Text of Births, Deaths, Marriages Recorded in the Gouverneur Herald

Births, Deaths, Marriages from Gouverneur, NY Herald
St. Lawrence County, NY (aprox. 1864-1904)

Married. McKnight-Carpenter. At the residence of the bride's parents, West Potsdam, N.Y., March 22nd, by Rev. E.C. Evans, Mr. Alex. McKnight, of Madrid, and Miss Sarah L. Carpenter. [03/22/1882]

Married. Cuyler-Doty. At the residence of A.N. Clark, near Parishville, Wednesday evening, March 22d, Mr. Frank Cuyler to Miss Minnie Doty. [03/22/1882]

Married. Geandreau-Powers. In North Stockholm, March 23d, John Geandreau, to Miss Nellie Powers. [03/23/1882]

Died. West. In Gouverneur, on Saturday, March 25th, 1882, from a gun-shot wound, John Thomas West, aged 17 years and 25 days.

Died. Petrie. In Petrie Settlement, March 19th, Joseph M. Petrie, aged 89 years. Mr. Petrie was born in Little Falls and, when about 30 years of age, came to the Petrie Settlement, where he has since resided. He was a soldier in the war of 1812. [03/19/1882]

Died. Evans. At the residence of Reuben Evans, in Hammond, March 17th, Philena, wife of John Evans, in the 79th year of her age. Mrs. Evans possessed a noble Christian nature and with brave self denial passed through the many trials and disappointments of this life, finding comfort and consolation in the promise of our Savior 'Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.' She died as she had lived, calm and peaceful, quietly sleeping her life away. She leaves a circle of friends to mourn her loss, besides seven sons and a beloved husband merging on his 83d year. For fifty-nine years she has been his companion in illness and health proving herself a faithful, loving wife. [03/17/1882]

Died. Green. In Hermon, after a lingering illness, Mrs. Wm. Green quietly passed away the 25th inst. She leaves a husband, one daughter, (widow of the late D.M. Dow), an adopted son, and numerous friends to mourn her loss. [03/25/1882]

Died. Miller. In Fort Jackson, March 18th, 1882, Lydia Miller, in the 94th year of her age - formerly of West Stockholm and one of the oldest inhabitants.

Died. Coates. In Hailesboro, March 20th, of malignant scarletina, Mr. Ira A. Coates, a former resident of this village, aged 46 years. He was one of the most useful citizens, a kind husband, a generous neighbor and friend. [03/20/1882]

Died. White. In North Gouverneur, March 18th, of pnuemonia, Mrs. Lucy Hall, wife of the late Mr. Horace White, aged 79 years. She and her husband moved to Richville from Ashfield, Mass., in 1825, and lived there together 52 years. Rev. Dr. Lee, of Canton, attended her funeral in the Baptist church on the Monday following her death, assisted by Rev. Reuben Jones. [03/18/1882]

Died. Seeley. In Madrid, March 11th, Mrs. Lorinda Pike, wife of Mr. Robert Seeley, aged 70 years. [03/11/1882]

Died. Smith. In Canton, March 10th, Mr. James F. Smith, aged 65 years. [03/10/1882]

Died. Newton. In Buck Chapel, March 20th, Almira, wife of Rev. O. Newton. She had been ill since last July, but was taken with typhoid pneumonia and lived but one week. She was a kind mother, a devoted Christian, truly a mother in Isreal, and well may 'her children rise up and call her blessed.' She was buried from the M.E. church, the 22d, Rev. J. Bartman officiating. [03/20/1882]

Died. Allen. In Hammond, March 24th, 1882, Charles A., son of Alex. and Elizabeth R. Allen, aged six months and five days. 'Whate'er we fondly call our own, Belongs to Heaven's great Lord; The blessings lent us for a day, Are soon to be restored.'

Died. Beach. In Edwards, March 16th, 1882, Ettie, oldest daughter of Miles and Harriette Beach, aged 7 years, 2 months, and 2 days.

Married. Noble-Padgett. In Canton, N.Y., at the Hodskin House, Feb 23d, by Rev. Dr. J.S. Lee, D.D., Mr. David Noble to Miss Harriett L. Padgett, daughter of S.V. Padgett, both of Edwards. [02/23/1882]

Married. Deavendorf-Tate. At the residence of the officiating magistrate, by H.L. Woodworth, J.P., Byron Deavendorf, of Theresa, Jefferson County, to Martha Tate, of Macomb. [02/15/1882]

Died. Matteson. On March 5th, 1882, near Chateaugay county, after one week's illness, of pleuro-pneumonia, Hiram C. Matteson, of Sandy Hill, Washington county, aged 42. Mr. Matteson was on a visit to his brother, Mr. J.P. Matteson, of Gouverneur, and went with him to assist in taking down and removing a large mill which Starbuck, McCarty & Co. had purchased and intended to remove to Gouverneur. The party left Gouverneur for Chateaugay on February 14th. Mr. Matteson wa taken suddenly sick on Sunday, March 26th and died the following Sunday. The remains were brought to Gouverneur on the first train Tuesday morning and a brief funeral service held at the residence of Mr. J.P. Matteson in the afternoon, and they were taken to Sandy Hill, Mr. M's former home, on Wednesday. Mr. Matteson leaves four interesting girls, ranging from 10 to 19 years of age who have the sympathy of a large circle of friends in their bereavement.

Died. Quackenbush. In Gouverneur, N.Y., March 5th, 1882, Paulina, wife of Peter Quackenbush, aged 27 years..

Died. Lansing. Near Gouverneur, N.Y., Feb 16th, 1882, of consumption, James Lansing, son of James J. and Catharine Lansing. After long and painful suffering fell asleep in Jesus, in his 28th year.

Died. Caldwell. In Canton, March 1, 1882, Mr. Theodore Caldwell, an old resident, aged 80 years.

Died. Wright. In Canton, March 2d, 1882, Mr. Harrison Wright, aged 69 years.

Died. Cooper. In Canton, March 2d, 1882, Mr. Enoch Cooper, aged about 66 years.

Died. Killburn. In Montague, N.Y., March 3d, 1882, Nora A., daughter of W.E. and Amelia Killburn, of scarlet fever, aged five years 8 months and five days.. 'One more sweet bud is taken, From earth's rude storms away, To grace the courts of heaven, And bloom in endless day.'

Married. Griffith-Hill. At the residence of the bride's parents in Windsor, Ohio, Sept. 28th, Mr. Arthur H. Girffith, formerly of Richville, to Miss Eva Hill, of Windsor. [09/28/1882]

Married. Degood-Carpenter. At Montrose, D.T., at the residence of the bride's brother, W. E. Carpenter, Mr. Elmer E. DeGood, of Montrose, to Miss Eva Carpenter, formerly of Richville, N.Y. [09/15/1882]

Married. Graves-Peck. At Lansing, Mich., Oct. 11th, 1882, Mr. Fred N. Graves, of Richland, N.Y., to Miss F. Dora Peck.

Married. Whiting-Webster. In New York city on Sept. 14th, 1882, at the Fourth Ave Presbyterian church by Rev. Howard Crosby, A.G. Whiting, son of Col. D.P. Whiting, U.S.A., to Miss Jessie E. Webster, of Lake City, Minn, formerly of Stockholm, N.Y. No cards.

Died. Meservey. In Canton, Oct 7th, 1882, suddenly, of heart disease, Mr. Ferguson Meservey, aged 65 years, formerly of Depeyster. Another notice, from page 45 of the original scrapbook states that Mr. Meservey is 69 years old and a member of the county board of trade.

Births. Savage. To Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Savage, of Smith's Mills, March 4th, 1882, a son.

Married. Spooner-Richardson. At the residence of the bride's parents in Hermon, March 9th, 1882, Mr. John C. Spooner, of Dekalb, to Miss Ida Richardson, of Hermon, Rev. R.C. Day, officiating clergyman, assisted by Rev. J.A. Dickson.

Married. Rich-Ford. In Chicago, February - at St. Vincent church, by Rev. Father Regan, Mr. Pitt C. Rich, formerly of Brasher Falls, N.Y., to Miss Mary A. Ford, of Chicago. [02/15/1882]

Died. Davis. In Stockholm Center, March 21, of blood poisoning resulting from diptheria, Bliss Newton, second son of H.K. and H.L. Davis, aged 21 years. [03/21/1882]

Died. Caldwell. In Canton, March 1st, Theodore Caldwell, aged 80 years. Mr. Caldwell was the oldest merchant in Canton, and for forty five years had been closely identified with the business, social, educational, and religious interests of that place. [03/01/1882]

Died. In South Edwards, recently, James Daniels, aged 102 years 11 months 24 days. [03/01/1882]

Died. Chaddic. In Gouverneur, March 3d, 1882, of appoplexy, Eliza L. Chaddic, wife if Elishur Chaddic, aged 23 years.

Died. Parker. On the 14th of January, 1882, Capt. Warren Parker, of Putney, Vt., aged 91 years. Deceased was a cousin of the late John Parker, of Fowler, and also of the late James Parker, of Gouverneur, N.Y.

Died. Richardson. At Big Foot, Illinois, March 6th, 1882, H.B. Richardson, aged 29 years. Deceased was a son of R.K. Richardson, of Hermon.

Died. Glazier. In Fowler, Feb. 28th, 1882, Mary W., wife of Dexter Glazier, of pleuro pneumonia, aged 76.

Died. Spicer. In Fowler, March 5th, 1882, C.D. Spicer, of pleuro pneumonia, aged 35.

Died. Glazier. In Fowler, March 8th, 1882, Dexter Glazier, of pleuro pneumonia, aged 74.

Died. Elmore. At Stockholm Depot, March 3d, 1882, of bronchitis, Mrs. O.W. Elmore, aged 64 years.

Died. Marshaw. In Gouverneur, March 6th, 1882, Antoine Marshaw, aged 96 years.

Obituary. At a regular communication of Richville Lodge, No. 633, F. & A.M., the following Resolutions on the death of Bro. N.A. Mellen were adopted: Whereas, It has pleased the Grand Master of the Universe to remove from us by death our Brother, N.A. Mellen, on the 27th day of Februrary, A.D. 1882, we do therefore, hereby express our sorrow. Resolved. That in the death of Brother Mellen, the lodge has lost one of its worthy members, whose benevolence and kindness endeared him to his family and many aquaintences. Resolved. That in token of our regard for his memory, our lodge be draped in mourning thirty days. That we sympathise with his family and relatives in their bereavement. Resolved. That these Resolutions be entered in the records of our lodge, and a copy of the same be presented to the family of our deceased Brother, and a copy sent to the county papers for publication. Committee.

Births. Kennedy. At Richville, Fed 2d, 1882, a daughter, Josephine Anna, to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kennedy.

Died. Dewey. At the residence of her son, Loomis Dewey, in Gouverneur, on Feb 12th, 1883, Mary Dewey, aged 91 years, 5 months, and 25 days.

Died. In Ogdensburg, Feb 12, at her residence, corner State and Green streets, Maria L., wife of Albert H. Bickford. [02/12/1882]

Married. Chaffee-Barrett. At Stockholm Depot, Oct 10th, by Rev. Wm. H. Bury, A.E. Chaffee of North Lawrence, N.Y., to Sarah Barrett, of Stockholm Depot. [10/10/1882]

Married. Flack-Lynch. On the 7th inst., Mr. Wm. H. Flack, of Norwood, to Miss Kittie E. Lynch, of Dekalb, by Rev. James Gardner, D.D. [10/07/1882]

Married. Conklin-Thomas. In Richville, on the 12th inst., by Rev. G. Cross, Mr. Charles M. Conklin to Miss Mary J. Thomas, both of Dekalb, N.Y. [10/12/1882]

Died. Ketcham. In West Potsdam, N.Y., Thursday Oct 5th, of apoplexy, Stephen M. Ketcham, aged 59 years. [10/05/1882]

Married. Wiser-Warne. Nov 29, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. J. Wilford Jacks, of Romulus, N.Y., assisted by Rev. Mr. Stull, Mr. J. Fred Wiser of Richville, St. Lawrence Co., N.Y. and Miss M. Estelle, eldest daughter of Mr. James L. Warne, of Varick, Senca Co., N.Y. [11/29/1882]

Married. Hardy-Hayes. In Depeyster, N.Y., Nov 29, by H.H. Hardy, J.P., Mr. William F. Hardy and Miss Sarah L. Hayes, both of Dekalb, N.Y. [11/29/1882]

Died. Webster. In Antwerp, Nov. 16, Mary, wife of Byron Webster in the 29th year of her age. [11/16/1882]

Births. In Gouverneur, October 20th, 1882, to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McKee - a son.

Births. In Gouverneur, October 18th, 1882, to Mr. and Mrs. George Pressau - a daughter.

Births. In Gouverneur, October 18th, 1882, to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Doray - a son.

Married. Wachtel-Meier. In New York, Oct 22, by Mr. Huebsh, according to the rites of the Jewish religion, Mr. Frederick Wachtel to Miss Barbara Meier. The bride is a niece of Mr. Louis Eckmann of this village. [10/22/1882]

Married. Pratt-Kelsey. At the VanBuren House, Gouverneur, N.Y., Dec 27th, 1882, by Rev. A.J. Cowles, Mr. Hugh Pratt, of Edwards, and Carrie May Kelsey, of Russell.

Married. Maxin-Carpenter. At the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Nelson Carpenter, Dec. 27th, 1882, by Rev. A.J. Cowles, Mr. Malicon H. Maxin, of Champion, and Miss Malinda Carpenter, of Gouverneur.

Married. Maybee-Booth. At the residence of Allen Dailey, Esq., Natural Dam, Dec. 28th, 1882, by Rev. A.J. Cowles, Mr. Sylvenu E. Maybee, and Miss Sarah Emma Booth, both of Gouverneur.

Died. Jepson. In Gouverneur, Dec 31st, of Diabetes, Alfred K. Jepson, aged 40 years, and 6 months. [12/31/1882]

Died. Cunningham. In Gouverneur, Dec 4th, 1882, Mrs. Almira Cunningham, aged 60 years, 5 months, 16 days. 'I would not live alway; no! Welcome the tomb, Since Jesus hath lain there, I dread not its gloom, There sweet be my rest, Till he bids me arise, To hail him in triumph, Descending the skies.'

Born. Clapp. In Gouverneur, October 3d, 1882, to Mr. and Mrs. A.T. Clapp, a daughter.

Died. Lamphear. In Gouverneur, September 30th, 1882, Calvin Lamphear, aged 76 years.

Married. Myers-Myers. In Keeneville, July 2d, by Rev. J.W. Barr, Mr. John Myers and Mrs. Sophronia Myers, both of Rossie. [07/02/1882]

Married. McGill-Treglown. In Keeneville, July 23d, by the same (Rev. J.W. Barr), John H. McGill and Louisa Treglown, both of Edwards. [07/23/1882]

Married. Cross-Fuller. In Keeneville, July 29th, by the same (Rev. J.W. Barr), Jonas S. Cross and Loretta M. Fuller, both of Fowler. [07/29/1882]

Married. Sylvester-Van Alstine. In Keeneville, August 4th, by the same (Rev. J.W. Barr), Charles A. Sylvestser and Jennie Van Alstine, both of Fowler. [08/04/1882]

Married. Sipher-Riley. In Gouverneur, September 5th, 1882, Mr. Earnest W. Sipher to Miss Rose Riley.

Married. Spaulding-Gardner. In Gouverneur September 5th, 1882, Mr. Charles Spaulding to Miss Sophia Gardner.

Died. Storie. In Macomb, September 7th, Juliette Storie, wife of James A. Storie, and daughter of Jason Smith, Esq., of this village, aged 52 years. [09/07/1882]

Married. Barnes-Jones. In Madrid, May 2d, at the residence of Mr. Wm. C. Jones, Rev. J.F. Barnes, pastor of the Universalist church at Walcott, Vt., and Miss Eva C. Jones. [05/02/1882]

Died. Freeman. In Gouverneur, Tuesday June 27, Luella Lefa, youngest daughter of George W. Freeman. Age 22 years. Another one of consumption's victims is released after an illness of nearly two years. Those who watched the light slowly die out could but notice her gentle patience under the most severe suffering; the entire resignation to a higher will. [06/27/1882]

Died. Norton. At Gouverneur, N.Y., June 12, 1882, at 1:30 A.M., Milton O. Norton, in the 78th year of his age.

Married. Dusharm-Rowe. At the residence of the bridegroom's father, John Dusharm, September 2, 1882, by Rev. A.J. Cowles, Mr. Charles A. Dusharm to Miss Jennie Rowe, all of Gouverneur.

Married. Frazier-Seaman. At the residence of the bride's father, Alfred Seaman, September 3, 1882, by Rev. A.J. Cowles, Mr. William W. Frazier of Watertown to Miss Mary J. Seaman of Gouverneur.

Married. Turner-Hockins. At the M.E. Parsonage, in Gouverneur, Dec 29, 1881, by Rev. A.J. Cowles, Mr. Willis H. Turner, of Depeyster, and Miss Mary Hockins, of Dekalb.

Married. Parker-Leonard. At the residence of the bride's father, C.C. Leonard, in Fowler, Jan 1, 1882, by Rev. A.J. Cowles, Mr. Oscar D. Parker, of Theresa, and Miss Agnes L. Leonard, of Fowler.

Married. Gurnsey-Quackenbush. At the residence of the bride, in Gouverneur, Jan 15th, 1882, by Rev. A.J. Cowles, Mr. James C. Gurnsey and Miss Catherine J. Quackenbush, all of Gouverneur.

Died. Myers. At Waddington, N.Y., Dec. 20, 1881, Allen W., youngest son of James C. Myers, suddenly of hemorrhage of the lungs.

Died. Allen. At Ponca, Neb., Dec. 31, 1881, Daniel W. Allen, formerly of Fowler, St. Lawrence Co, N.Y., aged about 65 years.

Births. Goodenough. To Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Goodenough, of Spragueville, October 15th, 1883, a daughter.

Married. Dodds-Beardslee. At the parsonage of the 1st Congregational church in Lisbon, Oct. 23d, 1883, by Rev. R.C. Day, Mr. Albert W. Dodds to Miss Matie E. Beardslee, all of Gouverneur.

Married. Rushton-Marsh. In Grand Rapids, Mich., October 17th, 1883, by Rev. Mr. Jay, Mr. Fred E. Rushton of Muskegon, Mich., formerly of Canton, N.Y., and Miss Carrie J. Marsh, of Fine, St. Lawrence Co, N.Y.

Died. Malterner. Gladdis, daughter of P.C. and Anna Malterner, of Canton, died October 22d, 1883. See also the spelling 'Maltaner' where Gladis is the daughter of Perly and Anna Maltaner..

Died. Parsons. In Gouverneur, N.Y., October 25th, 1883, Horace Parsons, aged 68 years.

Died. Smith. In Onondago Co., at the residence of her son-in-law George H. Pease, October 16th, 1883, Mrs. Fannie Smith, aged 78 years. She was wife of the late Allen Smith, and formerly a resident of Gouverneur.

Married. Bacon-Lachine. At the Hodskin House, Canton, N.Y., November 14th, by Rev. J.S. Lee, D.D., Mr. Eli P. Bacon, of Somerville, and Miss Sarah Lachine, of Richville. [11/14/1883]

Died. Hall. At Morristown, N.Y., November 11th, 1883, Mary E., wife of Chas. Hall, in her 53d year, formerly of East Pitcairn, N.Y.

Births. Irving. In Gouverneur, May 30, 1883, to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Irving, of New York, a son.

Married. Brayton-Watson. At the M.E. parsonage, Gouverneur, Wednesday, May 30, 1883, by Rev. W. Dempster Chase, Edwin C. Brayton and Lenora Watson, both of Edwards.

Married. Vanvalkenburg-Carpenter. In Hailesboro, June 5th, 1883, at the residence of her parents, by Rev. Dr. J.S. Lee, Mr. John D. VanValkenburg, of Spragueville, and Miss Hattie J., daughter of George W. Carpenter.

Died. Witherell. In Depeyster, June 1, 1883, Mr. Thomas D. Witherell, aged 78 years and 2 days. He was one of the most prominent citizens, upright, generous and highly respected. He was born in Shoreham, Vt., in 1805, visited Depeyster in 1826, and returned to Vermont; moved and settled in Heuvelton about 1835, moved into Depeyster in 1837 where he spent the remainder of his life. He held the office of town assessor and supervisor for several years, and of county assessor. His funeral was attended on Saturday, by Rev. Dr. J.T. Lee, of Canton.

Died. Wilcox. In West Potsdam, June 3d, 1883, Mrs. Lucy C. Wilcox, wife of the late Truman Wilcox, aged 89 years, a native of Vermont. (a second notice refers to her as Lucy D. Wilcox)

Married. Lawrence-Heagle. In Saratoga Springs, N.Y., August 29, 1883, by Rev. J.M. Joslyn, George N. Lawrence of Gouverneur, N.Y., to Gertrude L. Heagle of Coroga, N.Y.

Married. McCollum-Ames. In Hermon, May 24, 1883 by Rev. E.S. Cheeseman, Mr. Leslie McCollum and Miss Ida Ames.

Married. Hurlburt-Brees. At the residence of Mr. James L. Brees, Dekalb, N.Y. June 13, by Rev. Dr. J.S. Lee, Mr. Elbridge O. Hurlburt, of Depeyster and Miss Estelle M. Brees. [06/13/1883]

Died. Graham. In Pitcairn, N.Y., June 8th, Laura Belle Graham, eldest daughter of Alonzo and Laura C. Graham, aged 9 years and 3 months. [06/08/1883]

Died. Miller. In Gouverneur, Monday June 18th, 1883, Mr. Thomas Miller, aged 56 years.

Died. Potter. At her residence in Gouverneur, June 12th, 1883, Christa Ann, wife of S.C. Potter, aged 56 years.

Died. Parsons. In Gouverneur, October 25th, 1883, Mr. Horace Parsons, in the 69th year of his age.

Died. Priest. In Hermon, October 15th, 1883, after an illness of about a year, Esther M. Totman, wife of Wm. Priest, Jr., aged 49 years. She will be missed and sincerely mourned by her husband and the two sons to whom she was a tender and loving mother and also by all who knew her.

Died. Cross. In Hailesboro, June 24th, of dropsy, Mrs. Mary Jane, wife of Mr. Benjamin Cross, aged 56 years. [06/245/1883]

Died. Bixby. In Norfolk, November 1st, of heart disease, Mr. Parry C. Bixby, a native of Underhill, Vt., but for fifty-three years a resident of Norfolk. He and his wife, who survives him, lived together in married life fifty years. He leaves nine children living. His age was 81 years. [11/01/1883]

Died. Maltaner. In Canton, October 22nd, suddenly, Gladis, daughter and only child of Mr. Perley C. and Mrs. Anna A. Maltaner, aged 16 months. [10/22/1883]

Died. Brewster. In Nicholville, October 20th, Mr. Frederick Brewster, an old and highly esteemed citizen, aged 73 years. [10/20/1883]

Died. Bartholomew. In Waddington, October 21st, after a long and distressing illness, Miss Juliet Bartholomew, aged 39 years and 11 months, daughter of Mr. Charles D. Bartholomew. [10/21/1883]

Married. Hill-Bayne. At the Baptist parsonage, Gouverneur, November 1st, by Rev. M.L. Rugg, Mr. John H. Hill, of Depeyster, and Miss Jennie Bayne, of Macomb. [11/01/1883]

Married. Martin-Squire. In Canton, N.Y., Nov. 29th, at the residence of W.O. Squire by the Rev. J.S. Lee, Mr. Elisha J. Martin, and Miss Abbie Squire. [11/29/1883]

Died. Streeter. In North Gouverneur, December 12th, 1882, Erasmus E. Streeter.

Died. Fousett. In Macomb, Dec. 1st, 1882, William Fousett, aged 84 years.

Died. Potter. In Gouverneur, Dec 6, 1882, Nellie E. Duffie, wife of John H. Potter, aged 23 years, 2 months, 29 days.

Married. Wells-Woodcock. At Cline's Hotel, Hermon, Nov. 30th, by Rev. C.H. Wetherbe, Amma Wells of Edwards, to Miss Lelah H. Woodcock of Fowler. [11/30/1883]

Died. Bancraft. In Edwards, October 7, 1882, Rhoda I., wife of (illegible) Bancraft, daughter of Mr. David Laidlaw, aged 36 years.

Died. Warner. In Gouverneur, Dec. 3, 1882, Josephine Ruth Warner, daughter of J.C. and Janet Warner, aged 3 years.

Died. Morse. At the residence of her son-in-law, Alonzo Morse, in West Hermon, Mrs. Maria Dodge, widow of the late Amasa Dodge, of Lowville, Lewis Co., N.Y., aged 81 years. [10/15/1882]

Died. Pitcher. At the residence of his son-in-law Adam P. Killmer, in Gouverneur, November 22d, 1882, Dr. Almond Pitcher, in the 85th year of his age.

Died. Hazelton. In West Potsdam, Nov 12, 1882, Miss Luna (?) Hazelton, youngest daughter of Mr. E.C. Hazelton, aged 21 years.

Died. Bicknell. In West Parishville, Nov. 9, 1882, Mr. Ralph A. Bicknell, aged 67 years.

Died. Balmat. In Fowler, N.Y., Nov 13th, 1882, after an illness of only four days, Mrs. Saphronia Balmat, wife of David H. Balmat and oldest daughter of John and Laura Wight, late of Fowler, aged fifty six years. She was a woman who was noted for her rare domestic qualities and kind regard for all Christian and respected citizens. Her death has caused a sadness in her dearly beloved home which will be hard for her widowed husband and children to endure but having an ever abiding faith in the Redeemer and of a blessed immortality beyond this life they reverently submit to the will of their divine Master hoping and expecting ere long to meet the wife and mother again in the everlasting home prepared for the children of men. Her funeral obsequies were held at her late home on the 13th inst, the Rev. Mr. Rugg, of Gouverneur officiating and his very able and impressive remarks delivered in his usual apparent Christian spirit was a great consolation to the afflicted mourners and a satisfaction to the numerous friends in attendance.

Married. Hoover-Powell. In Gouverneur, N.Y., October 9th, 1883, Mr. Adolphus F. Hoover to Miss Jenny Powell, all of Gouverneur.

Married. Hall-Wilson. At the home of the bride's parents, at Maitland, Ont., Tuesday, Oct. 2d, 1883, by Rev. T.C. Williams, of Brockville, Ont., Arthur C. Hall, of Gouverneur, to Miss Lucy A. Wilson, of Maitland, Canada.

Married. Pettis-Kerr. In Gouverneur, on the 17th inst, by the Rev. Dr. Edwards, Mr. Daniel W. Pettis, of Russell, to Miss Jennie L. Kerr, of Fine. [10/17/1883]

Died. Parker. At his home in West Hermon, August 24th, 1883, Shuber Parker, aged 84 years, 5 months and 2 days. [08/24/1883]

Died. McKane. In this village, Saturday, September 24, 1883, Mrs. P. Ellen McKane, relict of Robert McKane, in the 87th year of her age. Mrs. McKane was an old resident of this place. Five children survive her, two sons and three daughters, William and Wallace McKane of this village; Mrs. L.M. Bailey, of St. Paul, Minn.; Mrs. Wm. Modskins, of St. Peters, Minn.; and Mrs. John Killmer, of this place.

Died. Caul. In this village, Sept. 15th, 1883, Henry Caul, aged 83 years.

Married. Thompson-Van Buren. In Gouverneur, at the Presbyterian Church on the evening of the 26th of September, by the Rev. Dr. Edwards, Mr. Frank Thompson to Miss Grace Van Buren, all of Gouverneur. [09/26/1883]

Married. Chandler-Spooner. In Richville, at the residence of the bride's parents, September 26th, 1883, by Rev. G. Cross, assisted by Rev. F.B. Wade, Mr. B.F. Chandler and Miss Katie E. Spooner, both of Richville.

Married. Foster-Sudds. In Gouverneur, September 26, by Rev. M.L. Rugg, Mr. Fred Foster and Miss Maria Sudds, both of Gouverneur. [09/26/1883]

Married. Roche-Chaney. At the home of the bride's parents, September 26th, 1883, by Rev. W.F. Ball, Mr. J.R. Roche of Boston, Mass., and Miss Belle Chaney of Hermon, N.Y.

Married. Luther-Simmons. In Gouverneur, September 22d, 1883, by Rev. M.L. Rugg, Mr. Wm. D. Luther and Miss Anna B. Simmons both of Gouverneur.

Married. Hull-Eggleston. In Antwerp, Sept. 18th, 1883, at the home of the bride's parents, by Rev. M.L. Rugg, of Gouverneur, Mr. B. Frank Hull, of Hailesboro, to Miss Vina E. Eggleston, of Antwerp.

Died. Smith. In this village, Sept 22d, 1883, Chauncey Smith, aged 48 years.

Died. Tamblin. In Gouverneur, Sept 20th, 1883, Wm. A., son of Wm. Tamblin, aged 16 years and 11 months. (another notice gives William's middle name as Albert).

Died. Johnson. In Gouverneur, Sept 30th, 1883, Bertie, son of Henry W. Johnson, aged 9 years and 9 months.

Died. Barber. In this village, Sept. 30th, 1883, Joseph Barber, aged 78 years.

Died. Wainwright. In Gouverneur, Sept 23d and 26th, 1883, Henry and Hosea, twin sons of John N. Wainwright, aged about 3 months.

Died. Holbrook. At his residence in Rochester, September 26th 1883, Daniel Holbrook, brother of F.M. Holbrook of this village, aged 63 years. Mr. Holbrook was born in this town and resided here until 1844 when he moved to Rochester. He leaves a wife and one son. Mr. Holbrook spent a large portion of the summer in this village, returning to Rochester September 13th.

Married. Johnson-Turner. In Macomb, March 14th, by Rev. Dr. J.S. Lee, of Canton, Mr. Royal Johnson, of Deadwood, Dakota, and Miss Helen M. Turner, eldest daughter of Mr. William Turner. [03/14/1883]

Married. Olds-Hilts. At the residence of the bride's parents, at 3 P.M. Tuesday, Stella M. Hilts to Geo. E. Olds. [03/15/1883]

Married. Storie-Bolton. At Hammond, March 1st, by Rev. D.A. Ferguson, Mr. Wallace Storie, and Mrs. Ellen Bolton. Both of Wegatchie. [03/01/1883]

Birth. Booth. To Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Booth, Black Lake, May 20, a boy. Charley is the happiest man in Forost City. [05/20/1883]

Married. Holland-Tyler. At the parsonage, Evans Mills, N.Y., May 16, 1883, Mr. John S. Holland, of Depeyster, N.Y., to Miss Angie L. Tyler, of Dekalb, N.Y., by Rev. A.L. Smith.

Died. Turner. At Popes Mills, May 17, of consumption, Mrs. Ella J. Turner, wife of Mr. Franklin B. Turner and daughter of Mrs. Lucinda Coury, of Morristown, aged 25 years and 8 months. [05/17/1883]

Died. Loomis. At Lowville, May 3d, of consumption, aged 28 years, Althea, wife of Frank Loomis, of Gouverneur. [05/03/1883]

Died. Orin A. Howard, aged 66 years and 8 months, died in Pierrepont, May 11th, 1883, after a lingering illness. A kind and loving husband, father and friend has passed away in the full hope of a blissful immortality beyond the grave.

Died. Quackenbush. With sincere regret we learn of the death of Henry, only son of our estimable townsman Peter Quackenbush, who died May 14th, of inflamation of the bowels, aged 24 years. He leaves a disconsolate wife, two young children, and a sorrowing father to mourn his loss. The bereaved relatives have the sincere sympathy of a large circle of steadfast friends. [05/14/1883]

Births. Walker. Feb 24th, 1883, at Montrose, D.T., a son to Mr. and Mrs. Hiram E. Walker.

Married. Gilman-Haley. At Massena, N.Y., on March 1st, 1883, by Rev. Wm. A. Burch, Mr. Orick Gilman, of Massena, to Miss Eva E. Haley, of Louisville, N.Y.

Married. Fuller-Haley. At Massena, N.Y., on March 1st, 1883, by Rev. Wm. A. Burch, Mr. A.T. Fuller, of Gouverneur, N.Y., to Miss Annie C. Haley, of Louisville, N.Y.

Married. McKee-Fellows. On Wednesday, Feb 28th, 1883, by the Rev. B.B. Phelps, at the Van Buren Home, Gouverneur, Mr. Forrest M. McKee, of Edwards, and Miss Addie L. Fellows, of Hermon.

Died. Austin. At the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Hugh Ormiston, at Oxbow, N.Y., on Sunday March 4th, 1883, Mrs. Sybil Austin, aged about 91 years. She was widow of the late Raymond Austin.

Died. Dodge. In Gouverneur, March 7, at 6:30 a.m. Mrs. Edwin Dodge, in her eightieth year. Funeral at her residence on Friday at 2 p.m. [03/07/1883]

Died. Bailey. In Gouverneur, N.Y., March 8th, 1883, Mrs. Maria Bailey, wife of Elijah Bailey, aged 52 years.

Died. Garrison. At Hailesboro, N.Y., Betsey E. Garrison, wife of W.(?) O. Garrison, of dropsy of the heart, aged 43 years. [03/15/1883]

Died. Beasaw. In Gouverneur, N.Y., Feb. 11th, of old age, Henry Beasaw, aged 83(?) 33(?). [02/11/1883]

Died. Winslow. In Gouverneur, N.Y., March 12th, 1883, Lucius M. Winslow, of consumption, aged 23 years.

Married. Bancroft-Laidlaw. In Gouverneur, Sept 19, 1883, at the Baptist Parsonage by Rev. M.L. Rugg, Mr. Eben A. Bancroft to Miss Sophronia A. Laidlaw, both of Edwards.

Married. Chapman-Pitcher. At the residence of Mr. D.D. Drake, Gouverneur, Sept. 19, 1883, by Rev. M.L. Rugg, Mr. Nathan C. Chapman to Mrs. Phebe T. Pitcher, both of Potsdam.

Married. Selleck-Taft. At the bride's home at Black River, by Rev. J.F. Brown, Sept 12, 1883, Henry F. Selleck, of Gouverneur, to Miss Addie J. Taft, of Black River.

Died. McKean. In Gouverneur, Sept 22, 1883, Mrs. Robert McKean, (mother of Mrs. John Killmer, aged 87 years).

Died. Parker. In West Hermon, August 25, 1883, Thurbel Parker, aged 89 years, 5 months, and 2 days.

Died. Stillwell. At his home in Oswegatchie, Saturday, Sept. 18th, 1883, Samuel Stillwell, son of the late Samuel Stillwell, aged 20 years.

Died. Parks. At Madrid Springs, N.Y., Sept. 1, 1883, Jane M. Parks, wife of Reuben Jones, 2nd.

Married. Muller-Sheils. On the 26th of September at Hammond, by Rev. D.A. Ferguson, Mr. Ernest P. Muller, of Rochester to Miss Anna B. Shiels, of Hammond. [09/26/1883]

Died. Smith. In Gouverneur, on Saturday, Sept 22, 1883, Chaunce E. Smith, aged 48 years.

Died. Rapin. In Ogdensburg, Oct 1st, Josephine Cormier, wife of Antoine Rapin, aged 35 years. [10/01/1883]

Died. Winslow. In Vienna, Va., Sept 30th, Geo. B. Winslow, late of Gouverneur, of consumption. [09/30/1883]

Died. Lytle. In Ogdensburg, Oct 1, 1883, James Wiley Lytle in the 90th year of his age.

Died. Holbrook. At his residence 21 Vick Avenue, Rochester, on September 30th, Daniel Holbrook, aged 63 years. Deceased was a brother of F.M. Holbrook, of Gouverneur. [09/30/1883]

Married. Case-Weaver. On the 31st of October, by Rev. L. Rice, at his residence, Mr. Lynn Case and Miss Lucy M. Weaver, both of Brownville, Jefferson county. [10/31/1883]

Died. Beardslee. At his residence in Gouverneur, on Monday, Nov 12, 1883, Elias S. Beardslee, aged 81 years and 6 months.

Died. Nichols. In Gouverneur, N.Y., Nov 8, 1883, Miss Emma Nichols, aged 25 years.

Died. Gillet. Nellie, 2d daughter of Devolson and Maria Gillet, of Spragueville, died Nov. 2, 1883, in the eighth year of her age. 'Put away the little garments, That our darling used to wear, Her little feet are waiting for us, She has climbed the golden stair.'

Married. Jackson-Fitzgerald. On the evening of the 14th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Edwards, Mr. Samuel J. Jackson, to Miss Margaret Fitzgerald, all of Gouverneur, N.Y. [04/14/1883]

Died. Barney. In Detroit, Mich., April 12th, 1883, of pneumonia, Lucy Maria Smith, wife of General Albert M. Barney, in the thirty-fifth year of her age. A second notice adds this information: The remains were brought to Gouverneur for internment in Riverside Cemetery. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. J.R. Phelps, of Trinity church assisted by Rev. Dr. Edwards, at the residence of Capt. Geo. B. Winslow, last Sunday.

Died. Tuttle. In Bigelow, N.Y., April 13th, 1883, Amanda, widow of the late Hull Tuttle, in the 90th year of her age.

Died. Draper. In this village, Wednesday morning, April 18th, 1883, Mr. George Draper, in the 49th year of his age. Mr. Draper came to Gouverneur in 1860. Three years afterward he married Miss Helen Newell, daughter of John D. Newell, who, together with seven children are left to mourn his loss. Funeral services will be held from his late residence Thursday afternoon at two o'clock. A second notice states that he died at his residence at 1:05 a.m.

Married. Rand-Lyford. At the M.E. church, Spragueville, N.Y., February 14th, by Rev. A.C. Woodward, W.N. Rand, M.D., and Miss Carrie E. Lyford, both of Spragueville. [02/14/1883]

Married. McMullin-Sylvester. At the residence of the bride's parents, in Fowler, February 15th, by Rev. A.C. Woodward, Mr. Wilbur McMullen and Miss Nettie Sylvester, both of Fowler. [02/15/1883]

Married. Mabey-Walrath. At the Lynde House, Richville, July 12th, by Rev. H.W. Howard, Mr. Abram Mabey, of Russell, N.Y., and Mrs. Nancy A. Walrath, of Dekalb Junction. [07/12/1883]

Died. Church. In Gouverneur, July 13th, 1883, at the residence of his son-in-law, G.S. Conger, Daniel Church, in the 74th year of his age. The obituary notice will appear next week.

Birth. Anderson. To Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Anderson, May 31st, a son. [05/31/1883]

Birth. Kring. To Mr. and Mrs. George Kring, June 9th, a son. [06/09/1883]

Birth. Pratt. To Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Pratt, June 13th, a son. [06/13/1883]

Married. Kinsman-Balch. On Wednesday, June 13th, 1883, in Norwood, Henry M. Kinsman and Sylvia Balch.

Died. Hall. In Rossie, June 7th, 1883, Miss Jennie B. Hall, aged 19 years and 3 months.

Died. Kitts. In Gouverneur, N.Y., June 29th, 1883, of consumption, Frank H. Kitts, aged twenty-eight.

Married. Day-Sheldon. At the bride's home, Sept 11th, by Rev. A.C. Danforth, Mr. Fred Day to Miss Jennie Sheldon, all of Nicholville. Bridal trip to Montreal. [09/11/1883]

Married. Knight-Keyes. At East Saginaw, June 20th, 1883, by Rev. A.R. Hicks, Mr. Geo. E. Knight, of Jackson, Mich, formerly of Gouverneur, and Miss Lina C. Keyes, of Midland City, Mich.

Died. Cross. In Hailesboro, June 24, 1883, Mrs. Mary Jane, wife of Mr. Benjamin Cross, aged 56 years. (see also record id # 3191).

Died. Dewey. In Potsdam, June 18th, Mr. Albert Dewey, aged 66 years. [06/18/1883]

Birth. Turner. In Gouverneur, April 7th, 1883, to Mr. and Mrs. F.L. Turner, a son.

Birth. Turnbull. In Spragueville, April 2, to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew H. Turnbull, a son. [04/02/1883]

Married. Grandy-Northrup. March 29, by E.W. Wheeler, at the home of the bride, Judson C. Grandy, of Russell, N.Y., to Miss Chloe M. Northrup, of Fine, N.Y. [03/29/1883]

Died. Tompkins. In Gouverneur, N.Y., April 4, 1883, Mrs. Margaret Tompkins, aged 80 years.

Died. Jones. In Madrid, April 4, 1883, Mrs. Rispah B. Jones, aged 84 years.

Married. Rhodes-Philbrook. At the residence of Rev. R. Jones of Richville, N.Y., November 1st, 1883, Mr. Clarence Rhodes to Miss Effie Philbrook, both of Hermon.

Married. Ward-Smith. On the 23d of October at the home of John Ward in the town of Macomb, by the Rev. J.R. Smith, Mr. Henry Ward and Miss Ann E. Smith, all of Macomb. About 90 guests assembled and participated in the joyous event. As tokens of respect to the happy pair, they left about $50 worth of presents. The bride and groom took the first train east to visit friends. [10/23/1883]

Birth. Merrick. In Gananoque, Can., May 4th, to Dr. and Mrs. E.H. Merrick, a son. [05/04/1883]

Married. Cunningham-Storey. At the residence of Martin Dunlap, Macomb, by David Day, 2d, J.P., Mr. Charles A. Cunningham of Gouverneur, N.Y., and Miss Fannie Storey, of Ontario, Canada. May 4th, 1883.

Died. Van Buskirk. In Russell, May 4th, Martin Van Buskirk, aged 86 years and 9 months. He was a good man and died a christian. [05/04/1883]

Birth. Sackett. In Gouverneur, April 2, to Prof. and Mrs. M.R. Sackett, a daughter. [04/02/1883]

Birth. Beach. In Richville, March 31st, to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Beach, a daughter. [03/31/1883]

Born. Barney. In Gouverneur, March 29th, to Mr. and Mrs. B.L. Barney, a girl. [03/29/1883]

Married. Martin-Leary. At St. Patricks church, Rossie, N.Y., March 27, 1883, by Rev. W.S. Kelly, Mr. John Martin, of Silver Reef, Utah, to Miss Joanna Leary, of Gouverneur.

Deaths. (notices of death free, Obituary notices five cents per line). Simmons. In Canton, March 23, Mr. Aaron Simmons, the oldest inhabitant of the town, aged 94 years and 6 months. [03/23/1883]

Died. Wells. In Clare, March 25, S. Clinton Wells, son of Mr. Reuben T. Wells, aged 10 years, 7 months. [03/25/1883]

Died. Fisk. At Carmen, Minn., March 10, 1883, Herbie and Bertie, twin sons of Myron and Libbie Fisk, aged 1 year, 3 months and 10 days.

Died. Hurlbut. In Dekalb, March 3d, 1883, Thos. Hurlbut, aged 63 years, 4 months, and 14 days.

Died. Wells. In Louisville, February 6th, suddenly of heart disease, Mr. Ralph Wells, aged 74 years and three months. [02/06/1883]

Married. Hurlbut-Morris. In Evans Mills, June 28th, by Rev. J.W. Barr, Andrew J. Hurlbut of Dekalb and Julia A. Morris of Depeyster. [06/28/1883]

Married. Boscoe-Reed. In Gouverneur, N.Y., July 3d, 1883, by Rev. M.L. Rugg, Mr. Levi Boscoe of Gouverneur, to Miss Alice C. Reed of Macomb.

Died. Whitney. At Rennselaer Falls, April 26, 1883, of pneumonia, Mrs. Sally A. Whitney, aged 67 years.

Births. Montgomery. In Gouverneur, April 25, 1883, to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Montgomery, a son.

Married. Mc Falls-Thomas. At the residence of the bride's parents, in Kingsboro, Fulton Co., N.Y., July 11, 1883, David H. Mc Falls, Esq., of Gouverneur, and Miss Grace O. Thomas by Rev. Alex Hoyt, of Spencerport, N.Y.

Birth. Smith. To Mr. and Mrs. B.H. Smith, of Gouverneur, Feb 4th, 1883, a son.

Married. Pike-Shippee. At Edwards, January 30th, 1883, by C.K. Raymond, Esquire, Mr. Warren Pike and Miss Caroline Shippie.

Married. Glassett-McGrath. At the residence of the bride's parents, Feb 6th, 1883, by the Rev. Father Kelley, of Rossie, Mr. Cornelius Glassett, of Park City, Utah, to Miss B. A. McGrath, of Antwerp, N.Y.

Married. Spencer-Spooner. In Dekalb, at the house of the bride's father Mr. Edward Spooner, on the 21st inst by Rev. G. Cross, Mr. Clinton L. Spencer and Miss Anabel Spooner, both of Dekalb. [02/21/1883]

Married. Sharp-Nichols. At the Frontier House, Morristown, Feb 14th, by Rev. Thos. Dobbin, Mr. Isaac A. Sharp, of Oswegatchie, to Mrs. Caroline Nichols, of Brier Hill. [02/14/1883]

Died. Ease. In Philadelphia, Jeff. Co., Feb. 18th, of epilepsy, Mr. Barnard Ease, he was born in Gouverneur May 25th, 1810. [02/18/1883]

Married. Towle-McCall. At the residence of the bride's parents, Feb. 14th, by Rev. Thos. Dobbin, Mr. Arland H. Towle, of Grand Rapids, Mich. to Miss Mary E. McCall, of Oswegatchie. [02/14/1883]

Died. Bailey. In Louisville, Feb 10th, of consumption, Ira Bailey, aged 47 years. [02/10/1883]

Died. Brown. In Bridgewater, D.T., on the 20th inst., of consumption, Luida, wife of Robt. M. Brown, and daughter of the late Jacob Babcock, of Gouverneur, aged about 28 years. [02/20/1883]

Married. Alden-McGee. In Louisville Landing, at the home of the bride, Jan. 16, 1883, by Rev. W.C. Lent, Mr. Burton A. Alden, of Massena, and Miss Annie McGee. There was a large company of relatives and friends present, and the bride was the recipient of many useful and ornamental presents.

Married. Eddy-Howard. At Hammond, Jan. 16th by Rev. D.A. Ferguson, Mr. Mark W. Eddy and Miss Minnie A. Howard, both of Hammond. [01/16/1883]

Died. Wight. Blanche, youngest daughter of Allen and Lucy Wight, of Fowler, died January 24, 1883, of scarlet fever after three weeks sickness, aged four years 10 months and 16 days. The fact of the death of this beautiful and interesting child will bring a pang of grief to the hearts of all who knew her. She will long be remembered as the little singer who so sweetly sang the "Sweet By and By" at the last Christmas tree services at Little York.

Died. Stubbs. In Massena, Jan. 11th, 1883, of diptheria, Hattie, only daughter of Edward and May Stubbs, aged four years.

Died. Lindsay. In Hopkinton, Jan. 29th, 1883, Mrs. John Lindsay, aged 22 years.

Died. Carpenter. In Gouverneur, N.Y., Jan. 27, 1883, Miss Anna May, daughter of Mr. E. A. and Elizabeth Carpenter, aged nineteen years.

Married. Speers-Driscal. By Rev. E.W. Wheeler, at South Edwards, Jan 1, 1883, Geo. Speers and Etta Driscal, all of Fine, N.Y.

Married. Newton-Stevens. By E.W. Wheeler, at the home of the bride, Jan 1, 1883, William Newton and Kate H. Stevens, all of town of Edwards, N.Y.

Married. Chadwick-Wells. By Rev. E.W. Wheeler, at the home of the bride, Jan 1, 1883, Wm. O. Chadwick and Carrie I. Wells, all of Pitcairn, N.Y.

Married. Simons-Conlin. At the residence of Mr. J.C. Birge, in Heuvelton, Jan 1, 1883, by Rev. E.S. Cheeseman, Mr. Louis F.H. Simons and Miss Sedate M. Conlin, all of Heuvelton, N.Y>

Married. Miller-Briggs. At the residence of the bride's parents, Jan 3d, 1883, by Rev Jas. S. Ainsle, Mr. Hugh O. Miller and Miss Katie A. Briggs, all of Ogdensburg.

Died. Bent. In Antwerp, Jan 6, D. Bent, aged about 81 years. [01/06/1883]

Died. Charlton. Sarah, eldest daughter of John and Maria Charlton died of consumption, in Waddington, Dec. 28th, aged 21 years. [12/28/1883]

Married. Hendrick-Beaton. At Darling, Ont., Jan 18, 1883, Mr. Webster L. Hendrick, of Richville, N.Y., and Miss Jennie Beaton, of Darling, Ont.

Married. Derby-Thrall. At the residence of the bride, at 10 o'clock, a.m., Jan 24, 1883, by Rev. Dr. Tryon Edwards, Dr. E.G. Derby and Mrs. C.A. Thrall, both of Gouverneur.

Married. Beenfield-Bacon. At Hammond, Jan 18th by Rev. D.A. Ferguson, Mr. Peter M. Beenfield, of Oxbow, and Miss Louisa C. Bacon of Rossie. [01/18/1883]

Died. Farnham. In Ogdensburg, N.Y., Jan. 15, Sullivan H. Farnham, aged 39 years. [01/15/1883]

Died. Cowan. In Norfolk, N.Y., Jan 12th, 1883, of consumption, Eliza Cowan, in the 24th year of her age.

Died. Robinson. In Lisbon, Jan 14th, 1883, John Y. Robinson, in his 67th year.

Died. Lockie. Andrew Lockie, at his residence, in Rossie, Friday, Jan 5th, 1883, aged 68 years.

Died. Robinson. At Black River, Jan 11th, Mr. Harry Robinson, formerly of Canton, aged 81 years. [01/11/1883]

Died. Whitney. In Gouverneur, N.Y., Jan 15th, 1883, Florence, daughter of A.S. and Ella Whitney, aged eight years. She had a light attack of scarlet fever Christmas week, from which she recovered. Inflammation of the kidneys set in about a week since and she died last Monday. She was a great sufferer for the last few days prior to her death.

Married. McKee-Fellows. At the VanBuren House on Wednesday, Feb 28th, the marriage of Mr. Forrest M. McKee, of Edwards, and Miss Addie L. Fellows, of Hermon, was solemnized by the Rev. B.B. Phelps. [02/28/1883]

Married. Fuller-Haley. In Massena, March 1st, 1883, by Rev. Wm. A. Burch, A.T. Fuller, of Gouverneur, to Miss Anna C. Haley, of Louisville, N.Y.

Births. McCarty. To Mr. and Mrs. John McCarty, Jan 6th, a daughter. [01/06/1883]

Born. Barnum. To Mr. and Mrs. Geo. J. Barnum, a son. [01/15/1883]

Married. Day-Giffin. At the parsonage, Richville, N.Y., by Rev. J. Dickson, Mr. Thaddie Day, and Miss Myra Giffin, both of Depeyster, N.Y. [12/15/1882]

Married. Rentfield-Jones. At the home of the bride, Dec. 25th, 1882, by Rev. E. W. Wheeler, Mr. Fred W. Rentfield, of Fowler, N.Y. and Miss Emma C. Jones, of Fine, N.Y.

Died. Bacon. In this village, Jan 1st, 1883, J.P. Bacon, aged 88 years and 11 months.

Died. Van Duzee. At Lancaster, Thursday morning, February 1st, 1883, Dr. William S. Van Duzee aged 71 years and 19 days. He was a brother of S.B. Van Duzee of this village.

Married. Newton-Stevens. At the home of the bride, Jan 1st, 1883, by Rev. E.W. Wheeler, Mr. Wm. Newton, of Edwards, N.Y. and Miss Kate H. Stevens, of South Edwards, N.Y.

Married. Reynolds-Tenney. Wednesday, December 19, 1883, at the Methodist parsonage in Gouverneur, N.Y., by Rev. W. Dempster Chase, Emerson Reynolds and Frances A. Tenney, both of Spragueville.

Married. Cramer-Dailey. Sunday, December 23, 1883, at the home of the bride's parents, by Rev. W.D. Chase, George H. Cramer, of Norwood and Nora A. Dailey, of Gouverneur.

Married. Miller-Griswold. Sunday, December 23, 1883, at the residence of Allen Dailey. In the town of Gouverneur by Rev. W. Dempster Chase, Benjamin Miller of Gouverneur and Louise E. Griswold of Pinkey Corners, N.Y.

Married. Austin-Clark. In Gouverneur, November 25, 1883, by Rev. M.L. Rugg, Mr. Albert C. Austin and Miss Susie A. Clark.

Married. Robinson-Gardner. In Gouverneur, Dec. 15, 1883, by Rev. M.L. Rugg, Mr. Charles E. Robinson and Miss Sarah E. Gardner.

Died. Coats. The bright little 'Ethel', only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Coats, of Popes Mills died December 13, 1883, aged fifteen months. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of a (illegible).

Died. Parker. In Gouverneur, Sept 11th, 1883, Jennie O.W., elder daughter of C.A. and J.A. Parker.

Died. Gordon. At Shelburne Falls, Mass, Aug 3d, 1882, Fred, only son of Leonard and Nellie Gordon (formerly of Gouverneur) aged 5 months 14 days.

Died. Hunkins. Rhoda, wife of Charles Hunkins, died at her home in Russell, Sept 5th, 1883, aged 32 years.

Died. Fosgate. In Gouverneur, Sept. 2d, 1883, at one o'clock p.m. Ebenezer Fosgate, aged 60 years, 5 months, and 18 days. Beside his couch we watched with care, While long, long weeks passed slowly by -, Faith wafted up hope's fervent prayer, And none thought "Uncle Ebb" would die. But sorrow's hour must come to all, His patient, loving soul has flown -, The hand of death spread its dark pall, And claimed the living for its own. We bade goodbye in grief and woe-, We bathed his silvery locks with tears. Knowing that while time's ages flow, Our farewell was for death's long years. Yet not forgotten sleeps he there, For love's bright memories fond and true, Bring up before us everywhere, His dear dead face and form to view. And when the blessed angels come, To bear our souls, in arms of love, May one and all be gathered home, And meet our friend in realms above. Mrs. Nellie C. Ladd, Gouverneur, Sept 7, 1883

Married. Chase-Geer. In Edwards, N.Y., Oct 17th, 1883 by Rev. M.L. Rugg, Mr. George S. Chase, of Dickinson, N.Y., to Miss Florence Geer of Edwards, N.Y.

Married. Wilson-McClear. At the residence of the bride's parents, Oct 17th, 1883, by Rev. M.L. Rugg, Mr. Thomas P. Wilson, of Gouverneur, to Miss Josephene E. McClear, of Gouverneur

Married. Freeman-Rushton. At Russell, Oct. 3rd, by Rev. L.S. Baker, Mr. Charles G. Freeman to Mrs. Ella V. Rushton, all of Russell. [10/03/1883]

Married. Brown-Gibbons. At Russell, Oct 10th, by Rev. L.S. Baker, Mr. David A. Brown to Miss Celia F. Gibbons, both of Russell. [10/10/1883]

Died. Colwell. In Russell Oct 12th, Mrs. Sylvia Colwell in the 82nd year of her age. She had been a resident of this village over 40 years and passed a very industrious, quiet Christian life. [10/12/1883]

Died. Babcock. In Bridgewater, September 26th, 1883, Eddie, son of Zera and Catherine Babcock, aged 2 years, 10 months and 23 days. 'Eddie dear has gone and left us, He has left us all alone, But we know he lives in Heaven, In that bright and happy home. We with aching hearts have lain him, Down beside his little brother, But our faith looks up to Heaven, Where our dear ones live forever.' The grief stricken and sorrowing parents have the sympathy of their many friends in Gouverneur and vicinity.

Died. Fredenburg. In Dekalb, near Hermon, April 18th, of typhoid pneumonia, Mr. Edwin Fredenburg, aged 74 years and 7 months. [04/18/1883]

Died. Goodrich. At Rennselear Falls, April 25th, 1883, Miss Minerva P. Goodrich, daughter of Collins W. Goodrich, in the 45th year of her age.

Married. Foster-Storrin. At the home of the bride's parents Mr. Wm. Storrin, of Bigelow, N.Y., on Nov. 29th, 1883, by Rev. H.W. Howard, Mr. Fred W. Foster, of Gouverneur, to Miss Ella E. Storrin.

Married. Henderson-Wright. At the residence of the bride's father of Hammond, N.Y., Nov 21st, by Rev. Cheeseman, Mr. Andrew W. Henderson and Miss Nettie M. Wright, all of Hammond, N.Y. [11/21/1883]

Married. Leonard-Smith. On Wednesday, June 6th, 1883, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. Mr. Ferguson, of Hammond, Webster Leonard, to Orina Smith, both of Rossie.

Married. Ricket-Bresee. In Gouverneur, May 30th, 1883, at the Baptist parsonage, by Rev. M.L. Rugg, Mr. Judson Ricket, of Depeyster, to Miss Viola A. Bresee, of Depeyster.

Died. Clapp. In this village, Wednesday June 6th, of consumption, Minnie, wife of A.T. Clapp in the 20th year of her age. [06/06/1883]

Births. To Rev. Mr. and Mrs. James F. Brodie, at Woodstock, Vt., April 7th, 1883, a daughter.

Married. Dunn-Youngs. At the Baptist parsonage, Gouverneur, March 22d, 1883, Mr. John W. Dunn of Morristown to Miss Sarah A. Youngs of Macomb, Rev. M.L. Rugg officiating clergyman.

Died. Gallaher. At his residence in Macomb, N.Y., April 4th, 1883, Thomas Gallaher, in the 77th year of his age, a native of the county of Mayo, Ireland. He was the last of the original settlers of his district.

Married. Jackson-Barber. At the bride's home in Jerusalem September 5th, 1883, by Rev. S.F. Danforth, Mr. Chas. T. Jackson, of Vergennes, Vt., and Miss Kittie Barber, of Canton, N.Y.

Died. Curtis. At Three Mile Bay on the 9th inst., Lydia E., wife of A.D. Curtis and only daughter of Dr. Charles Parker, aged 32 years. [09/09/1883]

Died. Blanden. In Gouverneur, September 5th, Miss Celia A. Blanden, aged 29 years and 9 months. One of the last requests of Miss Celia Blanden before death came to grant release, was that her undying thanks should be presented to the many friends who so kindly stood by her to aid and cheer as she passed hence to the other shore. She desired especially that Dr. Drury be remembered for his unswerving efforts as a christian physician in her behalf. [09/05/1883]

Births. To Mr. and Mrs. Edd. Peacock of Spragueville, N.Y., a son. [09/15/1883]

Births. To Mr. and Mrs. M.R. Stanton, of Spragueville, a son. [09/15/1883]

Births. To Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Lock, of Spragueville, a daughter. [09/15/1883]

Births. To Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fosgate of Watertown, January 1st, 1884, a daughter.

Married. McFerran-Moncrief. At the residence of P.M. Brown, of Edwards, Dec 26, 1883, by Rev. E. Hitchcock, Mr. Samuel McFerran, of Edwards, and Miss Mary Moncrief of Fine.

Married. Phillips-Becker. At the residence of the bride's father in Russell, N.Y. Dec. 22d, 1883, by Rev. L.M. Smith, Mr. Silas G. Phillips of Diana, Lewis Co., N.Y. and Miss Jennie A. Becker of Russell, St. Lawrence Co., N.Y.

Born. Starbuck. In Gouverneur, Nov. 23d, to Mr. and Mrs Frank Starbuck, a daughter. [11/23/1883]

Born. Mosher. In Gouverneur, Nov 27th, to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Mosher, a daughter. [11/27/1883]

Married. Barker-Eggleston. In Somerville, at the residence of Mr. Howel F. Pike, Nov 26th by Rev. Dr. J.S. Lee, Mr. Charles A. Barker and Miss Carrie M. Eggleston, both of Somerville. [11/26/1883]

Married. Hall-Smith. At the Methodist Episcopal parsonage, Richville, N.Y., November 29th, by Rev. H.W. Howard, James D. Hall and Carrie L. Smith, both of Gouverneur, N.Y. [11/29/1883]

Married. Gamble-Tripp. In Richville, on the 22nd inst., by the Rev. G. Cross, Mr. Robert Gamble, of Edwardsburg, Ontario, Canada, and Miss Angeline Tripp, of Richville. [11/22/1883]

Died. Shippee. In Norwood, Nov 3rd, 1883, of Typhoid fever, Mrs. Emma A. Shippee, aged 28 years, 10 months.

Married. Lamb-Gorley. At the Spencer House, Gouverneur, November 10th, by Rev. M.L. Rugg, Mr. Frank Lamb, of Fowler, and Miss Katie Gorley, of Spragueville.

Married. Fortune-Eggleston. At the parsonage, Spragueville, Nov. 11th, 1883, by Rev. A.C. Woodward, Mr. Albert Fortune, of New Bremen, N.Y. and Miss Sophia Eggleston of Antwerp, N.Y.

Births. Heywood. In Antwerp, April -, 1883, to Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Heywood, a son.

Married. Hale-Lockwood. In Madrid, April 19, 1883, by Rev. F.S. Lawrence, Mr. Charles M. Hale and Miss Minnie E. Lockwood, both of Madrid.

Died. Gollaher. In Macomb, April 4, Thomas Gollaher in the 70th year of his age. He moved into the then new town of Macomb about 34 years ago, and at the time of his death was the oldest and the only one left of the first settlers of the town. [04/04/1883]

Died. Clark. In Dekalb, near Richville, April 9, 1883, of scarlet fever, Chattie D., youngest child of Whitman H. and Emma Clark, aged 4 years, 2 months and 24 days. 'This lovely bud so bright, so fair, Called hence by early doom, Came just to show how sweet a flower, In paradise will bloom.'

Died. Acres. In Dekalb, N.Y., March 9, 1883, Fidelia, wife of George W. Acres, aged 78 years. Mrs. Acres was born in Fairfield, N.Y., in 1805 and came with her parents to Sommerville when 4 years old and lived there until her marriage with Mr. Acres when they moved to Dekalb where they have since resided. The characteristic feature of their family life for nearly half a century was a generous hospitality extended to all who came and every one who has shared that hospitality will testify that Mrs. Acres was always found doing what she could to contribute to the pleasure of her guests. From early life she was a believer in the truths of Christianity and for many years preceding her death a member of the Methodist Episcapol church. Although true to her church, and ever willing publicly to acknowledge the Christ she loved, yet her Christianity found its best expression in the deeds of a daily life. Consistent, quiet unobtrusive, kind hearted, "with charity for all", she passed through life doing faithfully all that was assigned her to do. Stricken down suddenly by a paralytic shock she lingered a few days and passed to her eternal rest. Her former pastor, Rev. A.D. Smith, of Evans Mills, conducted the funeral services and rendered a just and feeling tribute to her memory.

Died. Green. At the residence of her parents in this village, Monday, February 19th, 1883, of consumption, Nettie, oldest daughter of Asa B. and Sarah N. Green. Aged 22 years, 10 months and 22 days. Funeral from the M.E. church, Thursday at 10 o'clock A.M.

Died. Payne. In Antwerp, N.Y., March 12th, 1883, Welcome Payne, aged 81 years. Deceased was father of Mrs. W.H. Andrews of Gouverneur.

Births. Simpson. In Gouverneur, March 25th, to Mr. and Mrs. James Simpson, a son. [03/25/1883]

Births. Johnson. In Gouverneur, March 25, to James H. and Anna Johnson, twin babies, a boy and girl weighing respectively 7 and 7 1/2 pounds. Both the mother and babies are doing nicely. [03/25/1883]

Married. Birch-Royce. On the 17th inst., Mr. Wm. E. Birch and Miss Ida M. Royce both of Canton, by Rev. James Gardner, D.D. [03/17/1883]

Married. Smith-Holcomb. At the M.E. Parsonage, Massena, N.Y., Feb. 6th 1883, by Rev. N.E. Bush, Mr. Wright A. Smith and Miss Alice A. Holcomb, both of Brasher, N.Y.

Died. Kitts. In Gouverneur, March 27th, 1883, Henry Kitts, of consumption, aged 30 years.

Died. Eaton. At her residence in Gouverneur, on Tuesday, March 26, of cancer, Elizabeth A. Eaton, aged 57 years; wife of John B. Eaton. [03/26/1883]

Died. Clapp. In Gouverneur, March 24, 1883, Thomas Clapp, of typhoid pneumonia, aged 40 years.

Died. Perrigo. In Potsdam, March 20th, Jessie R., youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.S. Perrigo, aged 1 year 11 months and 7 days. [03/20/1883]

Died. Cheney. At Brasher Falls, March 3d, 1883, of pneumonia, Sophrenia Hawley, wife of Uriah Cheney, in her 80th year.

Died. Day. In Depeyster, March 19th, L.B. Day, aged 28 years. [03/19/1883]

Died. Simmons. In North Gouverneur, March 10th, 1883, Harmon Leslie Simmons, son of John P. and Elizabeth Simmons, aged 5 years and 7 days. 'If each fond wish were but a rose, And every thought were sweetest flowers, How gladly would we give them all, To deck that little grave of ours. But sweetest flowers of earth decay, And though all earthly joys depart, Thy mem'ry will for aye remain, To cheer a parents aching heart.

Died. Richardson. In Gouverneur, March 21, Frank P. Richardson, of pneumonia, in the 33d year of his age. Deceased was a son of our estimable townsman, John Richardson. Besides leaving a bereaved widow and two small children to mourn his loss he also bade a farewell to an affectionate father, mother, and two brothers, all of whom are bowed with a sincere sorrow at their great bereavement. Frank P. Richardson was an upright and honorable man, an affectionate husband and father, a dutiful son and a faithful friend. Besides his immediate immediate relatives he leaves a large circle of personal friends who, while they mourn his untimely death, will long cherish his memory as one who was true as steel to every engagement and exemplified in his honorable and upright life all of those virtues that endear one man to another. [03/21/1883]

Married. Offord-Town. At the residence of Milo Woodcock, Edwards, N.Y., on the 14th day of April, 1883, Mr. John Offord of Edwards, to Miss Carrie Town, of Russell. C.K. Raymond officiating justice of the peace.

Died. Palmer. In Russell, N.Y., April 17, 1883, of bronchial consumption, Lelia E. Colton, wife of Harry F. Palmer, aged 29 years.

Died. Noble. In Edwards, April 17, 1883, Mr. Alexander Noble, aged 74 years. He was a native of Scotland.

Died. Weston. In Pierrepont, N.Y., April 20, 1883, wife of Milo Weston, aged 67 years.

Births. Duscharm. To Mr. and Mrs. Charles Duscharm, a son. [04/15/1883]

Married. Leonard-Smith. At the residence of the brides parents, in Rossie, Wednesday, June 6, 1883, by Rev. D.A. Ferguson, Mr. W.W. Leonard and Miss Oriann Smith, both of Rossie.

Married. Harris-Foster. In Gouverneur, June 6, 1883, by Rev. M.L. Rugg, Mr. Spencer W. Harris to Miss Lenora Foster, both of Gouverneur.

Died. Styles. In Fowler, June 4th, 1883, Sanford Styles, aged 82 years, 2 months, and 8 days. Deceased was born in Putney, Vt., lived in Gouverneur when there were but two or three buildings in the village, and up to five years ago when he went to Fowler to live with his son, Joseph E. Styles.

Died. Drury. Virginia E., infant daughter and only child of Dr. A.C. and Franc Drury, died at Harrisville, N.Y., June 6th, 1883, aged two and a half months. Little Genie was sent to gladden this home for a little while, then suddenly the Master called for her, leaving the parents sad and lonely but with increased attractions in Heaven. They laid her to rest nestling in the fragrance of beautiful flowers; but the babe is not there for she is with him who said "suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."

Births. Farley. In Gouverneur, March 19th, to Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Farley, a boy. [03/10/1883]

Married. Shepard-Taylor. At the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. Taylor, at Louisville, Feb'y 28th, 1883, by Rev. Mr. Goss, Mr. Alfred Shepard and Miss Ella Taylor, both of Louisville.

Married. Johnson-Turner. At the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. Wm. Turner, in Macomb, March 14th, 1883, by Rev. Dr. J.S. Lee, Mr. Royal Johnson, of Deadwood, Dakota, and Miss Helen M. Turner, of Macomb.

Married. Roach-Shields. In West Potsdam, N.Y., Feb'y 21, 1883, Mr. F.W. Roach, of Canton, and Miss Ella J. Shields, of West Potsdam.

Died. Seaver. In Malone, at the residence of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.K. Seaver, on Friday morning, March 9th, 1883, Olin Julian Seaver, aged 32 years, 9 months, and 1 day.

Died. Ward. In Fowler, March 4th, 1883, Mr. Leonard Ward.

Died. Cobb. On Friday, March 16th, 1883, in Gouverneur, Orman Cobb, aged 45 years.

Died. Merithew. In Dekalb, N.Y., March 1st, 1883, Alice J., daughter of James and Eliza J. Merithew, aged 8 years and 5 months. 'We weep to know that we no more, Shall meet our Alice here, That time to us can ne'er restore, The child to us so dear. Ere sin could blight or sorrow fade, Death came with friendly care, The op'ning bud to heaven conveyed, And bade it blossom there.

Marriage. Pettis-LaTrace. At the residence of Rev. O.C. Barnes, Norfolk, August 12, Mr. Charles Pettis and Miss Mary Etta LaTrace, both of Stockholm. [08/12/1883]

Died. Wells. In Louisville, August 2d, 1883, Sarah, wife of Rolf Wells, aged 23 years.

Married. Hurlbut-Brees. In Dekalb, June 13th, at the residence of Mr. James L. Brees, by Rev. Dr. J.S. Lee, Mr. Elbridge O. Hurlbut, of DePeyster, graduate of the Albany Law school, and Miss Estelle M. Brees, graduate of the St. Lawrence University, class of 1878. [06/13/1883]

Married. Lannay-McIntosh. At the Methodist Parsonage in Gouverneur, Saturday, December 1st, 1883, by Rev. W. Dempster Chase, Phillip Lannay of South Arm, Michigan, and Mary M. McIntosh of Gouverneur, N.Y.

Married. LaForty-Tripp. In Richville, on the 4th inst., by the Rev. G. Cross, Mr. Melbourne LaForty of Delta, Canada, and Miss Olive Tripp of Richville. [12/04/1883]

Died. Potter. In this village, Dec. 10th, 1883, John H. Potter, aged 25 years and four months. Funeral services were held from his late residence this afternoon.

Died. Risley. In this town, Dec 7th, 1883, Jeremiah Risley, aged 77 years. His remains were interred in Riverside Cemetery.

Married. Smith-Johnson. In Gouverneur, N.Y., September 3, 1884, by Rev. Dr. Edwards, Mr. Harvey Smith to Miss Hattie M. Johnson, both of Oxbow, N.Y.

Married. Warner-Sheldon. At the residence of the bride's father, August 27, 1884, Mr. Clark Warner to Miss Martha Sheldon, both of Hopkinton, N.Y.

Married. Mitchell-Rushton. In Edwards, N.Y., September 3, 1884. by Rev. J.S. Lee, D.D., Rev. Ure Mitchell, pastor of the Universalist church, Oxford, N.Y., to Miss Mary L. Rushton, adopted daughter of Henry Rushton, Esq.

Died. Polman. At Edwardsville, N.Y. September 8th, 1884, Mrs. Laura Polman, widow of H.I. Polman, aged 83 years.

Died. Howes. In Gouverneur, N.Y., September 8th, 1884, Joseph Howes, of cholera morbus, aged 75 years.

Died. Sanford. At Hopkinton, N.Y., August 29, 1884, May, eldest daughter of Mr. Simeon Sanford, aged 13 years.

Died. Hardy. In Malone, N.Y., August 17, 1884, Mrs. Mary P. Woodard, wife of Darius Hardy, aged 67 years.

Died. Boyden. In Canton, N.Y., suddenly, of heart disease, August 29, 1884, Mr. William Dwight Boyden, aged 64 years.

Births. LaVack. To Mr. and Mrs. Fred LaVack, in Gouverneur, May 24, 1884, a daughter.

Died. Van Namee. In Hailesboro, N.Y., May 17, Frances Endora, only child of Stephen D. and Amelia E. Van Namee, aged 14 years. [05/17/1884]

Died. Eager. At Great Bend, N.Y., Clinton Eager, son of George C. and Harriet Eager, formerly of Gouverneur, aged nineteen years. [05/15/1884]

Married. Morehouse-McCauley. In Diana, N.Y., August 23, 1884, by Rev. H.C. Dike, George M. Morehouse, of Harrisville, to Miss Clara McCauley, of the same place.

Married. Brown-Ford. At Hopkinton, N.Y., August 14, 1884, by Rev. H.A. Ottman, Noble E. Brown and Nettie V. Ford, both of Parishville.

Died. Davis. At Hewittville, N.Y., August 5, 1884, Armina Bell Davis, aged 19 years. Also, at the same place, August 6, Cynthia Sophronia Davis, aged 22 years, daughters of David and Rebecca Davis.

Died. Lewis. In Potsdam, N.Y., August 7, 1884, Rozella Augusta Berkley, wife of Geo. Lewis, aged 33 years.

Died. Buck. At Bucks Bridge, N.Y., August 11, 1884, Mrs. Geo. Buck, aged 57 years.

Died. Kerr. In Stockholm, N.Y., August 16, 1884, Chas. R. Kerr, aged 24 years.

Died. Belknap. In Byron, Kent Co., Mich., Feb 8, 1884, Joshua Belknap, in the 96th year of his age. He was a resident of St. Lawrence Co. forty-six years.

Died. Darrow. In Gouverneur, Feb. 14th, 1884, Mrs. Julia S. Darrow, (mother of Mrs. C.E. Hotchkill), aged 77 years.

Married. Hardy-Miller. At Carthage, N.Y., June 3, 1884, Mr. John B. Hardy to Miss Dora B. Miller, both of Gouverneur, N.Y., Rev. R.R. White officiating.

Married. Conkey-Wilson. In Canton, N.Y., July 3, 1884, Mr. Charles T. Conkey, of Canton, N.Y., and Miss Ella V. Wilson, of South Colton, N.Y., Rev. E.E. Brown officiating.

Married. Hamilton-Vebber. In Pierrepont, N.Y., at the home of the bride, July 1, 1884, Mr. Erwin E. Hamilton and Miss Minnie E. Vebber, Rev. Wm. Whitfield officiating.

Died. Taylor. At Hammond, N.Y., July 2, 1884, Lucy Isabel Taylor, daughter of the late John Buss, aged 36 years.

Died. VanValkenberg. In Hailesboro, N.Y., July 6, 1884, Charlotte Carpenter, only child of Mr. and Mrs. Van Valkenberg, and granddaughter of Mr. George W. Carpenter, aged 4 months and 6 days.

Died. Ballou. In Waddington, N.Y., near Chase's Mills, June 29, 1884, Mrs. Abigail Ballou, wife of Mr. Philander Ballou, aged 64 years.

Died. Parmeter. In Potsdam, N.Y., July 7, 1884, Louisa, wife of Denis Parmeter, aged 45 years.

Died. LaBrake. In Potsdam, July 3, 1884, Josephine LaBrake, aged 28 years.

Died. Myers. At Ogdensburg, N.Y., July 30th, 1884, Mrs. Frances Ranney, wife of the late Hon. Charles G. Myers.

Died. McCarger. In West Stockholm, July 27th, 1884, Sophia, wife of Uriah McCarger, aged 46 years.

Died. Martin. In Pierpont, July 28th, 1884, Aaron Martin, aged 92 years. Mr. Martin had been a resident of Pierpont about 60 years.

Died. Dains. At Hamilton, N.Y., August 4th, 1884, George G. Dains, formerly principal of the Gouverneur Seminary, aged -- years. The remains will be brought to Gouverneur today (Thursday) for interment.

Died. Geer. In Pitcairn, N.Y., July 31st, 1884, Lorenzo D. Geer, aged 74 years. Deceased was one of the pioneers of his town, has repeatedly held the office of Supervisor and since the organization of the town up to the day of his death has held, without a break, some office of responsibility and trust. He was an intelligent, upright, and influential citizen and will be sadly missed and sincerely mourned by every citizen of his town.

Married. Farmer-Haile. In the Baptist Church, Gouverneur, N.Y., August 20th, 1884, Mr. F.A. Farmer to Miss Susie A. Haile, both of Gouverneur. Rev. H.S. Schwartz, officiating clergyman.

Married. Smith-Pettibone. In the Congregational church at Winchester, Connecticut, August 12, 1884, by Rev. Ira Pettibone, assisted by Rev. Arthur Goodenough, A.A. Smith, of Ogdensburg, N.Y. and Mary Louise Pettibone, daughter of the officiating clergyman.

Died. Beauchane. At Natural Dam, N.Y., August 13th, 1884, Milford U., infant son of John Beauchane, of cholera infantum, aged 6 months and 15 days.

Married. Bigeral-Drown. In Spragueville, Feb. 24, 1884, by J.F. Hodgkin, Esq., Mr. George W. Bigeral and Miss Melissa J. Drown, both of Spragueville.

Died. Lyon. In St. Joseph, Mo., Wednesday, Feb. 20, 1884, Robert Judson Lyon, aged 10 months and 20 days, only son of David C. and Mary Rich Lyon.

Married. Phillips-Mayhew. In Gouverneur, N.Y., September 17, 1884, at the home of the bride's parents, by Rev. W. Dempster Chase, Thomas A. Phillips, of Fowler, N.Y., to Hattie Mayhew, of Gouverneur.

Married. Abell-Donnelly. In Gouverneur, N.Y., September 23d, 1884, at the residence of C.R. Bowne, by Rev. Mr. Schwartz, Mr. Frank Abell to Miss Lotta Donnelly.

Married. Jones-Barclay. At the M.E. parsonage, at Parishville, N.Y., September 6, 1884, by Rev. W.D. Marsh, Herbert Eugene Jones and Bertha Barclay.

Married. Conkey-Homer. In Spragueville, N.Y., September 9, by Rev. A.G. Gaines, D.D.S. Conkey, of Canton, and Miss Nettie M. Homer, of Spragueville. [09/09/1884]

Died. McFadden. In Pierpont, N.Y., September 14, 1884, Grace McFadden, daughter of Frederick and Florence McFadden, aged six months.

Died. Page. In Stockholm Centre, N.Y., September 8, 1884, Joseph D. Page, aged 20 years and 3 months.

Died. Fuller. In Norwood, N.Y., Saturday September 13, 1884, Mr. Wyman M. Fuller, aged 70 years.

Died. Denny. In Gouverneur, N.Y., September 16, 1884, of cholera infantum, Levi Conger, infant son of Joseph Denny.

Married. Woodward-Kitts. In Gouverneur, N.Y. October 10, 1884 by Rev. W. Dempster Chase, Edgar H. Woodward to Amelia Kitts, both of Gouverneur.

Died. Ellis. In Pitcairn, N.Y., October 8, 1884, George Ellis, aged 22 years.

Died. In Gouverneur, N.Y., October 6, 1884, Timothy Bruce, aged 29 years.

Died. Cushman. In Malone, N.Y., October 4, 1884, Mr. T.B. Cushman, aged 72 years.

Died. Wade. At Okoboji, Dickinson county, Iowa, October 2, 1884, Rev. J.F. Wade, father of Rev. Wm. G. Wade, of Depeyster, N.Y., and Rev. Francis R. Wade, of Cape Vincent, N.Y., aged 65 years.

Married. Fields-Bowes. In Gouverneur, N.Y., September 29, 1884, by Rev. Dr. Edwards, Mr. Harvey Fields to Miss Maggie Bowes, all of Gouverneur.

Married. Stacy-Johnson. In Canton, N.Y., near Rensselaer Falls, September 23, 1884, by Rev. J.S. Lee, D.D., Mr. George A. Stacy, of Dekalb, and Miss Minnie E. Johnson, daughter of Charles Johnson.

Married. Davies-Scott. At Richville, N.Y., September 24, 1884, by Rev. David Jones, Mr. Thomas B. Davies to Miss Cassia Scott, both of Macomb, N.Y.

Died. Kitts. In Fowler, September 24th, 1884, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. J.B. Blodget, Archibald Kitts, aged 82 years, 7 months, and 14 days.

Died. Amond. At Hailesborough, N.Y., September 23, 1884, of pneumonia, Mrs. Ellen C. Amond, wife of Joseph Amond, aged 50 years.

Died. Welsh. In South Pierpont, N.Y., September 17, 1884, Mrs. Welsh.

Died. Daniels. In Pierrepont, N.Y., September 25, 1884, of internal cancer, Mrs. Mary Ann, wife of E. Daniels.

Died. Cook. In the Laidlow House, Rossie, N.Y., September 26, 1884, Abraham Cook, a native of Franklin county, N.Y.

Died. Nevin. At Helena, N.Y., September 25, 1884, David Nevin, in the 75th year of his age.

Died. Carpenter. In Gouverneur, N.Y., May 20, 1884, Eddie Carpenter, aged 7 years, 3 months and 11 days. Also, on June 20, 1884, Girtie Carpenter, aged 9 years, 8 months and 26 days. Both of the above named were children of Nelson and Eliza Carpenter, of Gouverneur.

Died. Ellsworth. In Russell, N.Y., very suddenly of hemorrhage of the lungs, June 23, 1884, Miss Lucie Ellsworth, aged 18 years and 4 months, daughter of Edward Ellsworth.

Births. Laidlaw. In Gouverneur, N.Y., September 30, 1884, a son, to Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Laidlaw.

Married. French-Rickerson. In Canton, N.Y., September 17, 1884, by Rev. W.F. Brown, pastor of the Methodist church, Mr. Stephen French to Miss Minnie L. Rickerson, both of Hermon, N.Y.

Married. Leonard-Borland. In Gouverneur, N.Y., Tuesday, October 8, 1884, at the residence of Mr. Marvin Leonard, by Rev. W. Dempster Chase, William Henry Leonard, of Gouverneur, to Carrie Borland, of Richville, N.Y.

Married. Merriman-Carpenter. In Spragueville, N.Y., at the residence of Mr. George F. Carpenter, October 1, 1884, by Rev. Dr. J.S. Lee, Mr. Chester D. Merriman, of Gouverneur, son of Mr. Lyman Merriman, to Miss Minnie M. Carpenter, of Spragueville.

Died. VanNamee. At her late residence, in Gouverneur, N.Y., October 6, 1884, Betsy, wife of John VanNamee, of paralysis, aged 74 years, 10 months and 10 days.

Died. Freeman. At the residence of his son, George H., in Gouverneur, N.Y., October 4, 1884, George W. Freeman, aged 67 years and 10 months.

Died. Ryan. At Natural Dam, Gouverneur, N.Y., October 1st, 1884, Mattie G. Ryan, wife of James Ryan, aged 38 years and 6 months. Mrs. Ryan was a sister of Joseph George, Esq., of Richville, and Mrs. John Dodds of Gouverneur. She leaves two little daughters.

Married. Allen-Higbee. At the home of the bride, June 25, 1884, Mr. Alexander Allen, of Hammond, N.Y., to Miss Hattie E. Higbee, of Ogdensburg, N.Y. Rev. D.A. Ferguson officiating.

Died. Pooler. In Gouverneur, N.Y., June 30, 1884, Mrs. Esther Pooler, (mother of John Pooler and Mrs. C.A. Parks, of this village) in the 91st year of her age. She was sick but a short time and died of old age.

Died. Gollaher. In Pitcairn, N.Y., June 25th, 1884, Peter Gollaher, aged 63 years.

Died. Carmichael. At Waddington, N.Y., June 24th, 1884, Mrs. James Carmichael, in the 36th year of her age.

Births. Spencer. In Gouverneur, Nov. 5th, to Mr. and Mrs. L.M. Spencer, a son. [11/05/1884]

Births. Doyle. In Gouverneur, Nov. 7th, to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Doyle, twin boys. [11/07/1884]

Births. Ackerman. In Gouverneur, Nov. 10, to Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ackerman, a daughter. [11/10/1884]

Married. Kilmer-Forward. In Gouverneur, N.Y. Wednesday, Nov 11, 1884, by Rev. J. Winslow, of Watertown, Mr. John P. Kilmer to Miss Josephine E. Forward, both of Gouverneur.

Marriage. Rees-Fullington. At the home of the bride, Gouverneur, N.Y., Thursday, Nov. 6, 1884, by Rev. E.E. Cheeseman, Mr. Benjamin Rees, of Richville, to Miss Ida G. Fullington, of Gouverneur.

Died. Doyle. In Gouverneur, Nov. 9th, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Doyle. [11/09/1884]

Died. McWilliams. At Brier Hill, N.Y., Nov. 6th, 1884, Mrs. Mary McWilliams, aged 47 years.

Died. Steele. In Gouverneur, Nov. 7th, of scarlet fever, Luella, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Steele, aged 10 years. [11/07/1884]

Died. Sprague. At Odebolt, Iowa, Oct. 19, 1884, W.R. Sprague, son of O.P. Sprague, formerly of Gouverneur, N.Y., aged 33 years. (Transcribers note: This is a notice of death for Wellington R. Sprague, brother of my great grandfather Frank Wellington Sprague. O.P. Sprague is Oliver Phineas Sprague - Russ Sprague, Kensington, Md, 3/13/1995)

Married. Smith-Wilson. In Richville, on the 14th inst., by the Rev. G. Cross, Mr. William R. Smith, of Gouverneur, and Miss Agnes Lucretia Wilson, of Macomb. [11/14/1884]

Births. Fox. To Mr. and Mrs. H.S. Fox, of Gouverneur, Sunday, May 4th, 1884, a son, weight 71/4 lbs.

Died. Knox. In Canton, N.Y., May 4th, 1884, Harvey Knox, aged 83 years, a resident of this county since 1805.

Died. Barzee. In Malone, April 28th, 1884, Mrs. Lora A. Barzee, aged 40 years and 4 months, formerly of Gouverneur.

Died. Truax. In Macomb, May 5, 1884, James Truax, aged 64, of consumption.

Died. Wood. In Dekalb, N.Y., May 4, 1884, Mrs. Mariah Wood, aged 63 years.

Died. Knight. In Gouverneur, N.Y., April 30, 1884, Roy, infant son of Charles Knight, aged 5 months.

Died. Patterson. At Natural Dam, N.Y., May 2, 1884, Rollin Patterson, of pneumonia, aged 24 years.

Married. Birch-Woodward. In Macomb, N.Y., January 30, 1884, at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. Frank Birch to Miss Jane A., daughter of Richard Woodward.

Married. Ames-Eggleston. In Gouverneur, March 26th, 1884, at the residence of H.S. Randell, by Rev. W. Dempster Chase, Herbert M. Ames, of Hermon, to Dora Eggleston, of Gouverneur.

Died. Blair. In Gouverneur, March 26, 1884, David, infant son of Wm. Blair.

Died. Hill. In Scotch Settlement, Gouverneur, March 26, 1884, Mrs. Jennett Hill, relict of James Hill, who died. about 13 years ago. Both Mrs H. and her husband were natives of Scotland and came to this county about 65 years ago.

Died. Smith. In Gouverneur, March 31, 1884, Mrs. Ann Smith, of paralysis, aged 82 years.

Died. Clark. In Richville, April 1, 1884, Miss Zella G., daughter of J.C. Clark, of consumption, aged 17 years.

Births. Phelps. In Gouverneur, April 24th, to Rev. and Mrs. B.R. Phelps, a son, Samuel Ringwalt. [04/24/1884]

Married. Brayton-Mason. At Richville, N.Y., April 23, 1884, by the Rev. Mr. Harmon, Mr. Edgar T. Brayton, of Edwards, to Miss Jennie M. Mason, of Dekalb.

Married. Daily-Leary. In Gouverneur, April 30, 1884, by Rev. Father Kelley, John Daily of Adams, Mass, to Miss Mary Leary, of Gouverneur.

Died. Seaman. At Somerville, N.Y., April 20, Mr. Charles Seaman of paralysis, aged 66 years. The deceased was born in the town of Gouverneur and all his life lived in it or an adjoining town. [04/20/1884]

Died. Fowler. In Canton, April 17, Mr. Albert A. Fowler, formerly of Carthage, aged 54 years. [04/17/1884]

Died. Simmons. In West Potsdam, April 23, of consumption, Mrs. Libbie H. Simmons, wife of Mr. Carlson E. Simmons, and only daughter of Mrs. Diana Woodworth, aged 32 years and 10 months. [04/23/1884]

Died. Brotherton. In Gouverneur, N.Y., April 29th, 1884, Mrs. Josephine Brotherton of consumption, aged 37 years.

Died. Fuller. In Fullerville, N.Y., April 27, 1884, Mrs. Heman Fuller, of dropsy, aged 70 years.

Died. Webb. In Edwards, N.Y., April 20th, 1884, Robert Webb, aged 55 years, 8 months and 14 days.

Marriage. Hazelton-Lamphear. On Saturday, December 13, 1884, at the bride's residence in Gouverneur, N.Y., by Rev. Dr. Edwards, Thomas J. Hazelton, of Fowler, N.Y., and Fidelia Lamphear, of Gouverneur, N.Y.

Married. Peacock-Brown. At Houston, Dakota, December 4, 1884, by Rev. J.E. Saunders, Mr. Frank Peacock, clerk of the court of Douglas Co., Dak., and Miss Libbie Brown, daughter of James Brown, of Gouverneur, N.Y.

Married. Robinson-Segar. At the home of the bride at Louisville Landing, N.Y., Nov 26, 1884, by Rev. H. Hesselgrave, Mr. Joseph Robinson, of Massena, and Miss Minnie Segar, of Louisville Landing, N.Y.

Married. Jarvis-Rodgers. At the M.E. parsonage, Norwood, N.Y., December 16, 1884, by Rev. Wm. M. Holbrook, Frank Jarvis, of Parishville, N.Y., and Miss Lillie Rodgers, of Norfolk, N.Y.

Married. Crary-Hemenway. By Rev. M.B. Morris, of Crary's Mills, Dec. 8, 1884, at the residence of Wm. Pitt, Esq., of Pierrepont, Mr. Lerrill M. Crary and Miss Vesta Hemenway, all of Pierrepont.

Married. Williams-Snell. At the M.E. parsonage, Colton, N.Y., Dec. 14, 1884, by Rev. M.R. Pierce, Mr. Sheridan V. Williams to Miss Laura F. Snell, both of South Colton, N.Y.

Married. Morehouse-Wilson. In Gouverneur, N.Y., December 18, 1884, by Rev. Dr. Edwards, Mr. Charles E. Morehouse to Miss Nettie E. Wilson, both of Gouverneur, N.Y.

Married. Estes-McEwen. At the residence of W.T. Leonard, Dec. 21, 1884, by Rev. Wm. M. Holbrook, Cyrus P. Estes and Mrs. Jane A. McEwen, all of Norwood, N.Y.

Married. Hallett-Allen. At the home of the bride, in Hermon, N.Y., by Rev. E.E. Brown, Mr. Albert E. Hallett, of Oswego, N.Y., and Miss Loella Allen, of Hermon. [12/15/1884]

Married. McIntosh-Kelley. At the Congregational Parsonage, Depeyster, N.Y., Wednesday, Dec. 17, 1884, by the pastor, Mr. Hugh McIntosh and Miss Nancy T. Kelley.

Married. Lynch-Williams. At the home of the bride, Dec. 11, 1884, by Rev. W. Will, Mr. Lawrence P. Lynch to Mrs. Ella M. Williams, both of Fort Covington, N.Y.

Married. Nichols-Taggart. At Norwood, N.Y., on Wednesday, Dec. 17, Mr. Albon Nichols and Miss Effie Taggart. [12/17/1884]

Died. Luther. In Malone, N.Y., Dec. 14, 1884, after many years of suffering patiently borne, Mrs. Charles S. Luther, aged 67 years and 4 months.

Died. Bitney. In Bangor, N.Y., Dec. 8, 1884, of diptheria, Bertha May, daughter of Harry C. and Adelia Bitney, aged 5 years and 10 days.

Died. LaClair. At South Malone, N.Y., Dec. 12, 1884, Percy, youngest child of Frank and Hattie LaClair, aged one year and eight months.

Died. Wilson. In Gouverneur, N.Y., Dec. 18, 1884, Flossie, little daughter of Dr. and Mrs. C.M. Wilson, aged 3 years.

Died. Willson. In South Colton, N.Y., Dec. 1, 1884, of typhoid pneumonia, Wilbur W. Wilson, aged 24 years.

Died. Starbuck. In Gouverneur, N.Y., Dec. 21, 1884, Ruth, infant daughter of Frank and Sarah Starbuck.

Died. Marsh. In Gouverneur, N.Y. Dec. 22, 1884, Lula, daughter of H. Frank Marsh, aged two years. A second notice says Lula was age 2 years and six months.

Died. Wells. At Louisville Landing, N.Y., Dec. 18, 1884, Samuel Wells, in the 80th year of his age.

Died. Kinne. In Hermon, N.Y., December 16, 1884, Mr. Andrew Kinne, aged 60 years.

Died. Tainon. In Norfolk, N.Y., Dec. 8, 1884, Rosa Murpy, wife of Thomas Tainon.

Died. Brees. In Gouverneur, N.Y., July 17, 1884, after a painful illness of a few weeks, Abner Brees, aged nearly 63 years.

Died. Waugh. At Brasher Falls, N.Y., July 18, 1884 after a brief illness of typhoid fever, Miss Mary, only daughter of W.J. Waugh, in her 17th year. She was a promising young lady, loved by all who knew her. Deceased returned but a few days ago from the Normal school of Potsdam.

Births. Smith. In Gouverneur, January 6th, 1884, to Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Smith, a daughter.

Married. Hosford-Whitmore. At the residence of the bride's father, Jan. 1, 1884, by Rev. F. Comet, Mr. George L. Hosford, of Aurora, Neb. (formerly of Russell, N.Y.) to Miss Bertha F. Whitmore, of Republican City, Nebraska.

Married. Smith-Parsons. In Gouverneur, N.Y., Jan 8th, 1884, by Rev. L.M. Rugg, Frank H. Smith and Miss Hattie C. Parsons, both of Gouverneur.

Married. Perry-Chisholm. On Tuesday, Jan. 1, 1884, at the residence of the bride's mother, by Rev. Bradshaw, Millard F. Perry, of Gouverneur, to Mary Chisholm, of Fort Covington.

Died. Stearns. At Tower (Power?) City, D.T., on Thursday, Jan. 3d, 1884, Clarence Edgar, infant son of E.G. and Mary Stearns. Parents formerly of St. Lawrence county.

Died. McElhinny. We copy the following from a late issue of the Winnipeg Daily Times. This morning Dec. 29th, at his residence 140 Ross St., George VanBuren McElhinny, aged 22 years. [12/29/1884]

Died. Brown. In Macomb, N.Y., Jan. 7, 1884, Michael Brown, aged 39 years.

Births. Potter. In Gouverneur, Feby. 12, to Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Potter, a son . [02/12/1884]

Births. Skinner. In Gouverneur, to Mr. and Mrs. John Skinner, a son. [02/15/1884]

Married. Woodward-Taylor. In Gouverneur, January 31st, Mr. Romain Woodward to Mrs. Jane Taylor at the residence of the bride by J.B. Preston, Esq. [01/31/1884]

Died. Lachine. In Gouverneur, Feb. 6, 1884, of croup, Adolphus K. Lachine, aged 15 years, 8 months and 24 days.

Died. Shaw. Of consumption at Glens Falls, N.Y., January 20th, '84, Fred W. Shaw, aged 40 years. The deceased was, for a number of years, in the employ of Weston, Dean, and Aldrich, of Gouverneur, as foreman, and was much esteemed by his employers. Deceased leaves a wife and one child. [01/20/1884]

Married. Manson-McLear. In Rossie, N.Y., April 22d, 1884, Mr. John W. Manson, to Miss Ellen McLear, all of Rossie.

Married. Manson-O'Conner. At Watertown, N.Y., April 23d, 1884, by Father McGlenn, Mr. James A. Mancon, of Syracuse, N.Y., formerly of Rossie, to Miss O'Conner, of Watertown.

Married. Vail-Lawrence. At the home of the bride's parents, Thursday April 17, 1884, by Rev. W. Dempster Chase, Edward B. Vail and Cora A. Lawrence, both of Gouverneur.

Died. Dougharity. John Thomas, son of Wm. Dougharity, of Macomb, died April 17, 1884 of scarlet fever aged 19 months and 8 days.

Died. Dougharity. Mrs. Elizabeth, relict of John Dougharity, died at Rossie village March 27, 1884 of dropsy, aged 81 years. Mrs. D. was one of the first settlers and at her death was the oldest old resident of the town.

Died. Allen. In Ogdensburg, N.Y., April 20, 1884, Walter B. Allen, aged 59 years.

Died. Paul. In Gouverneur, N.Y., April 15th, 1884, Belinda, wife of Wm. A. Paul, aged (illegible) years.

Died. Gait. At Wegatchie, April 18, 1884, Mary A. daughter of Walter Gait, aged 21 years.

Married. Clapp-Matteson. At Canton, N.Y., on the evening of February 1st, by Rev. W.F. Brown, pastor of the Methodist church, Mr. Clarence F. Clapp and Miss Hattie E. Matteson, both of Gouverneur, N.Y. [02/01/1884]

Married. Mix-Lampson. In Clare, January 29th, 1884, at the house of William Dean, J.P., Mr. Wright Mix, of Richville, to Miss Hattie Lampson of Clare.

Died. Tolman. In Malone, December 30th, 1883, Jenette Tolman, wife of Orson Tolman, aged 55 years.

Died. Woolever. In Edwards, January 25th, of heart disease, after a long and distressing illness, Mrs. Anna M. Woolever, wife of Mr. Harvey Woolever, aged 67 years 2 months and 5 days. She and her husband lived together in married life 49 years. She leaves four children. She was a faithful wife, mother, and friend. 'O, weep no more for mother, Her sorrows now are o'er, She's free from storms and trials; Her bark has reached the shore, Of the celestial city, Whose inmates never die; And if you love her Savior, You'll meet her by-and-by.' [01/25/1884]

Births. Hartley. In Gouverneur, April 10th, to Mr. and Mrs. S.F. Hartley, a son. [04/10/1884]

Married. Chamberlain-Dezell. On the 3d inst., in the Presbyterian church, Canton, Hon. Worth Chamberlain to Miss Emma J. Dezell, by Rev. James Gardner, D.D., all of Canton. [04/03/1884]

Married. Thomas-Crossman. At Dekalb, April 9th, 1884, by Rev. R.C. Day, Mr. William L. Thomas, of Dekalb, to Miss Cora Crossman, of Canton.

Married. Russell-Hall. At Madrid, N.Y., April 8th, 1884, by Rev. W.D. Williams, Mr. H.B. Russell, of Massena, and Miss Nettie L. Hall, of Raymondsville, N.Y.

Died. Spencer. In Gouverneur, N.Y., April 16th, 1884, Col. James M. Spencer, in the 73d year of his age. Funeral at the house Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock.

Married. Wallace-Erwin. On Tuesday, March 25th, at St. John's church, Ogdensburg, by the Rev. Dr. Morrison, Mr. Wilson Franklin Wallace, of Lisbon to Miss Emma H. Erwin, of Morley. [03/25/1884]

Died. Hunt. At Marshalltown, Iowa, Sunday March 28d, 1884, Duane E. Hunt, in the 30th year of his age, formerly of Gouverneur.

Died. Brown. At Oxbow, March 31, 1884, Mr. Wallace A. Brown, aged 16 years and 12 days. 'We shall meet but we shall miss him; There will be one vacant chair.'

Died. Thayer. In Gouverneur, N.Y., April 7, 1884, Lucelle E. Thayer, suddenly of heart disease, wife of Newell Thayer, aged 34 years.

Died. Gaddis. In Gouverneur, N.Y., April 7, 1884, Henry Gaddis, aged 85 years.

Married. Stinehour-Jones. In Gouverneur, Jan. 22d, by Rev. M.L. Rugg, Mr. Will H. Stinehour and Miss Anna M. Jones, both of Gouverneur. [01/22/1884]

Births. Jackson. In Gouverneur, N.Y., March 18th, 1884, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. S.J. Jackson.

Married. Rutherford-Vroman. On the 19th of March, at the home of the bride, by Rev. D. A. Ferguson, Mr. John Rutherford, of Hammond, to Miss Millie Vroman, of Morristown. [03/19/1884]

Married. Miller-Overacker. At the residence of the bride's parents, North Gouverneur, March 13th, 1884, by Rev. H.W. Howard, Mr. Charles A. Miller, of Gouverneur, to Miss Anna M., daughter of J.W. Overacker, Esq.

Married. Rundell-McClellan. On the 15th inst., Mr. William C. Rundell, of Dekalb to Miss Mary A. McClellan, Lisbon, by Rev. J. Gardner, D.D. [03/15/1884]

Married. Parker-Mitchell. March 19th, at the residence of the bride's mother, by Rev. J. Bastow, Mr. H.H. Parker, of Macomb, N.Y. and Miss Emily J. Mitchell, of Ogdensburg. [03/19/1884]

Died. Soper. In Lisbon, February 28th, Hannah, wife of Henry Soper, Sr., aged 60 years. [02/28/1884]

Died. Peacock. In Antwerp, March 20th, of dropsy of the heart, Mr. William Peacock, aged 64 years. Born in England, he lived in Antwerp 53 years and was a very sucessful farmer. He leaves a wife and five sons. [03/20/1884]

Died. Newell. In Gouverneur, March 25th, Henry O. Newell, aged 58 years. He leaves a wife and two daughters to mourn his loss. [03/25/1884]

Died. Starks. In South Colton, N.Y., March 11th, 1884, Mrs. James Starks, aged 27 years.

Died. Dolan. In Gouverneur, N.Y., March 17th, 1884, Charles E., son of E.H. and Sarah Dolan, aged 19 years, of consumption.

Died. Storrin. In Hermon, N.Y., March 13, 1884, Mrs. Ida Storrin, wife of Chas. G. Storrin, aged 37 years.

Died. Wetterhahn. In Gouverneur, N.Y., March 15th, 1884, infant son of John J. and Kate Wetterhahn.

Died. Palmer. In Johnstown, N.Y., A.D. Palmer of typhoid pneumonia, aged -- years. Remains were brought to Gouverneur and placed in Riverside Cemetery. [03/15/1884]

Text of Births, Deaths, Marriages Recorded in the Gouverneur Herald
Died. Bowman. At Hailesboro, N.Y., March 12, 1884, Miss Stella Bowman, aged 14 years.

Died. Beers. In Rossie, March 16, 1884, Emma Beers, of travail, aged 22 years.

Died. Smith. In Gouverneur, March 19, 1884, Rosell R. Smith, of consumption, aged 48 years, 4 months, 23 days. Funeral at the house, Friday afternoon, at two o'clock.

Married. Goss-Young. At the home of the bride, in Colton, N.Y., May 9th, 1884, by Rev. M.R. Pierce, Mr. Charles P. Goss to Miss Ettie M. Young, all of Colton, N.Y.

Married. Henry-Frye. At the residence of Chas. Frye, Esq., Wednesday May 7, by the Rev. S. Short, assisted by Rev. W.F. Ball, Mr. George S. Henry and Miss Ada A. Frye, all of Fort Covington. [05/07/1884]

Died. Vilas. In Ogdensburg, N.Y., May 12th, 1884, Ellen Baldwin, wife of Alden Vilas, aged 63 years.

Died. Kench. In Stockholm, May 1st, Walker W. Kench, aged 76 years. [05/01/1884]

Died. Williams. In Malone, May 7, 1884, of consumption of the bowels, Ophir C. Williams, aged 48 years.

Died. Fuller. On the 10th inst., at her home in Dickinson, Dakota, of consumption, Maggie, aged 21 years, wife of Mr. R.E. Fuller, and second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Humphrey of Moira, N.Y. [05/10/1884]

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