Burden Work Records, 1880-84, Troy NY


Burden Iron Company Payroll Records


The information in this database was extracted from original volumes of payroll records of the Steam Mill at the Burden Iron Company in Troy NY. These volumes are part of a collection presently housed at the Rensselaer County Historical Society located at 57 Second Street, Troy NY 12180.

The records cover the following time span:
Volume One 26 April 1880 - 15 May 1884
Volume Two 15 May 1884 - 19 February 1902

It will be noted that the names of certain individuals appear multiple times. An entry was made into the payroll ledger each time a worker received pay. In addition to the information provided in this database, the original records include the number of hours an employee worked, the rate of pay and the total amount paid.

While every effort was made to transcribe the data accurately and true to its original spelling, some errors may appear. When in doubt or for further information, the researcher is advised to refer to the original source at the Rensselaer County Historical Society.

Special thanks go to the staff at Rensselaer County Historical Society for their courtesy and cooperation and also to Tom Carroll, Executive Director of the Hudson-Mohawk Industrial Gateway, who brought these records to our attention.

Transcribers: Kay Brearton, Lynn Grice, Bill McGrath, Marialice Mangan, Cathy McGrath
Formatting: Pat Connors


Volume I
April 1880 to May 1884




1880 Jan-Apr 1882 Feb-May 1883
Jan-Jun 1881 Apr-Jul 1882 Jun-Dec 1883
Jul-Dec 1881 Aug-Nov 1882 Jan-May 1884
  Dec 1882-Feb 1883  




A??nd to Brady Graidy to Hinds Morin to O'Day
Braghton to Clarey Hislop to Kampton O'Donald to Radey
Clark to Cruickshank Kane to Logan Rafferty to Seery
Crummie to Donough Lonegan to McDougall Seitz to Sweeny
Donovan to Finnelly McDowell to Morgan Sweet to Wetherspoon
Finneran to Graham   Whalen to Younger


Volume II
May 1884 to Feb 1902


May-Jun 1884 1888 1893
Jul-Dec 1884 1889 1894-1895
1885 1890 1896-1897
1886 1891 1898-1899
Jan-Jun 1887 1892 1900
Jul-Dec 1887   Jan 1901-Feb 1902


Abbott to Burke Girike to Hutchinson McLean to O'Brien
Burnish to Cox Hyland to Luce O'Connell to Rowley
Coyne to Dunne Luin to McLaughlin Ruel to Strunzel
Dunnigan to Gilmartin   Sturges to Young