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History of Schuyler Co., NY (pub. abt. 1885)

Orange Township

(p. 247--249)

"The town of Jersey was organized by an act of the legislature of  New York, Feb. 12, 1813, as a town in Steuben county--taken from Wayne--and by an act of the legislature passed April 20, 1836, the eastern portion of Jersey township was formed into a town under the name of Orange.  A portion of Hornby was annexed April 11, 1842, and part of Bradford township annexed  April 17, 1854.  It became a town of Schuyler county at its formatiion the year 1854.  It is bounded on the north by Tyrone and Reading, on the east by Catlin, in Chemung county, and Dix and Reading in Schuyler county, on the south by Steuben county, and west by Steuben county. Its principal stream is Mead's creek, which flows south and west and discharges its waters into the Conhocton river. It is situated in the highlands in the south western portion of the county. The election for town officers as the town of Orange was held May 17, 1836, at the house of Alonzo Gaylord. The officers elected were: Alonzo Gaylord, supervisor; Stephen Northrop, town clerk; John Allen, Ira Nash, justices of the peace; Chancey Hewett, Andrew Webber, assessors; Joel Hathaway, overseer of the poor; Matthias Crotchley, commissioner of highways; Myron A. Smith, commisssioner of schools; Thomas S. Nichols, Archibald Scoby, inspectors of schools; Benjamin Priest, collector; Abraham Allen, Benjamin Priest, Joseph F. Babbitt, Cornelius Harrington, constables.

Early setters:  Henry Sweitzer, Peter Sweitzer, Jacob Sweitzer, William Sweitzer, Henry Sweitzer, jr., John Sweitzer, Francis Yager, Samuel Skomp, Abram Bosombarach, Frederic Bartles, Isaac Dewitt, Abram Dewitt, Asa Nash, Thomas Hurd, Chapman Miller, Jedediah Miller, Daniel Curtis, Andrew Fort, William Wilkins, Ebenezer Buck, Obediah Phinney, Thomas L. Nichols, William Webb, Dr. Silas B. Hebard, Abram L. Lybolt, Henry Triphagan, Phineas Young, Brigham Young (the Mormon preacher), Jacob Fenner, Henry Miller, Jacob Miller, Joshua Chamberlain, John Dyer, Thomas Dyer, Walter Hurd, Sylvenus Arnold, Darias Hewett, William Conlogue, Miles Hotchkiss, Demas Hotchkiss, Solomon Northrup, Andrew Fort,  Daniel Curtis, David Kimball, Henry Gardiner, Jared Stephens, William Dewitt.
--Thomas Hurd kept the first tavern in 1817.
--Walter Hurd opened the first store in the eyar 1823.
--The first settler was Henry Sweitzer in the year 1802.
--Daniel McDougal taught the first school in the year 1818.
--William Conlogue built the first saw mill and grist mill in the town in the year 1818.
--The first marriage was Abram Bosombarach and Anna Sweitzer.
--Joshua Chamberlain built the first framed house in the year 1819.
--Henry Sweitzer built the first house in the town, in the year 1802.
--Dr. Silas B. Hebard was the first resident physician, in the year 1818.
--Mead's creek post office was established in the year 1822.  David Kimball was the first post master.
--William Dewitt was the original owner of the land where the village of Monterey is now located.
--Henry Sweitzer, William Sweitzer, John Sweitzer, John Dyer were soldiers in the war of 1812.
--Monterey was originally known as "Gaylord".  The name Monterey was given it in the year 1848.
--A number of settlers were from Orange co., NY and hence the adoption of the name of Orange.
--The Presbyterians organized the first religious society in the year 1824. Rev. Joseph Crawford was the first minister.
--Brigham Young preached as a Reformed Methodist in the town of Orange--afterwards he espoused the Mormon religion.
--Monterey is a village in the town of Orange, containing about four hundred and fifty inhabitants, situated upon Mead's creek.
--Orange Lodge, No. 621, F.& A. M., was organized Sept. 5, 1866;  Z. F. Wilder, W.M.; A.J. VanGorden, S. W.;  D. W. Bennett, J.W.;  Curtis Maltby, Treas.;  W.J. Hummiston, Sec.; Thomas J. Crouch, S.D.;  Leroy Gaylord, J.D.;  Ephraim Barkley, S. M. C.; John Rowley, J. M. C.; Charles Sedam, tyler.
--The First Methodist Episcopal Church of Orange was organized in the year 1827, by Rev. Peregrine Hallett. First members were: Levi Miller, William Conlogue, Solomon Northrup, Demas Hotchkiss, Jedediah Miller, Miles Hotchkiss, Andrew Fort, Daniel Miller, John Miller.  Church erected in the year 1830.
--The Baptist Church of Orange was organized July 15, 1837, by Deacon B.J. Overhiser. In the year 1840 it was made an Independent Church.  The members were: B.J. Overhiser, E. Tompkins, S. Dewitt, D. Galtry, P. Andrews, S. Doane, M. Chamberlain, H. Bryant, S. Bancroft, M. Morse, A. Overhiser, L. Burgess, L. Bryant.
--Orange Grange, No. 229, was organized Nov. 26, 1874.  First officers:  William C. Gray, master; Curtis Maltby , overseer; William H. Bartlett, lecturer; George Chrisjohn, steward; C. Chamberlain, assistant steward; Andrew Ellison, chaplain; D.R. Miller, treasurer; J.C. Merrill, secretary; William Warder, gate keeper; Mrs. C. Maltby, Ceres; Mrs. D. Miller, Pomona; Mrs. W. Warden, Flora; Mrs. C. Chamberlain, lady assistant steward.
--Monterey Lodge, No. 1,010,  Knights of Honor, instituted April 5, 1878.  J.W. Baker, dictator; Lorenzo Alden, vice dictator; G.W. Hummiston, assistant dictator; F.S. Baker, reporter;  J.J. Overhiser, treasurer; Alonzo Tucker, financial reporter; A.S. McIntyre, chaplain; W.A. Thomas, guide; J.C. Vine, guardian; Charles Mathews, sentinel; George Kals, past dictator, were the first officers.
--Henry Skomp was the first white child born in the town.
--Presbyterian Church of Mead's Creek was organized Jan. 8, 1824, by Rev. Joseph Crawford.  First ruling elders were: Samuel Adams, Henry Gardiner, Jared Stephens. First members: Henry Gardiner, Kate Gardiner, Mrs. Mary Ann Miller, Lyman Johnson, Dorcas Johnson, Mary Chamberlain, Mary Ann Hurd, Sarah Kimball, Darius Hewett, Lydia Hewett, Jared Stephens, Hannah Stephens, Clarissa Hewett, Nancy Kimball, Rebecca Curtis, Daniel Curtis, Sabra Ware, Lucy Goodrich. Church erected in 1834."

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