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John Harris Memorial Cemetery, Glens Falls

Transcribed in 1936. From the collections of the New York State Library. Adapted for web use by Brenda Howe, 2008.

Last Name First Name Birth Death Age Info
Atherton Ulyssess   1885 4m s/o AP & CL Atherton
Atherton Willie G   1861 7y s/o AP & CL Atherton
Burt Rufus   1/1856 47y  
Burt Isaac T   10/1883 78y  
Burt Pauline   2/4/1871 58y w/o Isaac Burt
Clements Harriet L   1848 1y d/o Allen & Matilda Clements
Clements Giles   1848 3y s/o Allen & Matilda Clements
Clements Julia A   1861 5m d/o Allen & Matilda Clements
Clements Rebecca W   1841 55y w/o Seely Clements
Coles Elizabeth   1873 63y w/o Emery Coles
Cutter Eliza   1888 72y  
Davis Abijah   1887 70y  
Davis Louise   1855 28y w/o Abijah Davis
Dickinson Solomon   1/1865 78y  
Dickinson Clarissia   1849 58y w/o Solomon Dickinson
Evens James   6/1869 53y  
Evens Fayette   11/1862 5m d/o James & Mary Evens
Ferris Mariah   1848 29y w/o Sanders Ferris
Ferris Amos   1825 Infant s/o Henry & Margaret Ferris
Ferris Cynthia   1853 47y w/o Sanders Ferris
Guffin Lois   7/1852 73y w/o John D Guffin
Fuller Abbie   12/1858 22y d/o George & Jane Fuller
Fuller George   11/1888 67y  
Fuller Jane   1/1862 55y w/o George Fuller
Hearsey Sally   10/1847 64y w/o Peter Hearsey
Hickey Lena     2y d/o DW & Mary Hckey
Harris William 1752 8/1828 76y SAR*
Harris Cynthia   8/1848 86y w/o William Harris
Harris David   1813 21y s/o William & Cynthia Harris
Harris Moses   1918 14y s/o William & Cynthia Harris
Harris Samuel   5/1877 97y  
Harris John H   1848 1y s/o John & Ruth Harris
Harris John B   1846 35y  
Harris Jane L   1841 27y w/o John B Harris
Harris Sina   1852 27y w/o John B Harris
Harris Moses**   1838 89y SAR* 1775
Harris Joseph   12/1831 81y SAR*
Harris Elizabeth   1844 85y w/o Joseph Harris
Harris Elizabeth   1844 41y d/o Joseph & Elizabeth Harris
Harris William D 5/1781 2/1833    
Harris Sina 4/1782 4/1865   w/o William D Harris
Harris Lemuel P   4/1851 25y  
Harris Nelita   3/1834 4y d/o Joseph & Jane Harris
Harris Ira   1845 1y s/o Rufus & Rosilla Harris
Fuller Rosetta   1918 80y w/o James W Harris
Harris Henry   2/1885 80y  
Harris Hariet C   1898 95y  
Harris Imeliza   1815 9m d/o Henry & Hariet Harris
Harris Franklin H   1864 25y  
Harris Wesley       Child
Harris Morett B       Child
Harris Liplet   5/1888 78y  
Phelps Emma   1903 82y w/o Lipelet Harris
Harris Moses   8/1859 97y  
Harris Lois   1823 18y w/o Moses Harris
Harris Moses   11/1838 89y  
Harris Grace   1813 60y w/o Moses Harris
Harris William B   1820 49y s/o Moses & Grace Harris
Irish Susan B   1833 13y d/o David & Sally Irish
Lane William   1840 77y  
Morse John        
Morse Jane   7/1884 40y w/o John Morse
Morse Elmer   1877 1y  
Morse Ahira J   1883 17y  
Phetteplace John   1834 77y  
Robinson Adelbert   2/1854 4y s/o John & Caroline Robinson
Sly Ruth   3/1818 89y  
Sherman Maria   9/1845 2y d/o Nathan & Eliza Sherman
Vandusen Zuba A   1851 30y w/o Harvey Vandusen
Vandusen Lewis   1852 Infant s/o Harvey & Zuba Vandusen
Vandusen Elizabeth   3/1890   w/o David Vandusen
Vandusen Judy D   1890 22y  
Vandusen Abraham   1868 55y  
Vandusen Hartman   1853 74y  
Vandusen Susan     71y w/o Hartman Vandusen
Wood Polly W   9/1867 60y  
Wood Melissa   1826 14m d/o Phillip & Nancy Wood
Wood Walter   9/1862 60y  
Wood Amos   9/1839 82y  
Wood Chloe   3/1838 79y  
Wood Barney   12/1846 24y s/o Phillip & Nancy Wood
Wood John   1856 54y  
Wood Lydia   3/1835   w/o John Harris - error with this
Wood Loretta   1845 1y d/o John & Lydia Wood
Wood Margaretta   1857 24y d/o John & Lydia Wood
Hubbell Zillah   11/1878 35y w/o Julius Wood
Wood Wilson J   11/1874 1y s/o Julius & Zillah Wood
Weaver Grace   1836 31y w/o Solomon Weaver; d/o William & Sarah Lane

*SAR - Soldier of American Revolutionary War

** In the Harris Memorial Chapel Burying Ground on the Ridge Road between Glens Falls and Lake George, is a monument bearing the following inscription:

Moses Harris, 1838
He was a man that was true to his country and his fiends.  He was the man that carried the package for Gen. Schuyler and from Gen. Washington to gen. Schuyler.  It went and without doubt was the instrument, that put Gen. Burgoyne's journey to an end.  He is was, that brought the patten granted to John Lawrence and others when wild, and settled the same, being 2000 acres, to the benefit of his children and grandchildren.  For which I think I ought to do something to his memory.

SAR 1775-


JJH grandson

In June 1787 I moved with two brothers William and Joseph Harris. On to the John Lawrence patten as you may all see in the record in the Livings office of the County, at that age in 1786, but now I am done with this world and race and none but God shall say where shall be my abiding place.

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