Cayuta history
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The History of Schuyler County, NY (pub. abt. 1885)

Cayuta Township History

(p. 238)

"By an act of the legislature of the state of New York, at its 47th session, March 30, 1824, Cayuta township  was formed,  taken from Spencer, Tioga county.  Its boundaries were changed in 1854, when it became a portion of Schuyler county.  It is one of the smallest townships in area in Schuyler county.  It is situated in the highland in the extreme southeastern portion of the county.  It is bounded on the north by the town of Catharine, in Schuyler county, and Newfield, in Tompkins county, on the east by Newfield, in Tompkins, and Van Etten in Chemung; on the south by Van Etten and Erin in Chemung county, and on the west by Veteran, in Chemung county, and Catharine in Schuyler county.
At the first election held after the formation of Schuyler couonty, held May 9, 1854, the officers elected were Leroy Wood, supervisor; William Brown, town clerk; John White, justice of the peace; Salmon F. Chase, superintendent of schools; Emanuel Ennis, assessor; Peter Ennis, commissioner of highways;  Jacob Linderman, Edward Lyon, overseers of  the poor; John A. Banfield, collector; John A. Banfield, Abram Lockerby, John E. Torry, Jacob Van Karin, William B. White, constables; Samuel Roberts, Walter Archibald, inspectors of election; Alanson J. Cleveland, sealer of weights and measures.

Early settlers:--Capt. Gabriel Ogden, David Jaynes, Harmon White, Hiram White, Jonathan Thomas, Joseph Thomas, Benjamin Chambers, Jeremiah Taylor, John Ennis, Emanuel Ennis, Saunder Ennis, Benjamin Ennis, Robert Lockerby, Moses Brown, Langstaff Compton, Edward Reynolds, Henry Smith, Ebenezer Edwards, Robert Lockerby, Jesse D. White.
--John Ennis erected the first grist mill, in 1817.
--Robert Lockerby taught the first school, in 1805.
--Joseph Thomas died in 1802, the first death in the town.
--Jesse White built a saw mill, in 1816, the first in the town.
--Rosetta Thomas was born in 1804, the first birth in the township.
--The first religious services were held by Rev. Mr. Jaynes, in 1802.
--Post office established in 1815. Jesse B. White was the first postmaster.
--The first Baptist church, in the present limits of Cayuta, was organized in 1877.
--Ebenezer Edwards was married in 1802, to Sarah Ogden, the first marriage in the town.
--A Free Church, open to all evangelical denominations, was erected in 1859.  Cost $1.500.  First trustees, Leroy Wood, Samuel Brown, Salmon F. Chase.
--Cayuta Rural Cemetery Association was incorporated Oct. 12, 1874.  Trustees, Charles R. Swartwood, John S. McDuffee, Ira B. Jaynes, John G. Reynolds, Henry G. Smith, Samuel S. Brown, John Boyer."

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