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High School Graduates
Seneca County, NY

1941, Romulus High School

1943, Romulus High School

1941, Romulus High School
Adair, Stuart F.
Becj, Jean M.
Boyle, Charmion M.
Brewer, Maynard F.
Brodnicki, Henry
Brooks, Amy Louise
Carroll, Minnie M.
Carlon, Betty Jane
Christopher, Jean E.
Clark, Fred S.
Corey, Phillis C.
Falks, Doris
Fillman, Jeanne F.
Granger, Alden M.
Granger, Virginia
Hahrill (?), Virginia
Haust, Leonard
Hoagland, Shirley
Kidd, Richard M.
Kidd, Stanley R.
Somerville, Edna
Thorp, Mary
Warne, Esther G.

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1943, Romulus High School
Kinne, Virginia, valedictorian
Bucklin, Howard, salutatorian
Ackley, Arthur
Brooks, John
Carson, Donald
Clark, Jane
Clark, Odena
Cramer, Mary
Ellis, Marjorie
Frankenfield, Mildred
Huhn, Dorothy
Keefer, Grace
Landis, Willis
McWhorter, Leon
Olsowske, Stuart
Steele, Alice
Stratton, Winifred
Swanson, Arietta
Towner, Jane
Van Riper, Carrie
Van Riper, Eunice
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