Sources for Pre-1850 Vitals for St. Lawrence County, NY

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ID Number Name of Source Location
1 Nothern Cabinet and Literary Depository 1843 and 1844 are bound volumes in St. Lawrence Univ. special collections. The 1845/46 volume is at the Ogdensburg Public Library.  Neither have been microfilmed.
2 Potsdam American Oct. 27, 1825 issue is at Ogdensburg public Library.  The issue of January 30, 1828 is at SLCHA in Canton
3 St. Lawrence Free Press single issue of June 9, 1853 found at the time in the offices of the Gouverneur newspaper, but moved to the Gouverneur library since then.  Single issue of Feb. 1, 1855 at SLGHS
4 Malone Palladium two pages from the issue of Nov. 4, 1847 at SLU, and not on any microfilm
5 The Times (of Ogdensburg) a single issue at the Ogdensburg Library dated Aug. 21, 1834
6 The Times and Advertiser (Ogdensburg) two issues at the Ogdensburg Library: Aug. 8, 1839 and Feb. 12, 1840
7 Frontier Sentinel single issue of Oct. 21, 1845 at the Ogdensburg Library which was not microfilmed with the others (see below)
8 Frontier/Ogdensburg Sentinel on microfilm (beginning with Apr. 2, 1844 issue) at the Ogdensburg Library.  Issue of Mar. 25, 1845 is followed by Dec. 8, 1847. By June 16, 1847 the name had changed to Ogdensburg Sentinel (according to the June 16, 1847 St. Lawrence Mercury)
9 The Northern Light an Ogdensburg paper on microfilm at Ogdensburg Public Library Sep. 1831 to May 1833
10 St. Lawrence Gazette an Ogdensburg paper, from microfilm at SLU and at the Ogdensburg Public Library.  April 1828 to April 1829 is missing on the microfilm
11 St. Lawrence Republican and General Advertiser on microfilm at the Ogdensburg Public Library from Jan. 1, 1833 to 1857, changing its name to just "St. Lawrence Republican" after May 21, 1833.  Also, the issue of Oct. 20, 1832 appears on the microfilm after the issue of Dec. 19, 1837. Unfortunately, there is a gap from Dec. 1840 until Dec. 1841, as well as one from Dec. 7, 1847 to Dec. 12, 1848
12 St. Lawrence Mercury a Potsdam paper which came from the Northern Cabinet and Literary Depository.  Issued on Wednesdays, and is on microfilm at SLU and several other libraries.  There are no issues on the film between Mar. 1, 1848 and Jan. 1, 1849
13 Canton Republican and Advertiser from microfilm at SLU Library
14 Columbian (ie Madrid) Independent issue of Jul. 2, 1851 is the only one extant and is found on microfilm at the SLU Library
15 various Jefferson Co. newspapers extracts from newspapers (some of which are unidentified) in notebooks in the genealogy room of the Flower Public Library in Watertown, NY