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Welsh Heritage in Western, Central, and Eastern New York State

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Allegany Co., Centerville, NY - County Line Cemetery
Allegany Co., Centerville, NY - Welsh Congregational Church 1846-1890
Cattaraugus Co., Freedom, NY - Marker Restoration/Repaint Project
Cattaraugus Co., Freedom NY - Welsh Baptist Vital Records 1861-1890
Cattaraugus Co., Freedom NY - Welsh Christmas and New Years 1880s
Chapels, Churches and Cemeteries
Chemung Co., Elmira NY - Some Welsh Families and Individuals 1892
Directory of Upstate New York Welsh Organizations
Erie Co., Buffalo NY - Welsh Community 1878
Hudson River Valley Welsh 1830s-1840s
Letters from Wales 1911-1912 - Francis Davies
Lewis County, N. Y. Welsh Settlement and Churches
Lincoln and the Welsh of New York State, 1860-1861
Monroe Co., Rochester NY - Welsh Community - Before 1972
Moving to a New Land: Welsh Emigrant Story 1850
Onedia Co. - List of Marriages 1854-1896 - Rev. Edward Davies Record Book
Oneida Co. - Welsh in Oneida County, NY 1914 - Paul Demund Evans
Online Library - Free Books and Articles
Upstate New York Welsh Online Group
Walking Pembrokeshire: An Essay
Welsh Heritage Shop at Amazon
Welsh Immigrant Origins
Welsh Language Tools for Genealogists
The Welsh Settlement that Never Was
Where the Welsh Lived in New York State - Map
Where the Welsh Lived in New York State 1840
Where the Welsh Lived in Western New York 1865

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