Tyrone Township History
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The History of Schuyler Co., NY--pub. abt. 1885

Tyrone Township


 "At the 45th annual session of the legislature of  NY, April 16, 1822, the town of  Tyrone was formed as a township in the county of Steuben--taken from Wayne township. By the act of the legislature in 1845 [1854?] it became a town in the county of Schuyler.  It is situated in the north west corner of the county of Schuyler, and is bounded on the north by the county of Yates, on the east by Yates and the town of Reading, on the south by Orange, on the west by Steuben county.  There are two small lakes in the town, known as Lake Lamoka and Lake Wanetta, otherwise, Mud Lake or Little Lake.  The streams are the big and little Tobyhanna. The surface is broken and uneven but well adapted to grazing.  The first election for town officers was held Feb. 4, 1823, at the house of Joseph Hause. Enoch DeCamp, president of the board of election, and John Arnold, clerk.  The officers elected were:  William Kernan, supervisor; John Arnold, town clerk; John Sebring, Abram Fleet, overseers of the poor; Benjamin Doughty, Peter Disbrow, Jesse Whitcomb, assessors; Stiles Beach, Michael Jordan, Daniel Childs, jr., commissioners of highways;  Abel Kendall, William Kernan, Joseph Jessup, commissioners of common schools; Runyon Compton, collector;  Runyon Compton, B.C. Kelley, constables;  Joel Fero, Enoch DeCamp, Sylvanus Arnold, inspectors of common schools;  Thomas Humphrey, pound master; John Sebring, Morris F. Hause, Enoch DeCamp, fence viewers; Runyon Compton, George Marrow, Robert Lang, Abel Kendall, Richard Beebe, Edward Jessup, Aaron Swartout, William Hause, Levi Price, Watson Prentiss, Ebenezer Russell, Benjamin Smith, James D. Davis, Hugh Jamison, Peter S. Lewis, James VanDuser, B.C. Kelley, Asa Hedge, Enoch DeCamp, William Kernan, Jonathan Compton, William Andrews, Solomon Smith, Abraham Hoover, Joel Meed, George McGowan, Asa Fern, John Smith, Abijah Vining, Solomon Gee, path masters;  John Arnold, Benjamin Sackett, Jesse Whitcomb, Henry S. Williams, justices of the peace by appointment.

Early settlers:  Joshua Wixson, Elisha Wixson, Thaddeus Bennett, Justus Bennett, Gersham Bennett, Abram Bennett, Albert Stothoff, Abram Fleet, Daniel Foster, Benjamin Harding, Gamaliel Townshend, Zebulon Dean, Harlem Sears, Solomon Wixson, Ephraim Thomas, Sanford O'Conner, Bernard Redman, Charles McDermostreau, William Kernan, John Teeple,
George Teeple, Capt. Sohu (John?) Sebring, Daniel Jessup, Joseph Jessup, Edward Jessup, Nicholas Jessup, Hugh Jamison, Henry S. Williams, James Clark, Levi Price, James Price, Seth Clark, Benjamin Clark, Joseph Sunderland, Daniel M. Sunderland, John Young, Joseph Young, Phineas Young, Brigham Young, Lorenzo Young, Abel Kendall, Silas Kendall, Lyman S. Kendall, Abel Kendall, jr., Stiles Beach, Captain Coon, John Silsbee, Henry Swartout, Benjamin Sackett, William Jordan, Jesse Jordan, Dr. Rogers, Michael Jordan, Obediah Beach, Peter Hanmer, John Arnold, Daniel Arnold, Isaac Arnold, Lynn Gardiner, Robert Laug, Moses Little, Isaac Little, Benjamin Little, James Van Duser, Josiah Gregory, Isaac Van Duser, Phineas Fullerton, Norman Walcott, Jonathan Davis, William Dewitt, Zebulon Dean, John White, Ira Dean, John Jessup.
--John Teeple was the first surveyor in town.
--Hugh Jamison taught the first school in Tyrone.
--John Arnold was the first post master at Tyrone.
--Squire Teeple kept the first hotel in the year 1805.
--Altay was originally known as "Kendall Hollow".
--William Bennett was the first death in the township.
--Daniel Foster was the first blacksmith in the year 1803.
--John Arnold built the first framed house in the year 1816.
--Dr. Charles Waldo was the first  physician in the year 1815.
--Elisha and Joshua Wixson were the first settlers in Tyrone.
--Harlem Sears was the first miller in the town in the year 1802.
--The Baptists organized the first religious society in the year 1813.
--Rev. Thomas Brown was the first resident preacher in the year 1820.

--The Bennetts cleared and opened the first farm in the year 1800.
--Joseph Sunderland established the first tannery in the year 1802.
--Wayne village is partly in Tyrone and partly in Wayne township.
--The Pultney estate erected the first grist and saw mill in the year 1802.
--Tyrone village, Altay, Wayne, Pine Grove are post offices in the town.
--Brigham Young's father, John Young, was a soldier of the revolutionary war.
--Simeon Fleet was born Feb. 1, 1804, the first white child born in the town.
--L.B. Gibson built the first steamboat which plied on Lake Lamoka, Sept. 1, 1878.
--The first stage passed thru Tyrone in the year 1821, owned by John Magee of Bath.
--Tyrone township furnished one hundred and twenty soldiers to the Union army in the late rebellion.
--Benjamin Harding and Lucinda Townshend were married in the year 1805, the first marriage in the town.
--Dennis O'Conner opened the first store in the year 1810, and was post master. The office was known as Roscommon.
--The Town of  Tyrone was named by Gen. William Kernan, an old settler and pioneer, father of United States Senator Francis Kernan.
--Thomas O'Conner, an early resident of Tyrone, was the father of Hon. Charles O'Conner, the distinguished lawyer of  New York city.
--Lamoka Lodge, No. 463, F. A. M. was chartered Weston Lodge, June 21, 1859. Its first officers were:  William Gulick, W.M.; Horace Dean, S.W.;  A.J. VanGordon, J.W.
--Tyrone Knights of Honor was organized August 12, 1878.  David W. Bennett, dictator; James M. Conklin, vice dictator; Charles T. Willis, assistant dictator; Freeman W. Little, F.R.; Benjamin Lawrence, R.; Emerson R. Bissell, P.D.
--The Methodist Episcopal Church of Pine Grove was formed as a class in the year 1829.  Church erected in the year 1848.  First members:  Jabez Hanmer, Ellen Hanmer, J.G. Gray, James Smith, Angeline Smith, Ardilla Bost, Harry Gray, Patience Wilber, Austin Wilber.
--The M.E. Church, Tyrone village, organized Oct. 11, 1828, by elder Nathan Dodson.  William White was the first class leader.  First members: William White, Emily White, Ira A. White Fidelia White, Stiles Beach, Lydia Beach, Enos Mead, Joseph Carter, Isaac VanLiew, Charles Weller, Stephen H. Arnold.  Church erected in 1842.
--Tyrone Baptist Church of Wayne village was organized March 1819, in Frederick Townshend's barn.  Elder Peter Powers moderator; Elder Samuel Bigelow, clerk; Elder Daniel Sherwood was the first minister. First members:  Ephraim Wright, Elizabeth Chase, Lydia Sunderlin, Eli Northrop, Joseph Sunderlin and wife, Frederick Townshend and wife, Elizabeth Disbrow.  Church erected in the year 1830.
--The Presbyterian Church of Tyrone was organized Feb. 21, 1832 by the Presbytery of Bath.  First members:  Henry S. Williams, Henry Booram, Lewis Ferris, Runyon Compton, M.W. Comstock, Joel Fero, Cyrus Sebring, Samuel Turner, J.A. McCoy, John Hughey, John Stokes, Daniel Hughey, Samuel Sprowl [typist's note: I'm told that this is wrong and should read "Robert Sprowl" instead of Samuel], James Hughey, James Allison, Andrew Herpending. The church erected in 1858.
--Altay Baptist Church was organized at the house of Thomas Rozell, Dec. 11, 1824.  Rev. B.C. Brown was the first minister. First members:  Abel Kendall, Thomas G. Corey, William Robinson, Thomas Caswell, jr., Beriah C. Brown, Ebenezer Brown, Daniel Brown, Cyrus Maynard, Abel Kendall, jr., Josiah Jackson, Silas Kendall, Elizabeth Davidson, Myram Caswell, Mary Owen, Mary Kendall, Mary Corey, Miriam Robinson, Elanor Caswell, Paulina Brown, Orilla Brown, Parmelia Brown, Mary Maynard, Elizabeth Jackson, Elizabeth Kendall, Mary Force, Sophia Force, Eva Kendall, Clarissa Hughey. Church erected in the year 1842."

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