Warren County, New York
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Old Cemetery on Goodman Road in the Town of Johnsburg, Hamlet of Bakers Mills

Originally transcribed by Stanley and Ruth Harris. Circa 1968.
From the collections of the New York State Library.

Old cemetery on Goodman Road at 4 corners at Rt. 8, Twp Johnsburg, Bakers Mills.

Morehouse, Hannah. Wife of James K Morehouse. d 21 Sept 1863. 82y.
Morehouse, James K. d 6 Feb 1867. 77y.
Dunkley, Catherine. Wife of Lawson Dunkley. 25 July 1830 - 23 Feb 1867.
Barney, Ambrose. Son of N.B & C. Barney. d 16 Mar 1864. 1y 4m.
Hitchcock, Alonzo. Son of Nathaniel & Olive Hitchcock. 25 Oct 1845 - _ Oct 1860.

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