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John Metcalf, Seneca Co., NY

Submitted by Joni Pontius.

      John Metcalf was a sergeant in the Revolutionary War. His records are in Vital St. in Barre, Massachusetts. His son Jonathan was born in Barre. The mother was Sybel Broad. Jonathan was the executor of his father's will, no. 2387, dated March 11, 1814, in Seneca County. John mentions his children: John, Jonathan, Willard, Joseph, Franklin, Augustus and Jeffeerson; daughters Betsey, Lois, Polly and Sybel. Witnesses: E.D.W. Compson, John Crowell, Ira Crowell. Jonathan Metcalf married Elizabeth or Betsey Miller ca. 1812. She was the daughter of Deacon Peter Miller, who ran a tavern on Fall St. in Seneca Falls (Metcalf family history). Page 106, Seneca County History, Everts-Ensign-Everts, 1876 Philadelphia: "During 1812 Jonathan Metcalf was reported to have taught school, to obtain exemption from draft, which would have interfered with his paying court to Betsey Miller, whom he afteward married. In Deeds, Seneca County Clerk's office, Waterloo-Volume G, page 518, dated June 25, 1837- Jonathan Metcalf and his wife Elizabeth of Seneca Falls- party of the first part & Peter Miller of same- party of the second part- bought lots no. 51 & 52 on the west side of Mynderse Street, the village of Seneca Falls. Deeds, Seneca County, Vol. W-2, pg. 507- Jonathan Metcalf of Seneca Falls, party of the first part, and Joseph Metcalf, party of the second part. Lots # 7-9 on Oak Street in the Village of Seneca Falls and lot no. 32 on the east side of Clinton Street. Affidavit taken August 20, 1845 of Joseph Metcalf. Jonathan and Betsey had a daughter, Sophia, born ca 1838. Betsey is buried in Springbrook Cemetery. After her death Jonathan moved to Detroit, Michigan with his father-in-law Peter Miller. He later moved to Browns Town, Wayne County, Michigan.
Miscellaneous Records, Vol 4, page 274, March 15, 1866- Joseph Metcalf and his wife Sarah of Seneca Falls- Quit Claim deed to William Merritt of the Town of Tyre- the use of 2 lots, no.s 71-72 of Springbrook Cemetery, Seneca Falls.

Obituary, Reveille, Seneca Falls, September 20, 1918- Joseph Metcalf- After a long illness, Joseph P. Metcalf died Saturday at his home in Green Street. He was 58 years old. The major part of his life was lived in this village. He rightly earned the respect and esteem of every person with whom he came in contact. He was an earnest and industrious citizen, one of the men who add stability and strength to the life of any community. He leaves his wife, one son, Earl Metcalf, and three daughters, Mrs. Howard Hamilton, Mrs. Robinault and Mrs. Stephen Andrews. His funeral was held from his home Tuesday afternoon, Rev. R. C. Hebblethwaite officiating. Interment was made in Restvale Cemetery.

A true copy of the family record of Joseph Metcalf's family Bible-"What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder". This certifies that Mr. Joseph Palmer Metcalf and Miss Kittie Elizabeth Goodfellow were united by me, in Holy Matrimony, at Clinton, N.Y. on the Sixth day of January in the year of our Lord 1886. In presence of Huldah McChesney. Signed Eugene H. Waugh, Pastor, M.E. Church.

Bertha G. Metcalf, Dec. 26, 1910 to Edward L. Robenolt.
H. Marguerite Metcalf, Apr. 14, 1913 to Howard W. Hamilton. 1933 29th anniversary.
Dorothy Mae Metcalf to Stephen B. Andrews June 28, 1916.

Bertha G. Metcalf, March 20th, 1887 Sunday, quarter after ten P.M.
Earl L. Metcalf, May 30th, 1889 Saturday three o'clock P.M.
H. Marguerite Metcalf, October 10th, '92 Monday, quarter of eight P.M.
Dorothy May Metcalf, May 9th,1896 Tuesday, twelve o'clock noon

Joseph Palmer Metcalf, Sept. 14, 1918
Kittie Elizabeth Metcalf, Dec. 15, 1930.
Dorothy May Andrews, Feb. 19, 1944

Other non-Bible information-Seneca County History, published 1876 as above, p. 167- noted was "Mrs. Sarah R. Metcalf as a Patron of above book and the wife of Joseph Metcalf 1849".

Obituary notice in the Reveille, dated March, 1907- George W. Metcalf of this village, who had been an inmate of Willard State Hospital, died at that institution, Tuesday age 72. Mr. Metcalf was born in Seneca Falls and was the son of Joseph Metcalf, who was one of the early and thrifty farmers of the town living only a short distance north of this village. He received his education in our public schools, served with honor and credit in the Civil War, as a member of the 3rd N.Y. Artillery, and engaged in the grocery business in this village upon his honorable discharge from the service. His wife died some years ago and he is survived by one son Joseph P. Metcalf, and one daughter Mrs.Nettie Dunham. Funeral services will be held at Sandersons undertaking rooms 2 o'clock today. Rev. D.D. King, of the M.E. Church off.

Obituary notice- George W. Metcalf- son of Joseph b. 1835 d. at Willard, N.Y. His wife, Mary Palmer Metcalf-b. 1837, d. Seneca Falls, N.Y. 1902. Married Sept. 15, 1859. Her marriage recorded in the Reveille weekly, publ. Sept. 17, 1859.

Seneca County Surrogate Court Estate #6251- George W. Metcalf of Seneca Falls, d. Feb. 26, 1907 at Willard. Petition for L.A. dated Feb. 25, 1911. His heirs were: son Joseph P. Metcalf of Seneca Falls; daughter Nettie Dunham of Seneca Falls; grandson George A. Metcalf; granddaughter Edith M. Metcalf.

In the Bible in possession of Mrs. Bertha Robinault, R.D. 1, Seneca Falls, published 1844:
Married: In this village on the 15th, just by Rev. W. J. Jennings- Mr. George W. Metcalf to Mary P. Robbins, both of Seneca Falls, N.Y. -1859.
In Clinton, N.Y. on the 6th day of January- 1886 Joseph P. Metcalf of Seneca Falls- and Miss Kitty Goodfellow of Clinton, N.Y.
John W. Dunham of Waterloo, N.Y. and Marie Antoinette Metcalf were married Sept. 28, 1889. Rev. E.H. Dickinson officiating- Minister First Presbyteerian Church of Seneca Falls, N.Y.

Children of G. W. & Mary P. Metcalf
Joseph Palmer Metcalf b. April 29, 1860 Sunday at l1 o'clock Dr. G. W. Davis attending
Ellen Minerva Metcalf b. Mar. 31, 1865. Tues. at 8 o'clock Dr. G. W. Davis attending
Nellie Livingston Metcalf b. May 23, 1868 Thursday at 6 o'clock P.M.
Marie Antoinette Metcalf- b. July 7,1871 Friday morning at 4 o'clock

Bertha G. Metcalf- Dec. 26, 1910 to Edward Robenolt
H. Marguerite Metcalf- April 14- 1913- to Howard W. Hamilton
Dorothy Mae/May (smudged) Metcalf to Stephen B. Andrews June 28, 1916

Bertha G. Metcalf b. March 20, 1887 etc.- the same as in the bible records above; same with the 3 deaths.

Seneca County Surrogate Court- from the will of Peter Miller, Vol. D., page 106- died June 13, 1855- Will made Nov. 30, 1849. Jonathan Metcalf now residing in Browns Towne, Wayne Co., Mich., who was one of the executors. Peter Miller mentions daughter Margaret Bruce and son Thomas Miller. Also son-in-law Jonathan Metcalf bequeathed house and lot in Seneca Falls knows as parsonage, after his death to "my Grand daughter Sophia, dau. of Jonathan". Executors: Jonathan Metcalf, Zalmon G. McMaster, Josiah T. Miller.

Regarding Sgt. John Metcalf- He was b. April 17, 1754, Barre, Mass., son of John Metcalf. He died in Junius, Seneca Co. His will was filed March 11, 1814. He md. Sybel Broad, b. 1762, Barre, on October 18, 1781. His will- estate # 2387 S.C. Surrogate's Office, Waterloo. It names John's wife Sybel and the following children: Betsey, b. April 19, 1782, md. Howe; Sukey or Polley b. Nov. 24, 1783; Lois, b. July 6, 1785, md. Eben Brown; John, b. Jan. 15, 1785; Sybel, b. July 21, 1788; Jonathan, b. 1789, d. 1861; Willard, b. 1795, d. April 29, 1873; Joseph, b. 1796, d. Nov. 9, 1880; Franklin; Thomas Jefferson; Augustus. (Births and marriages v. s. Barre, Mass.)Executor-Jonathan Metcalf. Witnesses: E.D.W. Compson, John Crowell, Ira Crowell. His service in the Revolution: Sgt. Capt. Gardiner's Co., Col. Rufus Putnam Regiment. Served 3 years- Col. Putnam' s5th Regimental Continental. Army pay accounts for service from March 24, 1777 to Dec. 31 1779. Also joined under Capt. Gates Co. ( Ref. Mass Soldiers and Sailors, Vol. 1, p. 706; Mass. Soldiers and Sailors of Rev., Vol. 10, p. 706.)Buried in Springbrook cemetery, Seneca Falls.

Sybel Broad Metcalf- Marsh- md. 1st Sgt. John Metcalf 1781; 2nd John Marsh of Lodi. Sybel b. 1762, Barre, Mass., d. June 16, 1848, Lodi, Seneca Co., N.Y. Her will is estate #3546 (Seneca Co. Surrogate's Office. )Children mentioned: Elizabeth Howe; Jonathan Metcalf; Joseph Metcalf; Willard Metcalf, all of Seneca Falls; (Willard is later of Varick); Thomas Jefferson of Varick; Sylbil, wife of Peter Neal; Augustus Metcalf of Ohio; Franklin Metcalf of Canada West; John Metcalf of Ohio. Grandchildren mentioned: Edwin Brown of Mass; Saloma, the wife of Lorenzo Langdon of Palmyra, N.Y. (Wayne Co.).

Joseph Metcalf, son of Sgt. John Metcalf. Born 1796, d. March 23, 1880 at Seneca Falls. Md. 1st Harriette, 1834. She b. 1798, d. Nov. 9, 1857. md. 2nd Sarah 1860 (Springbrook Cem. Record).
Child by first wife- George W., b. 1834, d. Feb. 26, 1907 (Romulus Town Clerk's record, Seneca co., NY.) He md. Mary Palmer 1859 at the Presbyterian Church, Minister Jennings officiating. Mary b. May, 1841, d. 1902 (name and date of death from Seneca Falls town clerk's records).
Mary Palmer was the daughter of Eli Palmer of Detroit, Michigan, but she lived with her Aunt Minnie and uncle Richard Robbins (1860 census records, Seneca Falls). She also lived with them while her husband was a soldier in the Civil War. Children: Joseph Palmer, b. April 29, 1860; Ellen Minerva, b. March 31, 1863; Nellie Livingston, b. May 19, 1864; George Reuben, b. July 23, 1868; Marie Antoinette, b. July 7, 1871.

Will of George W. Metcalf- estate #6251, died Feb. 26, 1907; executor-Joseph P. Metcalf. Heirs: Joseph P. Metcalf, son; Nettie Dunham, daughter; George A. Metcalf, grandson; Edith M. Metcalf, granddaughter. Letters of administration granted Feb. 25, 1911. George W. Metcalf-in 3rd N.Y. Artillery and Co. L, 15th N.Y. Engineers. Upon his discharge from the Army he engaged in the grocery business in Seneca Falls. (death certificate, Bible in possession of Mrs. Bertha Robenolt, Seneca Falls).

Joseph Palmer Metcalf- b. April 29, 1860, d. Sept. 14, 1918. Resided Seneca Falls, N.Y. Md. Kitty Elizabeth
Goodfellow, b. 1862, d. Sept. 14, 1918. Md. in Clinton, N.Y. by Eugene H. Waugh, Minister, M.E. Chruch.
Children- Bertha G., b. March 20, 1887, md. Edw. L. Robenolt, Dec. 26, 1910;
Earl G., b. May 30, 1889;
Margrette, b. October 10, 1892, md. Howard Hamilton April 14, 1913;
Dorothy May, b. May 9, 1896, d. Feb. 19, 1944. md. Stephen B. Andrews June 28, 1916, Congregational Church by Rev. J. C. Luke- he was born April 28, 1890 at Waterloo, Seneca Co., N.Y., d. July 19, 1941, He was the son of Albert Andrews and Miss Beary (of Bearytown, now Fayette), Seneca Co. They had children: 1)Emily, b. July 8, 1917, md. Matthew Galina, Dec. 30, 1946-both now deceased; and 2) Jane, b. March 2, 1919, md. John LeRoy Schartzer of Newburgh, New York on June 22, 1937. Jane lives in Waterloo, N.Y.
Willard Metcalf was born in 1795, d. April 29, 1873. His wife Susan Willard was b. 1803, d. June 31, 1873. Children: 1-Nelson 2-Darwin 3-Nancy 4-Susan, b. 1831, d. Dec. 29, 1870. md. Mr. Blakney. Willard Metcalf estate #46, Seneca County Clerk's Office. Executors- Susan Willard Metcalf, son Nelson and Stephen Munson. Thomas Jefferson Metcalf's estate #4492, Seneca County Clerk's office. He died Dec. 31, 1884, had lived at Varick, Seneca County, N.Y. Executor- his wife Elizabeth. Their children- 1-Sybel A. Hunt; 2-Thomas J. Metcalf; 3-Laura J. Hunt; 4-James L. Metcalf; 5-Harriet Brown; 6-Martin L. Metcalf.

This report was compiled in 1959 by the late Alice H. Lay

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