History of Catharine
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The History of Schuyler co., NY (pub. abt. 1885)

Catharine Township


"The town of Catharine was organized at the twenty-first session of the Legislature of the State of New York, March 9th, 1798 taken from Newtown.   It is bounded on the north by the town of Hector, on the east by Newfield in Tompkins county, on the south by Cayuta and Veteran, and west by Montour.  It is situated on a plateau about three hundred and fifty feet above the waters of Cayuga Lake, and is a fine agricultural township.  Cayuta Lake, a clear body of water, is within the township.  It covers an area of nearly four hundred acres.  Catharine, Alpine and Odessa are villages in the town. Catharine stands upon the site of a village for many years known as "Johnson's Settlement".  At the first election for town officers, held May 15, 1798,  the officers elected were:  Phineas Catlin, supervisor; Joshua Ferris, town clerk; David Culver, Selah Saterlee, James Bowers, assessors;  John W. Watkins, Phineas Catlin, overseers of the poor;  George Mills,jr., collector; David Watkins, James Broderick, Phineas Catlin, school commissioners;  James Broderick, commissioner of highways;  Abram Coryell, David Culver,jr., George Mills, jr., constables.

Early settlers: John Mitchell, Josiah Hinman, Elijah S. Hinman, David E. Beardsley, Ebenezer Mallory, Samuel Winton, Solomon Boothe, Elijah Boothe, Isaac Boothe, John Coe, Ichabod Meeker, Simeon Lovell, Isaac Lyon, John Stiles, Lemuel Shelton, William H. Prince, James Osterhout, Zachary A. Lewis, Eli Beardsley, Eaton Agard, Barnabas Miller, Phineas Catlin, J.W. Nevins, Isaac Paulding, Isaac Buckalew, James Smith, Gerard Smith, Sylvanus A. Beeman, Michael Connor, Samuel Lawrence, Joseph Lawrence, Titus F. Mix, Samuel Mix, David Olmstead,sr., Elijah Sturdevant, John Chapman, Henry Chapman, Francis Sackett, Abel Mead, Abijah Wakeman, Isaac Ganung, George Shelton, John Foster, Robert Johnson, Aaron E. Mallory, William P. Mallory, Caleb Robinson, Robert Lockesby, John H. Rumsey, Walter Lyon, Lewis Beardsley, James Broderick, George Mills,sr., John W. Watkins, Phineas Catlin, David Culver, James Bowers, Isaac Terwilliger, Joseph Lyon, Abel Peet, David Olmstead,jr., Coleman Olmstead, Richard Wilcox, David Sturdevant, Jonathan Sturdevant, Joshua Ferris.
--John Mitchell was the first bona fide settler.
--Odessa was named by John Foster, in the year 1827.
--Elijah Boothe opened the first store, in the year 1800.
--Issac Swartwood built the first saw mill, in the year 1799.
--Abel Peet died in the year 1800, the first death in the town.
--The first marriage was that of Samuel Winton and Alice Hinman.
--The first grist mill was erected in the year 1801, by David Beardsley.
--Charles Mitchell was born in the year 1801--the first white child born in the town.
--Joseph Lyon taught the first school in the present town of Catharine, in the year 1802.
--The First Baptist Church of Alpine was organized July 11, 1874, by Rev. J. Hendricks.
--The town of Catharine derives its name from Queen Catharine Montour, an Indian half-breed.
--The First M.E. Church of Odessa was organized in the year 1870. Church erected in 1877.
--The first religious society was organized by the Methodist Episcopal Church, in the year 1805.
--St. John's Episcopal Church of Catharine was formed in the year 1809.  Church erected in the year 1811.
--Methodist Episcopal Church of Alpine was formed March 19, 1874--Rev. G.S. Watson first minister in charge.  Church erected 1874; cost, $5,000.
--M.E. Society of Catharine was organized in the year 1805.  Church erected in 1834.  Trustees:  Samuel Agard, Simeon Lovell, Sewell Pike, Jesse Lyon, Levi Mallet.
--The First Freewill Baptist church of Odessa was formed July 2, 1841, at the house of John Foster.  Church erected in 1856.  Rev. Francis A. Wildman was the first minister.
--Catharine Library Association formed April 1, 1817.  Its first trustees were: Elijah S Hinman, Samuel Agard, William H. Prince, George Hibbard, Uriah Parsons, Chester W. Lord, Enoch Merchant.
--Highland Grange, No. 22, organized Nov. 4, 1873;  Jesse Lyon, Master; George N. Wager, secretary;  George Winter, treasurer; Sarah E. Hall, Flora; Mrs. Ellen Hitchcock, Ceres; Cynthia Cushing, Pomona.
--The First Wesleyan Church of Odessa was organized in the year 1856.  Rev. P.S. Slosson minister in charge.  First trustees: Daniel Adams, John A. Reed, Lorenzo Brown, John Rumsey. Church erected 1856; cost $2.500.
--The first post office at Johnson Settlement was established in the year 1816.  Chester W.  Lord was the first postmaster.
--Alpine Grange, No. 229, was organized Aug. 24, 1874;  James Fitzgerald, master;  A.S. Wood, overseer;  J. B. Farr, secretary;  S.C. Bolger, treasurer; Mrs. Mary VanLew, Flora; Rhoda Cure, Pomona; Mrs. S.C. Bolger, Ceres."

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