Vital Records, Middleburgh Township, 1848

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Vital Records
Middleburgh Township

contributed by Russ Tallman


Male/Female     Date         Name                           Parents

    F           Jan 16       Ophelia Cook                   Bennet Cook, Anne Cook
    M           Jan 29       Charles Augustus Buckingham    James G. Buckingham, Catharine Buckingham
    M           Feb 2        John Bigsbee                   Asa Bigsbee, Eve Bigsbee
    F           Feb 4        Martha Jane Traver             Henry Traver, Catharine Traver
    F           Feb 5        Mary Jane Youngs               Moses Youngs, Lucinda Youngs
    M           Feb 7        David W Tallman                Umphrey Tallman, Elizabeth Tallman
    F           Feb 7        Malisson Tallman               Umphrey Tallman, Elizabeth Tallman
    M           Feb 9        William Henry Hallenbeck       Hiram Hallenbeck, Ester Hallenbeck
    M           Feb 11       Stevenson J Youmans            Abram Youmans, Mary A Youmans
    F           Feb 13       Emily J Billings               John Billings, Nancy Billings
    F           Feb 14       Ophelia Rowe                   Jonas Rowe, Harriet Rowe
    M           Feb 20       Stevenson J Vaughn             Levi Vaughn, Sarah Vaughn
    M           Feb 23       George W Shoefelt              Anthony Shoefelt, Hannah M Shoefelt
    M           Feb 26       Anthony W Woolford             William Woolford, Caroline Woolford
    M           Mar 1        George Snyder                  Augustus Snyder, Hannah Snyder
    F           Mar 2        Harriet A Traver               Alanson Traver, Lucinda Traver
    M           Mar 9        Simion Becker                  Paul Becker, Elizabeth Becker
    F           Mar 18       Hanah Leman                    Robert Leman, Abegal Leman
    F           Mar 20       Catharine Ouderkirk            Jacob Ouderkirk, Labra Ouderkirk
    M           Mar 22       George Russell                 Uriah Russell, Marget Russell
    F           Mar 24       Mary Smith                     Susanah Smith (illegitimate)
    M           Mar 26       Nathaniel Mattice              Peter P Mattice, Eliza Ann Mattice
    F           Mar 27       Catharine Ann Bouck            Cornelius Bouck, Eve Bouck
    F           Mar 28       Martha Ann Spateholts          George Spateholts, Cristina Spateholts
    M           Mar 29       James A Sanford                Caleb Sanford, Maria Sanford
    M           Mar 31       George Smith                   George A Smith, Poly Smith
    M           Mar 31       George Loucks                  Harmon Loucks, Eve Ann Loucks
    F           Apr 2        Antanet Russell                Luke Russell, Ann Russell
    M           Apr 2        William Alger                  Christian Alger, Marget Alger
    M           Apr 2        William Tomkins                Samuel Tomkins, Abgal Tomkins
    M           Apr 2        Edwin Winans                   Ira Warner, Nancy Warner


Male/Female     Date         Name                           Residence            Age     Occupation       Married?     Cause of Death
    M           Jan 6        Giles Pattrick                 Middleburgh            1                         no        whooping cough
    F           Mar 21       Catharine Mattice              Middleburgh           68                         no        dropsey
    F           Apr 6        Antanet Russell                Middleburgh         4 days                       no        fits
    F           May 3        Maddison Tallman               Middleburgh         3 mos                        no        fits
    F           May 13       Sarah Swart                    Middleburgh           47     housekeeping       yes        spine in the back
    M           May 31       Simion Gifford                 Fulton                59     blacksmith         yes        dropsey, consumption
    F           Jun 15       unknown                        Middleburgh         2 mos                        no        diarea
    M           Jul 4        John Mickle                    Middleburgh           83     farmer             yes        old age
    M           Jul 4        Chrisian Brown                 Middleburgh           71     farmer             yes        old age
    M           Jul 5        James McCary                   Middleburgh           81     farmer             yes        old age
    M           Jul 8        Egbert Winans                  Middleburgh           52     farmer             yes        consumption
    F           Jul 13       Lania Dodge                    Middleburgh           31     housekeeping       yes        affection of heart
    M           Jul 20       William Benedict               Middleburgh         3 mos                        no        inward ulcers
    M           Jul 2        John Bigsbee                   Middleburgh           29     farmer             yes        -----
    F           Aug 1        Elizabeth Pattrick             Middleburgh            4                         no        whooping cough
    F           Aug 6        Harriet Shoefelt               Middleburgh            2                         no        dysentary
    M           Aug 8        Joseph Richmond                Broome                65     shoemaker          yes        dropsey & infirmation on lung
    M           Aug 16       Silas Olden                    Middleburgh           65     shoemaker           no        appendix fit
    M           Aug 25       Stevenson I Youmans            Middleburgh         6 mos                        no        diarria
    F           Sep 11       Elizabeth Eckerson             Middleburgh            2                         no        infirmation
    M           Sep 12       Augustus J Mattice             Middleburgh            3                         no        unknown
    M           Sep 30       James R West                   Middleburgh        17 mos                        no        infirm stomach
    M           Oct 1        Samuel Scribner                Middleburgh            2                         no        congestion of the brain
    F           Oct 2        Elizebeth Loucks               Middleburgh           62     housekeeper        yes        supposed to be a fit
    M           Oct 13       Samuel Willson                 Middleburgh           79     farmer             yes        consumption
    M           Oct 26       George Hickman                 Middleburgh            2                         no        summer compaint
    F           Nov 4        Christina Bouck                Middleburgh        10 mos                        no        rash
    M           Nov 14       Peter J Borst                  Middleburgh           52     farmer             yes        affection of heart
    F           Nov 20       unknown                        Middleburgh         1 mo                         no        unknown
    F           Nov 28       Submit Boombauver              Middleburgh           46     housekeeper        yes        dropsey
    F           Dec 8        Sarah Proper                   Middleburgh           88     housekeeper        yes        old age
    M           Dec 28       Thomas Bouck                   Middleburgh           46                        yes        infirmation
    F           Dec 30       -----                          Middleburgh         2 mo                         no        fits

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