Introduction to St. Mary's Cemetery Interments, Troy, NY


Introduction to the Interment Records
St. Mary’s Cemetery, Troy, NY

St. Mary’s Cemetery is a 100 acre Catholic cemetery located in Troy, New York and is located at 79 Brunswick Road, Troy, NY. Consecrated as the parish cemetery for St. Mary’s Church in Clinton Heights in 1848, the cemetery has long served Catholics from all areas of Troy.

The interment books for St. Mary’s Cemetery in Troy are now maintained at the main location of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany Cemeteries at St. Agnes Cemetery in Menands, New York.

In the area of preservation of records, St. Agnes Cemetery has partnered with the Troy Irish Genealogy Society to assist in scanning and transcribing the fragile St. Mary’s Cemetery interment books. Each interment index will then be available for review on the Troy Irish Genealogy website. For Books 1 to 4, the on-line index of these interments will show the name, date of death and age of the individual. Genealogy and family researchers will then be able to request additional information on their family members which may be available in the St. Mary’s Cemetery interment records.

Copies of additional information in the St. Mary’s cemetery records for Books 1 to 4 that may be of interest to genealogy and family researchers can be ordered from the St. Agnes Cemetery Office for a fee of $5.00. The additional information, which may be available, will vary depending upon the individual interment book.

Book 5 of the cemetery records, however, has ALL of the information from the interment books, with the exception of cause of death, posted on the TIGS website. It is no longer necessary to request additional information on these records from the cemetery office. Additional Book 5 items on the website are:

Late Residence Address

Date of Interment

Section, Lot & Location Numbers

Name of Undertaker

Remarks if Any

Social State: married, widowed, single, etc.


St. Mary’s Cemetery Gravestone Project

Book 1 - Interment Surnames 1900 – May 1910

Book 2– Interment Surnames May 1910 - December 1918

Book 3 - Interment Surnames January 1919 - April 1935

Book 4 - Interment Surnames April 1935 - November 1952

Book 5 - Interment Surnames November 1952 - June 1970


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