Baptism Records, Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church - Schoharie Co., NY

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Baptism Records
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church
Cobleskill, NY

Transcribed from the records copied and typewritten by the Captain Christian Brown Chapter, DAR, Cobleskill, NY.

DATE               CHILDREN/        PARENTS                 SPONSORS
                   BIRTH DATE

14 June            Catharina        Hans Berner             Andries Grusvent
                   5 March          Engle Berner            Catharina Grusvent

20 September       Eva              Joseph Blommes          Jeremias Braun
                   8 June                                   Eva Braun
20 September       Catharina        Georg Schelman          Christina Stanze
                   17 August        Elizabeth Schelman      Catharina Stanze
1 November         Elisabeth        Eillem Braun            Christian Braun
                   3 October        Dina Vrooman            Elisabeth Braun
1 November         Jurrian          Willem Lieck            Jurrian Man
                                    Maria Limmer            Margaretha Man
29 November        Jacob Lawyer     Jacob Kramer            Jacob Lawyer
                   27 November      Christina Kramer        Anna Lawyer
29 November        Jeremias         Jurrian Killmer         Jurrian Berning
                   30 October       Salome Killmer          Sene Berning
29 November        Catharina        Johann Konig            Jacob Borst
                   8 November       Maria Konig             Catharina Borst

10 January         Maria            Jacob Anthony           Martinus Pick
                   21 November      Eva Anthony             Maria Pick
10 January         Elisabeth        Johan Busch             Leonard Miller
                                    Eva Schmerl, uxor       Helena Miller
31 January         Barend           Henrich Knieskern       Barend Knieskern
                   15 Jan           Gertruyda Knieskern     Sara Knieskern
31 January         Christian        Christophel Konig       Christian Stanse
                                    Maria Kining            Catharina Stanse
31 January         Willem           Micael Pater            Eillem Zing
                   11 December      Catharina Pater         Catharina Meneke
31 January         Louisa           Ludewich Schneider      Philip Schneider
                   16 October       Louisa Schneider
21 February        Johannes         Johannes Matthias Case  Micael Freimeurer
                   15 June          Martha Case             Maris Freimeurer
27 March           Maria            Henrich Heins           Nicholas Werner
                   30 January       Maria Heins             Maria Werner
27 March           Willem           George Schneider        Willem Ecker
                   6 January        Maria Schneider         Esther Ecker
27 March           Susanna          Philip Haberly          William Woudering
                                    Maria Haberly           Elisabeth Woudering
1 April            Henrich          Jurrian Werner          Henrich Schefer
                                    Anna Werner             Elisabeth Schefer
1 May              Johannes         Johannes Lauks          Johannes Lauks
                                    Rebecca Lauks           Elisabeth Lauks
1 May              Christina        Jacob Jungk             Andries Fichter
                                    Magdalena Jungk         Christina Jungk
11 May             Maria            Jan Loop                Joost Schaefer
                                    Marry Loop              Maria Schaefer
11 May             Catharina        Peiter Scheidf          Jean Cook
                                    Elisabeth Scheidf       Catharina Scheidf
12 May             Maria            Deniel Weiser           Cornelius Strobeck
                                    Elisabeth Weiser        Helena Lauks
13 May             Catharina        Nicholas Conrad         Catharina Conrad
                                    Margaretha Conrad       Conrad Wiel
10 June            Anna             Jacob Bauch             Joost Schaefer
                   1 May            Maria Bauch             Maria L Schaefer
20 July            Catharina        Henrich Lauks           Willem Lauks
                   21 June          Geertruyd Lauks         Catharina Lauks
20 July            Anna             Nicolas Ortman          Ludwich Kling
                   10 June          Helena Ortman           Anna Kling
31 July            David            Willem Ortman           Lourens Frans
                   12 July          Catharina Ortman        Helena Ortman
31 July            Magdalena        David Zee               Adam Schaefer
                   27 June          Maria Zee               Magdalena Schaefer
31 July            Elisabeth        Lambert Lawyer          Lourens Lawyer
                   11 July          Catharina Lawyer        Elisabeth Lawyer
21 August          Christina        Jacob Heins             Jan Vrooman
                   24 July          Christina Heins         Christina Vrooman
21 August          Maragareth       Pieter Hilsinger        Andries Lauks
                   15 July          Elisabeth Hilsinger     Margaretha Lauks
26 August          Pieter           Pieter Schaefer         Adam Schaefer
                   23 August        Sara Schaefer           Magdalena Schaefer
26 August          Elisabeth        Jacob Tiepenford        Henrich Hess
                   7 August         Susanna Tiepenford      Maria Hess
28 July            Maria            Paulus Schenk           Jacob Frans
                   15 July          Elisabeth Schenk        Maria Frans
14 October         Johan Jacob      Jurrian Man             Johannes Sneider
                   30 September     Elisabeth Man           Maria Sneider
14 October         Henrich          John Borst              Henrich Nier
                   24 September     Christina Borst         Anna Nier
14 October         Anna             Willem Sommer           Louren Frans
                   13 September     Eva Sommer              Dorothea E Kling
14 October         Georg            William Wudering        Georg Wright
                   23 September     Elisabeth               Susanna Wright
14 October         Johan Bernhard   Johannes Nier           Bernhard Nier
                   11 October       Helena Nier             Maria Barbare Nier
14 October         Helena           Pieter Ortman           Jacob Marle
                   9 October        Alida Ortman            Helena Ortman
6 November         Adam Vrooman     Pieter Schaefer         Adam Vrooman
                   3 November       Engel Schaefer          Jannetje Vrooman
6 November         Margaretha       Mattheys Jong           Jacob Strobeck
                   23 October       Helena Jong             Margaretha Strobeck
6 November         Helena           Jacob Forster           Barend Stubenrach
                   27 October       Sophia Forster          Helena Stubenrach
6 November         Elisabeth        Pieter Merkel           Adam Strobeck
                   20 September     Helena Merkel           Sophia Strobeck
7 December         Maria Elisabeth  Henrich Hess            Cornelis Strobeck
                                    Margaretha Strobeck     Anna E Strobeck
7 December         Adam and Eva     Gerrit Meier            Adam Strobeck and Sophia
                   Zwiellinge       Elisabeth Meier         William Ortman and Catharina
24 December        Maria            Adam Schaefer           Joost Schaefer
                   26 November      Helena Schaefer         Maria Schaefer
24 December        Maria Ester      Henrich Fichter         Willem Monk
                   17 November      Elisabeth Fichter       Maria Ester Monk
25 December        Rebecca          Michael Merkel          Christian Merkel
                   30 October       Helena Merkel           Rebecca Frets

                   Martinus         Johannes Schaefer       David Zee
                   8 January        Elisabeth Schaefer      Maria Zee
29 January         David            Johannes Dingman        David Bauch
                   25 January       Maria Dingman           Margaretha Bauch
29 January         Michael          Willem Monk             Michael Friederich
                   3 December       Maria Esther Monk       Magdalena Friedrich
29 January         Pieter           Jacob Frans             Pieter Lawyer
                   12 January       Maria Frans             Margaretha Lawyer
17 February        Sophia           Joseph Berner           Henrich Heins
                   9 February       Catharina Berner        Sophia Heins
26 February        Nicolas          Thomas Ecker            Nicolas Snyder
                                    Elisabeth Ecker         Geertruyda Canada
26 February        Jeremie          Andries Michael         Jurrian Koolman
                   28 January       Maria Michael           Salome Koolman
26 February        Elisabeth        Richard Davenport       Joh: Lauks
                   21 February      Nelly Davenport         Elisabeth Lauks
26 February        Gerrit           Tunnis Slingeland       Gerritt Slingeland
                   15 January       Maria Slingeland        Maria van Iveren
12 March           Eva              Johannes Berner         Petrus Zeh
                   2 March          Catharina Berner        Sophia Heins
26 April           David            David Bauch             Nathan Dely
                   24 April         Margaretha Bauch        Maria Dely
26 April           Trienie          Jean Driesink
                   10 February 1796 Annd Driesink
27 April           Jesajas          Jacob Lammers
                   16 March         Sara Lammers
7 May              Marcus and       Marcus Braun            Willem Etz and Elisabeth Etz
                   Johannes         Gertruyda Braun         John Sterngergor
                   4 May                                    Anna Sternberger
7 May              Johannes         Jacubus Habber          Marcus Braun
                   26 Feb           Maria E Habber          Gertruyda Braun
7 May              Jacob            Johannes Hille          Dewald Hille
                   19 March         Anna Maria Hille        Catharina Lemm
7 May              Pieter           Christian Meiner        Pieter Lauks
                   15 April         Margaretha Meiner       Magaretha Kerker
28 May             Jacob            Matteys Cast            Willem Jong
                   18 March         Maria Cast              Roseina Jong
28 May             Catharine        Henrich Nier            Andries Grosvent
                   19 May           Anna Nier               Catharina Grosvent
16 July            Johannes         Barend Hilsinger        Johannes Engel
                   1 June           Catharina Hilsinger     Catharina Engel
16 July            Abraham          David Scheuler          Abraham Scheuler
                   8 June           Elisabeth Scheuler      Eva Scheuler
16 July            Johannes         Joh: Georg Lauks        Johannes Lauks
                   6 July           Maria Lauks             Elisabeth Lauks
16 July            Maria and        Barend Knieskern        Joost Schaefer and Maria
                   Elisabeth        Sara Knieskern          Joh: Knieskern and Elisa
                   2 July
10 September       Philip           Georg Man               Peter Snyder
                   1 August         Margaretha Man          Catharina Man
10 September       Helena           Jeremias Jongh          Cornelis Strobeck
                   20 July          Maria Jongh             Helena Ortman
30 September       Helena           Johannes Konig          Christian Braun
                   31 August        Maria Konig             Helena Braun
1 October          Margareth        Cornelis v dyk          David Bauch
                   8 March          Elisabeth v deyk        Magareth Bauch
21 October         Abraham          Abraham Anthony         Abraham Hilsinger
                   10 October       Elisabeth Anthony       Maria hilsinger
21 October         Nelly            William Laty
                   18 August        Nanzy Laty
2 December         Elisabeth        Jacob Cramer            Peter Man
                   9 October        Christina Cramer        Elisabeth Bauch
2 December         Jacob            Joh: Knieskern          Jacob Knieskern
                   9 November       Elisabett Knieskern     Maria Knieskern
23 December        Catharina        Henrich Schaefer Jr     Johannes A Schaefer
                   20 December      Elisabeth Schaefer      Elisabeth Schaefer
23 December        Johan Joost      Johannes Nier           Joost Schaefer
                                    Helena Nier             Maria Schaefer
23 December        Catharina        Johannes Lauks          Willem Heins
                   31 November      Rebecca Lauks           Catharina Heins
20 July            Peter            John P Schuyler
                   3 April          Annatje Lommis
10 February        Eva              David Berner
                   6 January        Eva Brown
29 October         Elisabeth        Jonathan Young
                   1 September      Nancy Beck
                   Tobias           Christian Brown         Christian Brown
                   17 September     Lena Waerner            Elisabeth Nover
                   Henry            Lambert Schafer         Henry J. Schafer
                   19 September     Sarah Frymyer           Catharine Mann
                   Catharina        Alexander Magdole       David Werner
                   22 September     Annaty van Walkenburgh  Catharina Schefer
                   William          James Kanada
                   30 September     Lydia Caldwell
6 January          John Wooth       Velleam Wooth           Henry Shafer
                   6 January        Chatrena Wooth          Chadrena Shafer
                   John Finkle      John Finkle             David Young
                   16 January       Dorothea Stobridge      Iana Danemark
17 June            Magdalena        Barrand Kniskern        Barrand Stubrach
                   9 June           Sarah Shafer            Magdalena Stubrach
17 June            Jacob            John Sharl and          Peter Becker
                   6 May            Esther
26 July            Jacob            Naturliche tochter      Johannes Enoig and
                   3 June           van Catharine Borst     Maria
                   Joseph           Johannes Borst          Joseph Berner
                   3 September 1799                         Catharine Borst
                   Catharina        Peter Schaefer          David Werner
                   20 August 1799                           Catharina Schaefer
                   Nicolaus         Jacob Werner            Nicolaus Werner
                   29 August 1799                           Maria Schaefer
                   Maria            David Bauch             Peter Bauch
                   14 July 1799                             Maria Hens
                   Henrich          Jeremiah Braun          Henrich Schaefer and
                   12 July 1799                             Catharine
                   Benjamin         Matteaus Young          Vater and
                   20 October       Lena Petri              Mutter
                   Catharina        George Kilmer           Andreas Grosfend
                   27 September     Salome Berner           Catharina Berner
27 April           Michael          Peter Friederich and    Georg Friederich and
                   15 April         Nelgen                  Nelgen
27 April           Johann Georg     Jacob Divendorf and     Daniel Weiss and
                   7 March          Sysanna                 Elisabeth
27 April           Maria            Abraham Hilzinger and   Cornelius Laucks and
                   15 April         Eva                     Maria
27 April           Benjamin         Martinis Borst          Benjamin Tarbush and
                   14 March         and Elisabeth           Elisabeth
2 May              Johan Michael    Valentine Sith          Johannes Schmidt and
                   27 April         and Elisabeth           and Elisabeth
18 May             Annatje          Ephraim Jung            Elias Jung and
                   4 October 1799   and Elisabeth           Catharina
18 May             Annatje          Lambert Schaefer, Jr    George Schaefer and
                   22 April         and Sophia              Catharina Lemm
2 June             Nicolaun         Christian Jung          Phillip Karcher and
                   5 May            and Christina           Catharina Fichter
2 June             Peter            Henrich Hens            Peter Bauch and
                   20 April         and Maria               Maria
2 June             Maria            Martinus Sippel         Ephraim Jung and
                   14 April         and Margaretha          Elisabeth
2 June             Annatje          Salomon Ostrander       John Jungs and
                   20 March         and Hanna               Margareth
2 June             Phillip          Abraham Kniskern        Peter Kniskern and
                   2 June           and Elisabeth           Catharina
2 June             Joseph           Petrus Herwich          Jacob Herwich and
                   5 April          and Catharina           Sophia Passagee
12 October         Maria Barbara    Henrich Nier            Andreas Michael and
                   12 October       and Anna                Maria
30 November        Margareth        Alexander McDole        John McDole and
                   28 November      and Annatje             Marg. VanFalkenberg
30 November        Jonas            Gideon Jung             Elias Jung, Jr. and
                   17 October       and Elisabeth           and Cath.
14 December        Elisabeth        Nicolaus Ottman         Johann Ottman and
                   6 December       and Lena                Elisabeth
14 December        Jacob            Henrich Schaefer, Jr.   Georg Mann and
                   3 December       and Elisabeth           Elisabeth
26 December        Anna             John Dingman            George Werner and
                   28 November      and Maria               Anna
26 December        Henrich Braun    Hieb Daft
                   29 November      and Elisabeth
4 January          Adam             Daniel Weiss            Joh. Adam Strobeck and
                   25 December 1800 and Elisabeth           Magdalena
4 January          Susanna          Peter Wreight           Georg Wreight and
                   25 Sept. 1800    and Susanna             Susanna
25 January         Abraham          Peter Jung              Abraham Dether and
                   30 November 1800 and Catharina           Margaretha Jung
12 April           Johannes         Jacob laucks            Johannes Laucks and
                   9 April          and Lena                Elisabeth
12 April           Nicolaus         Nicolaus Sommer         Cicolaus Sommer, Jr. and
                   10 March         and Anna Appolonia      Anna
15 March           Wilheim          Conrad Weil             Wilhelm Conrad and
                   4 March          and Margaretha          Maria
15 March           Rebecca          Reichard Davenport      John Laucks and
                   9 March          and Margaretha          Maria
15 March           Anne Elisa       David Shyler
                   6 February       and Elisabeth
12 April           Eva              Jost Weil               Joh. Sommer and
                   15 March         Elisabeth               Gertrude
12 April           Jacob            Conrad Richtmayer
                   25 March         and Margareth
12 April           Abraham          Gerhard Mayer           Abraham Hilzinger and
                   28 March         and Elisabeth           Eva
12 April           Jacob            John von Strobeck       Adam Strobeck and
                   4 April          Anna Elisabeth Strobeck Cath.
12 April           Maria            Elias Hilsinger         Friederich Ulmann and
                   15 Sept. 1800    and Maria               Magdalena
12 April           Eva              Friederich Ulmann       Matthaeus Kass nad
                   9 March          and Magdalena           Maria
12 April           Anna             Matthaeus Kass          Friederich Ulmann and
                   14 March         and Maria               Magdalena
13 April           Catharina        Jacob Frez              Ernst Frex and
                   14 March         and Cath.               Cath.
13 April           Maria            Jonas Wroman            Barnhard Wroman and
                   12 March         and Elisabeth           Cath.
13 April           Henrich          David Borst             Henrich Borst and
                   1 April          and Cath.               Lena Borst
30 September       Benjamin         John Jost Brown         Christian Brown
                   23 August        Anna                    Elisabeth Hager
                   Philiph          Philiph Haverly-Balley  Philiph Simmon and
                                                            his wife
                   Maria            William Wothring
26 July            Peter            David Lawyer            Peter Mann and
                   4 June           and Catharina           and Maria
12 September       Christian        Lambert Schaefer Jr.    John Yung and
                   14 August        and Sophia              Margareth Schaefer
13 September       David            Johannes Schneider      David Yung and
                   29 August        and Elisabeth           Elisabeth
13 September       Annatje          Johannes Nier           Johannes Jost Schea and
                   13 August        and Lena                Annatje Van Deik
9 November         Petrus           Cornelius Loewenstein   Petrus Simons
                   26 September     and Elisabeth
8 November         Sophia           David Ung
                   19 October       and Elisabeth
8 November         Annatje          Elias Yung
                   8 November       and Catharina
11 October         Bernard          Jacob Bauch             Richard Serves and
                   17 September     and Maria               Anna
9 November         Sophia           Peter Hils              Joh. Schaefer and
                   5 November       and Catharina           Sophia Zeh
8 November         Michael          George Ox               Michael Os and
                   27 September     and Catharina           Betzy Mann
8 November         Johannes         Balthasar Probov        Joh. Sigmund Meshinsky
                   8 October        and Marg.
29 November        Christina        Joh. Koenig             Henrich Borst and
                   8 November       Maria                   Cath. Borst
29 November        Maria            Peter Schaefer          Nicolaus Werner and
                   23 November      and Engle               Maria
25 December        Maria            Abraham Bauch           Jacob Bauch and
                   9 November       and Louisa              Maria
                   Jeremias         Christian Brown, Jr     Jeremias Brown
                   29 November      Lena Warner             Eva Schafer
                   Christina        Jeremias Brown          William Becker
                   14 September     Eva Schafer             Christian Brown
                   Elisabeth        George Schaefer         Henrich Schaefer
                   12 June          Elisabeth Bauch         Elisabeth Werner
2 October          Maria            Johann Jost Schaefer    Jost Schaefer
                   5 September      Anna                    Maria
16 October         Eva              Peter Shafer            Jeremiah Brown
                   3 October        Engel                   Eva
16 October         Elisabeth        Jacob Bouck             Jost Schafer
                   15 October       Maria                   Maria
1 January          Annaty           Peter H. Shafer         John Jost Brown
                   11 December 1803 Sophia                  Anna
6 March            Dina             Johannes Koenig         Johannes Koenig
                   17 February      Maria Koenig            Maria Koenig
22 July            Henry            John Jost Braun         Henry Schafer
                   5 July           Anna                    Elisabeth
9 September        David            George Shafer           David Bouck
                   27 July          Elisabeth               Margreth
6 October          Elisabeth        Peter H. Shafer         Henry Shafer
                   1 October        Sophvish                Elisabeth
                   David            Hans Jost Schaeffer     David Schaeffer and
                   26 December      and Hanna               Hanna Bauch
                   Hans             Peter Hills             Hans Schaefer and
                   19 January       and Elisabeth           Elisabeth
23 March           Mary             Jerem. Young            Jacob Strobeck and
                   23 February      and Elisabeth           Mary
6 April            Anna             Jacob Mann              Jacob Kromer and
                   3 March          and Elisabeth           Christina
20 April           Annatje Borst    Henry J. Borst
                   25 February      and Lisabeth
29 April           Anna Schaefer    Dewald Schaefer         Peter Bellinger
                   8 April          and Elisabeth
11 May             Catherina        Jerry Mann
                   18 April         and Elisabeth
11 May             Peter Elsworth   Peter Ecker
                     Ecker          and Cathrina
11 May             Rebecca          David Bauch             Hen. Jost Schafer and
                   6 April          and Margaretha          Anna
26 May             Nicolas Maurer   Wilhelm Peugert
                   18 April         and Susanna
14 June            David            Hans Koenig
                   12 May           and Maria
14 June            Hans             Heinrich Near           Hans Near and
                   23 May           and Anna                Lena
25 August          Anna Pflug
                   15 December 1786
25 August          James            Albert Pflug
                   11 August 1804   and Anna
28 September       Lena             Henry Schaefer          Lena Schaefer
                   18 August        and Susanna             Godmother
28 September       Sally            William Korkland
                   15 July          and Margareth
28 September       Rebecca          David Schaefer          Hans Schaefer and
                   20 September     and Maria               Rebecca
15 October         Jerry            Abraham Wood
                   18 July          and Bely
18 October         Jacob            John Schaefer           Jacob Franz and
                   2 October        and Lena                Maria
18 October         Lisabeth         David Warner            Lisabeth Sternberg and
                   17 October       and Cathrine            her husband
19 November        Maria            George Schaefer         Jacob Franz and
                   1 November       and Lisabeth            Maria
1 December         Jacob            John Berner             Jacob Smith and
                   11 November      and Engel               Maria Berner
21 December        John             Samuel Miller
                   14 September     and Lena
11 January         David            Hans Schaefer           David Zeh and
                   6 January        and Sophia
8 February         John             Albert Pflug            John C. Stanser and
                   6 December 1806  and Anna                Cathrine
8 February         Nacy             Peter Borst
                   20 November 1806 and Nelly
1 March            James            John Post               Isaak Brink and
                   12 February      and Annatje             Polly
22 March           Anna Elisa       Henry Mann              Peter Collier and
                   17 February      and Maria               Elisabeth
22 March           Elmire           Jacob Cromer
                   5 December 1806  and Christina
22 March           John             Hans Berner
                   25 February      and Anna
30 March           Betsey           Christian Brown         Jerry Berber and
                   19 February      and Lena
26 April           Maria Elisabeth  Jerry Kross             Lenart Koenig and
                   25 April         and Lana                Maria Elisabeth
5 July             Henry            Samuel Ward             Henry Schaefer and
                   23 May           and Elisabeth           Elisabeth
25 July            Balthasar        Peter Konze             Balthasar Simon and
                   18 March         and Cathrine            Elisabeth
26 July            Peter Lam        Lambert Schaefer
                   31 May           and Sophia
26 July            Henry            Thomas Betson
                   26 February      and Mary
26 July            George           Andrew Sherman
                   29 June          and Anna
26 July            John             James Van Net
                   20 June          and Lena
26 July            William          Sebastian Schmidt       William Borst and
                   18 June          and Cathrine            Eva
26 July            Katy             Balthasar Jager
                   25 May           and Lena
26 July            Abraham          Peter G. Mann           Abraham Kromer and
                   21 June          and Lena                Maria Warner
16 August          Maria            John Mann               Peter -- and
                   7 August         and Sara                Maria
27 September       Cathrina         John Lawyer             Jacob Schaefer and
                   18 September     and Nacy                Catharina
27 September       John             George Brown            John Schaefer and
                   3 August         and Eva                 Rebecca
26 December        Anna             William Kromer          Peter Schaefer and
                   9 November       and Elisabeth           Anna
10 January         John             Edward Adkins
                   29 Sept. 1807    and Anna
10 January         Anna             Peter W. Snyder         Anna Snyder
                   19 Dec. 1807     and Cathrina
7 February         Sara             Henry Borst
                   2 February       and Elisabeth
20 March           Cathrina         Peter H. Schaefer       Henry Schaefer and
                   5 March          and Sophia              Cathrina
26 June            Kasson           George Kromer           Kasson Gibson and
                   23 June          and Maria               Anna Bauch
17 July            John Augustinus  John Noar
                   21 April         and Lena
17 July            Lavina           Jacob Schaefer          Peter Schaefer and
                   15 July          and Cathrina            Engel
7 August           Jonas            Christopher Snyder      John Shenk and
                   26 July          and cathrina            Elisabeth
4 September        Anna Margaret    William Biegel          John Kilmer and
                   26 July          and Susanna             Anna
4 September        Margaret         David Werner            George Man and
                   20 August        and cathrina            Margaret
2 October          Eva              Christopher Koenig      John Brown and
                   13 September     and Maria               Eva
16 October         Elisabeth        John Jost Schaefer      Cornelius Van Dyk and
                   29 July          and Anna                Margaret Bauch
16 October         Eva              Henry Schaefer          Peter Man and
                   1 October        and Susan               Margaret
6 November         Peter            John J Schaefer         Peter Hills and
                   24 October       and Sophia              Cathrina
6 November         Maria            David Schaefer          Jacob Franz and
                   6 October        and Eva                 Maria
25 December        Hiram            Peter Werner
                   19 November      and Rosina
25 December        Abraham          Jacob Franz             Paul Shenk and
                   17 December      and Barbara             Elisabeth
25 December        Rebecca          John Schaefer           Adam Schaefer and
                   14 December      and Lena                Lena
8 January          Christian        Christian Brown         George Segendorf and
                   8 Oct. 1808      and Elisabeth Segendorf Cathrine
8 January          Mary Ann         Jacobus Maurer          Jacob Maurer and
                   3 Dec. 1808      and Sara                Maria
9 January          Jacob            John Berner
                   17 Dec. 1808     and Anna
29 January         Hiram            Henry Man               John Werner and
                   31 Dec. 1808     and Maria               Lena Man
8 January          Sara             Aaron Graef
                   1 January        and Hanna
26 February        Elisabeth        John Shenk              Paul Shenk and
                   29 January       and Elisabeth           Elisabeth
26 February        Gertrude         George Schaefer         George C. Werner
                   11 February      and Gertrude
26 February        Elisabeth        John Jost Brown         Jeremy Berner and
                   19 February      and Anna                Elisabeth
26 February        Samuel           Jack (of colour)
                   6 Oct. 1808      and Jinny
19 March           Maria            Philip Schaefer
                   14 Dec. 1808     and Cathrine
2 April            Sally            Thomas Betson
                   20 January       and Mary
2 April            Betsey           Balthasar Jaefer
                   20 Nov. 1808     and Lena
2 April            Nancy            Henry Schaefer
                   14 February      and Margaret
7 May              Japhet           Abraham Cromer          Henry Schaefer and
                   2 April          and Cathrine            Cathrine
20 May             David            Dewald Schaefer         David Schaefer and
                                    and Elisabeth           Eva
21 May             Dina             Robert (of colour)      Nancy
                   12 February      and Margaret
21 May             Rebecca          Jacobus van Netter
                   13 April         and Annatje
21 May             Marianne         John J. Bishop          Jacob Franz and
                   28 Sept. 1806    and Naby                Maria
21 May             Elisabeth Corn   Naby Bishop             Paul Shebk and
                   18 Dec. 1808     and J. Corn             Elisabeth
21 May             Daniel           William Woodring
                   29 Sept. 1808    and Elisabeth
4 June             Daniel Snider    Daniel Snider and       John Berner and
                   30 Sept. 1808    Dorothea Smith          Engel
23 July            William          Peter Borst
                   30 January       Ellenor
23 July            Cathrine         John Schermerhorn
                   24 June          and Elisabeth
23 July            David            George Cromer           David Schaefer and
                   24 June          and Maria               Maria
20 August          Maria            John Zoenig             Peter Vogt and
                   23 July          and Maria               Margaret
16 September       Annatje          John Artzembach         George Wermer and
                   17 August        and Polly               Annatje
8 October          Jacob            Edward Atkins
                   22 August        and Annatje
29 October         Annatje          John Maier              John Kilmer and
                   13 September     and Christina           Annatje
19 November        Abraham          John Ecker              Abraham Richtmeier and
                   28 July          and Abby                Christina
26 December        James de Witt    Abraham
                   3 November       and Katy
30 January         Mary             James van Nette
                   9 November 1809  and Lena
30 January         Peter            Peter Hills             Peter Hellinger and
                   20 January       and Cathrine            Annatje
18 March           Anna Maria       John Schmidt            Peter Schaefer and
                   8 February       and Katy                Annatje
22 April           Katy             Dietrich Tincas
                   13 January       and Cathrine
22 April           Jacob Fely       Cornelius Fely
                   October 1809     and Annatje Schafer
22 April           Maria            Peter Snyder            Nicolas Werner and
                   15 April         and Cathrine            Maria
22 April           Lavina           Jacob Cromer            Jacob L Lawyer and
                   1 February       and Christina           Lena Man
22 April           Jinny            Jack (of colour)        Dick and
                   24 March         and Jinny               Janne
22 April           Thomas           Jacob Wright            William Woodring and
                   12 March         and Cathrine            Elisabeth
22 May             Jacob            Cornelius Decker
                   5 March          and Peggy
24 May             Thomas Henry     Thomas Lawyer
                   6 June 1809      and Sally
26 May             Nicolaus         Henry Waldorf           Nicolaus Waldorf and
                   13 May           and Lena                Cathrine
26 May             Anna             Peter Row
                   28 May 1796      and Jerussia
27 May             Caty             John Near               John Fuchs and
                   17 April         and Lena                Cathrine Schaefer
1 July             Tobias           Henry Borst
                   4 June           and Elisabeth
1 July             Anna Maria       John H Muller           Andreas H Muller and
                   15 April         and Cathrine            Maria
1 July             David            John Man                David Zeh and
                   27 May           and Sara                Maria
22 July            Peter            John George Miller      Peter Voight and
                   4 July           and Becky               Maria
22 July            Daniel D Tomkins William Cromer
                   26 April         and Elisabeth
19 August          Abraham          John Joseph Schaefer    Jeremy Cole and
                   12 July          and Anna                Cornelia
19 August          Mary             Richard van Patter
                   14 July          and Hilletje
19 August          David            John Berner             David Berner and
                   6 August         and Engel               Christina
31 September       David            William Holzenger
                   27 August        and Maria
31 September       Anna Maria       Henry Smith             Conrad Richtmeier
                   7 June           and Maria
10 September       Adam             George Schaefer         Adam Schaefer and
                   28 August        and Cathrine            Lena Schaefer
10 September       Eva                                      David Schaefer and
                   28 August                                Eva
10 September       Nancy Maria      Michael Docks           John Werner and
                   10 August        and Lois                Naby Lewsie
9 September        Katy             George Cromer           Henry Schaefer and
                   16 August        and Maria               Cathrine
23 December        Jane Ann         Jacob Shaefer           John and Nacy
                   22 December      and Katy
23 December        Josephus         Peter Werner
                   5 June           and Rosina
12 February        Rebecka          Peter H. Schafer        John H. Schafer
                                                            Rebecka his wife
                   Henry            Sophia his wife         Samuel Ward
                                                            Elisabeth his wife
10 March           Elisabeth        Adam Schaefer           John Schaefer and
                   18 February      and Anna                Elisabeth
31 March           Elisabeth        John Schaefer           Joseph and Dorothee
                   30 March         and Lena
24 April           Katy             John Shenk              Philip Volland and
                   22 April         and Elisabeth           Cathrine
21 May             Jerome           Abraham Cromer          Adam A. Schaefer and
                   19 April         and Cathrine            Lena
21 May             Mary             Thomas Betsin
                   9 October 1810   and Mary
21 May             Sabina           Jeremy Brown            Karson Gibson and
                   20 March         and Eva                 Sabina
27 May             Jerusia Zeh
                   25 April 1792
27 May             Polly Zeh
                   12 May 1790
27 May             Anna Eliza       John Zeh                Christian Zeh and
                   28 March         and Jerusia             Polly
27 March           Savina           William Bogart          John Peter Maurer and
                   3 March          and Susanna             and Savina Maier
2 June             Jacob            George Schaefer         Jacob Shenk and
                   22 May           and Elisabeth           Barbara
2 June             Juliana          Henry Walford
                   20 May           and Lena
23 June            Samuel           Robert (of colour) Caesarar and
                   21 April         and Gret                   Bet.
23 June            Peter            Peter P. Borst
                   13 April         and Elisabeth
23 June            Peggy            Henry Schaefer Jr.
                   14 June          and Santje
23 June            Abraham          John J. Schaefer
                   8 June           and Sophy
4 August           Nancy Julia      George H. Man
                   23 June          and Elisabeth
4 August           Mary Jane        John Achenbach     Widow Lena Schaever
                   6 July           and Polly
4 August           Chauncy          Adam Schaefer      Joseph Schaefer and
                   25 July          and Lena           Dorotha
4 August           Sophia           John Berner
                   26 April         and Anna
8 September        Lavina           David J. Schaefer  Peter Bellinger and
                   10 August        and Eva            his wife
8 September        James de Witt    Abraham Schaefer
                   6 July           and Maria
8 September        Cortes           George Cromer
                   12 August        and Maria
27 October         Hirma            Samuel Ward        Peter Schaefer and
                   12 September     and Betsey         Sophia
24 November        William          Adam Schaefer      Peter Schaefer and
                   25 October       and Lena           Cathrine Bouck
15 December        Nancy Maria      Jacob Franz        Jacob Franz and
                   13 December      and Barbara        Maria
15 December        Petrus           Jacobus Maurer     John Peter Maurer
                   26 November      and Sara           Lavina Mier
26 December        Maria            John Ward          David Schaefer and
                   1 November       and Katy           Eva
26 January         Lavina           John Smith         Lenard Smith and
                   2 December 1811  and Mary           Margaret Borst
26 January         James            Edward Atkins
                   29 November 1811 and Annatje
23 February        Jane             James M'Chesney
                   29 January       and Maria
23 February        Nelson           Henry Borst
                   30 January       and Betsey
15 March           David            George Frimier     David Frimier and
                   22 January       and Anna           Anna Deichert
15 March           William          Riar J. Schermerhorn John Schermerhorn and
                   26 December 1810 and Natje            Betsey
15 March           Simon            John J. Schermerhorn Conrad Muth and
                   26 August 1811   and Betsey           Polly Schermerhorn
15 March           Katy             Peter Halenbeck
                   2 March          and Annatje
30 March           William          Peter W. Snyder    David D. Lawyer and
                   28 March         and Cathrine       Elisabeth
30 March           Alexander        Henry Man          George Man and
                   22 February      and Maria          Elisabeth
19 April           John Renselaer   John Joseph Schaever John Schaefer and
                   25 February      and Maria            Lena
5 June             Sara             Isaac Vreedenburg
                   22 October 1811  and Annatje
5 June             Rebecca          David Schaefer     Joseph Schaefer and
                   6 April          and Elisabeth      and Dorothea
6 June             Famy             Adam Schaefer      Henry Man and
                   5 May            and Lena           Maria
6 June             Elisabeth        John Konig         Henry Schaefer and
                   6 March          and Maria          Elisabeth
6 June             Rhode Maria      John Barth         Martinus Zeh and
                   1 May            and naby           Lena Shaefer
19 July            David Hiram      Christian Zeh      David Zeh and
                   22 June          and Maria          Maria
19 July            Philip Jacob     Jacob Miller       Henry Miller and
                   10 February      and Betsey         Katy
30 August          Christina        Jacob Cromer       Giles Kellog and
                   20 March         and Christina      Christina
30 August          Elisabeth        Nicolas Moon       Henry Konig and
                   15 December 1811 and Dorothea       Elisabeth Berner
27 September       Peter            Henry Deter
                   28 August        and Christina
18 October         Annatje          Jacob Miller
                   19 September     and Lydia
1 January          Sally Ann        David Schaefer     Peter Shaefer and
                   28 December 1812 and Polly          Annatje
12 February        Elmiara Shafer   Jacob Shafer       Jost Spraker and
                   2 January        and Caty           Caty
24 February        George G Hastons Count de Grasse Hastons  Sara Randolph
                   27 May 1812      and Betsey
24 February        Tobias           Henry Koenig       Christopher Loenig and
                   19 February      and Elisabeth      Maria
4 April            John Paul        John Fraser        Paul Shenk and
                   26 February      and Lena           Maria
5 April            David            David D. Lawyer    David Werner and
                   2 April          and Elisabeth      Cathrine
5 April            Gabriel          Nicholas Lawyer    David Lawyer and
                   30 March         and Cathrine       Cathrine
18 April           Katy             Henry Teter
                   29 March         and Polly
18 May             Peter            Peter Young        Martinus Shafer and
                   25 January       and Catherine      Annathe Lawyer
22 May             Mary             Henry Franz        Jacob Franz and
                   8 May            and Eunice         Maria
27 June            Betsey           Michael Dox        John Shafer and
                   26 May           and Lois           Elisabeth
27 June            Peter Henry      John Man           Henry J. Schafer and
                   6 June           and Sara           Cathrine
27 June            John Lukas       Lukas Schermerhorn, father
                   20 April         and Katy Ellers, mother
27 June            Peter            Peter Shafer       Peter Shafer and
                   10 June          and Sophia         Annatje
18 July            Lisiana          Thomas Betson
                   9 August 1812    and Mary
15 August          Benjamin         John Ward          Adam Shafer and
                   17 July          and Cathrine       Lena
15 August          Kasson Bellinger Adam Shafer        John Bellinger and
                   3 June           and Lena           Betsey Hilts
5 September        Abraham          John Shafer Jr.    Jacob Franz and
                   29 August        and Lena           Barbara
5 September        George William   John J. Shafer     George Man and
                   31 August        and Sophia         Elisabeth
5 September        Lois Dos, a married woman about 26 yrs. of age
5 Deptember        Betsey Lois, about 16 years of age
26 September       Gilbert          Peter Shafer       Nicolas Lawyer and
                   4 September      and Betsey         Katy
24 October         Jacob Henry      John Smith         Henry Batz and
                   18 August        and Katy           Annatje Borst
14 November        Abraham          Wm. Holzenger
                   17 October       and Maria
14 November        John Ainsly      Samuel Wilcox      Jacob Shafer and
                   13 August        and Lydia          Katy
5 December         Marcus D. Zeh    Marcus Zeh
                   5 April          and Maria Shwier
3 January          Maria            Henry J. Borst
                   26 December 1813 and Elisabeth
20 February        George Henry     George Frimire
                   20 December 1813 and Anna
20 February        William Henry    Henry Man          Peter Snyder and
                   13 February      and Maria          Catherine
20 March           Abraham de Witt  David A. Shafer    Abraham Lawyer and
                   8 March          and Catherine      Catherine
20 March           Mary Ann         Casaer (of colour) John and
                   18 January       and Bet.           Jannetje
20 March           Annatje          George Shafer      Jeremiah Berner and
                   2 March          and Elisabeth      Annatje
8 April            Charles          Robert (of colour)
                   1 December 1813  and Brat
8 April            Jacob            John Peter Maurer  Jacob Maurer and
                   19 March         and Lavina         Maria
18 April           Sophia           John Joseph Berner
                   26 March         and Catharine
21 May             Anna Eliza       James McChestney
                   16 April         and Maria
26 May             Polly            Stephen Mire       Jacobus Maurer and
                   28 April         and Betsey         Maria
26 June            David            John Berner
                   30 April         and Anna
26 June            William          Edward Edgars
                   11 November 1813 and Annatje
26 June            Maria            John Leaher
                   May              and Lena
26 June            Hiram            David Shafer
                   18 June          and Polly
20 July            Juliana          Adam Shafer        Henry Shafer and
                   15 July          and Annathe        Susanna
20 July            Hiram            Adam A. Shafer     Sebastian Shenk and
                   18 July          and Lena           Maria
14 August          Christina        June Mire
                   28 June          and Christina
14 August          David            David Warner       Nicholas Werner and
                   11 August        and Catherine      Maria
                   about 2 months after his father's death
2 October          Margarit Ann     David Shafer       John Bouch and
                   14 September     and Sara           Rebecca
23 October         Rebecca          Jacobus Maurer     Peter P. Mier and
                   18 September     and Sara           Rebecca
13 November        Katy             Peter W. Snyder    Abraham Cromer and
                   30 October       and Catherine      Catherine Margaret
13 November        Lydia            Jack, the father and
                   9 July           Elisabeth, the mother (of color)
26 December        Eluxa Maria      Christian Rechtmire
                   26 October       and Polly
26 December        Katy             John Shafer Jr.    John Ward and
                   17 December      and Lena           Catherine
8 January          William Nelson   Henry Franz        Henry Deter and
                   21 December 1814 and Unice          Mary
29 January         Stephen Guiles   Christian Zeh
                   24 October 1814  and Maria
29 January         Nancy Maria      Abraham Lawyer     Lorenz Lawyer
                   15 January       and Katy
29 January         Caroline         Jacob Shafer
                   26 January       and Katy
26 February        Catherine Maria  Leonard Smith      Lorenz Lawyer
                   14 February      and Maria          Katy Cromer
23 April           Henry Muller                        Henry Werner and
                   20 February                         Lena Koenig
23 April           Nancy            Michael Ferguson
                   17 February      and Elisa
23 April           Katy             John Frazer        Marcus Zeh and
                   2 March          and Lena           Elisabeth Shenk
23 April           Nancy Julia      John Joseph Shafer Adam Shafer and
                   11 February      and Maria          Maria van Dyke
23 April           Katy             Jacob Werner
                   4 April          and Gertrude
14 May             David de Wit     Jacob Franz        Mary Franz, widow of
                   8 May            and Barbara        David Franz
3 June             George Daniel    Samuel Doughty     Caspar Hem and
                   21 January       and Catherine      Anna
4 June             Isaac            Peter Man          Marcus Werner and
                   13 April         and Lena           Annatje
4 June             Christina        Simon Berner
                   2 May            and Dorothee
4 June             Lena             Jacob Gulneck
                   30 March         and Maria
4 June             Betsey           Bruce M'Climon     Peter H. Shafer and
                   17 May 1812      and Anna           Sophia
4 June             Katy             Peter Borst
                   30 November 1814 and Eleonor
25 June            Sara             William Borst      John Steenberg and
                   6 April 1815     and Eve            Rebecca Cromer
25 June            Anna Eliza       John Ward          Adam Shafer and
                   23 May           and Catherine      Betsey Ward
25 June            Peter            Henry Shafer Jr.
                   16 June          and Susanna
13 August          Juliana          Abraham Bouck
                   21 July          and Betsey
13 August          Agnelina         Nicholas Lawyer    David Bouck and
                   27 June          and Katy           Nancy Lawyer
24 September       Hiram            John Joseph Borst
                   5 September      and Elisabeth
15 October         Marcus           Philip Mochel      Marcus Mochel and
                   9 July           and Matia          Catherine Ellen
15 October         Betsey Maria     David Berner
                   15 August        and Christina
23 April           Diana            John George Bouck  Henry Werner and
                   15 March         and Margaret       Maria Van Dyke
26 November        Peggy Maria      Joel Overbach
                   24 August        and Wyntje
26 November        John             John J. Shafer     John Shafer and
                   13 November      and Sophy          Elisabeth
26 November        Anna Maria       Edward Atkins
                   26 September     and Annatje
26 November        Katy             Henry Teter
                   28 September     and Christina
26 November        John             Henry Koenig       John Berner and
                   4 November       and Elisabeth      Engel
26 November        Katy             Nicholas Mone      John Wolfert and
                   30 March         and Dorothee       Katy Caspar
17 December        Jane Ann         Nicholas Russel
                   9 December       and Elisabeth
7 January          Loisa            Jack, the father   Old Jack (of colour) and
                   20 November 1815 Lea, the mother    Lea
18 February        Philip           John Kerner        John Burt and
                   6 September 1815 and Margaret       Naby
10 March           Isaac Giles      David A. Shafer    Isaac Brink and
                   26 February      and Catherine      Polly
21 April           John             John Shenk
                   20 April         and Maria
21 April           Henry Lewis      Michael Dox        Henry Man and
                   20 February      and Lois           Maria
21 April           William Henry    John Peter Maurer  Henry Mire and
                   25 March         and Lavina         Neltje
21 April           Peggy Ann        Andrew Downing     Bruce M'Climon and
                   23 December 1815 and Peggy          Anna
27 July      Rufina born July 19th 1816. David and Maria (Polly)presented
             for holy Baptism by the parents of the child. Baptized during
             the pastoral vacancy in this Congregation by the Lutheran
             minister of Greenbush, Brunswick and Schttigoke Congregations.
                                                               John Molther.
29 July      Juliana a daughter of Mr. Coleman gates and of his wife
             Rebecca m.n. Brown, was presented for holy Baptism by the
             parents of the child, she was born July 22d, 1816 and
             baptized by me during the pastoral vacancy in this
                                        John Molther, pastor as aforesaid.
19 January         Sally Ann        Joel Overbach &        the parents
                   20 December 1816 Windje m.n. Wolven
9 February         John             Conrad Muth &          John J. Schermerhorn and his wife Maria
                   8 January        Maria m.n. Schermerhorn
9 February     John Henry Schaefer  Thomas J. Eckerson &   Henry Schaefer esq. and his wife Eliza
               25 November 1816     Mary Ann m.n. Mc Mullen
2 March            Hannah Maria     Samuel Doughty &       Annatje Hamm
                   19 January       Catharine m.n. Hamm
2 March            Ann Eliza        Peter Franz &          Elizabeth Schenk
                   24 February      Elizabeth m.n. Schenk
9 February         John R.          Jacob B. Schermerhorn  John J. Schermerhorn and his wife Elisa
                   1 November 1816  & Elenor m.n. Sparks
2 March            John Francis     John Schaefer Jr. &    John Franz and
                   26 February      Lehna m.n. Franz       his wife Mary
23 March           William Nelson   Johann Jost Berner &   the parents
                   20 February      Catherine m.n. Lesher
23 March           Caroline         Adam A. Schaefer &     Davis Schaefer and
                   8 March          Lehan m.n. Mann        his wife Catharine
23 march           Nancy            David E. Schaefer &    Adam H. Schaefer and
                   5 March          Eve m.n. Franz         his wife Annatje
23 March           Jane, a child    Jacob Diex &           the mother of the child
                   of colour        Susanna
21 April           Jerome           Jacob Schaefer &       the parents
                   19 April         Catharine m.n. Sprecher
11 May             Harvey           Jacob Franz Jr. &      Henry Fushs and his wife
                   8 May            Barbara m.n. Schenk    Maria m.n. Schenk
25 May             Jacob            John J. Borst &        the parents
                   4 May            Sarah m.n. Lucky
8 June             Josephus         Jacob Merenr &         the parents
                   4 June           Gertraud m.n. Kennedy
25 June            Leah             Andreas Lape &         the parents living at Charlotte
                   18 June          Elisabeth m.n. Hidelay
25 June            John Adam        Jeremiah A. Ten Brock  the parents living at Charlotte
                   18 May           & Elisa m.n. Cole
5 October          Anna Maria       ----                   Annatje Schaefer
                   22 July          Elisabeth Schaefer
18 October         Jacob            Jacob Maurer &         Elisabeth Maurer
                   24 October       Sarah m.n. Mayer
17 November        George           William Killmer &      the parents
                   12 March         Elisabeth m.n. Ingram
November           Nancy Maria      Henry Schaefer Jr. &   the parents
                   16 November      Susanna m.n. Appley
26 December        Nancy Maria      Philipp Mucky &        the parents
                   17 August        Maria m.n. Vanever
26 December        Sylvester        Nicolaus Werenr Jr. &  the parents
                   21 November      Catharine m.n. Falk
26 December        John             Peter Hollenbeck &     the parents
                   9 December       Ann m.n. Berner
1 January        Margareth Jannete  Nicolaus Lawyer &      the parents
                 26 November 1817   Catharine m.n. Bouch
18 January         Nancy            Benjamin Van Netta &   the parents
                   10 December 1817 Christina m.n. Wart
20 March           David Munroe     Adam Vrommann Schaefer Mrs. Ann Schaefer
                   21 February      & Elisabeth m.n. Lawyer
29 March           Betsey Lucetta   John Franz &           the parents
                   28 February      Lehna m.n. Schenk
29 March           David            John George Bouch &
                   4 March          Margareth m.n. Bellinger
19 April           Dianna           Abraham Lawyer &       Henry Werner and
                   24 March         Catharine m.n. Bouch   Elisabeth Schuyler
10 May             Hiram            Federis Hummel &       the mother
                   16 October 1811  Amory m.n. McKinney
10 May             William Henry    Federis Hummel &       the mother
                   5 March 1813     Amory m.n. McKinney
10 May             Alexander        Federis Hummel &       the mother
                   23 May 1817      Amory m.n. McKinney
10 May             Francis          Sebastiahn Shank       Adam A. Shafer
                   25 April         Maria m.n. Schafer     Lena m.n. Mann
10 May             Tobias           Seth and Sarah         Elisabeth
                   24 February      people of colour
24 May             Martin           John Zeh               Martin Zeh and
                   1 February       Rerusia m.n. Giles     Nancy Lawyer
17 August          Rufus Henry      William Butler         mother of the child
                   11 June          Sophia m.n. Young
27 May             Levi             Peter Frants           parents
                   24 May           Elisabeth m.n. Shank
11 June            Lusanna Maria    John L. Snyder         parents
                   23 January       Margaret m.n. Youngs
11 June            Maria            John L. Lawyer         Abraham Schuyler and
                   20 April         Nancy m.n. Scraker     Ann Eliza Schuyler
4 July             Levi             Martine Shafer         John M. Schaefer and
                   15 June          Margaret m.n. Bouck    Elisabeth
4 July             David Hiram      Solomon Brumagin       James McDaniel and
                   9 January        Tinah m.n. Matter      Sally vanAstin
25 July            Catharine        Solomon Near           Charles Near and
                   3 March          Lucinda m.n. Morrison  wife Catharine
25 July            Peggy            Philip Fellows         parents
                   3 July           Betsy
25 July            Nancy            William B. Wood        parents
                   1 June           Margaret m.n. Bear
25 July            Peggy Eliza      John Fox               parents
                   20 May           Sally m.n. Walker
16 August          Peter Mann       David S. Shafer        Peter Mann
                   20 July          Eva                    Helena
26 September       Catharine        John Smith             Marcus Werner and
                   22 June          Catharine              Caty Smith
26 September       William Henry    John Ward              parents
                   21 August        Caty
26 September       Jethro           Jacob Shafer           parents
5 October          William          Peter Osterhouse       parents
                   7 September      Peggy
5 October          Peggy Maria      William Engle          parents
                   1 October        Anna
7 November         Maria Magdalen   John Shafer Jr         parents
                   19 October       Helena
28 November        Emanuel Lawyer   Adam V. Shafer         parents
                   28 September     Eliza
19 December        David            John Franzer           parents
                   23 November      Helena
9 January          Caty Maria       Isaiah Dibble          David Zee
                   25 July 1819     Helena                 Maria
30 January         Catharine Shafer Hugh W. Quicks         Henry J. Shafer
                   12 January       Christina              Catharine
2 February         Jacob Madison    Michael Dox            parents
                   15 November 1819 Lois
20 February        Osborn Stuart    Stephen O. Califf      John B. Bauch
                   29 December 1819 Maria                  Peggy 
12 March           Sally            Andrew Leb             parents
                   8 November 1819  and Elisabeth
2 April            David Hiram      Sebastian Shenck       parents
                   8 May 1819       and Maria
23 April           John Paul        Henry Fox              parents
                   11 March         and Maria
23 April           Tobias           John J. Shafer         parents
                   26 March         and Sophia
23 April           Robert Eltin     David Brodt            parents
                   25 March         and Maria
2 June             Catharine Maria  Abraham Bouck          parents
                   21 April
3 June             Henry            George Kromer          Mother
                   30 August 1812
3 June           Sabina Elisabeth   Maria
                 1 May
3 June             James            Jacob France Jr.       Sebastian Shenck and
                   10 May           and Barbara            Maria
25 June            Charles          John J. Schermerhorn   parents
                   27 February      and Elisabeth
13 May             Elisabeth        Samuel Leb             parents
                   15 March         and Lany
16 August          Benjamin         James Maurer           parents
                   29 June          and Sally
16 August          Nelly            John P. Maurer         Peter J. Mann and
                   16 March         and Levina             Nelly
3 September        Peter            Peter Kilmer           mother
                   25 May           and Sophia
25 September       Rolph            Rolph Schermerhorn     parents
                   27 February      Clarissa
25 September       Sally Ann        Jacob D. Shermerhorn   parents
                   25 February      and Eleanor
25 September       Sally            Conrad Mood            Fredch Mood and
                                    and Polly              Sally
25 September       John             Huer S. Shermerhorn    Rolph Schermerhorn and
                   21 April         and Hannah             Clarissa
21 September       Mary Ann         Jacob Becker           parents
                   7 July           and Maira
13 September       Hugh             James Quick
                   8 October 1796   and Polly
14 October         Elisa            John Espy              parents
                   3 September      and Betsy
4 October          Jerome           Jacob Lawyer           parents
                   30 September     and Betsy
26 November        George           David Meyer            parents
                   6 September      and Eva
9 July             Elmira           Peter France           parents
                   20 May           and Elisabeth

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