St. Agnes Cemetery Lot Purchases Introduction & Index


St. Agnes Cemetery, Menands, NY
Lot Sale Book
1867- 1922

St. Agnes Cemetery is a 108 acre Catholic cemetery located in the Village of Menands, New York. This data base of names from the Lot Sale Book for St. Agnes is the earliest book of records of this cemetery which was founded in 1867.

Photograph of Lot Sale Book

The Lot Sale Book is quite deteriorated and due to its condition is very difficult to use without further damage. The historian at St. Agnes Cemetery allowed the Troy Irish Genealogy Society to scan the book and transcribe and publish the data contained in the book on its website.

Sample Page in Lot Sale Book
When book is open, pages measure 24 wide x 19 long


Front Copy of Deed For Certificate No. 3511
Purchased April 12, 1889

Inside Copy of Deed For Certificate No. 3511
Purchased April 12, 1889

The above deed covers the Lot purchased by Thomas O’Brien and Maurice O’Brien on April 12, 1889 for the amount of $173.94. Both Thomas and Maurice were living in Albany.

As outlined in the Deed, the westerly half of the lot is under the control of Thomas O’Brien and the easterly half of the lot is under the control of Maurice O’Brien.

Impressive Monument On Lot - Purchase Certificate No. 2907

The above ornate Celtic cross monument is erected on a lot purchased by John C. Hoellinger on May 17, 1886 for $117.00, certificate number 2907 as reported on Page H4 of the Lot Sale Book. (Photography credit to Jenn Mele)

The following data elements are part of this new series of records as shown in the Lot Sale Book:

Surname – The overwhelming majority of names are Irish surnames.

Given Name – Names of individuals involved in a joint purchase of the lot will also be listed here. Many joint lot purchasers had different surnames which may be an indication of a family relationship.

Certificate Number

Date of Certificate

Consideration – Shows the dollar amount paid for the plot.

Date of Deed

Lot Number

Plot Number

Square Feet of Plot

Remarks – If a different surname was mentioned in the remarks column, a cross-reference was made in the index to the name of the lot purchaser.

Page – Book pages only showed the alphabet letter at the top without a page number. In scanning the pages, numbers were assigned to facilitate working with transcribers and proof readers. For example, there were 11 pages of records for the letter “B” so
the scanned pages were identified as page B1 to page B11.

This new series of records will be of especial interest to researchers of the early Irish immigrant families to the Albany and surrounding area. A quick review of the surnames in the Lot Sale Book show an overwhelming number of Irish surnames as the early purchasers of lots in the then newly opened St. Agnes Cemetery.

Index of 6,063 Names
St. Agnes Cemetery, Menands, NY
Lot Sale Book
1867 – 1922

Previous work by the Troy Irish Genealogy Society with St. Agnes Cemetery resulted in the publication of three books of burial records in St. Agnes for the years 1868 to 1910. These records have been on the TIGS website – – for several years.

St. Agnes Cemetery is an example of the rural cemetery movement full of winding paths, magnificent vistas, beautiful sculptures and historic monuments.

The cemetery provides an open space for quiet walks and public enjoyment of nature, history and art.

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