warren County Organized - Boundaries - County Seat, Buildings, etc. - The "Cold Summer" - Schools and Churches - Internal Improvements - Financial Crisis 1837-'38 - State Legislation Referring to Warren County - Political Campaign - The Leather Industry - Civil List.

Chapter XVII - Land Titles

Causes Leading to Applications for Land Patents - Difficulties in Locating Many Early Patents - Conditions of Grants of Land to Officers and Privates - The Great Dellius Grant - Map of the Same - Alphabetical List of Land Patents within the present Warren County - The Glen Tract - Other Tracts and Patents - Map Making in the County.

Chapter XVIII - Warren County in the Rebellion

Patriotic Action of the County - The First Recruiting Officers - Two Companies Raised - The Twenty-second Regiment - Company Officers - Rosters - The Ninety-sixth Regiment - Company I - Company K, One Hundred Fifty-third Regiment - The Ninety-third Regiment - Warren County Enlistments - The One Hundred Eighteenth Regiment - Second Veteran Cavalry - Statistics.

Chapter XIX: County Buildings, Societies, etc.

Where Early Public Business was Transacted - The County Seat - The First County Courts - First Steps Towards Erecting County Buildings - The First Buildings - Changes in Court Terms - Burning of the County Buildings - Erection of New Ones - Attempts to remove the County Seat - Reconstruction of Buildings - The County Almshouse - Warren County Agricultural Society.

Chapter XX: The County Press

Early Papers - The First Publication in the County - The Warren Republican and its Career - The Lake George Watchman - The Glens Falls Observer - The Warren County Messenger and its Immediate Descendants - The Glens Falls Spectator - The Glens Falls Gazette - The Glens Falls Clarion - Another Republican - The Rechabite and Temperance Bugle - Glens Falls Free Press - The Warrensburgh Annual - Glens Falls Advertiser - The American Standard - The Warren County Whig - The Present Messenger - Daily Press - The Daily Times - The Morning Star.

Chapter XXI - Internal Improvements

Reminiscences - Early Lumber Operations - Incipient Commercial Operations - The Canal and Feeder - Early Railroad Agitation - The Warren County Railroad Company - Navigation Projects - Other Railroad Enterprises - The Railroad Between Fort Edward and Glens Falls.

Chapter XXII - The Bench and Bar of Warren County

Chapter XXIII - The Medical Profession

Early Medical Legislation - Organization of the State Society - The County Society - Loss of Records - First Members - Early Delegates to the State Society - List of Officers of the Warren County Society - Biographic Sketches of Prominent Members of the Profession.

Chapter XXIV - Secret Societies

The First Lodge of Free Masons in Warren County - Glens Falls Chapter - Warrensburgh Lodge - Odd Fellows - Horicon Lodge No. 305 - Horicon Lodge No. 349 - Riverside Encampment - Other Lodges.

Chapter XXV - History of the Patent and Town of Queensbury

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

Chapter XXVI - History of the Town of Luzerne

Chapter XXVII - History of the Town of Thurman

Chapter XXVIII - History of the Town of Bolton

Chapter XXIX - History of the Town of Chester

Chapter XXX - History of the Town of Johnsburgh

Chapter XXXI - History of the Town of Hague

Chapter XXXII - History of the Town of Caldwell

Chapter XXXIII - History of the Town of Warensburgh

Chapter XXXIV - History of the Town of Horicon

Chapter XXXV - History of the Town of Stony Creek

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