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Laurel Hill Cemetery - p2
Town of Catharine, Schuyler co., NY

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List composed by William E. Fenton.
This is considered the most up-to-date list which is
kept on file in the local historical society.

"Located on County Rt 10 going north (east of Odessa).
Cemetery is across the road from the intersection of Co Rt 6.
This is a large cemetery  and is very well maintained.
The stones from the old Catlin-Odessa Cemetery are in the NW corner
of this cemetery in some large pine trees. The names of those people
are underlined in this list. The ones underlined and with a ** after
them are names from an old list of people whose stones were not found.
 * after a line denotes information that came from interment records and
no stone was seen for those people.  If it appeared that a man and
woman were husband and wife then “his wife” was put in (   ).
Anything put in (   ) is not on the stones and should be checked.
All stones checked by W. E. Fenton in 1996."


From the History of Catharine, by Cleaver:  "Laurel Hill cemetery was established in Oct. 1878, through the efforts of Sylvester MIX.  A meeting of the citizens of the township was held at Rundle's store, Odessa, Sept. 20, 1878, and the following committee was appointed:  S.T. COUCH, Sylvester MIX, Suel C. BRADLEY (BEARDSLEY?), Herman RUMSEY and Richard LOCKHART.  The land was purchased through a trade with Jacob HAUSNER by Sylvester MIX, so a descendant said.  An item says the first interment was Morrison BROWN."

Town of Catharine


Ink, John B  d.7-7-1933 age 80 *
     Idora C Rolison wife of John B  b.1855  d.1906

Ittner, Harry W  b.1913  d.(7-24)-1992
        Catherine Ray (his wife)  b.1918  d.(6-20)-1983

Jackson, Andrew J  b.12-2-1849  d.9-25-1902
         Tresa Newberry his wife  b.3-10-1856  d.5-13-1909
         Harold C (their son)  b.7-21-1900  d.3-28-1901
Jackson, Artemus E  b.1875  d.(11-18)-1965
         Ina B (his wife)  b.1883  d.(9-16)-1962
Jackson, Douglas “Father”  b.1856  d.(5-15)-1918
         Emma D “Mother”  b.1859  d.(8-7)-1932
Jackson, Douglas  d.7-24-1921 age 22 *
Jackson, Leslie A  b.1909  d.(2-11)-1971

Jacobs, Eva  b.9-11-1918  d.1-6-1985

Jelliff, Kristopher A d.12-20-1994 age (2) (Son of Keith & Lucinda)

Jenkins, Harris R  b.1900  d.(11-18)-1992   Married 11-27-1926
         Martha Edminster his wife  b.1905  d.(1-7)-1978

Jennings, Kenneth L  b.1907  d.(11-26)-1980
          Gladys M (his wife)  b.1909  d.(2-8)-1985

Johnson, A A  b.1867  d.1903
Johnson, Claude E  b.1891  d.(3-14)-1965
         Hazel H (his wife)  b.1891  d.(8-28)-1950
Johnson, Jerome E  b.4-9-1825  d.12-9-1899  CO D 141 NY HEAVY ART
         Laura his wife  d.8-4-1871 age 32-7-24
         Anna dau of Jerome  d.1871 age 7 *

Johnson, Percy W b.12-13-1895 d.7-14-1957 PVT 99 CO TRANS CORPS WW2
Johnson, William W  b.1857  d.(5-28)-1924

Jonas, Emil C  b.1882  d.(7-15)-1943
       Frances A (his wife)  b.1885  d.(11-21)-1964

Jones, Charles S  b.12-8-1909  d.10-28-1994  TEC5 US ARMY WWII
       C Elizabeth (his wife)  b.1902  d.(7-8)-1983
Jones, Low?  d.8-31-1952 age 65-5-6 *
Jones, Nicoll F  b.1836  d.(4-2)-1920  179 NYVI
       Deborah A Merwin his wife  b.1842 d.(8-17)-1919
Jones, Samuel F  b.1867  d.(10-3)-1945
       Hariett Couch (his wife)  b.1869  d.(6-8)-1953
Jones, William L  b.1-15-1879  d.1-2-1925
       Luella May (his wife) b.3-28-1887  d.8-31-1952

Kadlecek, Charles b.1878  d.(11-11)-1963
          Janie V (his wife)  b.1885  d.(3-27)-1957
Kadlecek, Elmer  b.1907  d.(5-31)-1963
          Mae (his wife)  b.1914  d. ?
Kadlecek, Wilma  b.1905  d.(2-17)-1978

Kambeitz, Louis O  b.7-23-1915  d.11-1-1985  PFC US ARMY WWII
          Sylvia M his wife  b.1926  d.(3-1-1990) Married 8-16-1947
          David W their son  b.1948  d.1951
          Ronald L  d.6-13-1952 age 3mo 18d

Keister, Robert A b.1894  d.1977
         Ruby E (his wife)  b.1895  d.(6-11)-1984

Kelley, Alanson  b.1-7-1834  d.6-6-1909
        Martha Ann Huff his wife  b.1836  d.(2-4)-1919
Kelley, Betty M Carnwright  b.1-12-1927  d.(4-2-1967)
Kelley, Darwin G  b.1915  d.(1-17)-1996
        Doris L (his wife)  b.1919  d.(3-19)-1994
Kelley, Dora  b.1859  d.(7-29)-1929
Kelly,  Lynn E  b.1942  d.1995  US NAVY

Kellogg, A A (Augustus)  b.1835  d.(12-4)-1910
         Ann E (Eliza) (his wife)  b.1837  d.(9-13)-1885
Kellogg, Gertrude D  d.5-3-1934 age 69 *
Kellogg, Helen M  b.1859  d.(2-11)-1931
Kellogg, Josephine  d.12-26-1921 age (70)
Kellogg, Lamont  d.6-12-1952 age 82 *

Kendall, Alanson  b.1819  d.1894
         Margaret (his wife)  b.1821  d.1903
Kendall, Clyde F  b.1906  d.(2-26)-1978
Kendall, Nell Baker  b.1896  d.(3-15)-1971
Kendall, Ralph  b.1879  d.(9-30)-1974
         Maud B (Farr)(his wife)  b.1882  d.(12-25)-1958

Kennedy, Allen P  b.1844  d.(10-8)-1933
         Caroline L his wife  b.1847  d.1914
Kennedy, Gilbert  d.4-16-1878 age 69-5-27
         Maria his wife  d.4-19-1896 age 86-0-27
         Helen M their dau  d.9-29-1869 age 21-2-4

Kennison, Charles Sr.  b.1899  d.(1-15)-1968
Kennison, Esther Ruth  d.1-12-1969 age 56 *

Kiested, Charity T  d.12-13-1886 age 84 (Dau of Jane Emans)

Kimball, Francis  d.12-31-1913 age 59 *
Kimball, Willam  d.6-16-1940 age 65 *

King, Elam  d.(1-2-1921) age (66) *
King, Ethel  b.1891  d.(5-25)-1927
King, George A  b.1917  d. ?
      Sylvi A (his wife)  b.1921  d. ?
King, George E  b.1887  d.1976
      Edith M (his wife)  b.1898  d.1977
     “Baby” (their child) 1927 only date
      Grace E (their dau)  1926 only date
King, Jahial  d.1900 age 85 *
      Mary Todd (his wife)  d.1905 age 90 *
King, Joseph J  b.1866  d.(6-26)-1941
      Philena C (Carey)(his wife)  b.1867  d.(6-6)-1946
King, Lyman T  b.(12-27)-1840  d.(3-20)-1920
      Mary Jane (Van Loon)(his wife) d.2-3-1919 age 78 *
King, Nathaniel - no data *
      Sara (his wife)  d.(4-3-1906) age (88) *
King, Robert “Father”  b.1837  d.1893
      Abigail “Mother” (his wife)  b.1824  d.1920
King, Zela  b.1865  d.(12-2)-1948
      Nellie (his wife)  b.1868  d.(12-9)-1956

Kinney, Gilbert E  b.1871  d.(3-24)-1958
        Mary P (his wife)  b.1882  d.(7-17)-1969
Kinney, Walter G  b.1918  d.1968
        Cristine S (his wife)  d.(5-30-1989 age 72)

Kirk, Philip - no data *
Kirk, Rebecca  d.2-15-1868 age 75 *

Klock, Frances Bell  b.1885  d.(1-23)-1968  (Funeral Plaque)

Knapp, Robert E  b.1935  d.1993
       Mary S (his wife)  b.1946  d. ?

Koellner, Charles  b.1900  d.(7-1)-1983
          Marie A (his wife)  b.1900  d.(11-26)-1986

Kotmel, John  b.1908  d. ?  Married 6-27-1929
        Elsa Snizek his wife  b.1909  d.(1-6)-1990

Krum, Daniel  b.6-13-1815  d.11-17-1884
      Lydia E his wife  b.10-22-1816  d.3-29-1882
      Alicia (their dau)  b.11-28-1841  d.8-20-1906
      Ursula (their dau)  b.3-1-1837  d.5-14-1907

Kucerovy, John  b.1892  d.(10-24)-1961
          Josephine (his wife)  b.1890  d.(3-26)-1956

Kunte, Vincent  b.1904  d.(2-22-1997)
       Mary P (his wife)  b.1910  d.(9-10)-1983

Kuparinen, Andrew K  b.1912  d.(9-28)-1962
           [Eva Kuparinen Warren  writes that Andrew's wife was
           Doris M. Kuparinen who d. 11 Dec. 2003 & her ashes are buried on Andrew's grave.]
Kuparinen, Elias  d.5-8-1959 age 80  *  [husband of Lena]
Kuparinen, Lena  b.1887  d.(12-23)-1967  (Funeral Plaque)

Larow, Sanford M Jr. “Father”  b.1956  d.(5-5)-1978  SP4 US ARMY
       Hazel B “Mother” his wife  b.1956  d. ?  Married 9-27-1975

LaRue, Alton “Father”  b.1873  d.(9-29)-1942
       Georgia “Mother” (his wife)  b.1874  d.(6-23)-1951
LaRue, Charles M  b.1912  d.(5-4)-1980

Lassier, William  d.1-26-1936 age 73 *
         Ella Louise (his wife)  d.5-18-1947 age 86-3-6 *

Lattin, Albert A  b.1907  d.(8-19)-1978
        Edith S (his wife)  d.(12-24-1967 age 61)
Lattin, Claude Fred  d.4-17-1936  NY MACH MATE 2CL US NAVY
        Ethel H (his wife)  b.9-24-1890  d.1-25-1961

Lawton, Rev. Alfred G  b.1880  d.(1-22)-1953
        Etta M Farr (his wife)  b.1884  d.(5-12)-1970
Leach, William  b.1849  d.(4-?)-1934

Lee, Grace E “Mother” b.1918  d.(10-20)-1947
     Ronald P “Son” (her son)  b.1937  d.(5-17)-1955

Lein, Delores  d.(9-25)-1925 age (2mo)

Leonard, Chester D  b.1892  d.(9-8)-1937
Leonard, Ezra D “Father”  b.1873  d.(7-17)-1960
         Sarah Jane “Mother” (his wife)  b.1878  d.(7-2)-1924
Leonard, Gary K  d.1-3-1947 age 91 *
Leonard, Howard  b.1895  d.(6-16)-1972
         Christine M (his wife)  b.1899  d.(8-19)-1989
Leonard, Luther  b.1860  d.(1-16)-1946
         Louisa (his wife)  b.1876  d.(9-4)-1960

Little, Bessie E  b.1892  d.(9-15)-1972

Livermore, Henry  b.1836  d.(1-14)-1916
           Eleanor (his wife)  b.1836  d.1910

Lockerby, Alfred P  d.6-8-1887 age 31yr 9mo
          Ada E Harding his wife  b.8-12-1857  d.4-28-1882
Lockerby, Burr  b.11-2-1846  d.8-17-1899
          Carrie (Clark) his wife  b.11-17-1846  d.(1920)
          ???? mother of Burr - no data *
Lockerby, Jermome  d.11-7-1939 age 86-3-4 *
          Florence (his wife)  d.6-?-1926 age 74 *
Lockerby, John  b.1944  d.1918  CO B 141 REGT NYV
          Carrie Evans his wife  b.1848  d.(1922)
Lockerby, Truman  d.8-29-1891 age 17
Lockerby, William E  b.1866  d.1949
          Inez C his wife  b.1875  d.1971
Lockerby, William R  b.1848  d.(7-14)-1933
          Delphine S Mix (his wife)  b.1852  d.(5-22-1939)

Lockhart, Charles  b.10-4-1851  d.6-26-1910
          Jennie  (his wife)  d.12-1-1938 age 90 *
Lockhart, Richard  d.2-22-1885 age 74-1-11
          Lucinda his wife  d.6-24-1890 age 82
          Oliver their son - stone broken

Long, Charles D  b.1892  d.(1-9)-1946
      Lucile Mix (his wife)  b.1896  d.(12-25)-1979
          (The name Allen is on the internment records also)

Loveless, Asa  b.1889  d.1907
Loveless, Ebenezer  b.1823  d.1901
          Alice T his wife  b.1862  d.1925
               (It appears that she was also married to a Hicks)

Loveless, Nelson  b.1820  d.1897
          Elizabeth Travis his wife  b.1817  d.1898
Loveless, Selby  b.1858  d.(f3-7)-1939
          Ida M his wife  b.1864  d.(10-11)-1944

Lovell, Edward R  b.1917  d.(8-10)-1956
        Myrtle S (his wife)  b.1918  d. ?
Lovell, Ivan E  b.12-24-1897  d.4-11-1987  S2 US NAVY WWI
        Hazel B (his wife)  b.1902  d. ?
Lovell, Ray  b.1894  d.(2-3-1988)
        Alice H (his wife)  b.1898  d.1978

Lunger, William M  d.11-5-1947 age 82 *
        Ida (his wife)  d.3-8-1947 age 81 *
        Mildred dau of W M & Ida  b.1888  d.1909

Lyon, Clara V  b.1902  d.1921
Lyon, Doris M  b.1926  d. ?
Lyon, Grove D  b.1871  d.1949
Lyon, Henry W  b.2-28-1844  d.3-1-1926  NY PVT CO H 109 REGT NY VOL
      Justina S (his wife)  b.1841  d.(5-19)-1920
Lyon, J Clarence  b.1855  d.(3-27)-1924
      Elsie E (his wife)  b.1866  d.(7-5)-1940
Lyon, J Warren  b.1885  d.1941
      Edith M Powers (his wife)  b.1888  d.1966
Lyon, James W  b.1926  d.(3-14)-1994
      Gladys Morris (his wife)  b.1919  d.(3-5)-1992
Lyon, John H  b.1927  d. ?
Lyon, Josephine F  b.1895  d.(8-9)-1957
Lyon, Rosalia D  b.1885  d.(8-19)-1975
Lyon, Virge C  b.1914  d.(11-11)-1979
Lyon, Warren  d.1-30-1941 age 55-9-19 *
      Edith W his wife  d.12-13-1966 age 78 *

Mabee, Albina B  b.1852  d.1886
Mabee, Harry  b.1879  d.(9-18)-1955
Mabee, Jacob  b.1850  d.(1-18)-1932
       Elizabeth his wife  b.1852  d.(2-12)-1933

MacDowell, Richard Lawrence  b.1884  d.(5-10)-1963
           Susan Stevens (his wife)  b.1886  d.1978

MacDougall, C Earl  b.1904  d.(4-21)-1994
            Catharine Woolever (his wife)  b.1908  d. ?

Mackey, Clayton L  b.1899  d.1962
Mackey, John G  b.1873  d.(7-2)-1943
Mackey, Mathew M  b.1823  d.1892
        Mary E Kennedy his wife  b.1836  d.(11-15)-1927
      (The interment records imply she was also married to a Stevens)

Macoffe, Victoria Lynn  d.1-25-1965 age 3mo  Father may be Roy *

Macomber?, Helen H E  d.1876 age ? *

Makela, Imo Jean  b.1930  d.(9-21)-1980  (Funeral Plaque)

Makovitch, Theodore  b.5-18-1916  d.8-10-1985  TEC4 US ARMY WWII
           Helen B (his wife)  b.1920  d. ?

Mallory, Aaron E  b.1817  d.1893
         Alice Beardsley his wife  b.1822  d.1909
         Cora C their dau  b.1864  d.(11-30)-1940
Mallory, Adelia - no data *
Mallory, Alexander  b.1825  d.1904
         Emily Herrick his wife  b.1831  d.1922
Mallory, Jennie  d.5-11-1944 age 78-9-13 *
Mallory, John  d.9-17-1937 age 86-9-7 *
Mallory, Minor H  d.1-19-1940 age 84-8-20 *
         Etta A (his wife)  b.1858  d.(9-28-1926)

Malone, Alvin E  b.9-29-1923 d.5-31-1972
               NY A1C US AIR FORCE WWII & KOREA
Malone, Arminda E Chapman wife of Thomas  b.7-9-1877  d.4-10-1908

Maloney, Arminda wife of Thomas  d.1908 age 31 *

Mandaville, Francis M  b.3-26-1800  d. ?
            Anna his wife  b.7-22-1798  d.5-22-1878

Manning, Sadie O  b.1886  d.(3-11)-1982  (Funeral Plaque)

Maphis, Kevin Roger  b.2-21-1979  d.11-17-1979

Marsh, Alice J Crane wife of Claude E  b.1913  d.(11-25)-1950
Marsh, Edwin S  b.1842  d.1925
       Emma J his wife  b.1847  d.1900
Marsh, Fred  d.1912 age 57 *

Martin, Heather Lee  b.12-5-1971  d.1-16-1972
Martin, Theodore B  b.1901  d.(3-3)-1961
        Doris S (his wife)  b.1915  d. ?

Maslin, Frank J  b.1906  d.1979
        Elizabeth M (his wife)  b.1911  d.(1-18)-1968

Mathews, Emmett S “Steve” b.1923  d. ?
         Virginia M (his wife)  b.1931  d. ?
Mathews, Sally Jane  b.1835  d.1859

Maxim, John I  b.1887  d.(8-25)-1957

McCallion, Thomas A  b.1848  d.(6-29)-1936
           Carrie L (his wife)  b.1867  d.(4-22)-1951

McCarty, Marcus M  b.1909  d.(9-2)-1983   Married 3-8-1947
         Marilyn L his wife  b.1921  d. ?

McClary, Timothy “Husband” b.6-27-1834 d.6-10-1900 CO E 64 REGT NYV
         Azubah his wife  d.9-30-1924 age 78 *

McCollister, Merle  b.1874  d.(8-6)-1940
             Nora E (his wife)  b.1880  d.(8-20)-1964

McCracken, Helen C  b.1901  d.(2-10-1989)
McCracken, Hester  b.1897  d.(3-1)-1986
McCracken, James  b.1859  d.1926
           Mary (his wife)  b.1866  d.(1-24)-1930
McCracken, Margaret “Mother”  b.1828  d.1904
McCracken, Ruth  b.1904  d.1908

McElwee, Andrew  d.9-30-1941 age 87
         Libbie A his wife  d.8-29-1894 age 40
McElwee, Daniel W  b.8-12-1892  d.3-8-1975  PFC US ARMY WW1

McFaul, Robert  b.7-27-1852  d.4-24-1901
        Elizabeth Nelson his wife d.(1-14-1920 age 59)

McIntosh, Raymond D  b.1904  d.(12-6)-1977   Married 9-11-1935
          Emily T Parks his wife  b.1905  d.(2-12)-1972

McIntyre, Blanche L  b.1896  d.(6-13)-1978

McKernna, Loula A  d.8-1-1939 age 51-6-9 *

McKnight, Benjamin F  b.1855  d.(9-29)-1940
          Lillian (his wife)  b.1868  d.(10-29-1942)

Meehan, Mary Ann  d.1-22-1934 age 81 *

Merchant, Andrew P  b.1872  d.(7-1)-1931
          Cecia D (his wife)  b.1872  d.(1-25)-1975
Merchant, Arlo G  b.1858  d.(11-17)-1932
          Grace Dunham his wife  b.1869  d.(2-10)-1910
Merchant, Garrett S  b.1863  d.1895
Merchant, Girden M  b.1828  d.1903
          Sarah W Stoughten his wife  b.1833  d.1885
          Francis S their son  b.1877  d.1901
Merchant, Ivan  b.1874  d.(7-22)-1942
Merchant, Rebecca A  b.1859  d.1874

Merrick, Albert L  b.1872  d.(11-21)-1941
         Alice his wife  b.1867  d.(6-25)-1945
Merrick, George V  b.1879  d.(7-4)-1955
         Myrtle M his wife  b.1869  d.(1-18)-1959
Merrick, Grace  d.8-17-1937 age 48 *
Merrick, Libbie J  b.1864  d.1897
Merrick, Margarert Mason  d.5-25-1950 age ? *
Merrick, William  b.1843  d.1925  CO A 89 REGT NY VOL ING
         Emma A (his wife)  b.1843  d.1923

Merry, Harold D  b.1913  d.(10-30)-1975
       Jean M his wife  b.1915  d. ?
       Marlea M their dau  b.1937  d.(2-15)-1978

Merwin, Julia A  b.10-11-1814  d.5-10-1898

Miles, Anna L “Mother” (wife of Charles)  b.1922  d.(5-28)-1984
Miles, Richard E  b.1921  d. ?
       Betty M (his wife)  b.1923  d. ?

Miller, Col. Earl  b.1910  d. ?   Married 12-9-1929
        Gladys S his wife  b.1910  d. ?

Miller, (Nancy) Jane  b.1850  d.(11-19)-1899
Miller, John W  b.1831  d.1902  CO A 99 REGT PA VON INFT
Miller, ????? “Mother”  b.1812  d.1891
Miller, Stillborn boy don of Edward L  d.11-2-1977 *

Miner, Leona M  b.1898  d.(12-23)-1958

Mitchell, Martha - no data *
Mitchell, Walter  b.5-29-1821  d.5-26-1868
          Matilda B his wife  b.11-2-1824  d. ?
          Francis M their son  b.1-24-1851  d.5-11-1867

Mix, Charles C  b.1857  d.(3-15)-1934
Mix, Ella  d.1-18-1963 age 94 *
Mix, Emma C  b.1855  d.1925
Mix, Emma  d.1-27-1833 age 1-7-12
Mix, Evelyn L  b.1850  d.(10-24)-1932
Mix, Potter  d.3-6-1826 age 8d
Mix, Samuel C  d.7-17-1900 age 84-3-26
     Susan W Tyler his wife  d.2-28-1886 age 67-8-7
Mix, Sylvanus S  b.7-19-1835  d. 11-9-1864
Mix, Sylvester  b.8-2-1811  d. 3-23-1887
     Eleanor Hazen (his wife)  b.9-9-1810  d.6-30-1884
Mix, Titus F  d.4-26-1850 age 61-6-22
     Hannah M Earl “Mother” his wife  b.1799  d.1892
     Jane his wife  d.9-20-1836 age 48-9-18
     Anna his wife  d.3-3-1826 age 42-6-18

Moharter, Wm H  b.10-9-1896  d.11-15-1967 NY PFC 317 FLD SIG BN WWI
          Mildred E (his wife)  b.1901  d.(8-30)-1989

Moore, Frank E  b.1874  d.(4-14)-1938  CO M 203 NY INF SP-AM-WAR
       Nessie D (his wife)  b.1882  d.(10-15)-1947
Moore, William H  b.1842  d.(12-23)-1911
       Mary E his wife  b.1843  d.1899

Mooschein, Viola  d.3-14-1944 age 56 *

Moot, David M  b.1829  d.(6-26)-1901
      Phebe B Sydney his wife  b.1830  d.(3-20)-1908
Moot, Jacob C  b.1818  d.(3-16 or 17)-1901
      Thirza J Snyder his wife  b.1829  d.(6-19)-1898
Moot, John (rest unreadable) d.(9-8-1906) age (40 or 53)*
Moot, Sarah  d.7-10-1942 age 87 *
Moot, William E  b.(2-16)-1855  d.(5-21)-1941
      Ellen L Snyder (his wife)  b.1857  d.1924

Morgan, Laura  d.(4-5-1935 age 71-5-21)

Morrell, Romane  b.1900  d.(9-17)-1978
         Elizabeth (his wife)  b.1910  d.(2-5)-1981

Morris, Elmer C “Father”  b.1863  d.(3-19)-1934
        Martha V “Mother” (his wife)  b.1861  d.1949
Morris, Evelyn D  d.10-19-1989 age 93 *
Morris, Robert  d.3-17-1984 age 85 *

Moses, David  b.1909  d.(4-9)-1971
       Aileen K (his wife)  b.1908  d.(6-4)-1981

Mosher, Marshall E  b.1848  d.(12-14)-1949
        Mary E (his wife)  b.1851  d.(9-17)-1926

Moyer, Kathryn Isobel  b.1925  d. ? Plaque on stone says “Beloved
               Husband Harry J Deets  b.7-1928  d.4-1987”
Moyer, William Edward  b.1897  d.(6-10)-1961
       Emily Pertl (his wife)  b.1896  d.(1-20)-1989

Mulvey, Josephine wife of Charles  b.1-12-1908  d.4-18-1995 *
Munson, Eugene - no data *

Murphy, Jacklyn  d.8-22-1954 age stillborn *

Myers, Robert S Sr.  b.1-28-1921  d.4-29-1970
                   NY TEC5 458 AMPH TRUCK CO WWII
       Betty M (his wife)  b.1924  d. ?

Nash, Ida C “Peg”  b.7-?-1914  d. 2-22-1993
       (internment records list a Yeager as her last husband)

Nathan, Ada L  b.1887  d.1963

Nelson, J Wells  b.2-3-1821  d.4-23-1874
        Mary A his wife  b.5-19-1820  d.6-9-1899

Newberry, Archie “Father”  b.1872  d.(5-9)-1948
          Margaret “Mother” (his wife)  b.1882  d.(7-28)-1969
          Christine “Daughter” their dau  b.1901  d.(12-2-1988)
          Ronald “Son” their son  b.1915  d.(3-18)-1993
Newbury,  Caroline  b.1846  d.1910
Newbury,  Elmer A  b.1894  d.1917
Newbury,  Fred  b.1878  d.1899
Newbury,  Isaac  b.1885  d.(2-11)-1963
          Lucy B (his wife)  b.1894  d.(2-6)-1962
          Florence dau of Isaac  d.8-29-1921 age 2hr *
Newbury,  Jackson  b.1819  d.1898

Newby, Rebecca wife of Philip?  d.2-15-1848? age 75
Newby, Sidney E son of C F & M A  d.10-28-1886 age ?
Newby, William  d.9-8-1862 age 40-2-2

Newgard, Stillborn baby boy - no data  Mothers name Doris? *

Newton, Bertha Charles “Dau”  b.1885  d.(11-7)-1973
                  dau of Irving & Jennie Charles
Newton, George T  b.1858  d.(5-3)-1940
        Addie J his wife  b.1860  d.(3-30)-1940
        Ida dau of George - no data *

Nichols, Jared S  b.1975  d.1976
Nichols, Nancy  d.7-28-1921 age 69 *

Noonam, John  b.1-31-1806  d.3-28-1879
        Phoebe his wife  b.12-9-1825  d.7-5-1912

Norquist, Andrew F  b.1846  d.(5-18)-1919
Norquist, Andrew F  b.1890  d.(10-24)-1962
          Ethel W (his wife)  b.1889  d.(10-28)-1966

Norris, Mary Green  b.1885  d.1967  see Edwin Green
Nurmi, Emil  b.1890  d.(7-3)-1942

Oakley, Cora H  b.1885  d.(10-6)-1953

Ostrander, Cornelius  d.1917 age 74 *
Ostrander, Dellia  d.4-13-1934 age 78 *
Ostrander, Varnie?  d.11-8-1961 age 81 *

Owen, Adelia A  d.12-18-1932 age 78 *
Owen, Evalene wife of Elbert  b.4-14-1871  d.10-21-1890
Owen, John C  d.8-28-1894 age 67
      Lucy his wife  d.6-19-1884 age 60

Owlett, Henry J  b.1857  d.(11-23)-1929
        Rose Terry his wife  b.1861  d.(10-27)-1919

Ozmun, Eva F  b.1892  d.(12-15)-1972

Paine, Frances J  b.1912  d.(12-14)-1983
Paine, Hibbard Atwill  b.1869  d.(4-30)-1956
       Laura Beauchamp (his wife)  b.1875  d.(2-15)-1951
Paine, Louis A  b.1885  d.(8-14)-1959
       Martha A (his wife)  b.1882  d.(12-18)-1965

Palmer, P Alfred  b.1910  d.(8-3-1994)
        Nettie M (his wife)  b.1929  d. ?
Palmer, Rebecca Joy  (8-1)-1966 age (stillborn)

Parker, Frances Ellen  b.6-24-1906  d.6-6-1987
                Mother of James Leon & Mahlon John
Parker, Frank  b.1877  d.(8-16)-1957
        Leona Tallmadge (his wife)  b.1883  d.(7-24)-1958
Parker, Frederick  b.1879  d.(10-9)-1961
Parker, George  b.5-25-1838  d.12-11-1902  CO E 23 REGT NY V I
        Nancy E his wife  b.3-19-1840  d.1-15-1899
        Mary E their dau  b.10-12-1883  d.7-21-1906
Parker, James E  d.7-4-1943 age 67 *
        Hattie (his wife)  d.5-?-1922 age ? *
Parker, Mahlon J  b.1935  d. ?
        Laura L (his wife)  b.1932  d.?
        Joseph A (their son)  b.1963  d.(4-6)-1968
        Laura E (their dau)  b.1964  d.(4-6)-1968
        Leon M (their son)  b.1962  d.1962

Parks, Francis H  b.1911  d.(4-6)-1983
       Lily M (his wife)  b.1905  d.(1-8)-1982

Parsons, Clifford G  b.1930  d. ?
         Marjorie J (his wife)  b.1932  d. ?
Parsons, Patricia A  b.1962  d.(9-1)-1983
Parsons, Susie M  b.1903  d.(4-9)-1987

Peck, Albert A  b.1843  d.1896
      H (Harriet) Ursula (his wife)  b.1847  d.(10-31)-1935
Peck, Maud A  b.1871  d.1891
Peck, O Bert  b.1882  d.1898

Pelham, George E  b.1867  d.(11-11)-1928
        Luella A (his wife)  b.1867  d.(12-5)-1949
Pelham, George J  b.1825  d.(8-13)-1912
        Catharine M Henderickson his wife  b.1835  d.1902
Pelham, Glenn Jasper  b.1896  d.(8-13)-1969
        Mary VanLoon (his wife)  b.1896  d.(1-21)-1978
        Glenn Jasper Jr. (their son)  b.1920  d.(12-30)-1977
Pelham, John J “Father”  b.1860  d.(4-13)-1943
        Laura M “Mother” (his wife)  b.1866  d.(10-14)-1930
Pelham, Joseph G  b.1859  d.1917
        Sara (his wife) b.1871 d.(4-17)-1940 (2nd hus’ was a Couch)
        Julia E their dau  b.10-16-1904  d.4-10-1910
Pelham, Dr. Paul H  b.1929  d. ?
        Roberta E (his wife)  b.1934  d.?

Pelrah, Michael T  b.3-3-1969  d.1-15-1989

Pendorf, Oscar B  b.1864  d.1929
         Elizabeth (his wife)  b.1868  d.1959

Personius, Ace  d.10-5-1941 age 90-3-23 *
Personius, Alfred H  d.(11-2)-1932 age (8mo)
Personius, Harry C  d.(4-17)-1933 age (36)

Pertl, Carl  b.1906  d.(12-28)-1992
       Orma J Gillett his wife  b.1905  d.(8-28)-1941
Pertl, John  b.1867  d.(6-9)-1948
       Katherine (his wife)  b.1868  d.(7-4)-1941
Pertl, Margaret  b.1904  d.(11-22)-1934

Peters, Ida M  b.1891  d.(11-4)-1980

Peterson, Dutton Stiles  b.12-10-1894  d.10-20-1964
          Martha Robinson (his wife)  b.4-12-1899  d.3-2-1985
Peterson, Corp. Guy I  b.1899  d.(6-5)-1944  USAAC
Peterson, Osco Wesley  b.3-4-1924  d.2-20-1993

Pierce, Mahalah States  d.12-23-1930 age 83 *
         (Interment records say she was the wife of George States)

Pike, Hiram W  b.1860  d.(3-7)-1931
      Jennie Moot (his wife)  b.1861  d.(1-7)-1927

Porter, Cleo F “Mother”  b.1894  d.(10-2-1995)

Potter, Anson  b.12-2-1835  d.5-2-1897
        Mary E Swan his wife  b.1-14-1845  d.1-2-1904
Potter, John L  b.1866  d.1904
        Anstena M Schmidt his wife  b.1868  d.(7-21)-1956
Potter, Sarah  d.(4-5-1932 age 75)

Pratt, Fred W  b.8-15-1853  d.11-16-1926
Pratt, G W (George)  b.5-30-1820  d.2-19-1888
       Olive Brown (his wife)  b.3-16-1826  d.4-23-1894

Prince, Charles A  b.1888  d.(10-26)-1961
        Addie W (his wife)  b.1895  d. ?
Prince, Fred W  b.1862  d.(5-10)-1929
        Leona T (his wife)  b.1861  d.(8-30)-1935
Prince, Joseph T Jr.  b.1877  d.(11-24)-1965
        Nellie B (his wife)  b.1882  d.(9-25)-1981
Prince, Wells H  b.1882  d.(4-16)-1934
        Mellee K (his wife)  b.1888  d.(5-11)-1951

Purdy, Orville J  b.1899  d. ?
       Frieda M (his wife)  b.1901  d.(12-12)-1964

Quackenbush, Jno - no data  89TH NY INF

Quick, Carrie A  d.3-5-1938 age 65 Married to a Ford 1st *
Quick, Delbert  b.9-21-1888  d.9-1-1949  NY PVT 502 ENGINEERS WWI
Quick, Emmitt  d.6-16-1932 age 57 *
Quick, Henry  d.11-18-1940 age 63 *
Quick, Herman  d.1-21-1930 age 50 *
Quick, James M  b.1848  d.(11-?-1921)
       Clarinda Personius his wife  b.1853  d.1915
       Lottie their dau  d.9-9-1882 age 1-3-5
Quick, Marsha d.7-11-1948 age 78-6-19 *
Quick, Mary  d.6-21-1926 age 69 *

Race, Addie  d.2-17-1933 age 73

Ransom, Joel  b.1838  d.(1-4)-1916
        Maria (Mathews)(his wife)  b.1842  d.1879
Ransom, William V  b.1867  d.(3-26)-1954
        Hattie G (his wife)  b.1855  d.(4-23)-1924

Ratliff, Edwin G  b.1920  d. ?
         Mary E (his wife)  b.1915  d.(8-11)-1984

Ray, Cassie M  b.1888  d.(2-26)-1964
Ray, Clifton H  b.1908  d.(9-15)-1969
     Agnes M (his wife)  b.1916  d. ?
Ray, Fred W  b.1879  d.(1-11)-1957
Ray, Harry T  b.1874  d.(10-2)-1952

Reams, Norma D  b.1906  d.(12-20)-1958

Redner, Herman L  d.(3-21-1914) age (85)  CO E 147 NY INF
        Mrs. Herman - no data *
Redner, J W - no data  CO G 2ND NY VET CAV
Redner, Virgil  b.1840  d.1923  CO G 2ND NY CAV

Reeves, Eva N  b.1887  d.1969

Reynolds, Ralph S  d.2-3-1887 age 17-3-29
Reynolds, Thomas J  b.1-24-1840  d.2-6-1918
          Urvilla Stevens his wife  b.12-31-1846  d.(12-31-1935)
Reynolds, Tommie J  d.1-12-1890 age 13-6-20
Reynolds, W Ward  b.1874  d.1900

Rhinehart, Jacob  b.1816  d.1900

Rhodes, Edward C  b.1879  d.(1-15)-1963
        Mary S (his wife)  b.1887  d.(11-4)-1955
Rhodes, Keith - no data *
        Stillborn baby of Keith - no data *
Rhodes, Ruby June  b.1927  d.(9-23)-1992  (Funeral Plaque)
Rhodes, Russell E  b.1922  d. ?
        Elizabeth C (his wife)  b.1922  d. ?

Richards, Arthur H Jr.  b.1906  d.1981
Richards, Bruce N  b.1953  d.(4-18)-1987
Richards, Elizabeth Carpenter  d.11-10-1990 age 83 *
Richards, J Lynn  b.1881  d.(4-18-1961)
          Lillian A (his wife)  b.1880  d.(4-30)-1973

Ridner, Edward W  b.1905  d.(1-21)-1993
        Hazel M (his wife)  b.1905  d.(1-26)-1989

Riley, Edward  b.1875  d.(12-15)-1946
       Mary A (his wife)  b.1880  d.(2-2-1935)

Ring, Allen  b.1833  d.1907
Ring, Charles C  b.1880  d.(12-21)-1964
      Cora Grant (his wife)  b.1879  d.(6-25)-1960
Ring, John  b.1846  d.(12-21)-1932
      Julia A Cure his wife  b.1847  d.1898

Robbins, Charles W  b.1901  d.(10-26)-1975
Robbins, Robert C  b.1897  d.(8-17)-1980  US ARMY WWI
Robinson, Henry Leon  b.1885  d.(2-14)-1942
          Mab Goodyear (his wife)  b.1885  d. ?

Rockwell, Thomas L  b.12-18-1932  d.11-17-1978  US ARMY KOREA

Rogendorf, Frank b.1878  d.(6-29)-1959
           M Gertrude (his wife)  b.1894  d.(12-26)-1984

Rogers, Grace M  b.1874  d.(1-1)-1968
Rogers, Harold E  b.1915  d.(4-3)-1992
        Lela M (his wife)  b.1911  d. ?
Rogers, John L  b.1898  d.(7-23)-1984
        Sarah E (his wife)  b.1900  d.(9-29)-1971
Rogers, John M  d.1-18-1873 age 69-9-20
        Anna his wife  d.9-20-1878 age 61-0-29
        Hannah Elizabeth their dau  d.3-21-1843 age 1-0-3
        John C their son  d.10-6-1849 age 10mo 17d
Rogers, Newell  b.1870  d.(4-14)-1963
        Henrietta Ransom (his wife)  b.1869  d.(8-27)-1953
Rogers, William B  b.1854  d.(2-24)-1933
        Lorina his wife  d.9-29-1883 age 30
        Sarah his wife  d.1-23-1891 age 37
        John son of William & Lorina  d.1884 age 3 *

Root, Abigal Tyler  b.2-18-1825  d.3-15-1907

Rosewall, William K  b.1931  d.(6-2)-1947

Rudy, Clyde E  b.1919  d. ?
      Dorothy M (his wife)  b.1931  d.(2-9)-1984
Rudy, Harry R  b.1915  d.(9-10)-1936
Rudy, Oliver A  b.1878  d.(10-15)-1972
      Mary M (his wife)  b.1882  d.(11-22)-1969
Rudy, Ollie M  b.1902  d.(11-15)-1966
Rudy, Ollie M  d.1-13-1987 age 87 *

Rumsey, Archie H  b.1889  d.(10-29)-1936
        Clara B (his wife)  b.1895  d.1978
Rumsey, Asa D  b.11-30)-1908  d.(8-18)-1994
        K Grace Dickens his wife  b.(11-29)-1897  d.(8-23)-1991
Rumsey, Frank  b.1871  d.(2-15)-1929
        Maggie Elliot (his wife)  b.1866  d.(2-3)-1926
Rumsey, Franklin  b.1811  d.1891
        Elizabeth his wife  b.1824  d.1901
Rumsey, H H (Harrison)  b.1842  d.1875
Rumsey, Hermon L  b.1840  d.1914
        Emma J Adamy his wife  b.1833  d.(2-13-1915)
Rumsey, Lullea d.7-19-1954 age 80 *
Rumsey, William  b.1823  d.1904

Rundall, Henry  d.4-20-1944 age 66 *

Ryan, Carl G  b.1911  d.(9-2)-1981
      Dorinda C (his wife)  b.1914  d. ?
Ryan, Curtis G  b.1948  d.(6-7)-1989

Ryant, Etta Smith “Mother”  d.2-14-1903 age 43

Satterlee, William H  b.9-25-1906  d.4-9-1979  PFC US ARMY
           Ada M (his wife)  b.1914  d. ?

Savercool, Frederick N  b.1863  d.(8-8)-1930
           Emma (his wife)  b.1865  d.(11-16)-1946
Savercool, John W  b.1860  d.(11-3-1918)
           Florence E (his wife)  b.1877  d.(12-24)-1962
Savercool, Lola C  b.1901  d.1979

Sawyer, Hannah  d.1-8-1942 age 91-11-29 *
Sawyer, Thomas Eugene  d.8-12-1944 age 90 *
Sawyer, Thomas L  b.1817  d.1892
        Deborah A his wife  b.1819  d.1905

Saxton, Alvah  d.6-16-1930 age 79 *
        Georgana S (his wife)  d.1914 age 54 *

Scattergood, Richard  b.1932  d.(6-5)-1984

Schehr, Ryan Michael son of Michael & Carol  d.2-21-1985 age 5mo *

Schink, David A  b.1917  d.(5-21)-1966

Schmidt, August  b.1832  d.1912
         Wilhelmena R his wife  b.1832  d.1905
Schmidt, William  b.1858  d.1913

Schuler, Sophia  d.6-17-1944 age 77 *
        Mary dau of Chauncey & Margaret  d.3-8-1837 age 12d

Searles, Cornelius N  b.1888  d.(3-14)-1946
         Fanny G (his wife)  b.1891  d.(11-18)-1971
Searles, Freddie W son of John & Mary  d.4-14-1885 age 5mo 14d

Secor, Charles A  b.1858  d.(1-12)-1921
       Carrie A Carpenter his wife  b.1865  d.(10-1)-1914
       H Mabel their dau  b.1894  d.(4-9)-1992

Sefferien, Alfred  b.1880  d.(2-20)-1941
           Mary F (his wife)  b.1894  d.(6-29-1944)

Segal, William  d. ?  age 87 *

Selover, Asher Letts  b.1831  d.1917
         Adaline Carley his wife  b.1836  d.1918
         (Harriet A) small stone unreadable  d.2-28-1860 age 2

Settle, William  b.1894  d.(8-24)-1966
        Stephanie Pertl (his wife)  b.1898  d.(12-23)-1974

Shadduck, Floyd E  b.1877  d.(11-11)-1939  (Funeral Plaque)
          Eleanor (his wife) d.5-13-1969 age 85 *

Shaff, Effie  d.4-13-1928 age 65 *

Shaffer, Arthur W  b.1894  d.(9-8)-1968
Shaffer, Richard A  b.1929  d.(8-12)-1987

Shangle, Stephen S  d.4-26-1886 age 25-6-28

Shannon, Kathryn Wickham  b.1914  d.(4-27)-1965

Sharp, Burlin “Father”  d.5-19-1880 age 88

Sheldon, Emma Wood  d.9-13-1944 age 64-4-7 *

Shelton, Ella  d.1889 age 26 *
Shelton, Emma  d.1-31-1943 age 80 *
Shelton, Henry A  d.1`0-7-1940 age 78 *
Shelton, Lewis  b.1818  d.1895
         Ellen Lewis his wife  b.1829  d.1905
         Rhueby his wife  d.1-27-1853 age 27-1-10

Sherman, Arthur K  b.1892  d.(9-21)-1951
Sherman, Charity - no data Mother of Charles & Stephen *
         Stephen E son of Orley B & Charity d.12-12-1863 age 21-3-1
          Civil War info not readable except for “Heavy Artillery”
Sherman, Charles  d.5-11-1926 age 78 *
Sherman, Ella L “Mother”  b.1870  d.(5-3)-1941
Sherman, Francis G  b.1894  d.(12-31)-1984
Sherman, Mathew Fitch  b.1833  d.1904
         Nancy Elanah Pickett his wife  b.1839  d.(9-9)-1920
Sherman, Velma D  b.1904  d.(11-19)-1985

Sherwood, Dwight B  b.1873  d.(6-8)-1929
          Pauline (his wife)  b.1877  d.(10-13)-1974
Sherwood, Elmer  b.1866  d.(5-1)-1950
          Myrtle S (his wife)  b.1867  d.(4-1)-1948
Sherwood, Glenn O  b.1901  d.(8-14)-1948
          Mary E (his wife)  b.1899  d.(7-13)-1992

Sherwood, Harry L  b.1872  d.(8-4)-1954
          Edith M (his wife)  b.1875  d.(2-21)-1962
Sherwood, Orlando B  b.1840  d.1908
                   CO K 3 NY INFT & CO C 5 NY H ART
          Arlene E Brown his wife  b.1841  d.1922

Shores, Emma  d.3-23-1944 age 77 *
Shores, Myron Elmer  d.1-3-1944 age 49 *
Shores, Ralph  d.6-2-1945 age 46 *

Shulman, Abe  b.1-31-1897  d.6-3-1944  NY PVT 348 INF 87 DIV

Sibley, Allen R  b.1931  d.(1-19)-1952
Sibley, Charles K  b.1898  d.(5-18)-1975
Sibley, Claire  d.1-19-1952 age 6-6-16 *   These died by drowning
        William  d.1-19-1952 age 9-11-15 * their father was Charles
Sibley, Jonathan - no data
Sibley, Virginia - no data
            [D. Rumsey writes that Jonathan Sibley died at the age of 13 in 1952 with
             brother Allen & sister Claire all due to drowning.  Virginia was born
             26 Sep 1908 and is living in Alpine with or near son Fred.  She is the
             wife of Charles and the mother of the three that drowned.  All is
             recorded in the Simon Rumsey genealogy by Jean Rumsey, except the death
             of Charles.]

Sickler, James  b.1848  d.1917
         Pauline (his wife)  b.1867  d.(12-21)-1949

Sidle, Charles C  b.1900  d.(9-2)-1941
       Beatrice J “Aunt Bea” (his wife)  b.1903  d.1968
Sidle, F Joseph  b.1929  d.(9-28)-1958

Sidney, Ralph M  b.1909  d.1975
        Ruth M (his wife)  b.1916  d.1956

Sieberkrob, Tanya Lynn  b.1-26-1980  d.11-8-1980

Simpkin, Hazel E “Mother”  b.1899  d.(9-23)-1989

Sine, Elmo  8-17-1914 only date  (dau of Hiram)
Sine, Hiram D “Father”  b.1869  d.(6-18)-1915
Sine, John T  b.1867  d.1922
Sine, Martin M  b.1840  d.1890  CO E 31ST NJ INF
      Sarah Stars his wife  b.1844  d.1917
Sine, “Mother” - nothing else

Slater, Arthur W  b.1919  d. ?
        Eva L (his wife)  b.1921  d. ?

Slovik, Charles W  b.1956  d.1976
Slovik, William C  b.1916  d. ?
        Jeanette R (his wife)  b.1919  d. ?

Smith, Albert L  b.1843  d.(5-16)-1921
       Janette Mulleunex his wife  b.1850  d.1916
Smith, Alexander S  b.12-9-1812  d.7-21-1888
       Sarah M his wife  b.12-3-1815  d.10-26-1893
       Willis C (their son)  b.1853  d.1925
Smith, Anna E  b 1877  d.(4-6)-1960
Smith, Anson “Father”  b.4-19-1826  d.9-21-1905
       Kate Helms “Mother” (his wife)  b.1839  d.(7-29)-1919
Smith, Augustus M  b.1883  d.1895
Smith, Austin C  b.1853  d.1909
       Lois D (his wife)  b.1851  d.1910
Smith, Basil  b.1907  d.(5-13)-1956
       Elizabeth (his wife)  b.1907  d.1993
Smith, David C  b.1899  d.1982
       Anne S (his wife)  b.1915  d. ?
Smith, Donald “Jim”  b.1955  d.(11-2)-1995  (Funeral Plaque)
Smith, Earl W  b.1904  d.1979
       Edith Ganoung (his wife)  b.1904  d.1993
Smith, Edwin P “Father”  b.1858  d.(9-?)-1915
       Kate Graves his wife  d.5-26-1928 age 65-5-25 *
Smith, Elfredda wife of Dale  d.12-26-1995 age 58 *
Smith, Esther  d.7-1-1907 age 70 *
Smith, Eugene B  b.10-18-1838  d.12-28-1890
Smith, Evelyn  d.3-3-1953 age 66 *
Smith, Florence  d.1913 age 34 *
Smith, Floyd C  b.1883  d.(10-31)-1934
       Mary B Halpin his wife  b.1874  d.(3-24)-1944
Smith, Floyd P  b.1889  d.1891
Smith, Floyd  d.10-25-1958 age 79  Son of Arthur *
Smith, Frances D  d.1-27-1940 age 81yr 7mo *
Smith, Francis L son of Willis - no data *
Smith, George A  d.(2-10-1911) age (69)  (dates & age buried)
       Olive A (his wife)  b.1842  d.(2-1)-1935
Smith, George H  b.1879  d.(11-19)-1957
       Edith E (his wife)  b.1882  d.(5-8)-1968
Smith, Gideon Osborne M.D.  b.1836  d.(3-3)-1924
       Anna Mallory his wife  b.1845  d.1875
       Charlotte Mallory his wife  b.1848  d.1917
Smith, Hannah (wife of Minor)  b.5-11-1817  d.3-26-1904
Smith, Helen M  b.1880  d.(7-6)-1962
Smith, Henry W  b.1853  d.(7-7)-1935
       Minnie R (his wife)  b.1853  d.1940
       Frank S (their son)  b.1876  d.(3-14)-1898
       Lina M (their dau)  b.1881  d.(1-7)-1907
Smith, Howard  d.9-1-1924 age 46 *
Smith, Ivan L  b.1880  d.1903  CO I 28 NY VOL
Smith, James  d.7-19-1932 age 7 *
Smith, James  d.2-5-1953 age 73 *
Smith, Jennie E  b.1891  d.1891
Smith, John H  b.6-16-1847  d.10-30-1898  CO D 47 REG NY VOL
Smith, Lavelle R M.D.  b.1880  d.1917
Smith, Margaret  d.10-21-1979 age ? *
Smith, Marion  b.1849  d.1902
Smith, Milton  b.1823  d.1898
       Rhoda his wife  b.1824  d.(1-26)-1918
       Elkanah their son  b.1854  d.1872
Smith, Minor  d.8-21-1898 age 86 *
Smith, Nellie Decker “Mother”  b.1886  d.1975
       Alma M “Daughter” (her dau)  b.1921  d. ?
       Leslie S “Son” (her son)  b.1908  d.(9-17)-1939
Smith, Nelson A “Father”  b.1839  d.1890
       Matilda Taber “Mother” his wife  b.1846  d.1905
Smith, Ogden C  b.1858  d.(12-?)-1911
Smith, Royce M  b.1901  d.(7-1)-1990
       Frances P (his wife)  b.1902  d.(10-26)-1986
Smith, W Seward  b.1860  d.1903
       Ella M his wife  b.1861  d.1947
       Llewellyn their son  b.1882  d.(7-4)-1906
Smith, Walter K Jr. “Sam”  b.1-1-1961  d.12-28-1988
Smith, Walter O  b.1880  d.(9-24)-1912
Smith, Ward  b.1862  d.(11-23)-1919
       Gertrude Chapman his wife  b.1877  d.(3-11)-1933
Smith, William M.D.  d.(3-31)-1934 age (67)
       Minnie A his wife  d.(6-23)-1936 Age (69)
Smith, William C  b.1871  d.(8-23)-1954
       Leonia E (his wife)  b.1871  d.(9-1)-1951
Smith, William H  b.3-28-1833  d.2-19-1894
       Kate M his wife  b.10-30-1844  d.8-30-1911
Smith, William J  b.1849  d.(6-16)-1920
       Anna L (his wife)  b.1855  d.(12-29)-1937
       Jesse (their son)  b.1886  d.1909
       Vern C their son  b.12-2-1878  d.9-6-1880
Smith, William Lassier?  b.1861  d.1936

Snyder, Arno C  b.1860  d.(4-23)-1933
        Ada C (his wife)  b.1869  d.(11-24)-1921
Snyder, Floyd L  b.1890  d.(3-4)-1949
Snyder, Fred M  b.1904  d.(3-4)-1937
Snyder, William B  b.1833  d.1916
        Maria J Hendershot his wife  b.1835  d.1916
Snyder, ????  b.1865  d.1902

Solowiej, Joseph W  b.4-5-1912  d.9-18-1986  Married 6-12-1935
          Jean Hull his wife  b.10-29-1915  d. ?

Spencer, Archie E  b.1886  d.1974

Staat, Erna  d.12-4-1971 age 57 *

Standish, Ray M Jr.  b.1925  d.(7-15)-1979
          June C (his wife)  b.1933  d. ?

Stanley, Ralph B  b.1875  d.(5-18)-1936
         Grace P (his wife)  b.1880  d.(10-23)-1965

Stanton, Clayton L  b.1860  d.(5-14)-1921
         Helen R (his wife)  b.4-21-1869  d.10-23-1957       [see note below]
Stanton, Clayton L  d.1-10-1962 age 62 *                        [see note below]
Stanton, F M (Frank)  b.1887  d.(10-24)-1918                 [see note below]
Stanton, Lola (Savercool)  d.11-21?-1979 age 67            [see note below]
      [Note:  a direct grandchild of these Stantons wrote with corrected info...
       Stanton, Clayton L  b. 1860  d. (5-14)-1921
                     Helen Florence (Mackey)  (his wife)  b. 4-21-1869  d. 10-23-1959
       Stanton, Clayton L  b. February 16, 1899 d. 1-10-1962 age 63
       Stanton, Lola (Carville ) b. July 13, 1901 d. 11-19-1979 age 79
       Stanton, Francis M (Frank)  b. 1887  d. (10-24)-1918  Son of Clayton & Helen.]

Starks, Charles  b.1859  d.(1-26)-1940
        N Eudora Pelham his wife  b.1864  d.1940
        Their infant dau - no data *
Starks, Guy  d.7-27-1949 age 45 *
Stark,  William  b.7-7-1869  d.3-26-1924
        Loren son of William  d.9-13-1905 age 13 *

States, Alfred A  b.1912  d.(1-18-1995)
        Henrietta P (his wife)  b.1904  d.(4-9)-1976
States, Ethel M  b.1924  d.(4-?)-1925
States, Floyd H  b.1915  d.(7-9)-1994
        Margaret J (his wife)  b.1927  d. ?
States, George  d.1918 age 75 (see Mahalah Pierce) *
States, Glenn O   b.1903  d.(4-12)-1973
        Mary E (his wife)  b.1912  d.(1-25)-1995
        June Elizabeth their dau  b.1945  d.(1-19)-1952
        Marjorie Ruth their dau  b.1934  d.1950
States, Ida M wife of Carl d.12-?-1918 age 35 *
States, Lloyd A  b.11-14-1907  d.11-6-1991
        Alice J (his wife)  b.11-19-1920  d. ?
States, Myrtle E wife of Randall  b.12-15-1871  d.6-21-1898
States, Ralph  b.12-1-1896  d.1-22-1965
                NY PVT 61 CO 153 DEPOT BRIGADE WWI
        Bertha A (his wife) b.1894  d.(4-17)-1936
States, Raymond A  b.1919  d.(2-22)-1942
States, Seth Adelbert  b.1871  d.(11-26)-1949
        Martha S (his wife)  b.1876  d.(7-22)-1957
States, Warren A Sr.  b.1914  d.(3-22)-1956
        Dorothy D (his wife)  b.1916  d. ?
States, Wilmond N “Father”  b.1880  d.(7-28)-1956
        Agnes D “Mother” (his wife)  b.1881  d.(3-14)-1931

Steele, William  b.1817  d.1904  Born in England

Stepp, Ward C  b.1889  d.(8-?)-1961
       Laura I (his wife)  b.1890  d.(12-14-1982)

Stevens, Brant  d.8-20-1945 age 77 *
Stevens, Elizabeth  b.4-4-1875  d.7-22-1845

Stevenson, Margaret  b.1804 d.1892

Stillwell, Frances L  d.(5-13-1939) age (69)  (Funeral Plaque)

St. John, John S  b.1859  d.(6-29)-1936
          Vina S (his wife)  b.1854  d.(1-7)-1934
           (Internment records list her name as Melvina)

Stoddard, Carolyn L  b.1944  d. ?

Stoughton, Charles M  b.1877 d.(2-4)-1956 Son of Capt. J L & Lodema
           Ida Bishop his wife  b.1881  d.(1-23)-1936
Stoughton, Daniel Hamilton  b.1852  d.(4-22)-1912
Stoughton, Capt. J L  b.5-19-1838  d.1-5-1888
           Lodema D Mix his wife  b.12-19-1847  d.8-19-1903
           Emma R their dau  b.8-19-1867  d.5-29-1937
Stoughton, Ralph Dale b.1-2-1875  d.9-7-1944
           Ruth E King (his wife)  b.4-19-1880  d.12-8-1938
Stoughton, (Charles) Wesley  b.1846  d.1908

Stout, Frank - no data *

Strang, Albert  b.1845  d.(4-3)-1919
Strang, Amos L  b.1837  d.(7-27-1923)
        Julia A Dove his wife  b.1841  d.1910
Strang, Elvin T  b.1847  d.1913
        Susan Brink his wife  b.1854  d.(9-26)-1945
Strang, Niram  b.1819  d.1902
        Phebe (his wife)  b.1826  d.(8-16)-1919

Strath, R Barrie  b.1923  d.(11-24)-1985
        Betty Bloom (his wife)  b.1925  d. ?

Streeter, Benjamin  d.11-8-1959 age 74 *

Strong, Harriete  d.6-30-1914 age 70 *
Strong, Leauder F  d.7-18-1923 age 75 *
Strong, Lewis  d.(3-8-1908) age (54yr 4mo) *
Strong, Matilda J  b.1843  d.(2-15)-1912
Strong, Michelle Lee  b.7-1-1973  d.4-3-1994
Strong, William Corey  b.1879  d.(4-1)-1960
        Dora Almeda (his wife)  b.1883  d.(5-30)-1936

Sturdevant, Jonathan  b.1841  d.(4-13)-1916
            Effie A his wife  b.1863  d.1926

Sullivan, Mary E  d.10-5-1937 age 25-1-8 *

Swader, Frederick P  b.1963  d.(6-28)-1981

Swan, Fred  d.4-25-1933 age 72 *
Swan, Hanford  b.5-3-1814  d.3-7-1886
      Elsie M his wife  b.1-19-1819  d.10-18-1891
Swan, Hanford Jr. d.1925 age 75 *
Swan, Jesse  d.1911 age 59 *
Swan, Margaret  b.1842  d.1899
Swan, Robert B  b.4-17-1836  d.10-14-1904
Swan, Rufus W  b.5-21-1806  d.7-10-1861
      Henrietta M his wife  b.4-29-1810  d.2-3-1892
      Morrison their son  b.3-14-1849  d.5-30-1849

Swartwood, Charles W  b.1849  d.(10-24)-1928
           Phebe J Payne his wife  b.1852  d.(11-11)-1922
Swartwood, Emeline  b.1849  d.(8-25-1939)
Swartwood, Lamont Burr  b.9-11-1906  d.8-29-1990
Swartwood, Mary Wheaton Bowman  b.4-25-1905  d.5-17-1988

Sweeney, Dolly Agnes  d.6-28-1942 age 67 *

Swick, Oliver P  b.1843  d.(3-13)-1913  CO A 58 NYNG
       Lucy V Sherer his wife  b.1846  d.1917
       Frank P their son  d.(1926 age 50)

Sydney, George W  b.6-18-1888  d.3-25-1958
                 NY PVT 20 CO 151 DEPOT BRIG WWI
Sydney, Ralph Morris  d.8-16-1975 age 66 *
Sydney, Ruth Mary Rothermith?  d.2-20-1956 age 40 *
Sydney, William Elmer  b.1864  d.(8-27)-1950
        Minnie E Moot his wife  b.1865  d.(12-26)-1933
Sydney, William J  b.1824  d.1897
        Caroline Daskan his wife  b.1832  d.1907

Symes, John F  d.4-?-1922 *        There is one large stone
       Mary his wife d.12-1926 *   with the name Symes on it.

Taber, George  b.1815  d.1891
       Susan his wife  b.4-11-1816  d.7-2-1886
Taber, William H  d.6-15-1879 age 38-1-24
       Olive E (his wife) d.(1-12-1928 age 87)
       Alice S (their dau)(d.1-20-1919 age 45)
       Frank D (their son)  b.1875  d.(9-14)-1917

Tanner, Larry Wayne  b.1947  d. ?
Tanner, Warren C  b.1900  d.(6-9)-1969
        Ethel J (his wife)  b.1905  d.(10-13)-1987
Tanner, Warren C Jr.  b.1924  d.?   Married 4-28-1946
        Amy C his wife  b.1922  d.1980

Tarvin, Darla Dean Lockwood  d.5-20-1958 age 24 *

Taylor, Ann Elizabeth wife of Oliver  b.1888  d.(9-12)-1921
        Edward son of O C & A E H  1921 only date
Taylor, C W (Charles)  d.(9-7-1890) age (49)  CO C 44TH NY INF
Taylor, Charles Franklin  d.5-15-1964 age 96-1-16 *
        Mrs. Charles  d.12-9-1960 age 80 *
Taylor, Charles H  b.7-21-1898  d.1-13-1961  NY SEA US NAVY WWI
        Florence D (his wife)  b.1900  d.(12-12)-1983
Taylor, Elizabeth  d.10-?-1925 age 58 *
Taylor, Frank B  b.1864  d.(3-17-1953)
        Lillian B (his wife)  b.1872  d.(3-9)-1942
Taylor, George L  b.1867  d.1917
Taylor, Harriet C  d.9-13-1930 age 77 *

Teeter, Bonnie Lea  b.3-25-1946  d.7-1-1946
Teeter, Edward O  b.9-8-1924  d.7-26-1945  US NAVY WWII
Teeter, Olin E  b.1898  d.(4-15)-1957

Terry, Claude  b.1889  d.(4-11)-1967
       Martha J (his wife)  b.1891  d.(2-12)-1964
Terry, Ithiel  d.1-24-1897 age 30-11-24
       Dora A (his wife)  d.1-24-1948 age 79-5-28
Terry, Marshall “Father”  b.1876  d.(4-13)-1956
       Etta Grant “Mother” (his wife)  b.1877  d.(2-5)-1966
       Ronald G their son  b.1909  d.(11-6)-1972
Terry, Marshall L  b.1837  d.(10-14)-1912
       Elizabeth Reynolds his wife b.1839  d.(11-21)-1924
Terry, Marshall L  b.1916  d. ?
       Esther V (his wife)  b.1916  d. ?

Tetz, Gustave A  b.1896  d.(4-11)-1970
      Emma W  b.1908  d.(11-14)-1974

Thatcher, David  b.1816  d.1893
          Agnes Tannahill his wife  b.1828  d.1896
Thatcher, Edward C  b.1863  d.(6-4)-1937
          Blanche M (his wife)  b.1886  d.(9-24)1968
           (Internment records list her 2nd husband as a Rodgers)

Thomas, Edwin  b.11-4-1814  d.3-18-1897
        Barbia his wife  b.9-11-1839  d.10-19-1900
Thomas, Eli E  b.8-27-1877  d.1-24-1896
Thomas, Henry Freeman  b.8-24-1880  d.1-1-1938
Thomas, James E  b.10-7-1867  d.11-17-1931

Thompson, Annias  b.1830  d.1904
          Henrietta Wetherell his wife  b.1835  d.(6-17)-1913
Thompson, Arch  b.1838  d.1913
          Ann (his wife)  b.1845  d.(3-?)-1926
Thompson, David H  b.1835  d.1888
          Susan M (Gorton)(his wife)  b.1842  d.(6-23)-1921
Thompson, E K (Ed) b.1833  d.1904
          H B (Harriet)  b.1843  d.(11-13)-1926
Thompson, Edson A  b.1863  d.1941
Thompson, John A  b.1896  d.(5-23)-1929  CO L 31 INF AEF
Thompson, Nathaniel S “Father”  b.8-29-1803  d.3-9-1897
          Henrietta “Mother” (his wife)  b.9-2-1815  d.3-31-1895
Thompson, Sarah E “Mother”  b.1865  d.(1916)
Thompson, Sarah Emma  d.9-22-1957 age 92 *

Tice, Ellen L  b.1843  d.1912  Dau of James & Emeline Garland

Todd, Daniel B  b.1826  d.1905
      Susan B his wife  b.1828  d.1886
      Mary Nett his wife  b.1846  d.1917

Tompkins, Claude W  b.1915  d.1993
          Dorothy J (his wife)  b.1917  d. ?
Tompkins, Ira W  b.1840  d.(6-24)-1864
          Caroline (his wife)  b.1842  d.1920
Tompkins, Ira W  b.1891  d.1964
          Nellie W (his wife)  b.1892  d.1977
Tompkins, Jesse I  b.1864  d.(6-18)-1926
          Della E Taylor his wife  b.1866  d.(8-17)-1955
           (Internment records has his wife’s name as Mary)
Tompkins, Jesse S  b.1924  d. ?  VET OF WWII
          Elaine Saylor his wife  b.1926  d. ?
Tompkins, M Ella?  d.6-21-1977 age 85 *

Torrey, Fay  b.1886  d.(4-25)-1966
        Edith C (his wife)  b.1887  d.1950

Tracy, John Floyd  b.4-2-1855  d.1-3-1944
       Lydie Merwin (his wife)  b.4-1-1856  d.1-10-1948
Tracy, Mott  b.4-21-1868  d.11-7-1939
       Coriette Gee (his wife)  b.9-6-1867  d.8-1-1937
Tracy, Nathaniel  b.1817  d.1876
       Maryette his wife  b.1827  d.1905
       Martha J their dau  b.1864  d.1896

Train, Alice Lenora  b.4-4-1944  d.1-4-1947
Train, Gerald H  b.1915  d. ?
       Alice Adams (his wife)  b.1915  d. ?

Trask, Rhea M  d.11-20-1994 age 102 *

Tripp, James W  b.1906  d.(11-21)-1975
       Louise L (his wife) b.1914  d.(2-3)-1984

Tunnicliff, George E  b.1938  d.1938
Tinnicliff, Harold J  b.1917  d.1917
Tinnicliff, Joyce E  b.1933  d. ?
Tinnicliff, Robert A  b.1913  d.1919
Tinnicliff, Sevelon J Sr.  b.1885  d.(8-20)-1953
            Harriet L (his wife)  b.1891  d.(3-13)-1993
Tinnicliff, Sevelon J  b.1918  d. ?   Married 10-20-1939
            Gertrude F his wife  b.1922  d.(12-18)-1992

Turner, James C  b.1955  d.(1-13)-1972

Tweedie, Samuel  b.1860  d.1914

Ullman, Cyrenius  b.1843  d.(4-9)-1921
        Ida L (his wife)  b.1848  d.1905

Underdown, Lloyd H  b.1891  d.(2-7)-1971
           Avonia J (his wife)  b.1894  d.(5-2)-1974
Underdown, Lloyd H Jr.  b.8-24-1913  d.9-13-1961
                    ILL SGT 3 WEATHER SQ AAF WWII

Unwin, Baby girl  d.4-17-1942 age 2hr *
Unwin, Mark Andrew  d.4-15-1955 age 18hr *

Updike, Ellen Beebe  b.1848  d.1921

Unwin, Edward Clark  b.1876  d.(9-8)-1947
       Alice Prince (his wife)  b.1878  d.(11-2)-1951

Vail, Harry - no data *
      Mrs. Harry - no data *

VanBuskirk,  George J  b.5-2-1908  d.4-1-1968  NY S2 US NAVY WWII
             Margaret L (his wife)  b.1910  d.(3-27)-1954
Van Buskirk, John H  b.11-19-1914  d.1-2-1993  US NAVY WWII
             Esther L (his wife)  b.10-3-1915  d. ?

VanHorn, Nathaniel  b.1829  d.(10-16)-1898  CO F 137 REGT NY VOL
         Martha E (his wife)  b.1834  d.(1-24)-1920
VanHorn, Susan Melvina Ault  d.6-22-1961 age 96 *

VanLone, Abraham  b.1794  d.1882
         Hepsebah (Stanley)(his wife)  b.1805  d.1868
VanLone, Alonzo A  b.1858  d.(9-23)-1911
         Francis Swan his wife  b.1853  d.1922
VanLone, Alonzo A  b.1918  d.(7-29)-1957
VanLone, Fannie M  b.1894  d.1993
VanLone, Floyd S  b.1888  d.1957
VanLone, Frank R  b.1887  d.(9-25)-1912
         Grace Kellog his wife  b.1893  d. ?
VanLone, Sylvester R  b.1849  d.1917
         Julia F Harris his wife  b.1855  d.(4-15)-1931
VanLone, Thomas  b.(1-?-1832)  d.(4-10-1909) *
         (Sarah Frost) his wife  b.(1837)  d.(4-10-1909) *

VanLoon, Adelbert  b.1865  d.(3-21)-1949
         Cordelia Moot his wife  b.1884  d.1912
VanLoon, Benjamin  b.1872  d.1960
VanLoon, Bert H Sr.  b.4-13-1902  d.4-6-1983  PFC US ARMY
VanLoon, Charles V  d.12-21-1961 age 88
VanLoon, Harold  b.1923  d.(3-12)-1992
         Berta C (his wife)  b.1924  d. ?
VanLoon, Samuel “Father”  b.1834  d.(12-1)-1895
         Mary T “Mother” (his wife)  b.(12-25)-1837  d.(2-17)-1884
VanLoon, Samuel Richard  b.1897  d.(5-23)-1987
         Mabel Ayres (his wife)  b.1901  d.(11-29)-1960

Vann, Catherine  d.7-22-1966 age 90 *
Vann, John B  b.1867  d.(12-9)-1929
Vann, John I  b.1908  d.(9-16)-1969

VanRiper, Mary  b.1900  d.(1-4)-1955

Van Tuyl, A (Andrew) Jackson  b.1830  d.1902

VanZile, L R “Father”  b.1886  d.(10-6)-1956
         Mamie “Mother” (his wife)  b.1892  d.(7-15)-1929

Vary, Nathan F  b.1923  d.(8-28)-1988   Married 7-22-1950
      Arleen W his wife  b.1919  d. ?

Vaughn, Elbert J  b.1881  d.(3-7)-1928
        Anna K (his wife)  b.1888  d.(12-10)-1946
Vaughn, H Lavern  b.1852  d.(8-6)-1925
        Julia A (his wife)  b.1855  d.(11-26)-1941
Vaughn, Leslie G  b.1912  d.?
        Susie M (his wife)  b.1909  d.1993

Wagner, Alfred W  b.11-29-1905  d.11-25-1972  NJ S1 US NAVY WWII

Walker, Galvin L  b.1900  d.(3-?)-1984  LT COL USAF WWI & WWII
        Helen W (his wife) b.1906 d.1986 Dau of Leon/Addie Washburn
Walker, Loui  d.3-17-1911 age 2mo 14d
Walker, Sirena E wife of Gilbert J  b.5-6-1838  d.8-27-1910

Ward, Clara Vorhies  d.8-9-1921 age 18 *
Ward, Emeline M  b.1840  d.(1-31)-1929
Ward, Francis Cluskey  b.1904  d.(2-16)-1975  CAPT US ARMY WWII
      Margaret Cate (his wife)  b.1914  d.(3-10)-1952
Ward, Harry A  b.1889  d.(8-7)-1915
Ward, Howard  b.5-21-1876  d.7-27-1937
      Nettie R (his wife)  b.9-8-1883  d.2-6-1943
Ward, John A  b.1864  d.(4-30)-1949
      Martha B (Taylor)(his wife)  b.1868  d.(1-2)-1963
Ward, Julia Ann wife of Henry T  d.8-28-1861 age 43
Ward, Ralph W  b.1906  d. ?  Husband of Ruby P Hosenfeld
      Martha C (his wife)  b.1907  d.(11-28)-1970
Ward, Samuel  d.12-13-1945 age 83 *
      Mildred (his wife)  d.1-21-1947 age 80 *

Warner, Lee H  b.5-12-1892  d.1-13-1971  PFC US ARMY WWI
        Evelyn J (his wife)  d.1-17-1974 age 81

Washburn, Charles H  b.1849  d.1922
          Ella S (Secord)(his wife)  b.1859  d.(8-21)-1932
Washburn, Charles M  b.1911  d. ?
          Elinor R (his wife)  b.1914  d. ?
Washburn, Emma Strong  d.12-1-1943 age 81 *
Washburn, Floyd F  b.1888  d.1925
          Leora M (his wife)  b.1891  d.(7-5)-1967
Washburn, Fred J  b.1859  d.(6-5)-1929
          Etta L (his wife)  b.1860  d.(12-27)-1938
Washburn, George Leon  b.1880  d.(10-13)-1958
          Addie Charles (his wife)  b.1882  d.1971
Washburn, Henry D  b.1822  d.1904
          Charlotte his wife  b.1827  d.1877
          Emma (their dau)  b.1867  d.1878
Washburn, John Charles  b.1942  d.(11-30)-1960
Washburn, Kinney - no data *
Washburn, Nirum L  d.3-15-1898 age 71
          Parmilla (his wife) b.1836  d.(6-18)-1912
Washburn, Oliver  b.1853  d.1857  (Son of Oliver)
Washburn, Sherman  d.5-28-1891 age 67
          Sarah his wife  b.1825  d.1899

Webster, Fredrick C  b.1930  d.(8-27)-1977   Married 8-5-1950
         Arlene M his wife  b.1932  d. ?
Webster, Fredrick C  b.10-1-1951  d.9-17-1974  SGT US ARMY
Webster, Howard A  b.10-14-1947  d.9-17-1974  SP4 US ARMY
Webster, Robert D  b.1888  d.(12-6)-1958
         Adelaide Buchanan (his wife)  b.1894  d.(3-31)-1955
Webster, Willard G  b.1915  d.(10-26)1970  (Wife is Elsie)

Wellman, John C  b.1907  d.(9-13)-1966
         Clara E (his wife)  b.1912  d. ?
Wellman, Lloyd John  b.6-21-1940  d.2-14-1971
                     NY SP4 820 ORD AMMO CO VIETNAM

Wells, Nelson  d.4-23-1874 age 53 *
       Mary (his wife)  d.7-9-1899 age 70 *

West, Lyman D  d.12-11-1888 age 44
      Filancy (his wife)  d.3-11-1928 age 86 *

Wheaton, Charles E  b.9-2-1854  d.6-6-1931
Wheaton, Czrney E  b.2-4-1901  d.10-19-1977  PVT US MARINE CORPS
         Edith A (his wife)  b.1898  d.(2-25)-1988
Wheaton, James Schley  b.3-1-1902  d.2-18-1924

Wheeler, Blanche M  b.1912  d.(11-10)-1991
Wheeler, Ernest R  b.1943  d. ?   Married 8-25-1964
         Nancy J his wife  b.1944  d.(10-15)-1992
Wheeler, Frank E  b.5-11-1945  d.9-11-1982  SP5 US ARMY VIETNAM
Wheeler, Jamie D  d.8-25-1979  Son of Deborah J
Wheeler, June I  b.1931  d. ?
Wheeler, William C  b.1948  d. ?

Whitaker, Estus P  b.1903  d.(9-12)-1973   Married Sept 1927
          Maude S his wife  b.1909  d.(12-9-1989)

White, Willis O Sr. “Father”  b.1855  d.(12-22)-1941
       Eliza J “Mother” (his wife)  b.1853  d.(12-4)-1929
White, Willis O Jr.  b.1880  d.(9-22)-1964
       Mary Ann (his wife)  b.1885  d.(11-26)-1971

Whited, Kenneth R  b.1907  d.(7-12)-1984
        Irene M (his wife)  b.1909  d.(10-17)-1984

Whitney, Sylvester W  b.1846  d.(4-18)-1920
         Harriet O Smith his wife  b.1851  d.(9-5)-1947

Wickham, Clarence L  b.2-13-1896  d.12-12-1943  NY PVT 1CL MED DEPT
         Ruth V (Van Loon)(his wife)  b.8-14-1899  d.7-15-1970
Wickham, Dana Lee  b.1961  d.(2-12)-1961  (Funeral Plaque)
          (internment records say David & Barbara were her parents)

Wickham, Edward O  b.7-26-1920  d.9-22-1993  TEC4 US ARMY WWII SGT
         Mildred L Brown (his wife)  b.(3-12)-1923  d. ?
Wickham, Henry  b.1865  d.(10-31)-1938
         Myra (Almira)(his wife)  b.1871  d.(10-18)-1933
Wickham, Leland H  b.1904  d.(9-30)-1967
         Grace B (his wife)  b.1906  d.(9-31)-1991
Wickham, Linda Lou  d.1-5)-1944 age (1 day)
Wickham, Minor L  b.1887  d.(9-30)-1949
         Ida Hays (his wife)  b.1888  d.(4-14)-1986
           (internment records list a Meeks as a husband also)
Wickham, Omar C  b.(6-2)-1884  d.(6-12)-1970
         Edith May (his wife)  b.(2-9)-1886  d.(5-9)-1945
         James A son of Omar  d.4-?-1922 age 14 mo *
         Nellie E dau of Omar  d.2-13-1926 age 18 days *
Wickham, Paul H  b.7-5-1917  d.4-18-1990  TEC4 US ARMY WWII
         Gladys K (his wife)  b.1916  d.(7-3)-1982
Wickham, Pearl F  b.6-18-1906  d.7-26-1917
Wickham, Richard S  b.1919  d.(2-1)-1984
         Annela R (his wife)  b.1919  d. ?
Wickham, Tammy Sue dau of James & Jacquelyn  b.1965  d.(6-11)-1984

Wiggins, Theresa G  b.1913  d.(4-18)-1957

Wilcox, James B  b.1-3-1950  d.10-6-1987
Wilcox, Lester B  b.9-15-1925  d.8-24-1985  COX US NAVY WWII
        Rosemary B (his wife)  b.8-21-1922  d.6-9-1994

Wilkins, Ethel E  d.6-7-1988 age 88 *

Williams, Cortezm  b.1847  d.(12-4)-1927
          Sarah A (his wife)  b.1845  d.1931
Williams, D Lavern  b.1879  d.(6-19)-1964
          Della D (his wife)  b.1886  d.(12-7)-1962
Williams, James D  b.1850  d.(2-17)-1938
          Frances M Rumsey his wife  b.1851  d.(5-23)-1919
Williams, L Smith  b.6-17-1924  d.8-13-1924
Williams, Leon Bancroft  b.10-25-1917  d.2-19-1966  NY S2 USNR WWII

Willis, Alfred  b.1879  d.1907
Willis, Delphine  b.1874  d.(11-14)-1938

Wilson, Ralph P  b.1894  d.(9-16)-1957
        Marjorie J (his wife)  b.1918  d.(4-30-1989)
Wilson, William C  b.12-7-1926  d.10-2-1981  PVT US ARMY WWII
    Lois-Ann Halpin (his wife)  b.1937  d. ?

Wixson, Homer G “Buck”  b.1924  d.(5-31)-1976

Wolcott, George F  b.1892  d.(7-9)-1968
         Eva B (his wife)  b.1895  d.(4-18)-1984

Wolf, Alfred  b.1913  d.(7-18)-1975  VET OF US AIR FORCE
Wolf, Marion S  b.1899  d.(6-3)-1986  VET OF US AIR FORCE

Wood, Adelbert A  b.1904  d.(8-2)-1962
      Winifred H (his wife)  b.1902  d.(11-2)-1975
Wood, Arthur H  d.3-11-1967 age 73-11-11 *
Wood, Charles  b.1896  d.(9-13)-1978
      Lavern M (his wife)  b.1901  d.(12-21)-1969
      Ethel Marjorie their dau  b.1-29-1921  d.9-16-1921
Wood, Bruce Allen  d.2-15-1958 age Stillborn *
Wood, Christopher Sr.  b.1848  d.(12-2)-1912  Born in England
      Martha (his wife)  b.1858  d.1924  Born in England
Wood, Christopher D  b.1891  d.(1-12)-1956
      Lena Mae (Burley)(his wife)  b.1895  d.(5-1)-1989
Wood, Donald E  b.1901  d.(3-14)-1958
      Esther P (Patton)(his wife)  b.1911  d.(8-26)-1960
Wood, Elijah A  b.1889  d.(10-?)-1920
Wood, Francis  b.1899  d.(4-20)-1978
      Edna Searles his wife  b.1904  d.(3-5)-1966
      Mildred Bowen his wife  b.1902  d.(9-18)-1920
Wood, Joyce  d.9-6-1949 age stillborn *
Wood, Kenneth E  b.1-26-1918  d.2-19-1980  CPL US ARMY WWII
Wood, Leslie H  b.1895  d.(8-7)-1914
Wood, Victoria J  d.10-26-1979 age 70 *
Wood, William A  b.1883  d.(9-9)-1959
      Althea M (his wife)  b.1894  d.(10-26)-1979

Woodard, Gilbert  b.1814  d.1886
         Mary Ann his wife  b.1914  d.1893
         Ellen their dau  d.4-17-1861 age 15-5-4

Woodford, C Asa Sr.  b.(9-8)-1912  d.(12-15)-1971
          Florence E (his wife)  b.(12-7)-1916  d.(6-21)-1991
Woodford, Edna Louise  b.(3-31)-1927  d.(5-22)-1928
Woodford, J Alson “Father”  b.(5-20)-1860  d.(1-28)-1926
          Nellie E “Mother” (his wife) b.(11-25)-1864  d.(9-9)-1924
Woodford, John H  b.(1-20)-1920  d.(6-13)-1971
Woodford, Lewis E  b.(7-7)-1883  d.(10-12)-1953
          Anna B Harvey his wife  b.(7-5)-1886  d.(12-27)-1927
Woodford, Mary Ann  b.(4-20)-1941  d.(10-7)-1962
Woodford, Walter A  b.(8-14)-1917  d.(2-21)-1937

Worden, Willis N  d.6-24-1951 age 71 *
        Grace Gretrude (his wife)  d.7-27-1958 age 71 *

Woughter, Martin E  b.1912  d.(9-15)-1984  US NAVY WWII

Wright, Alzina dau of Henry Livermore - no data *
Wright, Charles A  b.1881  d.(3-10)-1957  (Funeral Plaque)
Wright, George M  b.1-10-1933  d.8-31-1989  A2C US AIR FORCE KOREA
Wright, Nina  d.12-15-1964 age 78 *

Yeager, Brett W  b.1970  d.(1-18)-1991
Yeager, Frank E  b.1890  d.(7-23)-1955
Yeager, W Howard  b.1916  d. ?
        E Louise (his wife)  b.1921  d.(11-13)-1994
        Infant of theirs d.8-5-1947 *

Youngs, Martha  d.1891 age 79 *

Zansen?, Florence dau of Martin Bellows  d.11-30-1950

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