Introduction - Headstones in St. Agnes's Cemetery Noting Foreigh Birthplace


Headstones In St. Agnes Cemetery Menands, NY

Showing Foreign Place of Birth

Old Section of St. Agnes Cemetery

This data base of 900 names inscribed on 210 headstones in St. Agnes Cemetery in Menands, New York will be of interest to genealogy researchers.

For the most part the inscriptions are overwhelmingly of Irish immigrants to the Capital District Region. While some inscriptions merely say “Ireland” a large number are more specific and identify the County in Ireland along with the name of the town and the name of the Parish.

Tombstone Showing Place of Birth

The following data elements may be part of individual inscriptions:

- Maiden name of wife

- Relationship of inscribed names, husband, wife, mother, father, daughter, son, aunt, niece, etc.

- Dates of birth, dates of death, age at death, place of birth, place of death.

- When the surnames on a particular stone are different surnames, this may be an indication of a family relationship.

Tombstone Showing Place of Birth

In addition to the markings on each headstone, there may be some comments on the condition of the stone itself such as fallen, partially buried, deteriorated, etc. The section of St. Agnes Cemetery where the headstone is located is also shown.

Tombstone Showing Place of Birth

Thanks goes to retired N.Y.S. Assemblyman John “Jack” McEneny for obtaining these important historical records and allowing them to be widely circulated. McEneny, who has a degree in history, remains involved in archiving historical documents


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