The Records of Rev. L. Merill Miller - Presbyterian Church - 1844-1851

              The Marriage Records of Rev. L. Merill Miller           Presbyterian Church 1844-1851   

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From records of Rev. L. Merill Miller, D.D. for over 50 years - pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Ogdensburg, New York
copied by: Mrs. James W. Boyesen of Ogdensburg, NY
unknown date - copy of this located in the Steuben Co. Historian's office

"As copied from a copy in Ogdensburg Public Library.  Original in church records of Presbyterian Church"   

....................... Oct. 9, 1844 - Wed. Eve. at Mr. Peter Hunter's, Dudley Settlement: Mr. Hiram T. Baker of Warren, PA to Miss Mary A. Hunter of Bath
Jan. 16, 1845 - Thurs. p.m. at Mr. Jas. Faucette at Mt. Washington: Mr. John McPherson of Bath to Miss Mary Ann Faucette of Mt. Washington
Aug. 19, 1845 - Tues. Eve at Mr. J.R. Gansevoort, Bath: Mr. Henry A. Ogden of Buffalo to Miss Elizabeth Gansevoort of Bath.
Sept. 24, 1845 - Wed. Eve at Mr. Ira Irways* (Erway), Town of Bath, Mr. Ezra Irway (sic) of Burdette to Miss Charlotte E. Gardiner of Corning
Nov. 7, 1845 - Sat, Eve, at Mr. Hezekiah Deckers, Bath: Mr. Thomas S. Law of Patterson, N.J. to Miss Anne Decker of Bath
Jan. 28, 1846 - Wed. a.m. 7 o'clock at Jacob Willours, Bath: Mr. Levi E. Thomas of Bath of Miss Margarette E. Willour of Bath
Feb. 1, 1846 - Sabbath Eve at 5 o'clock at Franklin S. Lucas', Bath: Mr. Edwin Dorsey to Miss Phebe Ann Mills of Bath
Oct. 1, 1846 - Thurs. a.m. 9 o'clock at Perez Gilmore's, Bath: Mr. William C. Hoyt of Coventry, Chenango County to Miss Emiline S. Gilmore of Bath
Jan. 13, 1847 - Wed. Eve. 7 o'clock at Sylvanus Stevens, Bath: Mr. Daniel Dewitt of Bath to Miss Eliza Stevens of Chenango County
Feb. 27, 1847 - Sat. a.m. at 9 o'clock at Mr. D.L. Bissells, Bath: Mr. Hezekiah S. Biles of Bath to Miss Olive S. Griswold of Pen-Yan* (Penn Yan)
Mar. 2, 1847 - Tues. eve. 8 o'clock at Mr. William Smiths, Bath: Mr. Elisha Mack of South Dansville to Mrs. Hannah Niles of Bath
No date 1847 - Thurs. Eve at 6 o'clock at Benj. F. Dudley's, Bath: Mr. Eli Bidwell Jr. of Bath to Miss Louisa Dudley of Bath
Oct. 13, 1847 - Wed. Eve. 8 o'clock at Hon. W.S. Hubbells, Bath: Mr. George W. Hallock to Miss Mary H. Hubbell
Oct. 23, 1847 - Sat. Eve. 6 o'clock at Mr. VanGelders, Mt. Washington: Mr. Thomas Babcock of Bath to Miss Catherine VanGelder of Bath
Nov 1847 - Mon a.m. at Mr. Holdens, Bath: Mr. David Mills of Bath to Miss Emily Decker of Bath
Jan. 5, 1848 - Wed. eve. at Mr. Eli Bidwells, Bath: Mr. George J. Hill of Flint, Mich. to Miss Helen Bidwell of Bath
Aug. 9, 1848 - Wed. a.m. at John W. Fowlers, Esq., Bath: Mr. Francis Ripley, Esq., of Milwaukee to Miss Christina C. Fowler of Bath
Sept. 8, 1848 - Fri. a.m. at Mr. Clisdells, Bath: Mr. Patrick White of Howard to Miss Eliza Clisdell of Bath
Sept. 14, 1848 - Thurs. a.m. at Mr. Phineas Warrens, Bath: Mr. Jefferson French of Bath to Miss Mary Warren of Bath
Oct. 11, 1848 - Wed. Eve. at Mrs Franklins, Bath: Mr. John Peck Losier of Tyrone to Miss Louisa H. Gould of Bath
Nov. 1, 1848 - Wed. Eve at Mr. Hezekiah Deckers, Bath: Mr. Buel H. Babcock of Painted Post to Miss Crissy Jane Decker of Bath
Nov. 29, 1848 - Wed. Eve. at National Hotel, Kenedyville (sic): Mr. D.T. Toliver of Bath to Miss Elizabeth Nichols of Bath
Jan, 30, 1849 - Tues. a.m. at Mr. Elisha Macks, Bath: Miss Abigail Mack of Bath to Mr. John C. Calkins of Avoca
Feb. 3, 1849 - Sat. eve at my house, Bath: Miss Susan Brucken of Bath to Mr. Andrew Stewart of Howard
Feb. 11, 1849 - Wed. eve at my house, Bath: Miss Catherine Johnson of Dansville (age 20) to Mr. George Stinson of Mud Creek (age 28)
Aug. 23, 1849 - Thurs. a.m. at Mr. Webster's, Bath: Miss Harriet Amelia Nixon of Bath to Mr. Ithamer Webster of Bath
Aug 1849 - Sabbath Eve at Mrs. Bloods (Capt. Asa), Bath: Miss Rebecca P. Blood of Bath to Mr. William Smith M.D. of Oswego, Ill
Sept. 26, 1849 - Wed. a.m. at my house, Bath: Miss Jane Smith of Bath (age 26) to Mr. Hezekiah Decker of Bath (age 31)
May 1, 1850 - Wed. p.m. at Mr. John Brambles, Bath: Miss Samantha B. Bramble of Bath to Mr. Theodore Jame Aber of Bath
Sept. 18, 1850 - Wed. p.m. at Mr. J.R. Gansevoorts, Bath: Miss Mary L. Gansevoorts, Bath to Mr. Edward Howell Jr. of Bath
Nov. 28, 1850 - a.m. at my residence in Bath: Mr. John Clark Jackson of Otis to Miss Harriet Martyn of Bath - witnesses, the Rumsey and VanValkenburg families
May 7, 1851 - Wed. a.m. at my house: Miss Hannah McChesney of Howard to Mr. William Clisdell of Bath

Next entry - June 19, 1851 at Ogdensburg, N.Y.

Reference "St. Lawrence Republican"
Oct. 9, 1901 newspaper
Notes from obituary of Rev. L. Merrill Miller by Persis Yates Boyesen

In 1846 he married Lydia R. Rumsey, daughter of Hon. David Rumsey of Bath. She pre-deceased her husband by several years. Linus Merrill Miller was born in Rochester, Oct. 13, 1819

His first call was to Bath and he was ordained and installed pastor October, 1844. He resigned the Bath pastorate to accept a call extended by the First Presbyterian Church of Ogdensburg in 1851. He arrived at his new field of labor after an adventurous trip which his leg was broken by the stage coach overturning and he entered the pulpit on crutches - installed as pastor June 25, 1851. He died on Monday afternoon and would have been 82 years of age the following Sunday.

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