Steuben Co. mem. of NY Baptist Union for Ministerial Edu. 1854-1855


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Source: Sixth Report of the Board of Trustees of the New York Baptist Union for Ministerial Education; with the Proceedings of the Annual Meeting, Addresses, &c., &c. Held at Rochester, July 10, 1855; Together With a Statistical Report of Institutions of Learning. Rochester: Steam Press of A. Strong & Co., Democrat Office, Eagle Bank Block, 1856.
The "New York Baptist Union For Ministerial Education" was a membership society whose objective was to: "...furnish means of instruction to such young men of the Baptist denomination, as shall give satisfactory evidence to the churches of which they are members, and to the Trustees of the Society, of their personal piety, and their call to the gospel ministry."
Neighboring Schuyler County was formed in April 1854, three months before the fiscal year covered by these records. The Tyrone post office address is listed here as being in Steuben County. Tyrone is currently part of Schuyler County.
Fundraising in the Steuben County area was done by Rev. Hezekiah West of Watkins, Schuyler County. Although there was already a thriving Baptist theological seminary in Hamilton, NY in 1854-55, the Union's goal was to create further opportunity for a thorough training in the ministry at a new seminary in the city of Rochester, Monroe County. By 1855 the Union had raised $40,000 towards the permanent endowment of professorships, a library of 7,000 volumes, and $28,000 in scholarship funds for a school with three full-time professors and 40 theological students.
Monies were being raised at a time of severe economic depression in the country overall. For fundraising purposes the state was divided into 3 geographic sections. Letters were sent to pastors of 636 Baptist churches in the state. Only 210 churches responded and insufficient monies proportionate to the seminary's needs were raised. The names of local residents below were culled from listings of all Union members across NY State.

From July 10, 1854 to July 2, 1855
The New York Baptist Union for Ministerial Education

From July 1854 to July 1st 1855
Name of ministers who secured the donations, Name of Member, Residence, Type of Fund, Amount Donated.

end. = general endowment notes and subscriptions
int. = interest on subscriptions, notes, &c.
L.M. = Life Membership
U.S. = ? not listed in table

Per Rev. H. West - Rep. for August (1854)
Caleb Wolcott, Bradford, end. $6.00, int. $1.27
Per Rev. H. West - Rep. for September (1854)
C.A. Anthony, Cooper's Plains, L.M. $2.00
Howard Church, L.M. $11.00
Rev. R. Meorene, Woodhull, L.M. $1.00
Stephen Kent, Woodhull, L.M. .75
Porter Smith, Bath, L.M. $5.00
Thomas Corbitt, Savona, end. $25.00, int. $5.40
W.H. Babcock, Prattsburg, end. $6.25, int. .87
Artemas Smith, Prattsburg, end. $6.25, int. .87
Asa B. Miner, Prattsburg, end. $12.50, int. $1.75
Mrs. Betsey Coriell, Hornby, end. $6.50

Per Rev. H. West - November (1854)
Campbell & Bath Ch., Savona, U.S. $1.00
Campbell & Erwin Ch., Cooper's Plains, U.S. $2.25

Per Rev. H. West - December (1854)
Rose Hill Church, Gibson, U.S. .37
Cayton Church, Cayton, for G.I. Hill, L.M. $5.00
Edward Ballard, Bradford, U.S. $2.00
J.C. Wolcott, Bradford, int. $6.00
Jersey & Tryone Ch., Bradford, L.M., $1.92

Per Rev. H. West - February (1855)
Addison Church, Addison, U.S. .75

Per Rev. H. West - April (1855)
A.W. Sunderlin, Avoca, end. $25.00, int. $3.00
J.C. Wolcott, Bradford, end., $25.00, int. .58

By Payment of Twenty Dollars and Upwards

Babcock, Joseph S., Prattsburg, Steuben
Babcock, Joseph S., Jr., Prattsburg, Steuben
Ballard, Edward, Bradford, Steuben
Brasted, Lewis, Howard, Steuben
Call, Rev. O.B., Weston, Steuben
Call, Mrs. O.B., Weston, Steuben
Carpenter, Nelson, Painted Post, Steuben
Chase, Rev. A.B., Cameron, Steuben
Corbett, Thomas, Savona, Chemung
Corbett, Mrs. Thos., Savona, Chemung
Coriell, Mrs. Betsey, Hornby, Steuben
Degroat, Rev. A.B., Prattsburg, Steuben
Dingee, Peter, Prattsburg, Steuben
Hause, A.C., Tyrone, Steuben
Hind, O.W., Cameron, Steuben
Jackson, J.M., Altay, Steuben
Jessup, Joseph, Tyrone, Steuben
Kendall, L.S., Tyrone, Steuben
Ketchum, Rev. J., Wayne, Steuben
Ketchum, Mrs. J., Wayne, Steuben
Ketchum, Miss Belinda, Wayne, Steuben
Miner, Asa B., Prattsburg, Steuben
Miner, Mrs. Asa B., Prattsburg, Steuben
Morgan, A.C., Lindleytown, Steuben
Moshier, E., Howard, Steuben
Olney, Rev. P., Wayne, Steuben
Parker, Rev. J., Bath, Steuben
Pinney, Aaron, Prattsburg, Steuben
Pinney, Mrs. Sophia, Prattsburg, Steuben
Reynolds, J.N., S. Poultney, Steuben
Rose, Rev. Henry A., Hornellsville, Steuben
Sanford, Ephraim, Urbana, Steuben
Smith, Dea. Porter, Bath, Steuben
Stewart, J.S., Lindleytown, Steuben
Sunderlin, Eli, Tyrone, Steuben
Sunderlin, Mrs. E., Tyrone, Steuben
Wartman, Amos, N. Urbana, Steuben
Wolcott, J.C., Bradford, Steuben

All spellings and locations are as in the original book.

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