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Arad Joy, Ovid, Seneca Co., NY

      "Arad Joy was born at Guilford, Vermont, on April 5, 1790, the son of David and Hannah Partridge Joy. His father was a farmer, a soldier in the Revolution and removed to Fabius, Onondaga Co., in 1800. In 1814, Arad Joy was married to Miss Catherine Fisher, who was born at Pompton, New Jersey on March 25, 1791, and the couple had five children., viz: Arad Thaddeus Joy born on September 12, 1815 and died on September 17, 1834, on the fifth day after his return from a trip through the Missouri Territory, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, and an absence of ten weeks; Horatio N. Joy, M.D., born on March 27, 1819, married Miss Frances Greenough, studied medicine and became a physician and later a photographer in this village where he died on June 24, 1868; Henry L. Joy, M.D. born on June 24, 1822, and removed to Marshall, Michigan, where he was a physician until his death on June 21, 1892; Charles Arad Joy born on October 8, 1823, who became Professor of Chemistry at Union College and then at Columbia College, died on May 28, 1891; and Cornelia C. Joy who married Rev. Dr. Dyer of Philadelphia on February 6, 1850. On January 7, 1811, Arad Joy located in the Town of Lansing where he conducted a store in Ludlowville, employing his younger brother, Benjamin Joy as clerk. In the War of 1812 he acted as Paymaster in the Regiment of Col. Henry Bloom and witnessed the battle of Queenstown. Upon the formation of the Chautauque County Bank at Jamestown in April, 1831, Mr. Joy removed tither, but within six months he became so disgusted with the management and conditions at the bank that he resigned, and in leaving shook off the dust of that town from his shoes forever. In 1832, he removed his family from Ludlowville to Ovid Village where he became a prominent merchant, pension agent and financier, and where he spent the remainder of his life. Arad Joy was cashier of the Farmers Bank of Ovid when it received its charter on October 16, 1838, served for many years on the Board of Trustees of the Ovid Academy, early associated himself with the Presbyterian Church in this village, and was a member of the Board of Trustees of the New York State Agricultural College at Ovid, as well as being treasurer of that institution. His long and active life closed inthis village on April 16, 1872, and that of his wife a few weeks later, on May 18, 1872."

"Town and Village of Ovid, Seneca Co., NY; an early history" [W.E. Morrison & Co., 1953]

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