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 NYROCKLA-L Mailing List

The [email protected] mailing list is an open e-mail forum for discussing Rockland Co. NY genealogy and history.  The list was created in March 1998, and archives can be searched at  and browsed at .  Please note, it may take a few days for a message to NYROCKLA-L to show up in a search.

Feel free to submit non-surname queries to NYROCKLA-L.  Surname queries should instead be posted to the Rockland Web Board at  . First read the guidelines at GenConnect queries are automatically emailed to NYROCKLA-L.

 To subscribe to the NYROCKLA-L mailing list, send e-mail to [email protected] containing the word


and nothing else. If you prefer digest mode (a single message every day or two containing the messages sent since the previous digest), send the command instead to [email protected].

To unsubscribe, send the command unsubscribe to [email protected] (if in mail mode) or [email protected] (if in digest mode.) To switch from one mode to the other, unsubscribe from one and then subscribe to the other.

To post queries or comments to the list, you must first subscribe to the list, then send your email to [email protected]

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