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Wakeley Farm in the Town of Johnsburg, Hamlet of Sodom

Originally transcribed by Stanley and Ruth Harris. Circa 1968.
From the collections of the New York State Library.

CR 18 at Sodom, Twp Johnsburg.

Wakeley, Joseph. d 13 Jan 1864. 70y 8m 3d.
Wakeley, Nancy. Wife of Jeseph Wakeley. d 19 Jan 1874. 81y 5m 20d.
Wakeley, Our Darling Ona. Dau of Edward & Jenny Wakeley. 19 May 1908-18 Apr 1910.
Wakeley, John. d 28 July 1905. 89y 11m 13d.
Wakeley, Mary Ann. Wife of Thomas Wakeley. d 21 May 1897. 78y.
Wakeley, Thomas. d 13 July 1872. 54y.
Wakeley, George D. Son of John & Susan Wakeley. d 26 Sept 1880. 16y 2_.
Wakeley, William J. Son of John & Susan Wakeley. d 5 June 1870. 15y 6m 23d.
Wakeley, Jopy J. Son of John & Susan Wakeley. d 16 Oct 1862. 3y 4m.
Wakeley, John. Son of John & Susan Wakeley. d 17 Nov 1853. 7m 20d
Wakeley, Susan (Thompson). Wife of John wakeley. d 28 Apr 1895. 70y 6m 2_.

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