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Compiled by: Millard F. Roberts

John Single Paper Company, Ltd., Syracuse, N.Y., 1891

This was typed and contributed by Gloria Banks Kirkwood

WAYNE - pgs 351 & 352

"Township is situated upon Lake Keuka on the east border of the county. It was formed as Fredericktown, March 18, 1796, and its name changed to Wayne, in honor of Gen. Anthony Wayne, on April 6, 1808. Reading was taken off in 1806, Orange in 1813, and Barrington and Tyrone in 1822. Reading and Orange have since been added to Schuyler county, and Barrington and Tyrone to Yates county.

A part of the township of Wayne was annexed to Tyrone, April 17, 1854. The surface of the town is rolling upland from four to five hundred feet high, forming a plateau of rich and well cultivated farms, and descending abruptly to the lake, on the west and north. The northern end of the town along the lake shore being opposite the highlands of Pulteney, and sheltered by them from the northwest and west winds, is particularly adapted to fruit, and contains some of the finest vineyards in the grape-growing section of the county.

The soil is slaty and gravelly loam, resting upon a sub-soil of hard-pan. Lake Waneta, lying upon the east border, is a beautiful sheet of clear water, three miles in length by half a mile in width. Latterly, it has been demonstrated that the town in the vicinity of this lake is well adapted to the culture of grapes as that portion along Lake Keuka. In some seasons the fruit has ripened a week earlier at Lake Waneta.

The population of the town of Wayne in 1890, was 902."

  1. Gobel Cemetery - (wn1)

  2. McDowell Cemetery - (wn2) (10/20)

  3. Crookston Cemetery - (wn4)

  4. Bassett Cemetery - (wn5)

  5. Gleason Cemetery - (wn6) (7/25/01)

  6. Welles Cemetery - (wn7)

  7. Hallett Cemetery - (wn8)

  8. Wixon Cemetery - (wn9)

  9. Baptist Cemetery - (wn11)

  10. Loree Cemetery - (wn12)

  11. Ackerson Cemetery - (wn13)

  12. Wheeler Cemetery - (wnx1)

  13. Margeson Cemetery - (wnx2) (5/27)

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